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Episode 7: Shoot Your Cover: What Your Business Can Learn from Fashion Photos with Max Montgomery

One of three winners of the 2016 Wix Photography competition, fashion photography Max Montgomery got the chance of a lifetime — his own cover shoot for Brides magazine. We talked to Max all about growing up with photographer parents, working with photography legends like Rankin and shooting the Kings of Leon and Suki Waterhouse. But great photos aren’t just important for magazines. Hear everything you need to know about photography for your website from a true professional. Get more Who,...

Duration: 00:25:49

Episode 6: From Beliefs to Business - Turning Your Philosophy into a New Career with Zo Flamenbaum

You see them the time on Facebook and Instagram: people who have created small business around their lifestyles and beliefs. They are health food fans and backpackers, self-help gurus, community builders, and so much more. On Episode 6, we talk to Zo Flamenbaum, the founder of School of Shine, an online community for women that’s based on her core values: positivity, creativity, and empowerment. We talk all about how to start a business — where all you need is you. Get more Who, What, Wix at...

Duration: 00:24:07

Episode 5: Startup Summer Camp - Wise Words from Teenage Entrepreneurs

On this special episode of Who, What, Wix, we travel back to summer 2016 and meet the amazing teens of Camp Kimama’s The Hub. The summer camp is a place for creative, innovative teens from around the world to build their own startups and pitch them to real investors. We hit the road last summer to catch up with camp director Andy Moguilevsky and chat with these campers to hear their creative advice for small business owners like you. Get more Who, What, Wix at www.whowhatwix.com.

Duration: 00:19:25

Episode 4: Make ‘Em Love You - Cafe Culture and Customer Service with Xoli Ormut-Durbin

Great food? Check. Great coffee? Of course. But what sets Tel Aviv’s Cafe Xoho apart is its great service. Restaurant owner Xoli Ormut-Durbin tells us how — after experiencing the world class coffee culture of Melbourne, Australia — she created a community around her coffeeshop. Learn why amazing customer service is a must for any small business. Get more Who, What, Wix at www.whowhatwix.com.

Duration: 00:22:43

Episode 3: Let’s Get Visual - Creating Your Website’s Look with Rachel Rowland

From the bright red and yellow of McDonald’s to the bullseye of Target, the visual elements of any business have a huge impact on customers. And your website is no exception. Wix’s Visual Content Specialist Rachel Rowland lays down some basic rules to make sure your website lets people know exactly what your business is all about. Get more Who, What, Wix at www.whowhatwix.com.

Duration: 00:27:17

Episode 2: The Flavors of Focus Groups - Landing in Whole Foods with Mike Rosenthal

Launching your small business doesn't just take work - it takes research. Mike Rosenthal, owner of Jawea Frozen Desserts, walks us through the many, many tests and focus groups he held to nail down the look, feel and branding of his company. From setting up shop in a Mexican restaurant to the shelves at Whole Foods, his story is a great one. Get more Who, What, Wix at www.whowhatwix.com.

Duration: 00:37:34

Episode 1: Bacon, Beer and Baseball Stadiums - Marketing Events with Kate Levenstien

With her company Cannonball Productions, Kate Levenstien has taken the beer festival scene by storm. Her events include "The Bacon and Beer Classic", drawing thousands of people in cities all over the country. Kate explains how she became a beer queen and shares some key tips about the planning, execution and follow-up of amazing events. Get more Who, What, Wix at www.whowhatwix.com.

Duration: 00:31:13

Episode 0: Welcome to Who, What, Wix

Welcome to Who, What, Wix! On the short and sweet Episode 0, your hosts Justin and Yael lay out what you can expect from the podcast: great stories from small business owners, expert advice from marketing pros and unique insights from the creative minds at Wix.com. Get more Who, What, Wix at www.whowhatwix.com.

Duration: 00:04:55