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History of Black Panther

Brandon, Mike and Devin are back to discus the History of T'Challa the Black Panther. T'Challa has a long and storied history and we go in to depth from his first apperance in Fantastic Four #52 all the way up to the current run writtne by Coats. We find out that T'Challa is not your typical hero, he is a king an leader and a politician who's first and most important concern is Wakanda and his people which leads him to make choices that other "heroes" would not make. Reading...


Road To Infinity War - Avengers

We are back on our Road to Infinity War and we are joined by a special guest Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes podcast and we have finally reached the first peak of the MCU in the first Avengers film. This film is still the standard for team-up super hero films and laid the ground work for the rest of the MCU up until Infinity War. There are parts of this film that seed almost every other film that comes after this one and it still holds up. We talk about Loki as a villain, what we thought...


Black Lightning Recap - Black Jesus

Brandon, Devin, and Danielle are back to recap Black Lightning S1E4 Black Jesus. Once again this show delivers and excellent episode and continues to be one of the blackest shows on television. Not only that but the acting, storylines, action and dialogue on this show is top notch and second to none. This episode picks up where last week left off and we talk about how great Tobias Whale is as an evil villain, how great Jill Scott is at being an even scarier villain, What the hell is Gambi...


The Flash Recap S4E13 - True Colors

We are back to recap The Flash S4 Ep. 13 True Colors. The last two weeks The Flash has course corrected and the show is back on track. This was a very enjoyable episode that got Barry out of prison, showed the evolution of Ralph's powers, some tension in the DeVoe family and setup the rest of the season with Team Flash trying to figure out what DeVoe is up too and how to stop him. A fun show as always, Please be sure to subscribe to our show on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn....


Black Lightning Recap - Lawanda The Book of Burial

Brandon, Mike, Devin and Danielle are back to recap our new favorite show Black Lightning, episode 3 LaWanda: The Book of Burial was another great episode with some hilariously funny moments along with some really heartbreaking moments at the end. We are a bit late but wanted to get a review out because this show continues to deliver in the acting, plot, dialogue and action. We talk about whats next for Anissa and Jennifer, is Black Lightning helping or hurting, why Henderson hates so much...


Agents of Shield - Past Life Recap

We are back with a review of the mid season finale Agents Of Shield Past Life. This show is operating on another level from most other things on television and this mid-season finale was like an hour long roller coaster that you never wanted to end. We talk about how the team end this time loop of destruction, Is daisy actually the person who destroys the world, what is going to happen to Coulson, Why this show is so different from other comic book shows and bring up call backs to previous...


Road To Infinity War - Thor

The guys are back on the Road To Infinity War to recap the first Thor film. This film originally realeased in 2011 and similar to the other films still holds up today. We talk about Chris Hemsworth being the perfect Thor, Loki being Marvel's best villain so far, how this film is extremly funny on accident, how the Thor character has changed over the years and how this film got people excited for Avengers. A fun show as always, Please be sure to subscribe to our show on iTunes, Google Play,...


The Flash Recap S4E12 Honey I Shrunk Team Flash

Brandon, Mike and Devin are back to recap S4E12 of The Flash, Honey I Shrunk Team Flash. Although the name is corny the episode was refreshing and gave Team Flash a much needed shake up. We talk about Dwarfstar as a villain, Cecile getting temporary powers, Barry still being a hero in prison, funny moments with Cisco and Ralph and the cliff hanger ending and what to expect next week. A fun show as always, Please be sure to subscribe to our show on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Tune...


The Flash Recap S4E11 - The Elongated Knight Rises

We are back with another recap of The Flash S4E11 The Elongated Knight Rises. After a great start to the season the last two episodes has been lackluster and the show needs to get back on track. This episode had some hidden gems inside it and some good character development for Ralph, bringing back the Trickster and Prank gave us some good ole fashion camp but overall this show has been struggling with direction and needs to get back to what has been successful in this show. A fun show as...


Road To Infinity War - The Incredible Hulk

The guys are back on the Road To Infinity War this weeks stop is the 2008 Incredible Hulk Film. This film is often forgotten in the MCU universe mainly because of Ed Norton playing Bruce Banner but after 10 years this film like some of the other we review is much better than remembered. We talk about the choice of using the Abomination as a villain, Ed Norton as Bruce Banner, Betty and Bruce relationship, the position of this film in the MCU and some continuity issues with the Hulk in the...


Black Lightning Recap S1E2 - Lawanda Book of Hope

We are back to recap Black Lightning S1E2 Lawanda Book of Hope, and we had some technical difficulties this episode so some of the audio will be going up and down so bare with us. Besides that this was a great episode of Black Lightning and the show continues to deliver blackness in a way that not seen on TV usually. This episode is very brutal with at least two deaths, we see the progression of Anissa, a change in the relationship between Jefferson and Lynn, Jennifer continues to spiral...


Road To Infinity War - Iron Man 2

We are back on our Road to Infinity War and we are resisting Iron Man 2. This is widely regarded as one of the worse MCU films and watching it now that is true but its misleading. We talk about Whiplash and Justin Hammer as villains, how cool Tony Stark still is, how Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect choice for Iron Man, how good the MCU is if this is considered one of the worse films and look forward to Incredible Hulk. A fun show as always, Please be sure to subscribe to our show on...


The Flash S4E10 - The Trial of Barry Allen Recap

We are back with our recap of the mid-season premier of The Flash S4E10 The Trail of Barry Allen. This episode was very disappointing in many ways with some gems hidden within. The guys talk about how they botched Cecile as a credible lawyer, some easy defenses that Team Flash could have presented, should Barry have told the world that he is The Flash and what this show has been missing recently and how they can get back on track. A fun show as always, Please be sure to subscribe to our...


Black Lightning Recap - Resurrection

We are back with our new podcast buddy Danielle to recap the premier of Black Lightning. We were all looking forward to this show and it exceed all of our expectations. This show is so good and so real and it did not feel like a CW show and thats a good thing. The crew talks about some of the social impact of having a black super hero show in primetime, some of the funny scenes, Black Lightning's comic book origin and what we are looking forward to going forward. This may have been our...


Agents of Shield - Together Not At All Recap

Brandon, Mike and Devin are back to recap Agents of Shield Together Not at All. We have had some technical difficulties the last week and all of our shows were lost, but we are back up and running and were rewarded with another great episode of Agents of Shield. In this episode we get our entire team reunited, with the exception of May and they try to find a way back to their time. But of course as soon as they come together they split back up, and we get a hint to how they will make it...


Road To Infinity War - Iron Man

Brandon and the guys are back for the next step on the Road to Infinity War with the film that started it all Iron Man. Iron Man is the film that started this whole connected universe thing and looking back on it 10 years later it still holds up. We talk about Robert Downey Jr. being the perfect actor for Tony Stark, how this compared to Captain America, some disappointments in the fight scenes and the impact this film had on the Super Hero Genre. A fun show as always, Please be sure to...


Road to Infinity War - Captain America First Avenger

With Avengers Infinity War coming being released in May we figured we would take a trip down memory lane and revisit all the MCU films leading up to Infinity War in chronological order according to the MCU timeline. First up is Captain America: First Avenger, this film is far better than the guys remember and setup the Steve Rogers Character and what he means to the MCU perfectly. We talk bout the villain (The Red Skull), the supporting character of Agent Carter and Bucky, introduction to...


Agents of Shield Ep 1-5 Recap

Brandon, Mike and Devin are back for another Power Hour Recap of the best comic book show on television Agents of Shield. The guys took a bit of a break in December but we are catching up on the episodes we missed and they were excellent. Agents of Shield never lets you down but this season, they are not only in space but in the future and the crew has to face challenges they have never seen before. We talk about some of the big moments and returns of the first 5 episodes to get ready to...


Power Hour Recap - The Gifted Mid Season Review

Brandon, Mike and Devin are back from hiatus with their midseason review of The Gifted. The Gifted has been the best film/tv interpretation of the X-Men we have ever seen and the guys talk about the ups and downs and the surprises of the first 10 episodes. The Gifted Season 1 is only 13 episodes so the second half of the season should be a spring to the finish, but the first ten episodes gave us a lot to talk about including how horrible the Stucker Parents are, Agent Turner's story arc...


Star Wars - The Last Jedi Review

After a brief hiatus Brandon and Mike are joined by Devin and Big Mike to review Star Wars The Last Jedi. This is a spoiler review so be for warned. The guys talk about the good (and there is a whole hell of a lot of good) the few things they didn't like about the film and they also get into a discussion about the fan reaction to the film and why some people don't like the film. This is the best Star Wars film ever made and it sets up a new universe well past the Skywalker Saga that the...


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