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018 - Well, We Tried The Flannel Cakes Podcast

Crossover! Jess & Grace sit down with Jack & Maverick from The Flannel Cakes Podcast, where the goal was to eat cereal, watch a classic cartoon, and discuss said cartoon. However, that goal wasn't so much hit as it was exceeded with additional Trump talk, podcasting, and of course Arfie talk. Subscribe to The Flannel Cakes Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or another one of your favorite platforms. You can find them on Facebook and follow them @Flannel_Cakes. Follow us @wellwetried and email...

Duration: 02:10:58

017 - Jess & The Legendary Jay Baker

Grace takes this week off and Jess enlists the Legendary Jay Baker to fill her shoes for an episode. The two discuss classic radio days, what broadcasting is going to look like, as well as why the girls haven't been "trying" as much as they'd like in 2017. If you'd like to donate to the GoFundMe page Grace was discussing at the beginning of the episode, search for "Oberhart" at Follow us @wellwetried or send us an email at

Duration: 01:23:09

016 - Where There's A Hole, There's A Way

Jess and Grace reunite after the winter break to discuss a myriad of topics, from the new Gilmore Girls revival, how Grace is #TeamAmber, and what the girls are looking forward to in the new year (and maybe not as much as what they're looking forward to). Warning - there are a few glitches in the audio which were uneditable, sorry folks! Follow us @wellwetried on Twitter or send us an email at

Duration: 01:06:31

014 - Now That We're Screwed, What Should We Try?

Alert to listeners: this was recorded pre-election, so we understand that the rapture has occurred and that Donald Trump is the president-incumbent *gag* Grace and Jess sit down to discuss the biggest decision of 2016, the going away party, and Jess's upcoming vacation. Follow us @wellwetried and email us at

Duration: 00:44:06

013 - Media Mogul Jeff Vibbert, Part 1

The legendary podcaster, stand-up comedian, and John Mayer fan THE Jeff Vibbert joins Jess & Grace for a...let's call it an interesting interview. We discuss bad dates, getting in trouble, and his latest business ventures in being a media mogul. You can hear him on The Chick McGee Show from PodcastOne, or on The Jeff Vibbert Podcast at Follow him @thejeffvibbert to see updates on him and Little Norah Jones. Follow us @wellwetried or email us

Duration: 01:36:42

013 - Media Mogul Jeff Vibbert, Part 2

The cherry on top of the interview with Media Mogul himself, THE Jeff Vibbert. You can hear more from him on The Chick McGee Show on the PodcastOne Network, or on his own podcast, The Jeff Vibbert Podcast, found at Follow us @wellwetried or email us at

Duration: 00:14:19

Pop Culture Breakdown

Jess and Grace are back and go over pop culture news as well as some of their favorite TV updates - and here's where they start to make you feel a bit better about yourself. WARNING: Major spoilers! If you hear spoiler alert, we mean it. Follow us on Twitter @wellwetried or email us at

Duration: 01:12:27

009 - Keeping Up with Jessica

Jess and Grace are BACK to trying and failing for your benefit, Grace discusses the Red Wedding and met Jess' cat, as well as discussing the new Ghostbusters. Follow us @wellwetried or send us an email at

Duration: 01:03:18

007 - Therapy/Intervention with Chris Spangle

The girls are joined for their first threesome... of conversation on the podcast with guest Chris Spangle. Warning: this gets a little deep and meaningful, so if you're not into therapy stuff, skip this one. Spangle goes over how he's grown in the past year, where he's headed, and gives Jess and Grace an idea of what a podcast should sound like. Follow us at @wellwetried or email us at

Duration: 01:24:05

006 - Catching Up and B*******

Jess and Grace are back in the studio to chat about the Indianapolis 500, the latest celebrity/pop culture news, as well as their opinions on a few social issues. Follow us at @wellwetried or email us at

Duration: 01:09:32

005 - Kitties and T*****s

Grace and Jess catch up on the SNL finale, the latest cat news (which we're sure you're dying to know), and Grace gets a bit personal with a struggle she's been facing for the past few years. Follow us at @wetriedpodcast or email us at

Duration: 01:05:37

001 - One Night After Margaritas...

Welcome to our first episode! Your hosts, Jessica Alsman and Grace Yinger, sit down (after a pitcher of margaritas no less) and try to figure out what they want out of a podcast. What's the focus? What makes us interesting? Let us know! Follow us at @wetriedpodcast or email us at

Duration: 01:02:28