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This podcast is about sex positivity, kink, bdsm, and polyamory. The interviews are with people in these communities and we discuss everything from the fun, to the not so fun, to the politics, and matters of the heart.

This podcast is about sex positivity, kink, bdsm, and polyamory. The interviews are with people in these communities and we discuss everything from the fun, to the not so fun, to the politics, and matters of the heart.
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This podcast is about sex positivity, kink, bdsm, and polyamory. The interviews are with people in these communities and we discuss everything from the fun, to the not so fun, to the politics, and matters of the heart.




Lewis Stimulates the Intellectual in our Erection

On this episode, I speak with Professor Lewis…again! We pick up where we left off last time, discussing the intricacies of polyamorous relationships and now diving deeper into the meanings of love, sex, passion, commitment, novelty, excitement, and how these interplay with one’s identity. Lewis is back at it again with the same professorial charm and wit that you enjoyed on his first episode, this time candidly sharing his deepest experiences of sex and pleasure, and how these are informed...


Zoey Belle Escorts us Through Sex Work

On this episode I speak with escort extraordinaire Zoey Belle—your full-service, full-throttle, and full-of-knowledge sex worker! From masturbating since 3 years old, to Masters Graduate, Zoey takes us through the wringer with facts about escorting, its intersections with neoliberalism, and how sex work subverts capitalism. Ms. Belle is handcrafted for sex work, with a passion for sensuality, human touch, and a mastery of squirting—she truly loves her line of work. Having experimented with...


Anima Mea Drills Patric

Ok, this episode is different…because I surrender my seat as host and am interviewed by Anima Mea—a new podcaster to the scene about to launch her very own show…Call me Sentimental—a podcast about modern dating, relationships, love, and taboo subjects. So, I’m her guinea pig and you get to know more about me, your host on Intellectual Erection. Anima uses her interrogation skills to drill me gently on polyamory, consent, love, kinks and fetishes, and sex clubs, all while sprinkling in the...


Kingpin Sexorcises Edith's Uterus Demons

On this episode I speak with Kingpin—local Toronto staple, vintage men’s shop owner, ordained priest and exorcist, and overall lovable weirdo here on the show to test out his collection of anti-hysteria devices on our very special returning guest Edith—in hopes of sexorcising her uterus demons. First thing’s first! We get to know a little bit about this mysterious Toronto local, who’s probably been to your party and you didn’t even know it—Kingpin. He’s been running and curating Kingpin’s...


Misty not your Mistress

On this episode, I speak Misty, a queer poly unicorn who sprinkles magic from every orifice while navigating around the sex-positive communities, dreaming of horse wangs—not attached to horses—and wanting to be thrown against the walls with hands firmly around her throat (say that 3 times). Misty didn’t have the typical early sexual awakening with odd kinky nuances before puberty that might indicate the future she was about to have. No, Misty didn’t see it coming, but come it did, and she’s...


Andrea Werhun: Inside a Modern Whore (pt. 2 of 2)

This is part 2 of the interview with Modern Whore extraordinaire Andrea Werhun (or Verhoon if you nasty!) where we pick up where we left off last time, talking about sex work and the law, decriminalization, personal safety, stripping, and then getting into the stories in her sexy book. Andrea’s been through it all, working with the good the bad and the ugly—facing assault, catcallers, breaches of consent, and having to personally deal with these issues that the law refuses to get involved...


Andrea Werhun: Inside a Modern Whore (pt. 1 of 2)

On this episode I speak with Andrea Werhun, writer of the Modern Whore, a book nearly as difficult to describe in few words as its author—from sassy to sentimental, poetic to smutty, this girl will make you believe in the church of feminine sexuality and having you begging for communion. Andrea opens up about her personal life as a segue to writing the book, having had a shame-free entry into online porn from an early age and discovering her sexuality, to posting nudes online that later...


Evguenia gives you Transcendental Orgasms

On this episode I speak with Evguenia from Spirit Sex Lab, a sexual healing, book writing, sex educating, polyamorous, kink and sex party tour guide giving, spiritual healing, and energy orgasm giving bundle of a human. You’ll get an earful of tantric, spiritual, sexiness and more…maybe a transcendental orgasm. Evguenia shares in the Eastern Bloc sex shaming that repressed her many kinks to those unconscious recesses that eventually found a way to express themselves much later in life, into...


Jacqui Childs: Unboxed, Untamed, and Uncensored (pt. 2 of 2)

This is part 2 of the interview with Jacqui Childs, we continue from our previous discussion and dive into the darkness of her past (CW: rape, suicidal ideation) where you get to hear the human side of a brand called Jacqui Childs…but what happens when the human side feeds the trolls, the creepers, the fanatics? We talk about the ups and downs of social media, microdosing, and overcoming the past. In part two of the interview we continue where we left off last time, just about to get into...


Jacqui Childs: Unboxed, Untamed, and Uncensored (pt. 1 of 2)

On this episode I speak with Jacqui Childs—social media influencer, cannabis activist, model, naked news anchor, sex positive human, best-selling author, and an overall do-whatever-she-wants badass!You’re not even ready to hear this episode…grab a pipe and a drink, find your favourite chair, and prepare to have your mind blown. This is only part one of a two part interview, so get ready for a listenathon, an auditorgy, an eargasm that will leave you wanting more, you insatiable pervs. Jacqui...


Erin Pim without Bed Posts

On this episode I speak with fellow Podcaster Erin Pim of The Bed Post Podcast and Bed Post Sex Show about Catholic schoolgirl shame, Barbie doll menstruation humiliation, slut therapy, Pro Domme’ing wrist deep in butts, and double fisting, because…why not? Erin digs deep into her childhood sex shame and early dom/sub dynamics with Barbie, and needing to put Ken in his place. These experiences later blossomed into the wonderful sex positive, poly fam embracing, sweet-eyed-husband-having Erin...


Cecilia Morrell Makes a Porno

On this episode I speak with Cecilia Morrell, a young and determined woman who embraces sex positivity in so many forms, from doing web camming, modelling, naked news, working at a sex club, and of course, as the title states, doing porn. Cecilia discusses her very early introduction into the sex positive communities, attending Oasis Aqualounge on her 19th birthday to have her first drink at a sex club, which she eventually ended up working at as an Aquaflirt. She discusses the frustrations...


Luther on Race Play

On this episode I speak with Luther, a black man navigating the ups and downs of the sex positive communities with a specific focus on his experiences with race play, the effects it has had on his identity, feelings of self-worth, and notions of being accepted as a person as opposed to a fetish. Luther talks about his introduction to the sex positive communities, having been taken to a swingers resort in Cancun, where his first experiences of being a bull for couples began. He opens up about...


Brett Nails the Unapologetic Slut

On this episode I speak with Brett Nails, a former escort, webcam model, custom video producer, and overall gratuitous slut who shares his multifarious and exciting experiences without compromise, guilt, shame, or reservations. Brett talks frankly about his early sexual experiences, the kinks and fetishes that emerged throughout his budding sexuality, and how those experiences shaped the variety of interests he has pursued. He discusses having been a blunt slut in early adulthood, moving...


Elva on Destroying and Recreating the Self Through Sex

On this episode I speak with Elva, who shares her experiences of slowly emerging out of her shell from an environment of sex negativity and her need to destroy her former self in order to find authenticity and create the life she wants to live. Elva discusses having been brought up in a religious and cultural environment that made her feel ashamed about her desires, pushed her to conform, get married, only to finally come to a breaking point and force a change through affairs and infidelity,...


Hailey and Chris on Overcoming Adversity

On this episode I speak with Hailey and Christ, a couple who share their experiences of having come from very different backgrounds, ethnically, culturally, and geographically, and have endured different forms of adversity that have strengthened them and brought them together to share their joy of liberation and sex positivity. If you want to hear what strength over adversity sounds like, listen to Hailey’s story of overcoming cancer and thereafter using that experience to take charge of her...


Alice's Rabbit Hole

On this episode Alice takes us down her academic S&M rabbit hole where she discusses her work in women’s studies on the phenomenology of sadomasochism. Through the academic discussion we find incredible humour, playfulness, some seriousness, and even an uncompromising ethics. Alice discusses her academic writing and her thesis that the taboo of sadomasochism derives from the existence of latent sociopolitical power relations that are made visible through the exercise of S&M. She argues that...


Amy and Rob on Polyamory and Sex Clubs

On this episode I speak with Amy and Rob, a polyamorous couple who work together in a sex club and have quite a few stories about navigating their relationships, how they were introduced into the sex positive communities, and the fun and messy parts of working in a sex club. Amy and Rob share their stories with us about being initiated into the sex positive communities through relationships with interesting and caring people they’ve met early on in their lives. They’ve been in the...


Kit: Strapped-On with Love

On this episode I speak with Kit, a creative mixed bag of wonder, from being a daddy, a little, a dominatrix, kitty, web cam model, burlesque performer, masseuse, and spiritualist, to an overall fun and loving human who isn’t shy to talk about their multifarious identities and experiences. Kit opens up about some serious issues as well, like rape and mental health, and how these experiences have shaped who they have become, where they found strength in adversity, and how they’ve managed to...


Ace "The Professional Tease" Allure

On this episode I speak with Ace Allure, a professional tease, event coordinator and aquaflirt at Oasis Aqualounge, and burlesque performer, who opens up about how she became involved with the sex positive communities from an early age and what these experiences have helped her discover. Ace discusses her work and what she does at Oasis, the events she runs and participates in, and how her work helps fulfill the ever growing list of kinks she’s developed and discovered. She talks about her...