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Episode 45: Prohibition Pains

This week on What Are You Smoking, we welcome Leafly's newest staff writer, Dante Jordan, back to the show and get a reminder that, while legal cannabis makes things seem rosy on the coasts, prohibition is still wrecking lives around the nation. Recently arrived in Seattle from Dallas, Dante shares his thoughts on how legalization efforts impact states where cannabis prohibition is the law of the land, what's it like writing about cannabis from a prohibition state, and what folks in legal...


Episode 44: Oils and Extracts with Oleum

Happy Oil Day, everyone! On this 7/10, we're celebrating by showcasing some of the many great cannabis concentrates, oils, waxes, and other extracts available in legal markets around the country. In keeping with that, What Are You Smoking? is dropping a day early to present a conversation with Graham Jennings and Aaron Palmer, the co-founders of Oleum, one of our favorite extraction companies in Washington. Will Hyde, your host and Avid Dabber, talks with Oleum's honchos about what they...


Episode 43: Cannabis at the Ballot Box

This Independence Day, we’re celebrating the red, white, blue, and green with a look at the status of legal cannabis all over the United States. We’re joined this week by Ben Adlin and Bruce Barcott, two of Leafly’s news editors and hosts of Leafly’s news podcast, The Roll-Up. Our resident news hounds of the gains that legal cannabis has made in states around the US in the first half of 2018. Take a listen to learn what we make of the year in cannabis so far, where recreational and medical...


Episode 42: Pax Talks Vaping as a Platform

Pax makes some of our favorite vaporizer products, including their flagship oil vape, the Era. For this week's show, Will and Emily sat down with Pax's VP of strategy, JJ O'Brien to talk about picking partners, the future of proprietary cannabis products, and the pros and cons of managing your cannabis consumption through an app. Tune in to learn more about what how Pax is adding new features to classic products, and what you can expect from the company going forward.


Episode 41: Meet OTTO, The Joint-Rolling Robot

This week on What Are You Smoking, we sit down with OTTO, the joint-rolling robot from Banana Bros, and OTTO's inventor, Dave Richmond. Dave's a veteran engineer and a joint aficionado—not necessarily in that order—who brought his first entry into the cannabis industry into our studios to show us how it works. OTTO is an AI powered electrical mill that precision grinds cannabis for joints, blunts, and anything else you like to smoke! While we took the OTTO for a spin, we chatted with Dave...


Episode 40: Dabbing with Nectar Craft

What Are Your Smoking takes its first field trip as we visit Seattle's own Nectar Craft to tour the lab and talk about what's new and what's next. Will, founder Andrew Sorkin, and salesperson David Hayes talk about how nectar chooses hardware to deliver their oils, what they look for in partners and in flower, and how the company's new line of CBN products is bringing a little-understood cannabinoid into the spotlight.


Episode 39: Growing Tips from Ed Rosenthal

Will and Bailey welcome cannabis advocate and growing guru Ed Rosenthal to the show! We chat about the experimental grows Ed is involved in all over the world, what beginning and aspiring cannabis cultivators should know before they grow, and why you should NEVER burp your buds while they're curing. To get more growing advice from Ed, check out his latest book, Harvest, or read his long-running advice column, Ask Ed, in the pages of Grow Magazine.


Episode 38: Saints Joints Founder Larry Perigo

This week on What Are You Smoking, Will and Bailey sit down with Larry Perigo, one of the founders of Saints Joints and Seattle Green Bud. We'll talk about collaboration in the cannabis industry, the trials of expanding a cannabis company across state lines, and the challenges of developing the perfect blend of products for a concentrate-infused preroll. Plus, Larry passes on some joint-rolling advice for the DIY inclined.


Episode 37: Cannabis History with David Bienenstock

Veteran cannabis journalist and co-host of the podcast Great Moments in Weed History David Bienenstock visits the show to discuss what modern cannabis users should understand about the plant’s past. We talk about stories and figures from cannabis history everyone should know, the challenges of separating fact from fiction in cannabis history, and why the growing cannabis industry should work to change capitalism—not the other way around.


Episode 36: Your Cannabis Questions Answered

Here at Leafly, we get a lot of questions from our readers, and we do our best to answer them. So this week on What Are You Smoking?, we're diving deep into Leafly's mailbag to field some of the most interesting, important, and common questions we get from curious cannabis consumers. Learn how to properly store your infused edibles, what cannabis strains and compounds can help you kick cigarettes, and of course, what to do if you are just too high. And if you've got questions you'd like to...


Episode 35: Baked in Alaska

Alaska was the third state in the U.S. to legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis, but this far-flung cannabis community doesn't typically get the same coverage as its cousins in the lower 48. In this episode of What Are You Smoking, we try and rectify that a little. Just back from a reporting trip to Anchorage, Leafly deputy editor Bruce Barcott sits down to discuss the opportunities dispensaries in the Great White North are taking advantage of and the challenges they face. And of...


Episode 34: Dominique Dabs

This week, we welcome Lorenz Houston—marketing manager for the dispensary chain Diego Pellicer and @dominiquedabs on social media—into the studio to talk about what trends he sees in the industry, the differences between Washington and Colorado's cannabis industries, and of course, what he's smoking and dabbing on lately.


Episode 33: Talking Terpenes

If you’re in a dispensary for more than a minute at this point, you’re going to hear some talk about terpenes. Cannabis connoisseurs pride themselves on understanding how terpenes impact the scent and flavor of a strain, but if you’re not an expert, it can be hard to know where to start. This week Will and Bailey host Leafly’s staff scientist, Nick Jikomes, to share a primer on what terpenes are, how they differ across cannabis strains, and what we’re learning about how these compounds.


Episode 32: Talking Edibles with The Goodship's Jody Hall

This week, Will is joined in studio by Jody Hall, CEO of The Goodship. We talk about how her team develops new kinds of cannabis cookies and candy, what they're doing to overcome old stereotypes about edibles, and what's on the horizon, including a coming expansion to the California market.


Episode 31: Potent Portables

Summer is right around the corner, which means we're all running out of excuses to hide under the blankets all weekend. With the season of beach parties, camping trips, day hikes, and more coming soon, we share some of our favorite options for consuming cannabis on the go. Editor Hannah Meadows and producer Ian Chant join Will to talk about what they look for in a portable product and recommend some of their favorite away-game accessories.


What Are You Smoking? Episode 30: Cannabis Industry Lawyer Deserae Weitmann

Get ready to lawyer up as Leafly’s in-house legal counsel talks about practicing law in the constantly evolving cannabis industry. Deserae Abed-Rabbo Weitmann joins Will to talk about why she turned her legal training to the cannabis industry, what the biggest challenges are for lawyers in the space, and what changes she thinks are on the horizon--and which she hopes are coming sooner than later. She also rather pointedly does not give us any legal advice, so remember that today's show,...


Episode 29: Checking In on the Canadian Cannabis Market with Dave Schmader

This week, host Will Hyde is joined by Dave Schmader, Senior Editor with a focus on Canda for Leafly. Dave shares some some of his notes on the latest movement in Canadian cannabis regulation. He explains the updated timeline for legal sales to begin, as well as some of the differences between how some of the provinces and territories will function differently.


Episode 28: Discussing Dabs with Waken Blake

This week, host Will Hyde is joined by Blake Stango, Warehouse Coordinator for Leafly. Blake breaks down his love for dabbing, some things those new to dabbing should avoid, and shares a few tips to get the best dab possible. Will and Blake break into the mailbag to answer a few questions from the audience and share what they are currently dabbing on.


Episode 026: How Cannabis Gets Tested

This week, host Will Hyde is joined by Bobby Hines, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer for Confidence Analytics, a Washington-based cannabis testing lab. Bobby shines a light on how testing is conducted, how tests are evolving, and what consumers should be looking for—and looking out for—in their cannabis products. He even shares some growing tips, like how to keep indoor plants from getting "lazy" by building miniature droughts into a watering schedule.


Episode 026: Exercising with Cannabis

This week on the show, Leafly editors Rebecca Kelley and Hannah Meadows join Will to talk about integrating cannabis into an exercise regimen. What kind of high pairs well with a runner's high? How can cannabis work in concert with your yoga routine? What products will help you recover from a workout? We've got suggestions that will help you kick it up a notch at the gym, and then kick back on the couch like you've really earned it.