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The DIY Writer Podcast showcases a variety of amazing and unique authors. Host Jeff has a special talent for putting the mundane aside and really getting to know the fun side of the author.

The DIY Writer Podcast showcases a variety of amazing and unique authors. Host Jeff has a special talent for putting the mundane aside and really getting to know the fun side of the author.


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The DIY Writer Podcast showcases a variety of amazing and unique authors. Host Jeff has a special talent for putting the mundane aside and really getting to know the fun side of the author.








Welcome to the Spooky House with Robert Ottone #94

Very cool talk with Robert Ottone about his books, short stories, and his publishing house. Spooky House Press sounds like a wonderful place for the right authors to truly share their art. If you listen to Robert, he has a great deal of passion for the art form of writing and the distribution. I truly hope we get to meet in real life someday and find some creepy place to hang out. Robert P. Ottone is an author, teacher, and cigar enthusiast from East Islip, NY. He delights in the creepy. He...


The Enterprising and Entertaining Paolo Danese #93

Read this man’s bio below, he had led quite a life so far. We have a great conversation on writing and international book markets. It’s especially cool that he owns a company that does quality translations. Based on what I have read in Path of the Guardian, Paolo writes a great book in any language. Paolo was born in Turin, Italy, in 1984 and grew up in Foggia, a small town in Southern Italy. At 16, he won a United World Colleges scholarship to complete his high school studies in British...


Take a leap with Leslie Conzatti #91

When Leslie told me she was a paraeducator, the first thing I wanted to know is if she gets to jump every day. Once she corrected me, I was still impressed (still would be cool to parachute into school every day). Leslie wrote Princess of Undersea, a cool spin on a popular fairy tale. Leslie Conzatti is a blogger, author, and avid enthusiast of all things book-related. Residing in the Pacific Northwest, she currently works as an elementary school paraeducator--leading small groups,...


The true Marathon Man Dylan Roche #91

What do you get when a purple bird walks into a bar? I don’t know either, ask Dylan. Dylan and I hit just about everything in this blockbuster interview. About Dylan Roche It should have been a sign to everyone when I started reading Shakespeare and Dickens in elementary school and spent time diagramming sentences for fun. And let's just say love for language, words, and storytelling only grew from there. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a bachelor's in English, I...


USA Today Best-Selling Romance Author Melinda Curtis #90

This conversation is packed with excellent information for authors. She has experience with self-publishing, working with big publishers, and even had a movie made from one of her books. About Melinda Curtis Prior to writing romance, Melinda was a junior manager for a Fortune 500 company, which meant when she flew on the private jet she was relegated to the jump seat--otherwise known as the potty. After grabbing her pen (and a parachute) she made the jump to full-time writer. She recently...


The Dungeon Master Author Kevin Buckner #89

Kevin Buckner has released his first book The Advent of Zon Book One of The Cudomerie (Don’t worry about pronouncing it right…I couldn’t either LOL). We go over his book and then quickly change to the inspiration for his book…wait for it…Dungeons and Dragons. We talk about gaming and some of the television and movies that has inspired him to write. Kevin also was a winner in NANOWRIMO in 2020 hitting 54,000 words in one month. Kevin is working on book 2 and hopefully that comes out soon....


Amazing Food Tips for Vampires with Patricia Simpson #88

Best Selling Author, Podcaster, and Screen Play Writer Patricia (DO NOT CALL HER PAT) Simpson. Patricia is truly gifted, the whole conversation is packed full of her creative gems and writing tips including record your audio book as a part of the editing process. Very cool interview with a Very cool person. About Patricia Simpson Patricia Simpson is an Amazon bestselling writer from the Bay Area of California. She has won numerous awards, including multiple Reviewer's Choice Awards...


Speculative Fiction and Apple Cider Vinegar with Darian Smith # 87

No speculation needed, this was a fun conversation. We meander all over the place, we actually do talk about books and writing, but also solve many of the world’s problems by debunking conspiracy theories and maybe making a few new ones. Darian Smith writes mainly speculative fiction (fantasy) and lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife (who also writes) and their two black cats (who don't). He holds two Koru Awards, is the winner of the SpecFicNZ/Steam Press manuscript competition,...


Relentless Courage, The Deborah Driggs Story #86

Playboy Playmate, Actress, Model, and soon Author Deborah Driggs share stories from her life. Whether you are reading her bio at IMDB or looking at her Instagram Account, you can feel the authenticity of her story. Her willingness to share details from her life and the lessons learned make this one of my all time favorite shows. Deb’s memoirs should be out October of 2021. The best way to keep up with Deborah is by following her Instagram Account:


The Magic of Michael Ross #85

Michael Ross loves writing to encourage children to use their imagination. He loves kids so much he built a wonderful world in his front yard for kids. If you don’t pick it up from his bio, you certainly will get a feeling for the depth of experience this author has in life and fantasy. Just a lovely chap to spend an afternoon with. About Michael Ross A successful actor and model for over twenty five years. Had businesses in the hair and beauty industry, was a ski instructor, and...


Celtic and Druidic discussions with T.J Altieri #84

As promised, T.J. is back and we are talking / teaching about Celts, Druids, and anything else that may be related to ancient cultures. Here are the resources that T.J. Gave me for Celtic research: The Ancient Celts by Cunliffe : A pretty standard and well-recognized text that swans the swatch of Celtic history, culture and society. War, Women and Druids by Phillip Freeman : Focuses on contemporary eyewitness accounts of...


Fighting Corruption and Boredom Author Christiane Allison #83

While Christiane’s fiction writing is awesome, it takes a back seat to her real-life experiences that inspired her to write two children’s book. When you listen to her ongoing story of her wrongfully convicted husband by a group of corrupt government officials in Alaska, you will be shocked. Give it a listen and let me know in the comments what you think. Christiane also tells you about her experiences and gives some pro tips on kickstarter programs and grant applications to help with...


A Guide to Supervillainy with CT Phipps #82

Take a look at the covers of The Supervillainy Saga series. I absolutely love them. His covers properly depict the entertainment value of the books, they are awesome. We talk about his books, Lovecraft Country, Altered Carbon, and The Boys. AND we talk about the Amazon / Audible debacle with Indie Authors. It’s a great conversation with a great author. C.T Phipps is a lifelong student of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. An avid tabletop gamer, he discovered this passion led him to...


Getting Dirty with Rebekah Jonesy #81

Let’s talk about erotica, romantic suspense, and throw in a publishing house and that is a typical conversation with the extremely busy and talented Jonesy. Rebekah is so interesting to speak with on just about any subject you want to throw at her. Listen up. Rebekah Jonesy is a voracious reader who decided it was time she made her own contributions. Her books are contemporary romance and other forms of fantasy. Outside of the literary world, she is a mad scientist cook, gardener, Jill of...


The Art of Reading Superhero stories with JD Cunegan #80

JD has some interesting takes on life as we know it today. I enjoyed listening to his insights and opinions on both college sports and authoring. The Art of Reading is an interesting book. He basically expands on the advice of most authors which is to read daily. Let’s not forget his Jill Anderson series, which is also fantastic. J.D. Cunegan is known for his unique writing style, a mixture of murder mystery and superhero epic that introduces the reader to his comic book-inspired...


Australia’s Master of Literary Darkness Alan Baxter #79

Anyone who can take a cute Kangaroo and make it terrifying has my respect. While ‘The Roo’ is a very entertaining book, Alan’s new book ‘The Gulp’ is riveting. The conversation turned to a discussion on Stephen King’s Castlerock series and how Alan is going to do the same thing with Gulpepper aka The Gulp. We also talk about martial arts since he is a Kung Fu Master and teaches in Australia. About Alan Baxter Alan Baxter is a British-Australian author who writes horror, supernatural...


The Magic of Short Stories and Music with Chris Fielden #78

Chris is a master at writing short stories and an incredibly talented musician (Check out Little Villains link below). Chris and I talk about writing and music, and a few other things. Great interview with a masterful artist. About Christopher Fielden IN A NUTSHELL I'm an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author. I'm represented by Victorina Press, an independent UK publisher. I've been an Award-Winning Finalist in the 'Fiction: Short Story' category of the International Book Awards....


Beer, Books, and Games with Phoenix Grey #77

I say this too often, I could have spent hours talking with Phoenix. She is just way too cool and laid back. Also, if you are an author, listen to the subtle knowledge bombs she drops on self-publishing and writing, she knows her stuff. Phoenix Grey is the secret pen name of a USA Today bestselling author. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas where she hermits away writing books and playing video games. When she's not busy plotting her world domination, she can be found hosting...


The True Power of Love with Diana Rose #76

This is a very heartwarming interview with Diana. As we talked about her books, we got into the inspiration for her books, which were her grandparent. Diana had story after story of how her grandfather shaped her and her family through decades through love. The characters in her books are based on her grandparents and how they fought to be together and how they created a family here in the US. Give her books a look, they are something special. Diana Rose is a Russian native who lives in New...


Echoes of the past with C.P. Hoff #75

The Author of West of Ireland and A Town Called Forget, C.P. Hoff gives us the lowdown on where her inspirations come from. Small Town and country living along with a love for simpler times that turned the conversation into a comparison today’s society and how people acted in years past. C.P. Hoff lives in southern Alberta with her husband and children. She has written for the local paper, which might be impressive if she lived in New York, and if anyone read the local paper. Her first...