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Preserving Our Inner Child and Finding Personal Growth with The Confused Millennial

The one in which we talk about what it means to be a millennial, the misconceptions, the opportunities, the struggles, and all the real stuff that goes on in between. Rachel gives Jayson great advice on manifesting your goals, the importance of accessing your inner child to foster your professional creativity, blogging as a career and for personal health, and we even talk about a shaman. The Confused Millennial... Rachel started The Confused Millennial as a community for confused...


Training Vocal Athletes with Robert Lunte (The Vocal Studio)

In which we discuss the benefits of giving priority to working out and taking care of our voices for more than just using our vocal abilities for singing. Robert Lunte is the founder of The Vocalist Studio and a globally recognized Master Vocal Coach, Clinician, Author and Singer with over 20 years’ experience. He has trained professional voice coaches and students of singing technique. Mr. Lunte authored and produced the critically acclaimed vocal technique training book and online...


101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties with Paul Angone

To find important life answers in your 20s and 30s, you need to start with good questions, and that is exactly what Paul Angone achieves in his newest book, 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties: (And Let's Be Honest, Your Thirties Too)! Paul and I chat about the state of a generation and what it means moving into the next chapter of our lives, as well as what the younger generations can learn from the mistakes or successes of the millennial generation in their twenties. We go...


30 Ideas For Your Inner Child's Bucket List

Anymore everywhere we look we see our childhood superheroes in movies, a push on book franchises in the young adult space, toys becoming collectibles, constant reboots of old television shows, and more of our childhoods being repurposed for profit or enjoyment in a more sophisticated way. However, because of all this rebooting, retooling, and repurposing we forget to enjoy what made these things our favorite childhood memories in the first place and make our inner child just a little...


36 Questions for Increasing Closeness from The Science of Happiness (PRI and the Greater Good Science Center)

In which we discuss the 36 questions that have been scientifically researched to help you fall in love—and stay in love? Can this technique help us rekindle self-love and understand our own habits, traits, tendencies better? Jayson answers the questions from The Science of Happiness Podcast to find out if they'll help us all understand our adult selves just a little bit more. Where We’re Going… Set I Links: The Science of Happiness Podcast36 Questions...


Moving Out and Into Your Own Place with Christopher T. Crownover II

The one in which we talk about moving, which includes what to move, where to move, how to move, and why to move or not. My former roommate, Christopher T. Crownover II and myself discuss our life lessons from moving into an apartment after high school, and what we think are the best tactics for beginning your adventures out on your own in 2018. Where We’re Going… 1:00 - Intro 1:17 - Mental Checklist to decide to move 7:50 - What should you take? Everything or nothing? 20:00 - Biggest...


Living Your Michael Jordan Year (In Case You Missed This Episode c. 08/17)

The one from August, 2017 where I sit down with my good friend Grayson Hendren to discuss the idea that 23 is one of the most defining years of your adult life, and how you can take special considerations through that year to set yourself up for future success.


Living a Freelance Life with Graphic Designer Gabe Rembert

Official Website Where We’re Going… Intro - 3:00 Myspace Graphic Designing as a Start to a Career - 4:00 Questionnaire for designing? – 4:20 Are Graphic Designers Artists or are those different things? – 6:30 Relocating to San Francisco as a Freelance Designer – 7:54 Where did you learn the skills you needed at a young age to do this kind of work? – 10:57 Do you feel you’re lacking skills or experiences because you didn’t go through college for design? – 14:22 If you went to school...


Trying To Go To Medical School and How To Traverse Academia Without Giving Up

In which we unpack what it means to chase your dreams through the educational structures. My guest, a medical student, Paula Valero, who is chasing her dreams to become a medical doctor sits down to talk about her experiences going through the educational system, what she has learned about the process, and what life might look like if she had to find a new path or make sacrifices. For a full list of links and show notes from this episode, visit:


Cool Tools to Help You Make Good on Your New Year's Resolutions (Minisode)

In our first mini-episode, we cover some cool tools to help you make good on your New Year's Resolutions. For links to everything listed on the show, visit the show notes:


We're Back and Talking About Imposter Syndrome, Where I've Been, and the Future of the Show!

The one in which I explain why I ghosted everyone since the start of December. Mainly because of this little phenom called imposter syndrome that I struggled to shake. I also get into the new structure of the show, new schedule, new hopes, new dreams, new email address! for the Show Notes Follow me over on the socials: @Adulthood_Is or @JaysonClury Like the podcast? Show your love by donating a cup of joe at