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A wine podcast for the everyday wine lover.

A wine podcast for the everyday wine lover.
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A wine podcast for the everyday wine lover.






EP 75: In The Foothills of Awesome Part II: The Red Wines of Piedmont

This is a big one! Join me as I break down red wines of this amazing wine region. From Barolo to Gattinara, from Nebbiolo to Pelaverga there is so much to enjoy here!

Duration: 00:50:16

Ep 74: In The Foothills of Awesome Part I: Piedmont And The French Connection

Welcome to part one of my three part series on Piedmont and the wines of the region. It's all about the hills, the fog and the history.

Duration: 00:27:32

Wine Skool'D Update: Hey Keith! Where The Hell Ya Been?

People been askin' where the hell I've been. Well I am still here! And so is Wine Skool'D! Join me as I throw down on what I have been up to and what is coming up on this wine podcast for the everyday wine lover!

Duration: 00:12:15

Ep 73: Making A Case For Fall

I list some of my favorite wines for the Fall season. Maybe they’ll be your faves as well!

Duration: 00:21:25

Ep 72: Halloween Edition: Phylloxera The Destroyer!

Phylloxera the Destroyer almost wiped the wine world as we know it. For this Halloween edition I will tell you a scary story. A scary WINE story.

Duration: 00:31:40

Ep 71 : Putting The Cava In Champaña

Cava is awesome! Cava is not Champagne! But it does have a connection to that crazy famous region. Join me as we walk through the funky history of Spain's answer to sparkling wine.

Duration: 00:27:14

Ep 70: Amarone And The Valley Of Many Cellars

Amarone is the new kid on the block in this old skool wine region called Valpolicella. Let's break down the styles and the history.

Duration: 00:27:02

Ep 69: What's That Junk In My Wine!? It's Nature

Ever had a bottle of wine with some stuff at the bottom that's not wine? It's all good! Let me break down what it is so you can still enjoy that bottle.

Duration: 00:12:42

Ep 68: Who Put The Butter In My Wine?!

Smell butter in that wine? What makes that happen? It's one of the most detected of aromas and there is an awesome natural journey that makes this happen. It's also something winemakers have used to give wine more personality for years. Let's break this down.

Duration: 00:20:48

Ep 67: Portugal: The Best Affordable Wine On The Shelf

Let's get to know some of the best cheapest wine in the world! Portugal has a great history and there's a reason for its affordability. Let me break this down for you so you can save money and drink a great wine!

Duration: 00:41:23

Ep 66: O Campania Mio! Part III: I Rosoni Montoni

In part 3 of my obsession with Campanian wine I break down the reds you're going to find, buy and freak out over! Drinking history is awesome! this will get ya started.

Duration: 00:32:27

Ep 65: O Campania Mio! Part II: Vini Bianchi e Favolosi Quattro

In part two of my obsession with Campania I break down the white wines of the region and their connection to history. Drinking history is awesome! this will get ya started.

Duration: 00:45:10

Ep 64: O Campaina Mio! Part I: Ancient Influence

The first in a three part series where I break down one of my favorite wine regions in Italy and beyond. Campania has an amazing history and the wine grapes used to make wine today are reflections of the wine and people of antiquity. Let's set the scene, shall we?

Duration: 00:27:32

Ep 63: Out Of My Depth: Keith Learns About Sake With A Certified Sake Expert

Sake is a whole new world for this wine geek. So I sat down with my friend Eric Thorner who is a Certified Sake expert and got down to the nitty gritty of this amazing brew. Yeah I said brew.

Duration: 01:16:25

Ep 62: Cheap-Ass Whites For Summer

Don't break the bank! Grab these 12 great cheap-ass white wines to make case for yourself this summer!

Duration: 00:27:32

Ep 61: Eccolo Prosecco! Beyond The Bellini

You love Prosecco but what's its story? Where is it from? It's a fun story and I'm gonna tell it!

Duration: 00:23:49

Ep 60: Drink Your July 2017 Horoscope With Keith Beavers

What's your sign? What's your drink? It's all in the stars, man. All in the stars. Let the cosmos do the talking and you can do the drinking.

Duration: 00:18:24

Ep 59: Wine For July 4th Has Never Been More Fun!

Wine for July 4th has never been more fun! I'll tell ya why!

Duration: 00:08:10

Ep 58: Oh Sherry I'm In Love: An Interview With Victoria Gonzalez-Gordon

I sat down with Victoria Gonzalez-Gorden of Gonzalez Byass the makers of Tio Pepe. We talk about everything Sherry and my eyes are wide open! Oh Sherry I'm in love!

Duration: 00:43:05

Ep 57: Gewurtz Is A Traminer!

Gewurtztraminer has got like so much going on! A white wine with more personality than any other and with a fun history. Get to know Gewurtz!

Duration: 00:21:49

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