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#11: Interview with Rachel Anne Ridge

Rachel Anne Ridge is such a joy, and I'm so happy to have her on Word Quota today. We discuss life interruptions, parenting, and of course those beloved donkeys, Flash & Henry! Rachel Anne Ridge Flash the Donkey Facebook Flash the Donkey Twitter TheNewBec wordquota.com


#10: Socially Acceptable

There is so much good that can come from the use of the tools we use in this modern era, but it can also consume us in unhealthy ways. In today's episode, we will touch on my social media journey, and parse out some positives and problems. TheNewBec wordquota.com "The enemy takes what is good and perpetrates it as poison wherever he can get a fang in. Inspiration turns to envy. Affirmation bends to addiction. Positivity seeks popular pride. And suddenly, or perhaps slowly, calculatedly,...


#9: Repairing or Retearing

TheNewBec wordquota.com If you don’t catch it soon enough, the tinniest undoing can grow to be a huge, gaping hole. How often do we pick and pull at imperfections until all that is left for us is something completely unraveled? Daily renewal may often involve daily forgiveness. It’s a practice that produces strength over time. Unforgiveness is a glorified game of comparison in which we try to make ourselves the standard idol of righteousness and put the other party in positions...


#8: But Now I See

So often hot topics such as ethnic reconciliation are politicized into bullies that keep us silent for fear of guilt by association or for the sake of a sinful unity, when the Word of God on our conscience should compel us to speak. In Episode 8, we will parallel the healing of a broken foot to the healing of the broken Body, and visit some everyday relational challenges faced by multi-ethnic family. MLK50 Conference Keynotes TheNewBec wordquota.com "Convict us where we’ve missed the...


#7: Interview with Jasmine Lopez

Mental health, chronic illness, forgiveness, storytelling through photography, faith, ethnicity, colorism, spiritual identity and more! My Name is Jasmine and I'm a Lopez AuthenticAdventureCo TheNewBec wordquota.com "I don't know how to rest well. When I'm having a hard day, it very well might be a whisper from the Lord really encouraging me to lean into resting." -Jasmine Lopez "Having those types of conversations are hard. I think they can be awkward, we can stumble over our words,...


#3: A Hope is a Trust Your Soul Makes

You won't want to miss this episode as Surupa shares how her family took a step of faith into what seemed like an unlikely calling: leaving the security of the familiar to move to Orlando for an $8 an hour job with a vision to love people and to pursue their dreams. We discuss the challenges they've faced along the way, lessons they have learned, and what the ministry of WDW Off The Cuff looks like. The Cuffmans make dreaming a regular part of their life, and they also serve where they are...