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Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom is a podcast about tragedy, triumph, unequal justice and actual innocence. Based on the files of the lawyers who freed them, Wrongful Conviction features interviews with men and women who have spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit - some of them had even been sentenced to death. These are their stories.

Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom is a podcast about tragedy, triumph, unequal justice and actual innocence. Based on the files of the lawyers who freed them, Wrongful Conviction features interviews with men and women who have spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit - some of them had even been sentenced to death. These are their stories.
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Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom is a podcast about tragedy, triumph, unequal justice and actual innocence. Based on the files of the lawyers who freed them, Wrongful Conviction features interviews with men and women who have spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit - some of them had even been sentenced to death. These are their stories.




S5E3: The Wrongful Convictions And Multiple Escapes Of Leroy Harris: 30 Years In Prison And A Story You Have To Hear To Believe

From the moment he was charged with rape and robbery in 1989, Leroy Harris has insisted on his innocence. Even after his conviction — for which he was sentenced to 80 years in prison — he fought the verdict through five appeals. Mr. Harris finally got the Innocence Project of New York working on his case in 2012. The Innocence Project had the Connecticut forensic lab test new DNA evidence which excluded Mr. Harris from the male DNA on the inside of one victim’s blouse. The sexual assault...


Season 5, Episode 2: The Path From Star Chicago Cubs Pitching Prospect To Prisoner: Jimmie Gardner’s Triumphant Story Of Perseverance Under The Worst Prison Conditions Imaginable

Jimmie C. Gardner was a Charleston minor league baseball player when he was accused of sexual assault in 1987. He grew up in Tampa, FL and was drafted by the Chicago Cubs just after high school graduation, playing with them in the minor leagues for four seasons. While playing in the minor leagues, he enrolled in college to study business management and worked part time at various locations around the Tampa Bay. In 1990, while still working towards his business degree, Jimmie Gardner was...


Season 5, Episode 1: A Cold Case, A False Confession & The Diabolical Truth: Jason Strong’s Vindication After 15 Years Locked Up In Hell

In December 1999, the body of an unidentified young woman was found beaten to death in a forest preserve near North Chicago in Lake County, IL. Ten days after the body was discovered, Jeremy Tweedy, Jason Johnson and Jason Strong were brought in for questioning after Tweedy mentioned the woman's death to an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute. Police charged 24-year-old Jason Strong with first-degree murder and concealing a homicide and charged Tweedy and Johnson with...


Season 4, Episode 13: David McCallum With The Men Who Helped Free Him After 29 Years In Prison For A Crime He Didn’t Commit: Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez And Oscar Michelen

David McCallum and Willie Stuckey were both 16 when they were convicted of forcing a 20-year-old man into his Buick Regal at gunpoint in Ozone Park, Queens, killing him with a single gunshot to the head, then leaving his body in Aberdeen Park in Bushwick, Brooklyn. After being beaten by police and coerced into confessing, David McCallum and Willie Stuckey gave brief and contradictory confessions, each pinning the homicide on the other. They both recanted the confessions almost immediately...


Season 4, Episode 12: Don’t Let The Negativity Rule You”: Vanessa Gathers, Framed By New York’s Notorious, Disgraced Detective Louis Scarcella

In 1998, Vanessa Gathers was wrongfully convicted of robbing and beating 71-year-old Michael Shaw to death. There was no physical evidence linking Ms. Gathers to the crime, and her conviction was based on a false confession extracted from her by notorious New York police detective Louis Scarcella, whose tactics led to the wrongful convictions of more than a dozen people. In 2016, Vanessa Gathers became the first woman to have been exonerated by Ken Thompson's Conviction Review Unit and the...


Season 4, Episode 11: From Wrongful Conviction To Righteous Justice: From Rage to Grace

Ronald Simpson-Bey was a jailhouse lawyer who got his conviction reversed for prosecutorial misconduct and subsequently won his freedom after serving 27 years in Michigan prison. In 1986, Ronald Simpson-Bey was convicted of assault with intent to murder and possession of a firearm and sentenced to 50 years in prison. While in prison he became familiar with the legal system and began assisting other inmates with their appeals as a jailhouse lawyer. Eventually, his work led to his own...


Season 4, Episode 10: Michelle Murphy: A Teenage Mother Wrongfully Convicted and Sentenced To Life For The Murder Of Her Baby

On September 12th, 1994, 17-year-old Michelle Murphy found her 15-week-old son stabbed to death in her kitchen. After being questioned without a parent or guardian present, which was prohibited under Oklahoma law, Michelle Murphy falsely confessed to the crime. Her 14-year-old neighbor William Lee testified during the preliminary hearing that he had walked around her house that evening and reportedly saw Ms. Murphy with the dead infant but did not report it to the police. Testing of blood...


Season 4, Episode 9: Noura Jackson: Wrongfully Convicted Of Murdering Her Mother After Prosecutors Withheld Evidence Of Her Innocence

Noura Jackson was egregiously framed and wrongfully convicted of murdering her mother, Jennifer Jackson, in Memphis, TN in 2005. Amazingly she spent over three years in jail awaiting trial before being sentenced to 20 years and nine months in prison. No physical evidence linked Ms. Jackson to the murder, and DNA testing not only excluded her as a suspect, but it also suggested that two or three different people were present at the crime scene. The Supreme Court of Tennessee overturned her...


Season 4, Episode 8: Jeffrey Deskovic: A 10th Grade Student Forced By Detectives To Make A False Confession And Freed By DNA Evidence 16 Years Later

In 1990, Jeffrey Deskovic was wrongfully convicted of the brutal rape and murder of his 15-year-old classmate, Angela Correa. Mr. Deskovic was only 16 at the time of the crime with no prior record. Police claimed that Mr. Deskovic was overly upset at the victim’s funeral and were certain they had their man. They interrogated him for over seven and a half hours, without his mother or legal counsel present. After browbeating and intimidating him, they ultimately extracted a false confession...


Season 4, Episode 7: Dusty Turner: A Navy Seal Behind Bars For 22 Years For A Murder Even Though The Actual Killer Confessed

Dusty Turner was a 20-year-old Navy SEAL trainee when he was arrested for the murder and abduction of Jennifer Evans. On June 19th, 1995, Dusty Turner was out at a bar with some friends in Virginia Beach, VA including his roommate and training partner, Billy Brown. Dusty Turner and Jennifer Evans were sitting in his car waiting for Evans’s friends to join them when an extremely intoxicated Billy Brown forced his way into the back seat and began insulting Evans and pulling her hair. When...


Season 4, Episode 6: After 10 Long Years Behind Bars For His Brother’s Crime, Kian Khatibi Is Now A Full Time Lawyer Who Represents Innocent People

In 1998, Kian Khatibi was 22-years-old and living in Westchester County, NY when he was wrongfully convicted of stabbing two men during a bar fight and sentenced to 7 to 14 years in prison. After eventually discovering that his brother had committed the crime, Mr. Khatibi successfully fought for his release from prison in 2008 and was finally exonerated in 2012. Kian Khatibi graduated with honors from New York University in 2011 and passed the bar exam in New York after graduating from...


Season 4, Episode 5: Updates From Behind Bars: Lamonte McIntyre & Jon-Adrian Velazquez

This special edition of Wrongful Conviction highlights the updates from two episodes recorded from Behind Bars. Since airing the Season 4 premiere about Lamonte McIntyre’s case, which was recorded while Mr. McIntyre was awaiting a new trial, he was finally freed on Friday, October 13th, 2017 after serving more than two decades behind bars in a Kansas correctional facility for a double murder. Season 2, Episode 5 featured a behind bars interview with Jon-Adrian Velazquez, who is currently...


Season 4, Episode 4: A Cold Case, A Dream And A Tragic Miscarriage Of Justice: The Wrongful Conviction Of College Student Ryan Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson was a 17-year-old high school student when Kent Heitholt, a sports writer for the Columbia Daily Tribune, was found beaten and strangled in Missouri. Heitholt's murder went unsolved for two years until police received a tip that a man named Charles Erickson could not remember the evening of the murder and had told a friend that he thought he may have been involved. Erickson, who had spent that fateful evening partying with Ferguson, was interrogated by police and despite...


Season 4, Episode 3: Lorenzo Johnson: Fighting Injustice All The Way Up to The Supreme Court After He Was Wrongfully Convicted… Twice

Lorenzo Johnson served 22 years of a life sentence after he was framed twice for a murder that happened in Pennsylvania while he was in New York. On December 15th, 1995, Tarajay Williams was murdered outside of a bar in Harrisburg, PA. For several months after the murder, police detectives threatened Mr. Johnson with a murder charge unless he falsely accused a friend of committing the murder and dealing drugs. When he refused, Lorenzo Johnson and his co-defendant Corey Walker were...


Season 4, Episode 2: Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh: A Schoolteacher Convicted Of Sexual Assault That Never Happened

Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh was wrongfully convicted of first degree sexual abuse of a third-grader in 2009. She was 53-years-old at the time of her imprisonment and spent over two years in prison until her conviction was overturned on July 18, 2012. Lucinda made several claims as to why her conviction should be overturned but the Oregon Court of Appeals rested their reversal one thing: the trial court refused to allow the testimony of Lucinda’s expert witness, Dr. McGovern.


Season 4, Episode 1: Wrongful Conviction Behind Bars: Lamonte McIntyre Tells His Terrifying Story Of Being Framed By A Dirty Cop and Crushed By A Corrupt System As He Awaits A hearing From Inside Lansing Correctional Facility

For this special edition of Wrongful Conviction Behind Bars, Jason Flom shines a light on the case of Lamonte McIntyre, who is currently serving two life sentences at Lansing Correctional Facility, in advance of his upcoming court date on October 12th, 2017. On the afternoon of April 15th, 1994, two men were sitting in a powder-blue Cadillac in the Quindaro neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. A man dressed in black ran up to the passenger side, raised a shotgun and fired four rounds in...


Season 3, Episode 11: Still Fighting For Justice From Behind The Walls Of A Maximum Security Prison Since 1995: The Continuing Saga Of Andrew Krivak

This special edition of Wrongful Conviction Behind Bars was recorded inside of Wende Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison in Buffalo, NY with Anthony DiPippo’s co-defendant, Andrew Krivak, and his attorney Professor Adele Bernhard. On November 22nd, 1995, a hunter found the remains of 12-year-old Josette Wright in a wooded area of Putnam County, NY with her hands and feet hog-tied behind her back and her underwear shoved down her throat. Detectives investigating the murder...


Season 3, Episode 10: How Crystal Weimer Won An 11 Year Fight For Freedom

Curtis Haith was beaten to death and shot outside of his home in western Pennsylvania. Police determined that the evening before Haith had attended a party in Uniontown, PA. Crystal Weimer, whose sisters hosted the party, and her cousin had driven Haith home and returned directly to the party. Ms. Weimer became the focus of the investigation after an ex-boyfriend told authorities she confessed. The charges were dropped when he recanted, but police re-filed the charges in 2004 with the use...


Season 3, Episode 9: Unusually Cruel: The Wrongful Conviction Of Brian Ferguson And His Fight To Make A Difference

Brian Ferguson was a 20-year-old college student in West Virginia when he was accused in 2002 of fatally shooting a fellow classmate. Mr. Ferguson was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole, and he remained in prison until a committed team of pro bono lawyers won his release and exoneration for the crime in 2013. After his release, Mr. Ferguson returned to Washington, D.C. and soon discovered a gap in services for people re-entering society after incarceration....


Season 3, Episode 8: Angel Gonzalez: Tricked By Police Into Signing A False Confession In A Language He Didn’t Understand But Freed By DNA After Serving 21 Years In Prison

In 1994, Angel Gonzalez was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison for the rape and kidnapping of a woman in Waukegan, Illinois. On the night of the crime, Mr. Gonzalez had been visiting his fiancé’s sister, who lived in the same apartment building as the victim. The victim’s boyfriend saw Mr. Gonzalez leaving the parking lot that night, and she misidentified his car as the car that the assailants had been driving earlier in the evening. The police pulled Mr. Gonzalez over...


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