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Episode 64: Sky High Gardens' Phil Seda

This week, Will and Bailey are joined by Phil Seda, CEO of the Seattle-based craft cannabis cultivator Sky High Gardens. We’ll learn about Sky High’s growing techniques and practices, get some insight on how they develop strains—and into what it takes for one of those strains actually make it to dispensary shelves— and how they balance art and science in their efforts. We’ll also hear thoughts from Will on what to smoke in Europe and learn what everyone is smoking in the run-up to the...


Episode 63: The Gift of Cannabis

This week on the show, Emily and Dante are joined by Leafly's lifestyle editor Hannah Meadows to talk about giving cannabis and its accoutrement for the holiday season. We'll talk about what strains make good gifts and what to keep in mind if you're gifting cannabis this holiday season. We'll also chat about some of our favorite cannabis accessories of the year, including pieces from Leafly's Holiday Gift Guide, and discuss what you can expect if you're taking a tolerance break this holiday...


Episode 62: A Very Leafly Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Week, so let the season of overeating begin! This week, Will, Dante, and Emily share their thoughts on how cannabis can help keep your holiday mellow. We'll share some of our favorite strains to make sure your appetite is feast-ready, chat about which classic recipes benefit the most from a little cannabis infusion, discuss the strains and products we're thankful for this year, and much more!


Episode 61: System of a Down's Shavo Introduces 22Red Cannabis

Shavo Odadjian is best known as the bassist for System of a Down, but he's also an avid smoker and cannabis connoisseur. This weekend, Shavo makes his entry to the industry with the launch of 22Red, a new line that's part fashion brand, part music label, and part cannabis brand. We talked about System of a Down's first visit to Amsterdam, which was blessed by an impromptu smoke session with famed strain hunter Arjan Roskam. We also learned what strains Shavo is excited to share with...


Episode 60: Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein Talk Weed the People

In their new documentary Weed the People, executive producer Ricki Lake and director Abby Epstein explore the impact that medical cannabis is having on pediatric cancers, as well as the difficulties parents, doctors, and caregivers face in putting these treatments into action. We talked with Lake and Epstein about their experience making the film, what it's taught them about the potential of medical cannabis, and how that potential squares with the booming recreational cannabis market and...


Episode 59: Gold Leaf Gardens' Nate Gibbs

Nate Gibbs, co-founder of Gold Leaf Gardens, joins Will and Emily to talk about how the ethics of island life have shaped his team's organic growing practices. We'll discuss Clean Green certification and what changes could come to that regulation, chat about solvent-free extraction methods, and learn the finer points of blending cannabis and concentrates when crafting an infused preroll. And of course we'll talk about what we're smoking this week, from vibrating vape cartridges to Gold...


Episode 58: Skinner Talks Cannabis and Art

This week on the show, celebrated artist Skinner joins Will and Bailey for a conversation about cannabis, art, creativity, and their worst experiences with edibles. We'll talk about Skinner's work with Saints Cannabis, what else he'd like to do in the industry, and the opportunities and obstacles in cannabis advertising he sees as an artist and designer. We also get a little deep, exploring how the simple act making time in the day to be creative, read a book, or partake in a little...


Episode 57: Ed Rosenthal and Greg Zeman Go Beyond Buds

Cannabis legend Ed Rosenthal joins the show again, and he's got company! Ed and Cannabis Now's Greg Zeman join the show to talk about their latest book, Beyond Buds, which explores the world of cannabis concentrates. We'll discuss what the growing popularity of vape pens means for cannabis culture, how nanotechnology could lead to precision-tailored cannabis extracts, and the surprising role that yeast could one day play in producing cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis constituents.


Episode 56: Ricky Williams on Cannabis, Wellness, and Astrology

Heisman Trophy winner. NFL Pro Bowler. Healer. Astrologer. Cannabis entrepreneur. Ricky Williams has been a lot of things in his life, and this week, he's our guest on the What Are You Smoking? podcast. Williams talks with our hosts, Will Hyde and Dante Jordan, about what his relationship with cannabis has looked like over the course of his life, and how it has evolved alongside his personal journey. You'll hear how Williams' training as a healer and herbalist has informed the development...


Episode 55: Talking Terpenes [Reprise]

It's Terpene Week at Leafly, and that means we're taking a deep dive into the volatile compounds that give cannabis it's flavor, its smell, and influence its effects. This week on What Are You Smoking, we're dusting off an episode from the vaults and revisiting our conversation with Leafly's staff scientist Nick Jikomes for a primer on what terpenes are and what research is teaching us about them. We'll be back with a new episode featuring football legend and cannabis entrepreneur Ricky...


Episode 54: Cooking on High's Ngaio Bealum

Comedian and cannabis activist Ngaio Bealum visits the show! The host of the Netflix show Cooking on High chats with Dante and Emily, about the past, present, and future of Hempfest, why people who live in states where cannabis is legal can't forget their fellows living under prohibition, and how you too can make a living as a professional juggler. We'll also talk about the state of diversity in cannabis industry boardrooms and why you should play Cooking on High for your cats while you're...


Episode 53: Sustainable Cannabis at Burnwell Farms

Legalization has ramped up cannabis cultivation in the US, leaving many growers wondering how they can remain competitive in the market while also employing responsible farming practices. Justin Tacy and Brandon Woodland of Burnwell cannabis join the show this week to share some of the techniques and tactics they've developed to keep their work sustainable. We'll talk about what sustainability efforts in the cannabis industry look like right now, what growers can do to ensure they're being...


Episode 52: How Cannabis Opens Up Art Therapy

This week, art therapist, educator, and cannabis cultivator Michael Buchert joins the show to talk about art therapy and the role cannabis can play in a mental health practice. Michael shares some pointers on how patients can talk to their counselors and therapists about cannabis use, and what all mental health professionals need to understand about cannabis. We'll also talk about his cannabis brand, Ritual, and hear thoughts on why it's so tough to get quality sun-grown flower onto...


Episode 51: Flow Kana's Craft Cannabis Collective

Small farms in a region coming together under one banner is nothing new in agriculture—the model has long helped independent and craft cultivators more effectively market and distribute their products, from coffee to food crops. Now, Flow Kana is trying to bring the same model to cannabis cultivators in California's Emerald Triangle. On this week's show, Flow Kana's head of community relations Amanda Reiman joins Bailey and Dante to talk about what this model has to offer farmers and...


Episode 50: Leafly Pickup Gets Moving

Every week on What Are You Smoking, we discuss the cool stuff that cannabis companies are doing. This week, we wanted to take some time to share some of the awesome stuff our own co-workers are doing, like rolling out Leafly’s new online ordering and pickup service. We’re chatting with Ruben Chen and Bennett Kaplan from our dispensary team about how Leafly Pickup can make life easier for dispensaries and customers alike, what we’re doing to improve the product, and how new partners can get...


Episode 49: Amber Wise on Cannabis in the Lab at Avitas

Why is it hard to get interesting new cannabis strains onto dispensary shelves? What sort of experiments do your favorite extractors conduct to hone their craft? And just how do you pronounce Avitas, anyway? We'll talk to Dr. Amber Wise, science director of one of our favorite Northwest cannabis companies, Avitas, and get answers to all of these questions and more. We'll even get a sneak peek at some of the new products the company is launching soon! At the risk of spoiling things, there's...


Episode 48: California Cannabis in Wildfire Season

This week on the show, we talk to Leafly's California editor, David Downs, about how wildfires are transforming cannabis industry in the Golden State. Find out why the future doesn't look bright for the storied Emerald Triangle region, what's made Sacramento the newest hotspot for cannabis cultivators, and how the recreational market can keep producing fantastic $30 eighths in the face of seemingly ceaseless wildfires around the state. And of course, we'll share some of our favorite...


Episode 47: Ethan Russo and What's In Your Cannabis

Today on the show, Will and Bailey are joined by storied cannabis researcher and neurologist Dr. Ethan Russo. Dr. Russo has authored dozens of papers and books about the medical potential of cannabis, and currently serves as Director of Research and Development for the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute. On the latest episode of What Are You Smoking, Dr. Russo weighs in on the many pesticides that may be lurking in cannabis throughout Washington. Learn what to look for,...


Episode 46: CO2 Extraction with Heylo's Lo Friesen

This week on What Are You Smoking, Bailey and Emily are joined in the studio by Lo Friesen, CEO and lead extractor at Heylo, one of our favorite extraction companies in Washington. Lo got her start in the cannabis industry designing CO2 extraction machines for Eden Labs before moving to the other side of the extractor to craft Heylo's awesome cannabis oils. In today's episode, we talk about how Heylo is highlighting the role terpenes play in the effects of cannabis, why the company only...


Episode 45: Prohibition Pains

This week on What Are You Smoking, we welcome Leafly's newest staff writer, Dante Jordan, back to the show and get a reminder that, while legal cannabis makes things seem rosy on the coasts, prohibition is still wrecking lives around the nation. Recently arrived in Seattle from Dallas, Dante shares his thoughts on how legalization efforts impact states where cannabis prohibition is the law of the land, what's it like writing about cannabis from a prohibition state, and what folks in legal...