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S2E12: April, Daryl, and Russell Ells drink cosmos and George Dickel

Bow-chick-a-wow-wow! What's up guys? Thanks for tuning in to S2E12: La Douleur Exquise! This week April and Daryl bring in fellow stand up comedian, bartender, and all around great guy, Russell Ells to share his unique view on the gals of SATC. Russell shares how he got into the show and how to "correctly" make a Cosmo. We also play a round of "Is She Crazy?", reenact a submission from Daryl to Letters To Penthouse, divulge the worst thing we're willing to admit, and we award the biggest...


S2E11: April, Daryl, and Leah Gallagher drink cosmos

Hey guys! Get ready for S2E11: Evolution w/ our lovely guest Leah Gallagher. This week April and Daryl talk to Leah about a few dating mishaps, being a mother, and what's a metrosexual. Daryl also shares a story about breaking & entering and his Nana skypes in to give some love advice. We also play "Is She Crazy?", pick who'd we F, Marry, Kill and share the worst thing we're willing to admit. Follow the show @sexcitypod @sex_pod @SATCpod Email-


S2E10: April, Daryl, and Andrew Pupa drink mimosas

Hey guys! How's your mother? Awesome. Get ready for S2E10: The Caste System w/ special guest Andrew Pupa. This week April and Daryl have Andy share some insight with his lifestyle running ultra marathons and his career with stand up comedy. They also talk about dating outside your status level, not being able to say I love you, how many nicknames Andrew has, they pick who'd they F-Marry-Kill, and play "Is She Crazy?". Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to share this with your friends,...


S2E9: April, Daryl, and Breanna Kelley drink grappa

Hey guys! Welcome to another great epsiode of #YSASATCP S2E9: Old Dogs, New Dicks. This week April, Daryl, and special guest Breanna Kelley dive into the more than perfect world of SATC with a bottle of grappa *spoiler alert* we get drunk! We also freestyle rap some political rhymes, get a visit from Humphrey Bogart, bust out some new segments called The Worst I'm Willing to Admit and F-Marry-Kill. We also play our newest game, Is She Crazy? This one is awesome! Follow the show...


S2E8: April, Daryl, and Jeremiah White drink cosmos

Hey guys! Are you ready for S2E8: The Man, the myth, the Viagra? Of course you are! This week April and Daryl have comedian, Jeremiah White in studio to talk about his knowledge of SATC, his baby mama, we get a visit from Virginia Woolf, why Donald Trump is in this show, we try to mansplain mansplaining, we get the introduction of a new character, we discuss who'd we bone in the episode, who's the biggest douche, and whether or not Mr. Big is Lucifer himself. This one is hilarious! Follow...


S2E7: April, Daryl, and Tom Goss drink water

Salutations listeners! Are you ready for S2E7: The Chicken Dance? Of course you are. This week April and Daryl have comedian Tom Goss from The Mean Boys Podcast to share his unique insight to the world of SATC. We talk about Tom's love of SJP, what he took from the show after watching it, and if he could even comprehend what he was watching. Thanks for listening, tell someone you love/hate the show. FOLLOW US @SexCityPod @Sex_Pod @SATCpod


S2E6: April, Daryl, and Emily Browning drink cosmos

Hey guys and gals, April and Daryl are coming at your ear holes with another fabulous episode of #YSASATCP with S2E6: The Cheating Curve. On this hilarious ep we have "sextuple threat" Emily Browning to grace us with her opinions and musings about love, life, and of course #SATC. Emily also freestyles a Pokemon rap, April admits her love for Miranda, AGAIN and Daryl gets a visit from Dr. Spletchelmin to talk about a repressed memory. And of course the ever welcoming segments, who'd we...


S2E5: April, Daryl, and Kelly Ryan drink virgin mimosas

Waaasssupp! April and Daryl are back for S2E5: Four Women and a Funeral with special guest Kelly Ryan! This week they give some fashion advise to recently deceased designer, Javier. If they've ever dated a widow. The awesomeness of being a twin. They dish some best date memories with some "Girl Talk". Pick the biggest douche, share the gayest thing they thought, and who'd they bone! Yup, this episode is packed with laughs, tears, and maybe even some gas. FOLLOW THE SHOW DAMN...


S2E4: April, Daryl, and Kelly McConville drink tequila

Hola mi amigos! En este episodio, tomamos tequila! Why am I speaking spanish? Because we're drinking tequila! And this week we tackle S2E4: They Shoot Single People, Don't They? with special returning guest, Kelly McConville. Throughout this one we share some laughs, Daryl and April act out their fake orgasms, we create a SATC cereal, we invent a new product called Sex Tape, and of course we drink tequila! Also don't forget the biggest douche, gayest thing, and who'd we bone! Perfecto,...


S2E3: April, Daryl, and Seth Woodward drink sparkling wine

Hey guys! How ya been? That's great. Get ready for S2E3: The Freak Show. On this fabulous episode April and Daryl have guest and stand up comedian, Seth Woodward on the show to share his take on the 4 gal pals of SATC. We discuss our first date horror stories, if Daryl and Seth are better than Mr. Pussy at you know, if we're all deep down freaks, who'd we bone, the gayest thing we thought, what's Mr. Big's name, and who the biggest douche was this episode. Thanks for subscribing! RATE AND...


S2E2: April, Daryl, and Alex Duong drink cranberry juice and coffee

Hey guys! Get ready for S2E2: The Awful Truth. On this hilarious episode April and Daryl have stand up comedian, Alex Duong bring his extensive knowledge about SATC and he shares which girl he believes he most resembles. We also talk about Susan-Sharon or is it Sharon-Susan, if Charlotte should own a dog, how Samantha lasted this long with a micro penis, and if we've ever had a finger in the butt. And of course we nominate some douches, try to guess Mr. Big's name, choose who'd we bone,...


S2E1: April and Daryl drink light beer with Quentin Thomas

Hey guys! You made it thru season 1. You deserve a hardy handshake and a pat on the back, but later. Now, get ready for S2E1: Take Me Out to the Ballgame. On this episode we have comedian, Quentin Thomas! April and Daryl discuss his Quentin's knowledge (or lack their of) with SATC, what the Seinfeld, Friends, SATC crossover would be like, the racial insensitivity within the show, the gayest thing we thought, what's Mr. Big's name, the biggest douche of the ep, and who'd we bone. Follow...


S1E12: April, Daryl, and Andrea Guzzetta drink cosmos

We made it guys to the season one finale! Strap in and get ready for Oh Come All Ye Faithful. On this hilarious episode April and Daryl invite comedian, Andrea Guzzetta to chat with them about this crazy season finale. Throughout this episode we "girl talk" about first dates and micro penises, what the F is up with Carrie and Big, what's Mr. Big's name, smart pant suits, Charlotte visiting a psychic that doesn't see 9/11 coming, who's the biggest douche, the gayest thing we thought, and...


S1E11: April, Daryl, and Marty Wurst drink sauvignon blanc

Bust out that white wine guys, because we're bringing you S1E11: The Drought with special guest Marty Wurst. On this hilarious show we discuss if you should fart in front of your partner, if we've ever watched our neighbors have sex, and the last time we played the game "Don't Check the Condom!" We also get a visit from Jeff Goldblum and Silvester Stallone. And, of course we break down the biggest douche, the gayest thing we thought, and who'd we bone! Please, please, please go check out...


S1E10: April and Daryl drink Cutty Sark w/ Robin Tran

Get ready guys for S1E10: The Baby Shower w/ special guest, comedian Robin Tran. On this ep April and Daryl bust out a little whiskey and talk to their guest about whether or not booze should be at a baby shower, are Lanny's boob's real, how much is a Bellini Baby Basket, April's baby names she's got picked out, how this show changed Robin's life, who'd we bone, the biggest douche, and of course the gayest thing we thought! Big thanks to Robin and to all of you who've subscribed and...


S1E9: April, Daryl, and Ramon Hernandez drink cosmos

Alright guys! Get ready for s1e9 of SATC The Turtle and the Hare. On this episode we have fellow stand up comedian, Ramon Hernandez in to discuss all things Sex and the City. We talk about Ramon's improv heroes, who'd his friend Jersey Mike would bone, what's the gayest thing we thought, who's the biggest douche of the episode besides all three of us, we have a chat's with Ramon's mom, and we discover what Ramon's son would do for fame! Check out this hilarious episode and tell a million...


S1E8: April, Daryl, and Erik Escobar drink fernet branca

Yo yo yo guys! This week April and Daryl watch S1E8: Three's a Crowd with stand up comedian, Erik Escobar. We change things up a little bit and have a drink that wasn't guzzled by the ladies called Fernet branca and spoiler alert, D hates it! After that they "girl talk" about three ways, if Erik would watch SATC again, they visit Erik's mom and dad's house on thanksgiving, and of course they discuss the biggest douche, who'd they bone, and the gayest thing they thought. Follow us @sex_pod...


S1E7: April, Daryl, and Dakota Freeman drink pino grigio.

Ahh yeah! Get ready for another fabulous #SATC episode entitled, The Monogamists This week we have in hilarious comedian, Dakota Freeman bringing his unique brand of funny. We talk about his first time seeing Sex and the City, what his thoughts would be if the second movie took place in the Hellraiser universe, how to properly ask for a BJ, and the show therapist shows up to make things weird. Annnddd, of course, we break down the biggest douche, who'd we bone, and the gayest thing we...


S1E6: April, Daryl, and Kelly McConville drink cosmos

Welcome to S1E6 of SATC entitled, Secret Sex. On this episode April and Daryl invite comedian, Kelly McConville to chat with them about having sex on the first date, if they've been ashamed of a particular lover, and what are the best man-scaping practices. Daryl also goes down memory lane and shows the gals what he looked like in high school and of course they discuss the biggest douche of the ep, the gayest thing they thought, and who'd they bone. Follow us @sex_pod & @sexcitypod Email-...


S1E5: April, Daryl, and Robert Zoref drink beer

Alright guys let's get into S1E5 entitled, The Power of Female Sex. On this very hilarious episode we have very special guest, comedian Robert Zoref. We discuss Carrie's struggles with prostitution, how realistic four women playing poker in the 90's would be, whether to have to sex with French architects, the biggest douche of the episode, the gayest thing we thought, is a painting of Charlotte's vag worth 100k, and so much more! Follow us on social media @Sex_Pod & @SexCityPod &...


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