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Sex coach and expert Sara Tang and co-host Jye Smith discuss the undiscussable in this casual, consensual podcast - because we all want to be Better in Bed.

Sex coach and expert Sara Tang and co-host Jye Smith discuss the undiscussable in this casual, consensual podcast - because we all want to be Better in Bed.
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Sex coach and expert Sara Tang and co-host Jye Smith discuss the undiscussable in this casual, consensual podcast - because we all want to be Better in Bed.




22 Finding Love in a Digital Age

How has technology changed the world of dating and finding love? In some ways, the Internet has made it easier to meet and connect with people outside our immediate social circle. Yet it’s also exploded our options, and the choices can be paralysing. So finding love could be more challenging. Sara and co-host Prescott (, discuss the impact that online dating has had on our psyches, and whether we still believe in romance. Or if ghosting and unsolicited...


21 Owning your Sexual Wellness

We all know that wellness is important, but how about sexual wellness? Sara and co-host Ben are recording from London this episode, and they talk to Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak, the creators of Ferly (formerly called Leika at time of recording), an app that guides women through various areas of sexual wellness, aiming to transform their relationship to sex. Billie and Anna introduce the concept of sexual wellness, which is not merely the freedom from sexual dysfunction, but also...


20 Secrets of the Bedroom Sequel (Season 1 Finale)

Want more “Secrets of the Bedroom”? Cumming right up! **This sequel episode covers all the material that we’d crowdsourced for the live show but didn’t end up being featured due to time - and public decency - constraints. We recommend that you listen to episode 19 before this episode to get the full Secrets experience.** Jye and Sara are joined by Kat Leung, our live show panelist as we reflect on the highlights of the live show, as well as the entire Better in Bed season. We share...


19 - Secrets of the Bedroom (live)

What's the secret to.... having a threesome? Having anal sex pleasurably? Using a strap-on? Or keeping sex fresh in a long-term relationship? Everything is on the table at our live podcast, which was recorded on International Women's Day, and featured a panel of our favourite podcast guests and sex experts answering burning questions crowdsourced from our audience, i.e. you! We laughed (and maybe died a little inside) over the awkward sex stories that were shared and some of the things...


18 Make love not porn

Is porn harmful or beneficial? With 30million people watching it every second and the average age of exposure being 11 years, porn in today's world has become a pervasive force we can't ignore. On this episode, Sara and Jye are joined by sex-positive friends Taura Edgar and Ross Gawelek to discuss all things porn. We discuss our personal experiences of porn, from how we discovered it to how its evolved, and the resulting impact on our watching habits. By sharing the different types...


17 Opening up to open relationships Pt. 2 (Swinging)

Think swinging is just for leathery, old couples swishing around keys in a bowl? Think again. Or maybe swing again... and from that chandelier in the sex club! On this episode, Sara and Jye explore another form of open relationship with married couple, Ben and Fern Bale, who open up about how swinging keeps their relationship fresh and exciting. They also explain basic swinger terminology ("soft swap, anyone?") and protocol, debunk common swinger myths and as well as give newbies...


16 Exploring the Forbidden

Why do we always want what we can't have? And want to do the things we shouldn't do? Sara and Jye invite Jayde Lovell, the YouTube host of popular science show SciQ to shed some light from the fascinating world of neuroscience. Jayde helps us understand how the brain is susceptible to the heightened risk and excitement of any forbidden sexual act - thanks dopamine and adrenaline! We discuss how to overcome the shame around our sexual desires and erotic selves, given that what's...


15 - The Future of SexTech

Fintech, edtech, healthtech... and now, what is sextech? Sextech refers to any technology or tech-driven venture that enhances the human sexuality experience. Its the US$30 billion industry that you've never heard of... and no, its not just sex robots and VR porn. On this episode, Sara and Jye's worlds collide as we talk all things sextech with Gavin Heaton of Disruptor's Handbook. Together with Bryony Cole, Gavin is also part of the team that hosts the Future of Sex global hackathon...


14 Demystifying gay sex

How well acquainted are you with ... tops, bottoms, otters, wolves, bears, cubs or twinks? Sara and Jye take a lighthearted look at some of the most common terminology used in the gay world with their guest Tom Attenborough this episode. Tom shares his views on the classic "nature vs nurture" debate, and questions if it really matters. We also discuss the biggest stereotypes about gay people, whether the "gaydar" actually exists, and how the gay scene in Hong Kong compares with the...


13 Playing the dating game

Love it or hate it, we all have to play the dating game to stand a chance of finding love or even getting laid. Sara and Jye discuss the triumphs and travails of dating in today's world with the very entertaining Elena Gabrielle. As a comedienne from touring dating show "Story Party" and host of sex-positive, underground variety show Dirrty Cabaret in Berlin, Elena has heard it all. From stories of bad boys with ankle bracelets, to second cousins and anal speculums, Elena shares the...


12 Building your sex toy chest

There's lots to feel happy - or even "hysterical" - about on this episode, because its all about sex toys! Sara and Jye record their very first mobile podcast at Hong Kong's female-friendly, intimate lifestyle store Sally Coco, surrounded by all the wonderful things that vibrate, pulsate and oscillate. We follow the personal journey of founder Vera Lui, who talks about how a vibrator changed her life and led her to start Sally Coco. Discover the unlikely origins and evolution of sex toys,...


11 Sexercise: Getting fit for the bedroom

Need yet another reason this year to hit the gym? Well, tune in and drop it like a squat! On this episode, fitpreneur Mack Pijewski of MackFitt joins Jye and Sara in the studio to deconstruct the link between sex and fitness, and the discussion spans neurochemicals, nutrition, mobility and more. Find out if "coregasms" actually exist, why pelvic floor training is beneficial for both sexes, and whether sex has an impact on performance before a big sporting event. --- Want to get even...


10 Female ejaculation: Turning on the waterworks

What is female ejaculation, aka squirting? And why is it considered so hot yet so controversial? Sara and Jye are joined in the studio by sex educator Christina Antonyan, founder of Confident Lovers for literally, the juiciest episode on record yet. So don't forget your umbrella! We dive headfirst into the mystery and fantasy surrounding squirting, as well as debate the science behind what female ejaculate consists of. Christina and Sara share their top tips for people who want to explore...


09 Why don't Asians talk about sex? feat. Alyson Hau (侯嘉明)

Parents cringe. Teachers blush. Shame ensues. But why is talking about sex so taboo in Asian culture? Bubbly Hong Kong media personality Alyson Hau (侯嘉明) joins Sara and Jye to discuss what lies behind this cultural taboo, and how Asian attitudes differ from Western views on sex. Discover why Hong Kong has so little sex, and the intriguing Cantonese vocabulary for genitals – birds, flutes, abalone anyone? --- Want to get even Better in Bed? Download the audio guide. Follow us on...


08 Bridging the pleasure gap

There's yet another gender gap to think about, and this one takes place not in the boardroom, but in the bedroom. Men have twice the number of orgasms that women do, and in heterosexual couples, women are four times more likely than men to report that sex in the past year was unpleasant. Sara and Jye talk to Janet Lieberman, founder of feminist sex toy company Dame Products, about why women are being shortchanged on sexual pleasure and what can be done to address this gap. (Hint: it's...


07 Mastering the Art of Tease

Tease? Please? But just don't leave.... before listening to this sizzler of an episode! Sara and Jye are captivated by guest Ea Holm's fascinating journey from hippie flower child to international stripper to aerial arts instructor; and what it has taught her about the power of tease. We talk about how tease is a playful form of seduction that can take many forms, from a lingering caress to cheeky banter. But overall, the true masters of tease are able to arouse and stimulate the body's...


06 Opening up to open relationships

Open relationships may not be for everyone, but neither is monogamy. What types of open relationships exist? And is an open relationship right for you? Sara and Jye crack open this challenging topic with the help of professional relationship and dating coach Valentina Tudose, founder of Happy Ever After. After lifting the veil on the big, "scary" world of non-monogamy, Valentina shares her personal story and what she's learned firsthand about making an open relationship work. --- Want to...


05 Becoming a Cunning Linguist

Want to get fluent in the language of cunnilingus? Then ditch licking those ABCs and get your earphones on. Jye leads the show this week with the help of fellow cunning linguist Roland, and together they discuss the "innies" and "outies" of delivering the kind of oral pleasure that women want and love. They even manage to teach Sara an interesting thing about the female sexual anatomy... From warming up women who may initially feel shy about oral, to what to do when tongues get tired, Jye...


04 The truth about sex after kids

Does the start of kids = the end of your sex life? Sara and Jye invite Zosha Piotrowski, fitness instructor and mum of two kids aged nine and seven, on the show to find out the truth! Zosh shares her survival strategies and sexy date night inspiration to re-ignite the sexual spark after kids - behind very firmly locked doors. A must-listen for people with kids, people planning kids, and even people with a phobia of kids, like Sara! --- Want to get even Better in Bed? Download the audio...


03 Becoming a penis genius

Is getting to know the penis as straightforward as it seems? Sara and Jye are joined this week by Christina Antonyan, founder of Confident Lovers to discuss - at length - the male sex organ. Sara and Christina share their top tips for penis pleasure, and talk about what men like most and least about having their penises stimulated. We tackle whether size really matters, circumcised vs uncircumcised penises, and why a blowjob or a hand job really shouldn't be "a job". ---- Want to...