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The Six Shooter, the only radio series staring James Stewart, aired on September 20, 1953. In this radio western, Jimmy played Britt Ponset, a man with a reputation for having a fast gun but is really very different from the hard, tough talking gun slinger type. Here the hero is a slow talking, thinking man who is ready with his gun, but first looks for options to violence. James Stewart played this character very well. Jimmy had appeared on many other radio shows including the Hollywood Star Playhouse where the character of Britt Ponset was introduced in an episode called "The Six Shooter". The same script was used for the audition of THE SIX SHOOTER series, again with Jimmy as Britt. The show aired between September 1953 and June 1954.




myra barker 06/24/1954

Episode 39. Cupid must be packing something with more punch, because he as finally nailed Ponsett, who is now head over heels for a woman from Back East. This is the Final episode.

when the shoe doesnt fit 06/17/1954

Episode 38. A gal's boyfriend has returned from schooling Back East and a square dance is being held in his honor, but her mean stepmother will not let her go. Ponsett and a peddler help her out of her grimm situation and get her ready for a not quite faerie tale evening.

duel at lockwood 03/21/1954

Episode 26. A young gunslinger decides that it would really enhance his reputation if he were to take down Ponsett in an old-fashioned Duel at High Noon.

thicker than water 03/14/1954

Episode 25. Ponsett encounters a wandering gambler who is going to visit his son that he has not seen for eight years. The kid ends up wanting to go with him, which he did not intend.

cheyenne express 03/07/1954

Episode 24. Ponsett meets a skittish outlaw who fears retribution from someone in his former gang for shooting a fellow member in the back.

trial to sunset 01/31/1954

Episode 20. Britt sees that Ace Tressler is trying to steal his horse. He shoots Ace in self defense. Tressler is dying from a bullet in the back received during a hold-up and murder at the bank. Meanwhile the posse has lynched the wrong man and now must deal with a guilty conscience.

silver buckle 01/17/1954

Episode 18. Two train bandits kill a passenger and rob him of his money and his silver buckled belt. They later meet Britt and pose as lawmen. Britt discovers the truth and ends their careers as outlaws.

hirams goldstrike 01/10/1954

Episode 17. Ponsett meets up with a prospector friend who believes that he as finally found a big strike but is paranoid that the local assayer will try to cheat him out of it.

more than kin 12/13/1953

Episode 12. Some old friends of Ponsett who have turned to acting in a touring troupe and bringing Shakespeare west of the Mississippi believe they may have their big break when they learn that P.T. Barnum is in town. However, they are concerned that the potential heckling of the local Philistines will make them look bad.

a pressing engagment 12/06/1953

Episode 12. Ponsett arrives in town to perform some transactions for his employer where he finds out that everyone is aware that he is engaged to a local girl. In fact, the only person around who has not heard any such thing is Ponsett.

gabriel starbuck 11/22/1953

Episode 10. The citizens of a town are concerned that their over the hill sheriff is not up to the job anymore, so Ponsett gets bullied into delivering the bad news to him.

escape from smoke falls 11/15/1953

Episode 09. A killer being held in the Smoke Falls jail breaks out and shoots the sheriff in the process. The sheriff asks that Ponsett follow the trail alone rather than have the bull headed citizens form a posse and blunder after the quarry, with the likelihood of several of them getting killed.

capture of stacy gault 11/08/1953

Episode 08. When Ponsett arrives in Elk Point, he finds the place locked up tight as a drum because of word that the notorious outlaw Stacy Galt is coming to town.

ben scofield 11/01/1953

Episode 07. A stagecoach office was robbed the other night, and a bit of investigation leads Ponsett to suspect that the sheriff's hotheaded son did it. Audition episode.

red lawsons revenge 10/25/1953

Episode 06. While Ponsett is visiting an old friend who has settled down, the brother of a rustler said friend killed four years ago decides it's payback time.

silver annie 10/11/1953

Episdoe 04. An old woman refuses to sell her land as a railroad right of way as she believes that there is still silver in them thar hills. Since the townsfolk are desperate for a railroad for their town, Ponsett gets bullied into talking sense into her.

stampede 10/04/1953

Episode 03. Ponsett is helping two brothers move their herd to Abilene when the petty jealousies simmering between the two start to boil over.

coward 09/27/1953

Episode 02. Ponsett meets a gunslinger he once knew who has settled down and sworn off his violent ways. This has resulted in the townsfolk regarding him as a coward, particularly the land-hungry rancher who wants to buy him out.

jenny 09/20/1953

Episode 01. Jenny takes a wounded outlaw into her home. She protects him from the sheriff until the outlaw eventually dies of his wounds.

audition program 07/15/1953

Audtion program, with a personal message by James Stewart trying to promote the program.