AIR is our broadcaster API that offers several methods for broadcasters and other publishers to send playlist information to TuneIn in real-time!

When you implement AIR, your listeners will be able to:

  • - Discover your station by searching for artists or songs commonly played
  • - Browse station playlist history on TuneIn mobile and

For starters, you will need your TuneIn assigned station ID. Your station ID, can be found at the end of the URL for your station page when accessing it from For example, the station ID for '' would be 's######'.


Some broadcasting software make it easy to use our AIR API via a plugin or with input fields specifically created for your TuneIn station Id, partnerId and partnerKey to be placed in.

Airtime Pro provides instructions for adding API credentials to their software here

Broadcast Electronics' The Radio Experience includes a plugin that can be downloaded here

LiveWebDJ's API Integration Instructions can be found here

MegaSeg provides an FAQ for set up here

OtsAV's now playing software can be downloaded here

ProppFrexx has a topic in their message board dedicated to our API set up here

RadioJar help page for implementation is here

ShoutIRC's wiki page for AIR API configure is here

Spacial Audio's Sam Broadcaster uses the SAMRadioTime.pal script.

Spinitron's User Guide referencing how to implement our API can be found here

TuneIn Auto Post is a service unaffiliated with TuneIn that "allows you to post your Radio Stations ‘Now Playing’ songs to TuneIn". More information can be found here

Instructions for the following broadcasting software solutions can be found here:

Please have your TuneIn station ID, partner ID and partner key when contacting the following software solutions for setup support:

* - MyAutoDJ's SHOUTcast Widgets provides a pay-for solution for broadcasters using Shoutcast streams. You can contact MyAutoDJ for their widget support here. Please note that SHOUTcast Widgets is a third party solution that is not affiliated with TuneIn in any way.


Requests to the AIR API are very simple. An example call appears as follows...


Your partnerId replaces <pid>, partnerKey replaces <key>, and stationId, including the preliminary 's' replaces <stationid>. Your title and artist information should be set to be updated by your broadcast software in correspondence with the currently playing song.



Parameter Description
title The name of the song
artist The artist associated with the song
album The name of the associated album
commercial Set to true if the now playing broadcast is in commercial rather than a song


Check the status code for success or failure result (200 means success)


For now playing updates, please submit only once at the start of the song. Do not use a timer to submit a song, or submit a song multiple times. Your requests may be blocked if you send multiple requests within a short period. Make sure to include an "s" before your station ID. Information does not update on the site in real-time. Changes to station information can take up to a day to appear. If the station is going to a commercial or other non-song playing period, send the request with the commercial=true flag.