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Questions And Answers Bonus Episode: Marry A Bigfoot; Fuck A Mothman

Mike, Ryan and Palmer answer the questions that have been burning inside of your brain box on our first ever Q&A Bonus episode! What Conspiracy was our first love? The Marry, Fuck, Kill Cryptid Game. Would we rather be probed by aliens or fuck a bigfoot? Be careful what you want to know...

Duration: 00:53:37

Polybius: Arcades and Arcadia

Mike, Ryan, and Palmer dig into their first Listener submitted topic, Polybius, a cursed 1981 arcade game. Did this game cause horrible side effects in it's players? What role did the government play in it's creation? Did it even exist? Drop in your credits and spark up a Pacman sized bowl of the sweetest greens. Congratulations man, you just played yourself. *Clips from AVGN Polybius*

Duration: 02:07:14

The Roanoke Colony: Lowriders and Bigfoot Questions

Mike, Ryan, and Palmer dig deep into the mystery of The Lost Colony of Roanoke. What happened to the people of Roanoke? What the f**k is a croatoan? What do you call a little bigfoot? Break out the peace pipe, get some dope ass brownies, and settle in for a mystery!

Duration: 01:04:14

Zodiac Killer Part 2: Ted Man Walking

In the epic conclusion to The Zodiac Killer, Mike, Ryan, and Palmer dig through the list of suspects and theories, get lost, and try to make sense of this s**t. Was the Zodiac a Time Traveler? What other killings do Mike think are connected to the Zodiac? Did the Zodiac even exist in the first place? We got 12 different kinds of dank truth for you to smoke straight to your brain box this week.

Duration: 01:46:56

The Zodiac Killer Part 1: Ted To Rights

Mike, Ryan, and Palmer get cryptic this week with The Zodiac Killer. Why did this madman send letters for each of his killings? Why did he dress like a goddam Batman villain? Why did he frame Ted Cruz? This is the Zodiac Speaking. Ya'll got that dank shit?

Duration: 00:59:50

Demonic Possession: The Devil Made Me Do It

Mike, Ryan, and Palmer confess their sins and compel forth the truth about Demonic Possession this week. Are people being possessed by demons? How can you fight back? How much does a Skype exorcism cost? You'll need an old nug and a young nug to spark up this holiest of bowlies this week!

Duration: 02:20:29

Gnomes: Hide Ya Cat Hide Ya Wife

Mike, Ryan, and Palmer journey deep into Gnome-Man's Lands as they investigate the magical world of Gnomes. What is the first rule of Gnomish Fight Club? How fast can Gnomes run? Are they secretly ruling our lives with their magic and physical super abilities? We got a big red cone of sticky truth that will open your mind to the secret world of bearded perverted supermen that we call Gnomes. *** Check out our website for images, articles, references, and more information...

Duration: 02:45:02

Alien Abductions: Pledges and Pleadeans

Mike, Ryan, and Palmer probe deep into a grab bag of alien abduction stories! Why are people being abducted? What do they want with all that semen? What do alien nipples taste like? Tie one on and get ready to have your mind blown by Nordic alien sex fiends after you hit this fat bowl of truth! *** Check out our website for images, articles, references, and more information about our topics! Do you experience feelings of dread in your...

Duration: 02:08:54

Toxic Woman And More: The Curse Of The Chicken

Mike, Ryan, and Palmer snap on some gloves and dig into the cavity containing some weird medical mysteries this week. What turned a woman so toxic she knocked out the crew of an ER in Riverside, CA? What made a 1500s village catch boogie fever? How do you rid yourself of a curse from an undead chicken wizard? We got a fat sack of that sweet, sweet, medicine so pull out your Green Card so we can sell you this Prescription Strength Truth. Check out our website for images,...

Duration: 02:30:22

9/11: How To Lose Friends And Start A Forever War

Mike, Ryan, and Palmer smoke the s**t that could melt steel beams this week as they dig into the people behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Who were the PNAC? Who benefited from the events of that horrible tragedy? What motive would they have for their complacency? The TSA can't stop us from smuggling this truth to you this week. *** Check out our website for images, articles, references, and more information about our topics! Do you...

Duration: 00:59:30

Shadow People: It's Like A Darker Shadow Inside Another Shadow

In this episode; Mike, Ryan, and Palmer shine a light on Shadow People and their motives. What are Shadow People? Did Mike see the Hat Man one night? No for real though, these are just shadows right? Spark up that bowl of wakened sleep paralyzing sticky icky and get ready for the truth! *** Check out our website for images, articles, references, and more information about our topics! Do you experience feelings of dread in your grandparents...

Duration: 00:59:54

The Alt-Right And Charlottesville: Nazi Punks F**k Off

This week Mike, Ryan, and Palmer are joined by special guest Karl, a medic at the Charlottesville Protests to talk about the Alt-Right movement and their internet based Nazism. Are the Alt-Right Nazis? What can be done about these idiots? What were the events leading up to the horrible attack committed this week that took the life of Heather Heyer? These Nazis are into some weird shit; but our shit is the stuff they smoked in Vietnam. *** Check out our website for images,...

Duration: 02:08:39

Fake Moon Landing: Moon Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' To F**k With

Chug some Tang, strap in, and hold on to your butts as Mike, Ryan, and Palmer give Moon Landing Conspiracies the exact level of respect they deserve. Did Stanley Kubrik fake the moon landing? Did NASA blow their budget on coke and hookers? Who ACTUALLY believes this bullshit? Ground control to Major Tom, the bowl is packed so grab your bong! We have liftoff! *** Do you experience feelings of dread in your grandparents house? Did you witness a furry hominid on a childhood...

Duration: 02:42:54

Mad Axeman Of New Orleans: The Axeman-ifesto

You Axed and we answered! This week Mike, Ryan, and Palmer cut to the chase and take a whack at The Mad Axeman Of New Orleans! Who was the mysterious serial killer attacking the sleeping citizens of New Orleans in 1918? Why was he so bad at his job? Where did he get all those chisels? How many rubber babies were born in 1919? We got a fat Jazz Cigarette of truth for ya'll this week! Let's burn this mother down! Do you experience feelings of dread in your grandparents house? Did...

Duration: 01:08:10

Vampires: Dead And Lovin' It

This week, Mike, Ryan, and Palmer tackle their suckiest subject yet: Vampires. Where did tales of Nosferatu and the minions of the night begin? Were Vampires real and do they persist to this day? Have we had a Vampire Pope? Sink your teeth into this sticky bowl of truth and because we are here to blow your minds. *** Do you experience feelings of dread in your grandparents house? Did you witness a furry hominid on a childhood camping trip? Have you or someone you love...

Duration: 01:20:23

Cattle Mutilation: Death Metal and Vampire Doctors

This week, Mike tries desperately to STEER Ryan and Palmer through the mysteries of Cattle Mutilation. Is the government taking cattle in an attempt to breed a viral weapon capable of causing UDDER disaster to their enemies? Are these TAILS just misinterpreted attacks by a rogue Vampire Doctor? Do alien entities have a STEAK in this phenomenon? No BULL, we are sparking this one up and throwing the HORNS high! Join us as we leave the BEEF and MOOve back to our...

Duration: 02:27:42

Mothman Part 2: Like Burning Man But With Moth People

Mike, Ryan, and Robert are reunited with their hetero-lifemate Palmer to fill him in on Mothman. What IS the mothman? Is he a harbinger of doom? Is he an alien? Or is he something ancient that has come to the modern day. No matter what he is, it is some Weird Shit. Smoke this bowl, turn up the bass, and let's get weird with it. We want to feature your stories on the show! PATREON: Google Voice number (919) 346-3071 Facebook Group Search:...

Duration: 00:47:21

Scams: Sword and Scams

There is an unspoken understanding in the podcasting community: Mike Boudet is a douchebag. Through intimidation, gaslighting, and harassment he has managed to keep other podcasts quiet about his narcissism and greed. He has harassed women through social media, derisively dismissed victims of crimes, and all around just been a really gross dude. He has managed to prove one thing though: The Worst Monsters ARE Real. *** Give your money to people who need...

Duration: 00:37:02

Mothman Part 1: Fast and Transformius

Mike, Ryan, and Robert go over the timeline of the Mothman encounters in Point Pleasant, WV. What was this creature that stalked the TNT area of Point Pleasant? Who were the alien visitors that harassed town residents? Who is Indrid Cold? Why do they use car doors on UFOs? Buckle up because this only part 1 and shit is about to get weird. We want to feature your stories on the show! PATREON: Google Voice number (919) 346-3071 Facebook...

Duration: 03:35:57

Episode 21: Curses, Movies, and Murder

Shoutouts this week to Wine and Crime and More Gooder Than. The boys go Hollywood this week and dig into some of tinsel towns weirdest curses. Was there a Serial Killer in The Excorcist? Are these strange accidents just a coincidence or the work of something more sinister? Why does so much Murder surround some films and not others? Fire up that bowl and grab some some popcorn because this is some seriously Weird Shit. To support our work go to...

Duration: 00:58:26

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