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Episode 55: Con artists and Nazis and augmented reality

In this week's episode, we cover the disaster the "frank." phone turned out to be, and whether or not it was a con; Facebook's ad targeting permitting access to Nazis and other anti-Semites; augmented reality and what it'll mean when it gets to your iPhone, and later your computer. Honourable mentions to Apple's File System, Microsoft's Mixed Reality event on Oct. 3, and the most exciting innovation in computing in years. Speed round: -Comedians infiltrate Netflix dramas as ads for their...

Duration: 01:03:30

Episode 54: Apple's 2017 haul

This week we recorded on Tuesday, Sept 12 — the day of the big Apple event. We discuss news on Apple TV, the new Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and iPhone X (all in Canadian prices, naturally).

Duration: 01:28:38

Episode 53: The Canadian kid taking on big cellular companies

On this week's episode, we talk about the 17-year-old Canadian who's crowdfunding a mid-range Android phone; Andy Rubin's rookie mistake with the Essential phone; Canada's government body for handling telecom/television complaints; open-sourcing government projects in Canada; and the death of Juicero. Speed round: -the NYPD has to replace 36,000 Windows phones -the RCMP is using Outlook instead of a custom email system because Bell is the worst -The Ontario government really wants to give...

Duration: 00:40:35

Episode 52: Movies, gear, and oodles of data

The boys are back! It's the first episode with all three of us in nearly as many weeks — in it, we talk about: Cineplex's limited-time offer of half-priced movies for a week; Sony's permanent price cut of its VR platform in Canada; Microsoft's Mixed Reality controllers, and how they work without a camera; Apple's rumoured fall event; the Fitbit Ionic, and what it represents for the wearable company; a PSA about Game of Thrones; and how, as one author put it, "data is clearly the new oil."...

Duration: 01:12:33

Episode 51: Tech TV, retro vs. new gadgets, and Marc's redemption

Marc had a chest cold, so while he was away, Riley and Dan talked about: Riley's mechanical keyboard project; a comment/prompt from a listener on our Facebook page; NFC payments in Canada; tech companies getting into television; Elon Musk's new crusade against AI; iOS 11's new bonus privacy feature (and what it means for crossing borders. Speed round: -Shooting a picture of the sun will literally melt your camera -Xbox One X is available for preorder now, including a special "Scorpio...

Duration: 01:11:22

Episode 49: Rural fibre, hackers, and sexism in Silicon Valley

While Marc's away this week, Dan and Riley talk about a group of rural Manitoba areas banding together to build and maintain a fibre Internet network; a British hacker, once lauded as an "accidental hero," now arrested for selling malware; a sexist manifesto from a now-ex Google employee; and the ability to troll autonomous cars. Speed round: -the new Apple watch will probably have LTE -Apple AirPods shortage is starting to end -Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first bezel-less phone with military...

Duration: 00:50:59

Episode 48: YouTube loves Canada and your car is now a hotspot

Dan is away for work this week, but in his absence, Marc and Riley get into Spotlight Canada, a YouTube pilot program just for the Great White North; Rogers' Smart Drive, a device with an LTE chip that turns your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot; and Apple's unfortunate murder of the Nano and the Shuffle. Speed round: -Arcade Fire's newest album was released on a $130 USB fidget spinner -The next iPhone will have a bezel-less screen -The next iPhone will have face unlocking using infrared cameras...

Duration: 00:52:12

Episode 47: A Canadian ran the Dark Web and we're getting "the Netflix of sports"

This week we talk about a 25-year-old Canadian who ran the biggest market on the Dark Web; DAZN, the "Netflix of sports"; Google's fight against Canada's internet censorship, and the death of MSPaint. Speed round: -Telus and Rogers are no longer selling the Pixel, possibly in prep for the new stuff -Two Norwegian companies are attempting to make autonomous cargo ships. Recommendations Marc — Game Studio Tycoon 2...

Duration: 01:01:22

Episode 46: Canadian 5G, hunting with drones, and Canadian Alexa

This week we cover a variety of topics, including whether hunting with drones is ethical (or if it's just evolution of technology); the deal Huawei and Telus struck up to start testing 5G in Canada (hint: be excited); 1Password changes and the trouble they've caused; Amazon's main reason for not bringing Alexa to Canada just yet; and an Alphabet-owned company releasing thousands of infertile mosquitoes in California. Speed round: -The next Doctor in Doctor Who is a woman -Atari is making...

Duration: 01:14:52

Episode 44: Amazon Echo vs. Google Home

It's been a slow week for tech news, so we put the Amazon Echo and Google Home head-to-head in Canada. Riley's had a Home since November, and Marc's been using an Echo (and a Home) for a few weeks now. Listen to find out what they both do in Canada and how well. Speed round: -Canada's top court orders Google to wipe an entire company from search results -Google gets $2.7 billion anti-trust fine from the EU -the iPhone turned 10 last week Recommendations Marc — H3H3 - The Viner Invasion of...

Duration: 00:48:33

Episode 43: All Uber's controversies in Canada & the US

This week's episode is all about Uber. In the wake of CEO Travis Kalanick's departure, we wanted to round up everything Uber has been in trouble for in Canada and the US. With the help of several Canadian media outlets and one long WIRED article, we run you through all the controversies (and a few non-issues that made headlines) since 2013. Speed round: -China and Canada officially agreed not to spy on each other for trade secrets -Apple has an "Unapologetically Canadian" section in the...

Duration: 01:28:17