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Nick and Dr. Jobin are licensed therapists in Las Vegas Nevada. Their show is a question and answer program where they provide advice on mental health and relationships.

Nick and Dr. Jobin are licensed therapists in Las Vegas Nevada. Their show is a question and answer program where they provide advice on mental health and relationships.
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Nick and Dr. Jobin are licensed therapists in Las Vegas Nevada. Their show is a question and answer program where they provide advice on mental health and relationships.






#16: Sex Offenders, BFF's Ex GF, Caught Talking Trash

This week Nick and Jim welcome Clinical Social Worker Whitney Lewis who specializes in working with juvenile sex offenders. Also discussed "How can I support my best friend getting back together with his ex girlfriend who I hate?" ; "My roommate caught me talking trash about her, what do I do?" Add your advice at www.PodTherapy.net, follow us at facebook.com/podtherapy, or tweet to us @PodTherapyGuys


#15: Revenge Cheating, Dating Older Men, First Dates

Nick and Jim celebrate the top 10 cities that listen to the podcast and go dedicate the show to sponsoring one special state. This week the guys answer: "Where is a good place for a non-traditional first date?"; "Should I continue dating an older man?"; "My fiance is worried I will revenge cheat on him". Submit your questions or add your advice at www.PodTherapy.net, follow us at facebook.com/podtherapy or tweet @PodTherapyGuys


#14: Emotional Affair, Phone Obsession, Outcast

Nick and Jim mysteriously skip #13 and jump into an episode filled with great questions and acceptable humor. This week: "Is my husband having an emotional affair?"; "Is my wife obsessed with her phone?" and "How can I become likable to my classmates?". Add your advice at www.PodTherapy.net, follow us at Facebook.com/PodTherapy or tweet @PodTherapyGuys


#12: Trichotillomania, Abusive Relationships, Business of Therapy

With special guest therapist Jake Whiskerchen, the guys discuss the business of mental health, Nevada's mental health needs, and much more. Questions answered: "How can I stop dating abusive men?"; "How can I cope with my compulsive hair pulling?"


#11: Trophy Women, Facebookaholic, College Depression, Marital Fighting

The guys reintroduce themselves to new listeners and answer lots of great questions. This week: "Is it ok that I only date beautiful women as a status symbol?"; "How can I break my addiction to facebook?"; "Should I turn my drug addict sister over to the police?"; "How can I deal with depression in college?"; "My spouse and I can't stop fighting". Ask your questions or add your advice at www.PodTherapy.net.


#10: Swingers, Slut Shaming, Divorced Confidence

This week's questions include: "Should I dress modestly so my boyfriend feels comfortable?"; "How can I rebuild my confidence after a divorce?"; "Should I let my girlfriend sleep with her co-worker?"


#9: Flirty Girls, Nice Guys, Deadbeat Husbands

Jim dashes Nick's hopes of a solo-session by showing up to the podcast. Nick offers "Jim Facts", confesses to an unforgivable crime, and the guys answer questions about women's false flirting, entitled nice guys in the friend zone, and how to deal with an unemployed husband. Share your advice or ask your questions at www.PodTherapy.net. Subscribe anywhere you get podcasts or listen here: https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/14171593/download.mp3


#8: Diagnosis and Nevada State College

Nick and Jim play a diagnosis edition of Ringtone Revenge to avoid the dreaded "Barbie Girl", students from Nevada State College ask about the business of being a therapist and the guys share their superhero backstories of how they became gods gift to therapy.


#7: Communication, Boundaries, Confidence

Nick and "Dr. Graybeard" offer shout outs, discuss their pyramid scheme fan club, and play Ringtone Revenge to see whose cell phone must punished in the week ahead. Questions answered include: "How can I get my boyfriend to communicate?"; "Should I create boundaries with my mother-in-law?"; and "How can I be more self-confident?"


#6: Black Boyfriend, Brother Flirting, Sociopath Ex

Valentines day is upon us and the guys discuss Nick's romantic life and whether or not "true love" is really a thing. Questions this week: "My parents object to my black boyfriend", "My step-brother won't stop flirting with me", "My ex-boyfriend is a sociopath". Share your own advice or ask an anonymous question at www.PodTherapy.net


#5: Jay Z, Parenting, Flirting

Jay Z makes a guest appearance (without his consent or knowledge) to talk about his own experience with therapy. Also addressed: What should I know before going to therapy? Why doesn't my baby boy love his dad? How to potty train toddlers? How to flirt with women and avoid the "friend zone"? Submit your questions to www.PodTherapy.net, email PodTherapyGuys@gmail.com, or tweet @PodTherapyGuys.


#4: Gambling, Porn, and Sexual Appetite

Nick and Jim are joined by gambling addiction expert Sydney Smith to share how gambling addiction happens and how casinos are changing the game for a new generation. Together they also answer "How can I become more sexually attracted to my boyfriend?"; "How can I undo the false reality created in my mind by porn and erotica novels?"; "Should I work two jobs so my girlfriend can work part time and relax?". Submit your questions to www.PodTherapy.net, on facebook.com/podtherapy, or on...


#3: Game Addiction, Why Guys Fear Relationships

Am I addicted to video games? Was I wrong to abandon my daughter to focus on my pill addiction? Why do all guys say they are not looking for a relationship? How can doctors better handle the opioid crisis? Submit your questions to www.PodTherapy.net, tweet to @PodTherapyGuys, like us on facebook.com/podtherapy


#2: Trump's Mental Health, Relationships and Relapse

What about the mental health of President Trump? How can I stop my boyfriend from being an emotional victim? I'm sexually attracted to my same-sex therapist, what now? My girlfriend is way out of my league, what if I lose her? If I'm in recovery from drugs can I take prescribed pain killers? Submit questions to www.PodTherapy.net.


#1: Panic, Cheating and Dating

How can I avoid panic attacks? How can I get revenge on my cheating ex boyfriend? When should I ask a girl I'm dating to be my girlfriend? Submit questions to PodTherapyGuys@gmail.com or @PodTherapyGuys on Twitter or visit www.PodTherapy.net


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