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Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper discuss BDSM, kink and fetish topics.


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Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper discuss BDSM, kink and fetish topics.




Safeword Podcast Episode 10: Have you ever cried during a BDSM scene?

Mistress Eva Oh and Dirk Hooper explore the question, "Have you ever cried during a BDSM scene?" We got some surprising responses to this topic. People inside the community and out will gain insight from this episode.


Safeword Podcast Episode 9: How Does BDSM Uplift You?

Mistress Eva Oh and Dirk Hooper explore the question, “How Does BDSM Uplift You?” with tweets from the community. This particular question got such an amazing response! Congratulations and thanks to the kink community for telling us your story. They try to cover the subject from multiple angles and also explore other things that the […]


Safeword Podcast Episode 8: Love and BDSM

Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper ask “Does love and BDSM mix? What do you think? What is your experience? What is your advice to others?” Topics on this episode include BDSM communication, trust and BDSM, falling in love as a submissive, shibari, Goddess worship, and much much more! Mistress Eva’s AVN Stars account – […]


SafeWord Podcast Episode 7: Would you date someone who wasn’t kinky?

Dirk Hooper and Mistress Eva Oh ask the question, “Would you date someone who wasn’t kinky, and find out that there are a lot of people out there who struggle with this issue, or have solved it in their own unique way. Mistress Eva Oh’s Sex Work Guide: Business and Touring Strategies This guide brings […]


SafeWord Podcast Episode 6: What are the Attributes of a Good Submissive?

Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper explore their own opinions and the communities opinions on the attributes of a good submissive. Some topics include pointers for submissives to communicate better, men and sharing emotions, showing vulnerability, following orders, the connection between loyalty and security, and a challenge to submissives. The book that Dirk wrote as Asher […]


Episode 5: BDSM and Music

Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper are joined by special guest Mistress Adreena Angela as we discuss music and BDSM. Among the topics we explore is Using music for different moods, how relationships affect your playlist (or not), how music can help you shift to inner space, how Dirk needs to get out more, how Mistress […]


Episode 4: How Has the Coronavirus Affected the BDSM Community?

Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper discuss how the Coronavirus has affected kink play and sessions in the BDSM community. Includes advice for professionals as well as information for lifestyle players, some support links, tips, compassion and positive advice from multiple people in the kink community that responded to this tweet by Mistress Eva: Support for […]


Episode 3: What’s Your Favorite Fetish?

Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper talk about many fetishes that people love, including Dirk and Eva’s own fetishes, erotic humiliation, impact play, subspace, age play, bondage, vulnerability, stockings, role play, and latex. Much of this discussion comes from Mistress Eva’s question on Twitter below. “What is your favorite fetish? Be loud and proud! No judgment […]


Episode 2: Submissive Men and Society

Dirk Hooper and Eva Oh discuss how being a submissive man are perceived by society versus how it is in real life. Some of the topics in this episode include how you have to be strong to kneel, how society tells men they shouldn’t be submissive, how all submissives are not into the same things, […]


Episode 1: Ridiculous Assumptions

Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper discuss the ridiculous assumptions that vanilla people make about kinky people. The discussion follows this tweet from Mistress Eva: More on Mistress Eva Eva OhMistress Eva – BDSM TrainingTwitterInstagram More on Dirk Hooper Dirk Hooper Photography and Art WorksSexy NetworkingTwitterFacebookYouTube Contact Please leave us a comment below or you can […]