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Be The Change You Want In The World

Be The Change You Want In The World
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Be The Change You Want In The World






Jumping In To Happiness

Today on Who’z Talking, we a Jumping In to Happiness. Our letter comes from Hot Mess who wants to know should she stop being anger that your boyfriend is still friend with his ex? And in our life tips we are going to explore foods that truly make the body happy. This and much more on today’s Who’z Talking. Today’s show is being brought to you by: Loot Crate Loot Crate is a monthly mystery crate that delivers the best in gaming gear.it’s like Comic-Con in a box! Advance Auto is the...


Embracing Your Inner Power

Today on Who’z Talking, we embrace our inner power. Salute the Haiku and take a look into our eating habits. Today’s letter comes from Keith, who want to know; When do you feel GOD’s love? This and much more on today’s Who’z Talking. Remember to take a look at our new site karlapatin.com


Achieving What U Want

Today on Who’z Talking we look achieving your goals. Our grain of wisdom comes from Benjamin Franklin, who helps us with the passing of time. Today’s letter comes from Angry 27, who wants to know if she should forgive her sister for not keeping her secret. This and much more on today’s Who’z Talking. Todays show is brought to you by the follow: Grasshopper: Keep your business moving with Grasshopper Barkbox: Treats for your pet delievered monthly Audible: Listen to the latest book on...


Recovering From Our Mistakes

Today on Who’z Talking we look at making and recovering from our mistakes. We salute common courtesy and learn to invest in our dreams. This and much more no today’s Who’z Talking. **Who’z Talking has moved to karlapatin.com. Here you can still send your letters and comments to Karla and have your answer be apart of the show. Just click on ASK Karla and the top of the page.** BarkBox is a delivery of 4 to 6 natural treats and super fun toys curated around a surprise theme each month....


Spring Creates New Dreams

Today on Who’z Talking we are following our dreams, saluting Spring and looking at the benefits of cold showers. This and much more on today’s Who’z Talking. Grasshopper: Keep your business moving with Grasshopper Barkbox: Treats for your pet delievered monthly Audible: Listen to the latest book on your mobil device. Cross-Body.com Save 35% off any purchase using the code: whoztalking at checkout Freshbooks: Software that improves your daily business


The Facts Of Love

Love we all want it, search for it but we are mainly confused by it. So today we are looking at the fact behind love. Is it just a emotion produced by the heart, the mind or does it go deeper? This and more on todays Whoztalking.


Peace and Thanksgiving

As we are only 4 days away from Thanksgiving, today’s Top Ten focus on ways to ensure a peaceful, stress free dinner with family and friends. Keeping in line with the season, Karla also looks at keeping peace around you. We go into the mailbag and read a letter from Deanna in Nederland Tx. This and much more on today’s Whoztalking!


We Got Something In Common

On today’s Who’z Talking we are looking at ourcommon thread, “Happiness”. We are allat our best, kind, loving caring people who just want happiness. But sometimeswe forget this is a common thread we all share. Today’s show is a reminder ofthat. We are also bring back “Classical Music” day whichmeans you will hear some of my favorite pieces throughout the show. We salute “National Sausage Pizza Day” and read oneof your letters this and much more on today’s [...]


Living In Love

Today we look at “Love” ! Loving your life, your friends, your mate and even the food you eat. A happy life starts and ends in love. This episode is chop full of tips that cover almost every side of life. Stop byWhoztalking.comfor great tips, recipes and stories that make for a happier life. Check-out these savings and support the show: Free audio book at:http://www.audibletrial.com/Whoztalking $ 25 credit from Zipcar:http://joinzipcar.com/whoztalking


Blessings and Rainbows

Today’s Show: Aluminum Is It Safe? Dandelions- The back yard super food Medical Marijuana and our dogs.


Shanetta Williams

Meet Shanetta Williams. Singer, songwriter and child of God. Shanetta is on a mission to spread the love of God, family and community with her music. Today we sit with her as to discuss her life and writing process along with her belief in God and Family.

Mystery Sunday-The Red Headed Woman

Today’s Mystery comes from 1944 and stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. “The Red Headed Woman”. Linda after being toss aside by her fiance steals a gun and the companies payroll from her boss’ssafe and hits the road. When she comes across a stranger, suspense ensues. Today’s show is brought to your byAudible.


Letting Go Of Anger

Are you allowing anger to rule you life? Hopefully Karla can give you some tips of overcoming your anger and spoting your triggers before they start. Today we spotlight Robert Johnson (King of the Delta Blues). Today’s show is being brought to you byAudibleandPetplan. Summer vacations are almost at an end, but it’s not too late to listen to a few more books and save. So give Audible a try!


Are Your Intentions Clear?

Today Karla opens the door to Intentions! Are you living the life you were born to live, or are you simple a reflection? We get all turned around as to our roles in life and sometimes we even hid our true selves. It’s also Mystery Sunday and today’s mystery come from “The Amateur Cracksman by EW Hornung” recorded byLibrivox. This is the tale and adventures of AJ Raffles, Gentleman and Thief. “The ides of March” Today’s music is Brahms Handel Variations.


Seeds 2 Harvest

What are you trying to grow in your life, Good health, Kindness, Wealth? No one tries to grow a harvest of self-doubt or pain, but that’s why we must all look at the seeds we’re planting. You can’t plant Okra and harvest Corn. So today we look at the seeds we plant, be it positive or negative and how to correct ourselves to receive a great harvest. Today’s show is being brought to you byAudible. Click on the link to received your free audiobook download today!


I Like You Want Happiness 2

Today we explore happiness. This is the main things in life that connects us all. The one thing we have in common. We all what to be happy. But happiness mean something different to each of us. So today I hope to inspire you to look at your life and began finding your happiness.


Are You Really That Funny?

Today is about humor and the ways we use it. Are you a back biter? Are maybe you are not aware that some jokes can hurt. Remember, if everyone is not laughing, it’s not funny.


Breaking Through Challenges

Today’s show is about over-coming the challenges in your life. We are have barriers, fears that hold us back from doing the thing in life that matters most. Starting a new business, writing that first book, or whatever you dream. Today we will look at getting through to the other side and stepping into you dreams. In the spotlight we look at Marion Harris, one of the unsung great voices of the 1920’s and much more. Stop bywhoztalkingfor daily motivation.


Mystery Sunday “Tom Sawyer Detective”

Sunday’s are for relaxing. Each week we bring a different mystery to our listeners. Today’s mystery comes from the mind of Mark Twain. Tom Sawyer is a novel written back in 1896 by Mark Twain. In the recording Tom attempts to solve a murder in a burlesque. The recording is aLibriVoxproduction. Remember to visit me awhoztalking.com


Sing Songs Of Change

If you have ever felt like you are losing the battle on life, relationships and/or dreams today’s show might help you see what’s important and what you simply should let go! Thanks to the words of Walt Whitman and the music of Jimmie Noone this is a great show. Please enjoy!


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