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What Do Men Really Want? - Jun 14,2012

Its been said that women dont know what they want, but do men really know? Can we just feed them, have sex, give them the remote control and they are satisfied? Did Betty Wright sum it up in her song No Pain, No Gain...."Cook in the kitchen, lady in the streets and you know what in the sheets"? Find out what mistakes women make that men find totally unattractive, what they want in a relationship and what they really wish women knew. We need all of our male listeners to call 760-283-5135...


Fan Pick: Karma - What Goes Around, Comes Around - Mar 29,2012

Tonights topic comes from our fans. When you started dating him, he was somebody elses man. Now you have him and he is cheating on you. What did you expect? Why do people think that it wont happen to them? Why do men feel like its okay for them to cheat and not the woman? Why is it harder for men to forgive a woman after she has cheated? Join MsAngelEyes "The Consulting Chick", GoldReallas Will, Lady Mojo & SquirtGo Live Every Wednesday @8pm EST. Listen online from your computer, mobile...


Interview with Khalil Rivers, Prince of Luv - Mar 22,2012

Join MsAngelEyes "The Consulting Chick", GoldReallas Will, Lady Mojo & SquirtGo Live as we interview singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Khalil Rivers, the Prince of Luv about his new CD Love Therapy. We will also discuss "What is your definition of the word love?". Does sex equal love for you? Will money make you fall in love? Is love a requirement in a relationship or marriage? Make sure you call-in to give Your2Cents every Wed. 8pm EST. Listen online from your computer, mobile...


Interview With The Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club - Mar 01,2012

Join MsAngelEyes, GoldReallas Will, Lady Mojo & SquirtGo Live as we interview the founder of The Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Clubs, Christina Duren, to find out if black women really can get along and how her club is building social awareness for black business women. Listen online every Wed. 8pm. Est. from your computer, mobile browser or call from skype or phone. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes. http://www.beautifulbrowngirls.combeautiful brown girls brunch club | black...


"Does An Expensive Date Equal Sex In Return?" - Feb 16,2012

Do you plan your dates to have a good time, to get to know the person or are you only after sex? If you spend a lot of money on your date, should they feel obligated to give "it" up at the end of the night? What about an out-of-town trip? Is there a known "freakin" side of the menu when ordering dinner on a date? Join MsAngelEyes "The Consulting Chick", GoldReallas Will and Lady Mojo as we tackle another Hot Topic. Every Wed. 8pm. Est. Listen online from your computer, mobile browser, or...


Valentine's Day: What's The BIG Deal? - Feb 09,2012

Is this a day just for couples? Is it just for the gifts? Do you even consider this a day to celebrate? What affect does or has this day had on your relationships? Do men expect to get gifts too? Why do women make such a BIG deal out of it? Call-in and tell us your experiences with the day for lovers. Join MsAngelEyes, GoldReallas Will & Lady Mojo as we discuss another hot topic. Every Wed. 8pm EST. Listen online from your computer, mobile browser, skype or phone. Call 760-283-5135 and...


Be Careful Who You Sleep With - Feb 02,2012

This weeks topic comes from a facebook post. "If you wont make her your wife, dont make her a mother." How much time do you put into your decision to sleep with someone? What are some of the consequences of sleeping with "random" people? I agree that most people (if not all) do not regret having their children, but they do have some regrets about who they had their child with. Is it possible they were a "good" person before the baby came and then turned evil? Why is she good enough to have...


New Year's Resolutions: Out With the Old and In With the New - Dec 15,2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Join MsAngelEyes, GoldReallas Will and Lady Mojo for our last show of the year as we re-cap our most exciting topics, talk about what Christmas means to you and find out what your New Years resolutions will be for 2012. What did you ask Santa for this year? How has Christmas changed since becoming an adult? Tell us what lessons you have learned and what you will do differently next year. Call 760.283.5135 to give Your2Cents and holidays wishes....


Double Standards, Stereotypes & Hypocrites Part II - Dec 01,2011

We had so much fun and shared so much information last week that we decided we needed to do a Part II. So, if you missed the show last week check out the archived show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tmaon/2011/11/24/double-standards-stereotypes-hypocrites to catch up. Join MsAngelEyes, GoldReallas Will and Lady Mojo every Wed. at 8pm EST. Also, dont miss Sucha EffnLadys political segment tonight "If I Ruled the World". Call 760-283-5135 to give Your2Cents. http://www.facebook.com/tmaon...


"Play Your Position" and an Interview with No PanteezTv - Nov 17,2011

You need to learn how to "Play Your Position". If you are the side piece or the jump-off, know it! If you are the main numero uno, own it! Join MsAngelEyes, GoldReallas Will and Lady Mojo as we tackle another one and hear our special interview with the ladies of No PanteezTv! Find out what all the hype is about and...... Yes, I will ask if they walk around with No Panteez on. You do not want to miss it! Listen on line or call in 760-283-5135. Please press 1 to give Your2Cents....