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Hometown: Born in Ridgewood, NJ; raised in E. Keansburg, (now called Middletown) NJ. Favorite Q Artists: Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin. Favorite movies: Full Metal Jacket and Tommy Boy. Last dumb thing you did: When I was younger, I left St. John's U before I was supposed to graduate. Last smart thing you did: Finally finished my goal of returning to St. John's U and receiving my degree in 2000. What do you do when you go home: I love to take care and play with my baby girl, Sophie. Yankees or Mets: No baseball - NY Football Giants and NJ Devils! Favorite time of the day: Mornings. Worst job you had: I liked all of my jobs. You do in life what you have to do. All jobs are important. Who is your hero: Mother Theresa - she had guts. Dream vacation: Tour Egypt, , Israel and Rome. Favorite Restaurants: Dante's in Queens and Macaroni Grill. What pisses you off: Lazy people. What car do you drive: Saturn. Name one thing you want to do before you die: I want to live long enough to be a good father or even better, a great Grand Father!



This show will be available on Sat, Dec 5 at 10PM.