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On June 8th, 1967 the U.S. was attacked on open waters in the Mediterranean. The event should have gone down in history as an act of war committed by none other than our nanny-state, Israel. 34 killed, 171 injured, leaving the lives of 34 crewmen’s family forever changed and the lives of the surviving injured forever scorned. But why isn’t Israel held responsible for this? Well… to put it lightly, they should have been held accountable. One survivor lives on to tell the tale with the real truths of the event, what exactly happened and how it affected him. Phillip Tourney, crewman of the U.S.S. Liberty on that infamous day who spends his life and livelihood bringing the truths of this injustice to every fertile mind and perked ear.





This show will be available on Sun, Sep 22 at 2PM.