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Hamilton, New Zealand


A parenting show from a Dad's perspective, exploring the wonder of watching children grow, searching for social activities for under -5s. Do parenting groups work for men ? Is full-time parenting valued by the community ? By Government ? Are we being encouraged to give up full-time parenting ? Pluses and minuses of daycare. Do Dads parent differently to Mums, and if so, how ? And does it matter ? Single Dads ? do they really struggle to boil an egg ? Iron a blouse ? Is multi-tasking such a big deal ? Is it gender specific ? Or something we all do ? What music should we play on the show :) ;) ? Just a few of the questions and issues that we will be exploring in the coming months. There will be laughter, joy, and a few non-PC moments. There will be serious and perhaps challenging discussion, there may even be tears along the way.



This show will be available on Mon, May 28 at 8PM.

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