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osu! University is an improvement-focused osu! hub and osu! coaching hub. Our goal is to bridge the gap between top player advice and the general community. This podcast is centered around diving deep into individual topics for an entire week of interviews, bringing on multiple experienced players to give their own insights and advice for that topic. At the end of each week of interviews, we host one final wrap-up interview where we bring on multiple guests from that week to elaborate on each other's points and answer any last questions as a way to wrap up the topic for that week. We also host a Q&A series known as "lecture halls", which are standalone episodes that answer questions brought in to us on Twitter. Tag us with your questions and inspire your own lecture hall topic at https://twitter.com/osuuniversity. Join our Discord community to get directly involved: https://discord.gg/QubdHdnBVg Thank you for your interest in osu!!