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Winner Winner: A PUBG Podcast

A roundtable discussion to make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some jokes included.

A roundtable discussion to make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some jokes included.

A roundtable discussion to make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some jokes included.
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A roundtable discussion to make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Some jokes included.




Ep. 37: FIX PUBG??!? (and Robin’s Famous Diatribe on Data Visualization)

Guess what guys… they’re finally going to fix PUBG!!?! Robin and Arjuna return to discuss the new ‘Fix PUBG’ initiative, but end up mostly talking about the ethical use of data visualization. Such wow! Very accuracy. This episode is a real bitchfest, so strap yourself in and look forward to some vitriol! This show still features tracks from the fabulous Spiffy Man. The tracks, in order of appearance, are “Light Runner” and “Be Free.” Find Spiffy Man: On bandcamp:...


Ep. 36: PGI takeaways and getting stoked about PC patch 19

This week we are joined with another very special guest, the gamer and streamer extraordinaire, Socoler. We bring him in to for enlightening chat and insight into the PUBG Global Invitational in Berline, which just wrapped up. On this show, we are again privileged to feature music from the fantastic Spiffy Man. Every track on this show is a cut by this hard-hitting house and EDM producer. The tracks, in order of appearance, are “Light Runner,” “Flashback” and “Be Free.” Find Spiffy Man: On...


Ep. 35: QBU thoughts, Paradise Resort, and Robin’s Grab Bag

Variety is the spice of life, and this episode is no exception. We discuss a range of topics from Teeworlds to Fugglet’s face reveal, going deeper with Islands of Nyne, Robin’s PC upgrade experience… And of course, we even talk about PUBG! This week we share our thoughts on the QBU after spending more time with it. Paradise Resort is our location highlight this week, and we talk you through getting the most out of this hottest of Sanhok drops. Welcome to Paradise! Weapon Highlight:...


Ep. 34: Sanhok Meta - How to Win on Tropical Death Island

First we tackly a listener question concerning the future of PUBG. Is PUBG dead? Dying? Listen to hear our highly professional and insightful take! Then we talk about what’s coming in patch 18, namely the QBU DMR and the vehicle the Rony Pickup. Our main topic is our take on Sanhok, what we love, what we think could be better, and most important how to play the map. Our customs schedule for this week: Monday 7/16 and Tuesday, 7/17 at 6pm PST. Other times TBA in our discord. Join our...


Ep. 33: Does PUBG suck? (and xbox’s huge new patch…)

Robin and Arjuna return to answer the heavy questions, and today we’ve picked a big one: does PUBG suck??!? We’re all going to find out! This one’s a white-knuckler, so be sure to stay tuned ’til the end… Other topics covered today are the relative ease (and difficulty) of landing headshots, the massive patch that just hit the Xbox test server, Shroud’s 30-day ban from the game, and various silly ideas we have about how this game could be better. For xbox players wanting to hear our...


Ep. 32: Weapon Choice, Weapon Synergy

Arjuna’s back! Again! Vertigo got a lucky headshot on him, but he was able to medkit up, rotate and get the full spray for the Chicken Dinner. This week, we talk about weapon pairings, and explore how to compliment your weapon of choice. Some things come down to personal tastes… and some people just don’t have taste. Fear not — this is where we come in. Also, we’re stoked for the release of Islands of Nyne! Stay tuned for our thoughts after we get some rounds in with that game. Our...


Ep. 31: Teamwork and Morale

Benny and Daniel rejoin us as guest host and we rehash the event pass and the QBZ-95. Then we get deep and personal and talk about the interplay between teamwork and mood and morale. Check it out! Custom schedule this next week will be Tuesday 6pm - 9pm pacific time and I think Socoler and SkillzNthrillz are hosting some session on Friday and Saturday as well. Inquire at the discord for more detail or look in the custom musing chat in the discord and maybe I will have added the schedule...


Ep. 30: Error Prone - Arjuna’s Famous Diatribe on How You’re Doing It Wrong

This week we discuss get down into the details of proning and when and, especially, when not to do it. But first we talk about update 15, the new weapon (the QBZ95), and the new event pass and it’s surrounding controversy. We hope you enjoy the especially clear audio this week because Robin finally figured out how to properly employ noise reduction! Customs schedule this coming week: 6pm PST Monday, 6/18 and Tuesday, 6/19. Then on Thursday, 6/21 at 5:30 PST. Saturday, 6/23 at Noon...


Ep. 29: Our PUBG wishlist

This week two of our discord regulars fill in for Arjuna and the three of us break down our highest hopes and our most wing nutty ideas for how PUBG could be better! Customs schedule this coming week: 6pm PST Monday, 6/11 and Tuesday, 6/12. Noon PST Saturday, 6/16, and also on Thursday, 6/14 at a time yet to be determined. Join our Winner Winner discord server here. This the only way to join our custom games. Here’s the direct link to share with your friends:...


Ep. 28: Top 10 Reasons You Die In The Top 10

Robin and Arjuna return with another top 10 episode — this time, it’s the top 10 reasons you die in the top 10! We constantly get questions about how to handle to late game better, so we made this list of bullet points as actionable steps to take towards living longer, and hopefully hunting down that wild chicken. We’ve also got some exciting announcements about our custom games schedule, so listen for that! Scrub becomes god thanks to shrouds entrepreneurship video:...


Ep. 27: Close Quarters Combat (and UMP9 vs. Vector)

It. Has. Finally. Come! The long-awaited and highly anticipated Close Quarters Combat episode! Robin and Arjuna get up close and personal with some breathless tips for those intimate takedowns. Gun length is a thing — who knew? Also discussing PC Patch 14, and comparing the UMP-9 vs. the Vector. Weapon Highlight: UMP-9 vs. Vector Main Topic: Close Quarters Combat Robin’s gun tuck video: Our custom games schedule this week: 6pm Pacific Time on...


Ep. 26: Learning from Shroud (and Miramar comes to xbox live servers!)

It’s time to learn from the best… and that means watching Shroud tear it up! We’ve gone through and narrated a complete solo game of his to pick apart what makes him so good. Grab a bvrage and get ready for the pwnage. Also, Miramar comes to xbox! Finally! We celebrate by picking out some of the most salient notes from the latest patch. Love Miramar while you can, folks, because if it’s anything like the PC release, you’re gonna get very tired of it… Our custom games schedule this week:...


Ep. 25: Going Pro. A chat with Fran Ramsden

This week we have the very special treat of hosting Mental Fitness coach Fran Ramsden. He coaches a professtional pubg team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Knights. He ask him a lot about the pro circut and how we can get better and he gives a lot of really great, no-nonsense advice. To learn more about or contact Fran Ramsden, check out his website! In the episode we mention a survey Robin created called a “Why did I die?” so we can start collecting data on why we’re not...


Ep. 24: A grip of grips (all about the latest PC patch)

Robin and Arjuna return this week to tackle deep existential questions such as, “Why so many new grips?” We discuss the new grips, how they’re performing so far, and which you should prefer for full-auto and single-tap. We also get into the new scopes & reticles, the dubiously-named ‘duckbill’, the weapon rebalance, and generally go deep on the PC’s biggest patch since 1.0. We also feature PUBG’s latest heavy-hitting DMR, the SLR. Pew —> pew —> WOTW: SLR Main topic: PC Patch 12 and how...


Ep. 23: Miramar In-Depth

Finally PUBG’s xbox players get to play in Miramar and since we’ve been dying there for months we thought we share some insights from our experiences there so you guys can, maybe… ummm, not die so much! We cover general tactics (and how they differ from those that are effective in Erangal), our favorite locations (and not so favorite ones), and the three weapons that are specifif to this map. As always we’d love to play with you on our discord. Join us with the link below, especially if...


Ep. 22: Your Custom Servers are belong to us / Patch 12

This week on Winner Winner Podcast we talk about how our first week of custom servers has….ummmm, served us, which is really well, btw. We love them. Our aim seems to get better by the minute in warmode, so we’ll talk about that, and all the other things that are making custom servers fun. Also, we make repeated request to our fans to join our discord and play some games with us - We’ll be launching the custom servers at 6pm pacific time on Tuesday and Wednesday (May 1 and 2) this next...


Ep. 21: Warmode! and our favorite Pistols

We were planning on covering new circle mechanics but those were redacted from the game almost immediately so instead we hash out what we loved about war mode and how it could improve. We also, gloss over a very important update: Winner Winner Podcast now has Custom Server Access! Join our discord via the link below to play some custom games with us. Invite your rad, respectful, and fun friends! For our weapon highlight we put the P92 and P1911 head to head. Also we go over our first...


Ep. 20: Crosscast with the Drop Zone Podcast!

Let the specialness begin! This week, we’re excited to crosscast with Tim & David from the Drop Zone PUBG podcast! Find out what their top achievements in the game would be, discover which weapon they think is better in our feature “vs” segment, and finally get some of their thoughts on improving Miramar! Be sure to tune in to their upcoming episode in which they feature US on their podcast to talk about what games we’ve been playing, answer some of their mailbag questions, and in general...


Ep. 19: PUBG’s 4×4 Savage Map is here!

19 is a prime number… and it’s also a prime time to discuss PUBG’s new 4×4 map, codename Savage! Robin and Arjuna spent as much time as we could getting fern-deep into this new jungle map, and we’re bringing you all of our thoughts. Hot drops, loot tables, strategies, size comparisons… We also discuss how to deal with salty, domineering or downer squad members in our Patreon Queston of the Week segment, and we even give a shoutout to Basic Bro’s kid! Skillznthrillz’s Mixer stream:...


Episode 16: The Xbox Spring 2018 Roadmap (and how to use PUBG’s scopes)

The adventures of Robin and Arjuna continue as we pore over the recently unveiled Xbox Spring Development Roadmap for 2018! We discuss Bluehole’s plans for the xbox platform in the coming months, including the map we’ve all been waiting for: Miramar! We also discuss the controversial topic of using a mouse and keyboard on the xbox. Then we go shoulder-deep into all of the scopes available in PUBG, and tell you how to rangefind with the 4x and 8x scopes! We also address the age-old topic of...