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Episode 70: CES, 2018 (Part 2)

This week, while Dan's away fixing his computer, Marc and Riley run down a number of very interesting things to come out of CES (and a couple interesting non-CES things too). Look forward to robots, more televisions, the headlights of the future, Facebook's new News feed algorithm, and more.

Duration: 01:08:43

Episode 69: CES, 2018 (Part 1)

On this week's episode we catch you up on the three most important things we missed over the holidays, plus a number of developments and crazy products from CES. We're back and more tangent-y than ever. TWENTY EIGHTEEN!

Duration: 01:01:01

Is piracy in jeopardy?

In this week's episode (minus Riley), the guys talk about a possibly precedent-setting case for pirates in Canada; a fake mobile version of Cuphead; Bell's attempt to circumvent CRTC rules about unlocking phones; Twitter's attempt to crack down on hateful, violent, or abusive content. Speed round: -Someone made a bunch of old games play as though they were Nokia Snake -No, a guy didn't make $1 million selling Chuck E Cheese tokens. -Plex came up with a Winamp player -There's a game on...

Duration: 00:49:36

Episode 67: Canada's terrible cellular bills

In this week's show, Dan and Riley (Marc is sick) talk about group texting, messaging apps, and fragmentation frustrations; Canada's wireless rates are still among the highest in the world; a former Facebook employee apologizing for ruining the world (and Facebook's response to him); Twitter's fun new feature; iPhones slowing down because of battery problem. Speed round: -iMac pro is coming out on Dec. 14 -Apple bought Shazam -Lyft started in Toronto today -Alexa is available in Canada as...

Duration: 01:00:50

Episode 66: Canadian streaming services and net neutrality

In this week's episode we talk net neutrality in Canada; Apple's latest software oops; Facebook's new Messenger app for children; CBC's new streaming app; Neil Young's catalogue, which is being released for free on — you guessed it — a streaming app; and Instagram's effort to combat animal abuse with pop-up messages during search. Speed round: -A dude live-streamed a pay-per-view UFC event by pretending he was playing a videogame -There's a Canadian app to sync streams so you can watch...

Duration: 00:48:18

Episode 65: The hack attacks your Mac

On this week's show, we talk about Apple's embarrassing security goof (and how to fix it); the Canadian government's release of its own open-source malware spotting tool; the Canadian launch of Facebook Fundraising; Waze's latest update, and Dan's new toys. Speed round: -Snapchat looks different now -Jim Beam made a "smarthome" thing -Apple says Qualcomm is a patent troll -As of Dec. 1, Canadians can call their mobile carriers and get their phones unlocked for free.

Duration: 00:39:23

Episode 64: Tesla, trivia, and title II

This week we talk about the Tesla event; the trivia app nobody heard of — until the CEO went bonkers; net neutrality in the US and how it could affect Canada; and Uber's latest difficulty. Speed round: -Google was collecting Android data whether you liked it or not -Canadian auditor general: this Phoenix pay thing is ridiculous -YouTube is going to block predatory comments on videos of kids -Apple finally talked about its autonomous vehicle research

Duration: 00:53:03

Episode 63: Digital pills and Lyft in Canada

Dan is away this week, but in the meantime Marc and Riley talk about Freedom Mobile's huge Black Friday deal; Amazon Cash in Canada; Lyft's first venture out of the US and into Canada; a "digital pill" that knows when you took it and what the dosage was; and Bose crowdfunding earbuds on Indiegogo. Speed round: -Microsoft supports gifting Xbox games in the Store -the SNES Classic will be available in select Toys R Us on Nov. 18

Duration: 00:42:15

Episode 62: New phones and your face data

Marc's away for this episode, but in the meantime Dan and Riley talk about Twitter's new character limit, a Winnipeg school trustee who wants to change cell phone search and seizure rules in her division, Apple's face data going to developers, more Pixel 2 XL issues, the Razer phone, the next OnePlus phone, Snap Inc's current issues, and Facebook's proposed solution to revenge porn. Speed round: -Apple patched a bug that wouldn't let you type "I" -Apple officially won the "swipe to unlock"...

Duration: 00:45:02

Episode 61: Android disasters

On this week's show, we talk about Amazon Echo in Canada; Essential's price drop (probably due to its poor sales); major screen complaints about the Google Pixel 2 XL, and why that makes Riley sad; Amazon's HQ2 RFP; and the potential for Susan Fowler's explosive blog post as a movie. Speed round -Alphabet invested $1b into Lyft -Google is going to reward researchers $1,000 for reporting bugs in the Play Store -Xplorenet bought NetSet -Snap drastically overestimated demand for Spectacles...

Duration: 00:51:59

Episode 60: Breached WiFi and AI philosophy

On this week's show, we talk about a major WiFi vulnerability that affects pretty much everything, and what it means for device security; a game about AI that's more philosophy than game (and also just a ton of fun); and Netflix's plans to bring their content to 50% original by next year. Speed round: -Facebook wants you to order food from it -Woz created a coding university -Facebook is going to be way more careful during the Canadian elections -Tesla fired a whole bunch of people...

Duration: 00:49:33

Episode 59: Distracted driving and privacy fears

News was slow on the heels of the Google and Microsoft announcements, but we soldiered on nevertheless. This week we dive into Google's Home Mini mistake that recorded everything by accident; Saskatchewan's attempt to curb distracted driving; Uber's Apple-sanctioned ability to screen record you at all times; a Quebec court ruling on Uber's presence in the province; and the Pixel 2's lack of DAC. Speed round: -Feds give Bell $4 mil to improve Internet in 6 Ontario communities -Jeff Koons'...

Duration: 01:00:15

Episode 58: Google's 2017 haul

On this episode, we discuss all the things Google announced on its Oct. 4 event, including two new Pixel phones, aptly named Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL; two new Google Home devices; a new camera device; wireless headphones; a fancy new Chromebook; and a whole bunch of AI stuff.

Duration: 01:15:09

Episode 55: Con artists and Nazis and augmented reality

In this week's episode, we cover the disaster the "frank." phone turned out to be, and whether or not it was a con; Facebook's ad targeting permitting access to Nazis and other anti-Semites; augmented reality and what it'll mean when it gets to your iPhone, and later your computer. Honourable mentions to Apple's File System, Microsoft's Mixed Reality event on Oct. 3, and the most exciting innovation in computing in years. Speed round: -Comedians infiltrate Netflix dramas as ads for their...

Duration: 01:03:30

Episode 49: Rural fibre, hackers, and sexism in Silicon Valley

While Marc's away this week, Dan and Riley talk about a group of rural Manitoba areas banding together to build and maintain a fibre Internet network; a British hacker, once lauded as an "accidental hero," now arrested for selling malware; a sexist manifesto from a now-ex Google employee; and the ability to troll autonomous cars. Speed round: -the new Apple watch will probably have LTE -Apple AirPods shortage is starting to end -Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first bezel-less phone with military...

Duration: 00:50:59