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055 Dr. Lewis Meline - His Book: Lies Exposed: The Truth About Diet, Supplements, Weight Loss, and Exercise Part 1

Transcript: This is David Brower with your 20-minute podcast and our special guest today is Dr. Lewis Meline out of Spokane. He's a medical doctor, an expert in nutrition and exercise beginning his education in nutrition and exercise over 40 years ago. At that time he was in the Air Force and like many other military personnel as well as civilians for that matter he was overweight, very out of shape and being like that bothered him enough where he had to figure out what to do. And that was...

Duration: 00:16:25

054 Peter Vekselman - The Power of Focus

Transcript: This is David Brower with Your 20 Minute Podcast. Our special guest today is Peter Vekselman from Atlanta. Peter is a master salesman, a serial entrepreneur who's owned several companies, including a large vending firm he sold to a major conglomerate. He went into real estate some 15 years ago. Made a few mistakes, but like most of us if we're lucky, learned from them and grew his company substantially. He loves to talk about the power of focus. Peter, welcome and greetings from...

Duration: 00:12:40

053 Dr. Kathy Gruver - A health and wellness expert who specializes in stress, mind-body medicine, mindfulness, meditation, and nutrition.

David Brower: Thanks, Mike. This is David Brower with Your 20 Minute Podcast, and our special guest today is Dr. Kathy Gruver, and she's a health and wellness expert who specializes in stress, mind-body medicine, mindfulness, meditation, and nutrition. She's an award-winning author with five books, has lectured around the world, and in your spare time, what do you do, Doc? Kathy Gruver: Trapeze and hip-hop dancing. David Brower: I saw that. That was my next thing. I'm going ... First of...

Duration: 00:18:07

052 Jenny Maher - Her Book is Never Give Up: How Determination And God Gave Me A Better Look At Life.

David Brower: Thanks, Mike. Hi, this is David Brower with Your 20 Minute Podcast. Our special guest today is Jenny Maher from Richmond, Virginia. Did I pronounce your last name right? Jenny Maher: Close enough. David Brower: Close enough. What is it exactly? Jenny Maher: Maher. David Brower: Maher, oh, well that wasn't close enough, that wasn't even close. All right, we're here with Jenny Maher from Richmond, Virginia. Great to have you here today as I'm a current Coloradoan and you're a...

Duration: 00:16:26

051 Jamal Maxsom - Skip The Rat Race: How to Seize Your Bright Future and Seize it Now

David Brower: This is David Brower with your 20-minute podcast, and our special guest today from Ohio is Jamal Maxsam, the author of the book Skip The Rat Race: How to Seize Your Bright Future and Live it Now. That's a great title and great subtitle. Welcome Jamal. How are you? Jamal Maxsam: I'm doing well. Thank you, David, for having me on your show. David Brower: You are very welcome. So tell me how the book came about. Jamal Maxsam: Well, basically the book came about from the concept...

Duration: 00:18:02


David Brower: Thank Mike, this is David Brower with Your 20 Minute podcast and our special guest is Chalky White. Bernard Chalky White to be more precisely, universally known as Chalky. He's an almost 40 year renowned and highly successful snow ski instructor and the number one best selling author of his ski instruction book, The Seven Secrets of Skiing. He's someone that despises procrastination and is one who never stops wanting to help others, which is a major reason why he's now a...

Duration: 00:19:58

049 Kim Interdonato

Announcer: This is Your 20-Minute Podcast where we do our best to give you useful information in 20 minutes or less. Today's podcast is brought to you by Audible. Get a free audiobook download and 30-day free trial at Over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle, or MP3 player. Now, here's your host, David Brower. David Brower: This is David Brower with Your 20-Minute Podcast, and our special guest today from the East Coast, I'm...

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David Brower: This is David Brower with Your 20 Minute Podcast. Our special guest today, from the middle of E-I-E-I-O, Texas, is Matt Miller. How are you? Matt Miller: Awesome, Dave. How are you? David Brower: I understand that's not the real name of the town, but it's pretty good. Matt Miller: Yeah, we're outside of Fort Worth. We live on a gravel road. Whenever anybody comes from the city to visit, they're like, 'Okay, are we going to the right place here?' David Brower: They got to...

Duration: 00:16:42

046 Diane Forster - Learn All About "Intentional Living"

So you are an intentional living expert. So I didn't even know that existed. I don't even know what that means. So help me out. Diane Forster: My area of expertise has been focused on really helping people live intentionally in the moment in all areas of their life and I really help them define what their passion is, what their purpose is, how to have healthy relationships in their romantic lives, with their families, with their children ... feel joy, happiness, fulfillment in their...

Duration: 00:18:07

045 David Loshelder - Take Care of #1 So You Don't Step In #2

So the name of the book came from a joke in days gone by, I assume? David Loshelder: Yeah, I was working with some people who I would say leaving, "Take care of number one," and I would always pause then say, "... so you don't step in number two!" And eventually I would just say, "Make sure you take care of number one," and they would just finish the sentence. One day I said, "Boy, that would be a really cool book title." Put the book together and there you go, there's the title. David...

Duration: 00:18:16

044 Pamela Naidoo - How To Make Friends With The Opposite Sex

Pamela is a friendship expert consultant. She resides in London, born and raised in South Africa where she's trained as a professional chemical engineer and her greatest passion is people, and her most admired strengths are her friendship skills. You're on a mission to extend this friendship knowledge with world, and you've done a lot of work with the scientists and scholars to explore all of that, right? Pamela Naidoo: Correct. It's an area that's not explored. opposite-sex friendships...

Duration: 00:18:23

043 Mary Shores - Imagine Being The Happiest Most Fulfilled Version of Yourself

ou're the owner and founder of Midstate Collection Solutions, Inc., and we are not talking about collections today, right? Mary Shores: That's right. David Brower: You have some really cool stuff on your website. The first question I read was, "Can you imagine the happiest, most fulfilled version of yourself?" I mean, who doesn't want that? Mary Shores: Well, I know I certainly do. David Brower: Absolutely. How did you go from collections to transforming people and speaking all over...

Duration: 00:18:54

042 Ross Keating - A Client Orchardist - Helps You Grow Your Business

What is a client orchardist? Ross Keating: It's like an orchardist in the trees, growing fruit. I see that you've got databases of prospects, customers and contacts. They are what you can harvest and farm and grow, like fruit trees. You want to keep your business for a number of years. They are in your business, available to you, for quite a number of years. You want to treat them like trees. Pick up the low hanging fruit. Then you've got to get the ladders to get to the higher fruit. So...

Duration: 00:18:55

040 Reneau Peurifoy - Anger...Taming the Beast

I'm intrigued by the books that you've written about anxiety, phobias, panic, anger. The only word I don't see there is fear, and they all seem to interchange in our conversation these days. Is that a fair statement? Reneau Peurifoy: Yes. Of course, with anxiety a lot of that has to do with panic attacks, so there's your fear. David Brower: Yes. You just updated your book, Anger: Taming the Beast in an effort to help people understand what triggers anger, how to reduce the amount of...

Duration: 00:18:09

039 Meiyoko Taylor - How to Become Your Own Amazing - PART TWO

You're talking about true change here. We're not pulling any punches on this, folks. Meiyoko Taylor: No. David Brower: This is the real deal. This is true change that needs to begin with your own will, your own passion, your own purpose, your own motivation. What you do is help unlock those doors and comfort people, I would assume, because of your tone and your energy. The way you come across on this podcast, you're very much a comforting, hand-holding kind of person to lead them through...

Duration: 00:13:04

038 Meiyoko Taylor - How to Become Your Own Amazing

One of the things that I've read about you is it really appears to zero down to one word and that is "amazing." Getting whatever amazing means out of yourself of course and out of other people. How did that all start with you? Meiyoko Taylor: Well, pretty much I believe that everybody born is a miracle. The aspect of childbirth is absolutely amazing to me. I believe that we were all born with unique gifts, talents, abilities, skills, that other people aren't born with. Sure there are some...

Duration: 00:14:16

037 Naresh Vissa - 50 Shades of Marketing - A Best Seller - PART TWO

I'm a baby boomer and we have exactly the same experience, so this is fascinating to me in that when I quit my corporate job in April 30th of '08 and I took a leap of faith on May 1st of '08 to be an entrepreneurial, an entrepreneurial guy and run my own voiceover business and those kinds of things. That went along great for a while and then I missed the corporate thing so I did that part-time. Then last fall I'm going, "What in the hell are you doing?" You know? Go back to what you love....

Duration: 00:10:32

036 Naresh Vissa - An Amazing Millennial Entrepreneur - PART ONE

You are, my friend, the first millennial entrepreneur I've ever interviewed, so I'm excited to talk to you. Naresh Vissa: Well that's an honor, David, I'm glad. Hopefully we can bridge some of that generational gap in this interview today. David Brower: I know, right? You're a millennial, and I'm a baby boomer, so it should be fun. Naresh Vissa: Yeah, looking forward to it. Thanks for having me on this show. David Brower: You're very welcome. So, you gave up a job in the corporate...

Duration: 00:10:56

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