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What Happened with Teddy Goldstein

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Interviews with singer/songwriters and other types of people.

Interviews with singer/songwriters and other types of people.
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Brooklyn, NY


Interviews with singer/songwriters and other types of people.




Episode 25 - Matt Beck

Matt Beck talks about how music surrounded him from an early age. He tells about his early days as a sub for 'Rent' on Broadway, and eventually how he ended up playing with artists/bands such as, Lisa Loeb, Matchbox Twenty, (The) Edge, Rod Stewart and many more.

Duration: 03:55:11

Episode 24 - Drew Sarich

Drew Sarich tells about how he got cast to play the role of Rocky Balboa, in the original production of, ROCKY The Musical. He also shares stories of touring as a backup singer with Liza Minnelli, playing the lead role in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and many other fascinating tales from the world of musical theater.

Duration: 02:57:48

Episode 22 - Will Petzel

In this episode, Will and I get into some serious math questions like, 15% of 16. We also dive into other incredibly important subjects such as, poker, Bigfoot, whether or not The Celestine Prophecy was a good or terrible book and modern physics.

Duration: 03:53:16

Episode 21 - Slaid Cleaves

Slaid Cleaves shares his stories of growing up in a blue-collar town, in Southern Maine. He also talks about his most recent record, 'Still Fighting The War', as well as the success of his early release, 'Broke Down' and what that album did for his career.

Duration: 01:54:37

Episode 20 - Chris Moore

Chris Moore, a favorite of Teddy's and many other singer/songwriters, talks about his early days in Detroit, MI as the drummer for the punk band, Negative Approach; moving to NYC after already being part of a major music scene; finding his voice as a singer/songwriter; and what life was like for him while writing his first solo album, ‘Outa State Plates’.

Duration: 02:20:07

Episode 19 - Richard Julian

Richard Julian talks about his musical journey from Delaware to Las Vegas, back to Delaware, and then to New York City. He shares great stories about his travels, his music and the friends he's made along the way. Teddy and Richard compare notes about their ability/non-ability to fix stuff and their love of old Volvos. Plus, Richard performs two songs live!

Duration: 02:39:53

Episode 18 - Stephen Kellogg

Stephen and Teddy talk about Time Warner Cable. Stephen also performs two songs, live!

Duration: 02:58:58

Episode 17 - Jon Darling

Jon Darling comes by and performs two new songs in-studio! He shares what life was like growing up in New Zealand, what brought him to America and how he became a sideman, playing guitar for Tracy Bonham. Teddy and Jon talk about the challenges that come with making big life changes - and they even sing a couple jingles.

Duration: 04:19:48

Episode 16 - Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul shares his memories of being part of the Boston singer/songwriter scene during the 90's. He also talks about growing up as an athlete in Northern Maine and eventually, as it usually does, the conversation turns to S.A.T. scores.

Duration: 01:25:06

Episode 15 - David Wilcox

David Wilcox talks about his early days of songwriting and the mania that may, or may not, need to be a part of the process. He also helps Teddy to straighten out his attitude on what's important in life.

Duration: 01:15:26

Episode 14 - Anne Heaton

This episode is a conversation with my long time friend, Anne Heaton. We talk about finding honesty in songwriting, what leads to creativity and the idea of what it would be like to say, "screw it" and move into a hotel.

Duration: 02:20:20

Episode 13 - Matt Smith

Managing Director of Club Passim (Cambridge, MA), Matt Smith, talks about what got him out of the Boston Globe collating business and into one of the best music clubs in the country. Matt tells about his love for this very special listening room and reminisces about how he came to find the artists of the modern folk era.

Duration: 01:50:25

Episode 12 - Melissa Ferrick

Melissa talks about her early days in music. From being on a major label, to becoming a successful independent artist and the ups and downs along the way - we cover it all. She also tells why you can’t vacuum and listen to an Edie Carey record at the same time.

Duration: 02:50:30

Episode 11 - Tom Freund

Was Tom Freund's song, Not In The Business, responsible for landing Teddy on a therapist's couch?...Maybe. In this episode, Tom and Teddy share their memories of the major label days – Teddy’s from the inside of a tape room. They talk about family, what it means to grow up, and if a song can truly be “happy”.

Duration: 02:15:06

Episode 10 - Chuck Brodsky

Chuck Brodsky tells about the ten-year plan that led him to become an acclaimed singer/songwriter. He takes us through the patient journey of finding his own voice and style, and talks about the amazing group of songwriters he came up with in the Bay Area music scene. Chuck also talks about his deep love and knowledge of sports and Teddy talks about his lack thereof.

Duration: 02:06:54

Epiosde 9 - Julia Darling

Julia Darling talks about her journey from New Zealand to Australia and how she came to sign a record deal in America. We also talk about the process of songwriting and address the age-old question, who’s more messed up, songwriters or stand-ups, in this intense and highly humorous episode.

Duration: 02:51:23

Episode 8 - Dan Bern

In this episode, Teddy and Dan Struggle to figure out who knows less about Studs Terkel. Dan talks about the great group of songwriters he came up with on the Chicago open-mic scene, how he found his way to his first record deal, and how writing about painting may have actually been what led him to paint.

Duration: 02:38:22

Episode 7 - Andrew Kerr

If you’ve ever wondered why so many people on Roosevelt Island are rolling around on hospital beds or you think you are a huge James Taylor fan, then this is the episode for you. In an incredibly inspiring interview, Andrew Kerr talks about the accident that almost took his life and may have been partly responsible for bringing him back to music.

Duration: 02:50:58

Episode 6 - Amy Correia

In this conversation with Amy Correia, we talk about it all - death, back pain, Teddy's years of therapy. Plus, we also get to chat about Amy's music and her illustrious career.

Duration: 01:39:18

Episode 5 - Jess Klein

Jess Klein comes to the podcast and talks about life in Austin, TX. She shares stories of starting out on the Boston scene and finding her way into her first record deal...and Teddy remembers his memories of being on the road.

Duration: 02:48:49

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