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Winner Winner: A PUBG Podcast

A roundtable discussion to make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some jokes included.

A roundtable discussion to make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some jokes included.

A roundtable discussion to make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some jokes included.
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A roundtable discussion to make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some jokes included.




Episode 16: The Xbox Spring 2018 Roadmap (and how to use PUBG’s scopes)

The adventures of Robin and Arjuna continue as we pore over the recently unveiled Xbox Spring Development Roadmap for 2018! We discuss Bluehole’s plans for the xbox platform in the coming months, including the map we’ve all been waiting for: Miramar! We also discuss the controversial topic of using a mouse and keyboard on the xbox. Then we go shoulder-deep into all of the scopes available in PUBG, and tell you how to rangefind with the 4x and 8x scopes! We also address the age-old topic of...


Episode 15: The PUBG 2018 Development Roadmap Is Here!

After lots of hype and promises, it’s finally here: The PUBG 2018 development Roadmap! We immediately discarded our mediocre notions of what this episode should have been focused on in favor of discussing this goldmine of new information. Unfortunately, the Xbox Roadmap was released after the recording of this episode, so we’ll visit that in just as much juicy detail on next week’s episode. Kick back and enjoy Robin and Arjuna’s discussion of the facts, the fictions, and other wild...


Episode 14: Micro Uzi vs. Tommygun (and Robin’s patented Squiggle Drop)

He’s here, he’s there, he’s everyfreakingwhere… It’s Robin, back from Spain (and Catalonia)! We take advantage of his return to discuss the new xbox patch 9, which is a real whopper. Then we dive into the bareknuckle brawl of PUBG’s two scopeless smgs, discuss the hot (but not very memorable) San Martin, and finally get into some specifics on how to parachute effectively. Also, check out our first podcast-endorsed streamer, Max AKA vVaughNn: Full patch...


Episode 13: 10 Tips and Tricks (and S1897 vs S686)

In lucky episode number 13, Robin and Arjuna discuss our new show subreddit! Post your juicy vids, questions, philosophical quandaries and lolcats to We also talk about the lack of xbox updates (until today — d’oh!) and give the new snow map a little speculation. Then we dive right into deep discussion about PUBG’s two most common shotguns, discuss the moistest city in the game, and share 10 listener-contributed tips and tricks to make you better at your...


Episode 12: Improving Your Game By Taking Risks

Robin returns to bring us more fun from Spain! We discuss the biggest, baddest sniper rifle, the second hottest drop on Erangel (with surprise alternate plot for the PUBG movie!), and ways to improve your game that involve making you uncomfortable. Isn’t this fun? Weapon of the week: AWM (Arctic Wastage Machine) Location highlight: Sosnovka Military Base (Erangel) Main topic: How to improve your game by dropping hot, running towards fire, limiting your weapon selection, and generally...


Episode 11: When To Engage

This week Robin rejoins us from Catalonia (aka not Spain) to bring a broader view of things. We aplogize to our xbox listeners for the lukewarm introduction of the xbox to our show. Then we jump into PUBG’s most controversial sniper rifle, Arjuna’s second favorite drop on Miramar, and get all nitty-gritty about when to engage in solo and squad play. Weapon of the week: Kar98K Location highlight: El Pozo (Miramar) Main topic: When to engage the enemy (and when to abstain) in solo play...


Episode 10: SKS vs. Mini 14 (and squad communication)

To make up for Robin’s tragic absence from the podcast, Arjuna and Tim talk about our new xbox, compare notes on the SKS and the Mini 14, talk about which town on Erangel serves the best chicken waffles, and discuss how to alert your teammates to danger. Weapon highlight: SKS vs Mini 14 Location highlight: Mylta Main topic: squad callouts, and how to communicate with your team under pressure Join our discord server here: Send comments and feedback to...


Episode 9: All about GRENADES (and cheating)

This week, Robin and Arjuna discuss a popularly requested topic on the podcast: grenades! We go into depth about how and when to use each of PUBG’s 4 throwables. We then dive into a discussion about the current state of cheating in PUBG, region locking, Tencent and the urge to dominate via questionable means. Also, we’re getting an xbox! Look out next week for our initial thoughts on the state of the xbox game relative to the fact that we’ve been playing it on PC for the last 6-8...


Episode 8: SCAR-L vs. M416

Robin and Arjuna return to tackle the tough question of whether to choose the SCAR-L or the M416. We discuss recoil patterns, volume, body impact power and more. Also, by fan request we have started a patreon account! You can contribute to our podcast by visiting Weapon of the week: SCAR-L vs. M416 Location highlight: Hospital (Erangel) Main topic: When should you be using full auto fire mode, and with which weapons? Join our discord server here:...


Episode 7: Solo vs. Squad Strategy (and join our Discord!)

Lots of developments this week! We just started a Discord server. Join here: Also, we’re uploading video content to youtube now. Find that here: This week’s topics: Weapon of the week: M249 #wotw-m249 Location of the week: Minas Generales Main topic: How does your playstyle or your stragegy change when playing solo vs. in squads? Robin and Arjuna discuss drop decisions, how to get looted without...


Episode 6: City Of Lions (and is the AKM good?)

Today we’re focusing on one big city… With one big episode! Lots of juicy content here for Arjuna and Robin to bite into. Weapon of the week: We discuss the hard-to-tame AKM #wotw-akm Location highlight: Los Leones, The City Of Lions, PUBG’s largest city yet Main topic: Leaning, and why you should be doing it Gunz AKM recoil video: Liquid Blitz’s Ultimate Vehicle Guide: WackyJacky’s western loot...


BONUS: Episode 2 (Not Actually A Bonus): How Good Is The VSS?

Hey folks! Alex, Liz, Robin and myself (Arjuna) recorded this episode in chronological order, but didn’t end up releasing it because we got interrupted mid-recording. Robin and I went back and finished it up with our main topic, “Landing On Rooves.” In this episode, we explore one of Robin’s favorite Erangel drops, Mylta Power (aka Robin’s Place). We also discuss the VSS and explore why it is one of the most controversial (loved / hated) weapons in the game. Finally, we strive to answer...


Episode 5: Miramar Is Here! (Part 2)

Join Robin and Arjuna for a continuation of our exploration of Miramar! Discover some of the prime locations we’ve been playing in so far, and why we like them so much. You can also discover which nation is #2 in our most downloaded category… oh, the suspense! Weapon of the week: Winchester Win94 rifle #wotw-win94 Location of the week (and main topic): Notable locations in Miramar, including Impala, Minas Generales, Graveyard, Hacienda Del Patron, San Martin, Pecado, Prison, Minas Del...


Episode 4: Holiday Special: Care Packages & How To Approach Them

Here to celebrate the holidays, Robin and Arjuna record a special episode dedicated to PUBG’s biggest rush, package aka air drop hunting. Listen in to discover all the different ways you can live (and die) on the edge, chasing the very best loot available on Erangel, and now, Miramar. The PUBG Wiki entry on care packages: Fugglet’s video analyzing the numbers from 100 air drops: Fugglet is a great...


Episode 3: Miramar Is Here! (AKA The New Map)

MIRAMAR HAS ARRIVED! In this episode, we talk about our first impressions of PUBG’s new desert map, Miramar. We are beyond excited to be able to roam around in these new environs. Hear our initial thoughts on the new weapons, the tactical implications of the desert setting, the importance of vehicles, and more. Some rubberbanding required… We love all of your feedback and suggestions. If you have any questions you’d like us to address on the podcast, or directions you’d like to see us...


Episode 1: Squad Positioning (and an intro to us)

Welcome to the Winner Winner Podcast! In this episode we introduce ourselves, then get right into the nitty gritty of the deep strategy we know you love. Weapon of the week: Micro Uzi Location of the week: Yasnaya Compound Main Topic: Squad Positioning Do you like to hug the edge of the circle? Do you like to find the best spot in the middle and play king of the hill? In this episode, we discuss how to maximize your chances of ending up in the right place with your squad. We love all...


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