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Workplace All Stars, novice-level athletes sharing our unqualified, professional opinions on sports, movies, gaming, politics and all things life in general. Grab a beer, grab a wine, grab yourself, just join us on our journey as we discuss all things with minimal education on any and every topic! 'We may not know everything (or anything) but that's ok, we encourage you to at least give things the old college try!' Reach us on facebook in the "NoPro Podcast" group, on Instagram The NoPro Podcast" or email us at




Workplace All Stars, novice-level athletes sharing our unqualified, professional opinions on sports, movies, gaming, politics and all things life in general. Grab a beer, grab a wine, grab yourself, just join us on our journey as we discuss all things with minimal education on any and every topic! 'We may not know everything (or anything) but that's ok, we encourage you to at least give things the old college try!' Reach us on facebook in the "NoPro Podcast" group, on Instagram The NoPro Podcast" or email us at




Episode 25 - Stand Up Comedy

Fun Fact - Did you know our resident NoPro host Chase is a stand up comic?? Yeah , me netiher! So we talk to him about his experience trying that out and talk the entire world of comedy and the cancel culture that seems to come with it! We also discuss golden shower complaints and the need for neckguards!


Episode 24 - Saturday Morning Cartoons

Yoooooooooooooooooooo NoPros, If you were an 80s kid or even a 90s kid then you were treated to the best cartoons in the universe - the Saturday Morning lineup was unrivaled in its excellence. Join us as we remember the classic animations that made our childhood and the reason why you need to get those kids, or even yourselves, on board with watching these classics! Because knowing is half the battle....


Episode 23 - Marvel Everything!

NoPros, Do you love the Hulk? Wolverine? Do you even know who Squirrel Girl is? Welcome to our discussion all things Marvel Comics. We talk about our introduction to the wonderful world of comics as young children that has carried into our 40s...and its ok! Ever consider picking up a book and giving it a read? You should! Some stories are even better than the movies! Likely Part 1 of a multi part Marvel discussion!


Episode 22 - Boys Trips Vs Girls Trips vs Group Trips

Hey NoPros, You ever wonder who has more fun on vacation? Is it the yearly boys trip? Is it the spontaneous girls trip? Is it the huge friends group trip? We discuss the merits of all of these and, as always, encourage you to give each one a go! Listen along as we discuss the spa day, the pain in the ass planning and just hanging on the patio...of a grocery store and making it the best part of your trip! As always - comment away on the Insta or Facebook group or head to the website and send us a message -


Episode 21 - Skills Learned during Pandemic

Hey NoPros, come stop by for a listen while we discuss the things we learned to do during the pandemic lockdown. Whether it be building a deck, customizing hockey jerseys, doing some yoga or making necklaces made of poop - we tried new things! As always, hit us up for some comments or feedback on the website or the socials - facebook and instagram- just search NoPro Podcast


Episode 20 - The Fall Season is the fucking best!

Fall means Pumpkin Spice everything to some...but to a NoPro its SPORTS TIME BABY!!! NHL season starts, NFL is in full swing, MLB is playoff bound! It also means kids are starting their season of sports and some for the very first time! Join us as we discuss the upcoming Leafs season, Max's entry into hockey (Mike's 4 yr old son)flipping bats, doing drugs on planes and the messed up Royal family. Socials - NoPro Podcast on facebook and INstagram Send us your comments...please!!


Episode 19 - World o' Golf

FORE!!!!!! Watch out NoPros...we talk the frustrating and wonderful sport of Golf. Join us for our medium depth discussion of what its like being the guy who sucks on the green and how playing Golden Tee could make you a great golfer (Disclaimer - we have zero evidence to prove this!) Hit us up on the socials and webpage


Episode 18 - Sports Betting For NoPros

HELLOOOOOO EVERYBODY!! On this week's NoPro Podcast, we discuss the new lucrative world of Sports Betting. NFL kicked off, NHL on the way and MLB playoff bound the world of betting is feasting right now and we want to tell you that its ok to take a little peek into that crazy, fun industry. We are not good at it by any means but we do explain why you may want to try it out even if you are a little intimidated (we still are) Whats Fucked is back up with a double dose to make up for last week!


Episode 17 - Fantasy Face-Off - Franchise Action Hero Edition

Hey NoPros, You ever wonder who would in a fight between some of the biggest franchise action heroes? Well we did and in the spirit of the incoming NFL season and all the fantasy pools, we did our own but to see who wins in a battle between heroes John WIck vs John Rambo Dominic Torretto vs Jason Bourne John McCLane vs a paper bag All the classics discussed with our NoPro panel giving their 'expert' opinions Guests: Ryan WIlson, Matt Minken and Joel St Pierre all return to help us out


Episode 16 - Remember Your First Time...

Hello Everybody!!! Today we discuss all our first times trying new things - whether it be kayaking or writing a novel or getting know all the fun things life has to offer! Check it out and as always, check out the website ( and the socials - NoPro Podcast - and leave us a comment, question, concern, story! Would love to hear from you


Episode 15 - So we tried some Pole Dancing....

We are back!! 2 weeks off was nice but great to be back!! Lots to catchup on so we extend out Whats F*cked stories to include some Royal bashing and crazy sea otters! We met with our friend Shannon and officially tried some Pole Dancing at the Our Haven Dance Studio in Burlington with their amazing instructor Kelly. FYI - sore as f*ck after 1 day Check it out at As always, check us out at and on the 'Gram and Facebook


Episode 14 - Relationships

On this week's episode, we discuss the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of dating and being in a relationship. We cover marriage and divorce and the world of online dating. Guest - Misty Dobson (the beautiful and lovely wife of Mike's with her third appearance) As always, feel free to hit us up on the socials or the website


Episode 13 - Motorcycles

Do you know that magic feeling of jumping on that badass bike and driving with the wind in your hair and foot to the floor? Yeah none of us do either! But this week we speak to our buddy Sasha about all things Motorcycles so grab your chaps and have a little listen Guest - Sasha Ragonovic As always check us out on instagram, Facebook and the website


Episode 12 - Podcasting

So Episode 12 is finally here and its topical as we finally release the episode that discusses podcasting. The things we learned, tried, results found, frustrations, the overall picture of how we even got to do this little program of ours. You will note some differences in audio as we splice 2 recording sessions together from the technical issue we had last week and in the theme of the episode - we are still learning how to produce and edit podcasts! It may suck a bit but we definitely enjoy the experience!


Episode 11 - Chase-ing the Truth

Hey NoPros, Did we ever really go to the moon? Why is Area 51 restricted? Was COVID-19 even real? What is the actual size of Hulk Hogan's penis? These are just some of the conspiracy theories and questions we look at in this weeks episode where we try to get you to think and look at things from a different point of view. We also have our first reaction video to something we discuss during the episode which, for Star Wars fans, may change your life!!! Check us on the web - Facebook and instagram - NoPro Podcast


Episode 10 - Learning With The Ladies - Pole Dancing Edition

This week we change up the formula a bit and bring in some NoPros that have tried their hands (and well their whole body) at Pole Dancing and let me tell you, there is some hard hitting questions this week from the boys on this topic.... Guests: Shannon Roganovic Amanda Urwin (and for whatever reason Chase re-introduces himself) Check it out and please swing by the NoPro Podcast website and leave us your comments, questions, show ideas, hate mail, whatever! As per usual - Facebook page, Instagram - search for the The NoPro podcast!


Episode 9 - Eating Like a NoPro

Oh we love you!! But who doesn't love it?!?!?! Today on this glorious Father's Day, we discuss all things food and trying out new foods, recipes, weird diets and just how it just makes us happy. We also drop our new website info - - so please drop on by - its ain't great but its a work in progress since we have never made a site before but we definitely stick to trying new things and sucking at them!!! Leave a comment, email, picture, digital high five, whatever but come with your questions, comments and complaints and we promise to get back to you - since we haven't got any yet so you would be first...LOL Instagram - NoPro Podcast Facebook Group - NoPro Podcast Email - a Website -


Episode 8 - Nerd Culture Pt.1

You're a nerd and you're a nerd and you're a nerd.....we all have our things that we are considered a nerd for. Whether it be an awesome Star Wars collection, comic books, you are a LARPing Warhammer hero or a Game of Thrones expert, we all have our secret passions and thats awesome. Its ok to try things out that may not be the mainstream "cool" but lets be honest, Nerds are running everything these days! We dive into the culture and it was clear that we need another episode down the line because we barely scratched the surface. Guests: Professor Joel St Pierre is back Ryan Wilson - Collector and Nerd Culture Extraordinaire Don't forget the socials - Facebook, Instagram, Email (


Episode 7 - Careers, Switching Jobs and a Unique Allergy

This week on the NoPro podcast we bring in some real hard hitting guests to discuss careers, aspirations in jobs and what its like switching employment later in life and this week's Whats F*cked is definitely an interesting one! Guests - the beautiful Misty Dobson, the wonderful Christine Strain and the man himself, Matthew Minken. **Note - we tried a new approach to recording this week that i like to call the 3,2,1 Recording (3 guests, 2 hosts and 1 mic) so yes we are aware at times it may not be the best but, hey - trying something new right?!?! As always, you can get us at the socials for comments, questions,feedback,whatever: Facebook - NoPro Podcast Group Instagram - NoPro Podcast Email - Website - Under Construction but coming!


Episode 6 - Travelling NoPros

This week we bring in the super beautiful, talented and world travelled Misty Dobson (yes its Mike's wife and no she didn't tell him to write that) to discuss all things travel. We know its not's for everyone but why not try a new place/town/country or maybe just get a passport so its at least an option?!?! Let us tell you our stories and experiences and try to get you to go check out this beautiful place we call Earth...or make you stay home but at least we thsnk you for listening :) Instagram - NoPro Podcast Facebook group - NoPro Podcast Email -