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Episode 8. Anthony: What if you stop when it's just around the corner?

Anthony Crolla is a boxer. Since the age of eleven he dreamed of being a world boxing champion. Everything in his life for more than a decade, from the hours he trained to his mental determination, to the food he ate was focussed on this one goal. Then his chance came to be the WBA lightweight champion. But then less than a month before the fight, whilst trying to stop a crime taking place he lost that chance and nearly his life. When your dreams are crushed and you're told the one thing...

Duration: 00:41:18

Episode 7. Stephanie: Because who wants to feel alive just some of the time?

Stephanie Hirst loves being on the radio. After dreaming of being a presenter since the age of eleven, she made it. Awards, popularity, success. The works. Two years ago she gave it all up and risked, she felt, losing everything. Why? Because Steph is transgender and it was under the name Simon Hirst, presenting as a man, that she had gained such success. This is a story of a life that for many years, was lived in fear. And a story of real courage.

Duration: 00:43:57

Episode 6. Matthew: It's the next morning when it really hurts.

Matthew Syed is a journalist, author, broadcaster and champion table tennis player, representing his country at the Olympics. But at a crucial point in his career, something happened that he admits changed him forever. If you've been building your whole life towards one moment and at that moment you fail, how do you carry on?

Duration: 00:25:50

Season 1. Episode 5. John: Criminal. Monk. Punk. Vegan. Ironman.

John Joseph is an Iron Man athlete. He is also the legendary singer of Punk band the Cro-Mags and a best selling author too. Growing up as a homeless teenager in New York, John was a heroin mule, working the punk clubs of the Lower East Side and also a violent criminal and eventully a priosner If crime, fighting and drugs are all you have ever known, how do you change who you are? John's story will shock and enthrall you.

Duration: 00:24:23

Season 1. Episode 4, Steve: When your spirit animal is a shark.

Steve is a chef. He owns his own restaurant and loves everything about food.But for years he had a secret. A secret which led him into a life of crime and caused him to lose everything. His job, his relationships, his humanity and nearly his life. When you cease to feel like a human being - how do you rebuild your life?

Duration: 00:23:28

Season 1. Episode 3, Barbara: How can playing save your life?

Barbara Myers is an artist. A painter and sculptor who sees her art as so much more than just her career - it's an extension of who she is. But until Barbara was in her forties, she'd never even picked up a paintbrush. The story of what led her to walk into a shop one day and buy a canvas is one of both huge individual loss and personal resilience. How do you reconcile the fact that without experiencing such pain you wouldn't have the thing that brings you so much joy?

Duration: 00:26:21

Season 1. Episode 2. Alfie: Most of the kids drew a cowboy....

Alfie Joey is an entertainer. A comedian, impressionist and actor. He also hosts a daily breakfast radio show. From when he was just a small boy his family said he should be on the stage. But he didn't take that path. Instead to the shock of those closest to him he trained to be a priest and then a monk. Until one moment changed his life. What do you do when you realise you've changed your mind about the person you want to be? How do you engage with a life you have never known?

Duration: 00:25:22

Season 1. Episode 1. Fran: I didn't think *that* would change my life.

Fran Barker is an award winning business owner, she's a baker. After enjoying what she calls a very privedged childhood, she runs two successful shops and has a great reputation for what she does. Yet, less than three years ago she was facing a prison sentence and life-threatening addiction after a series of extraordinary mistakes and painful revelations. How does one person get themselves into so much trouble, then find their way out again?

Duration: 00:29:43