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RealAgriculture is focused on issues that impact agriculture.




Agronomy Geeks Ontario, Ep.18 — The Corn Stalk/White Mould Connection: What’s a Farmer to Do?

We’re moving into prime white mould season — mid-summer and into August. While conditions were very favourable for disease development through June (wet and cool), mid-to-late July’s heat and dry conditions could have slowed progress of the disease. While you won’t be able to gauge infection levels in soybeans without scouting (hint: go do that... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 16: How Application, Tile Runs and Tillage Impact Phosphorus Losses

Phosphorus is essential for growing crops, but it becomes a pollutant when too much of it moves into waterways, including major water bodies like Lake Erie. How climate and management practices, such as tile drainage and tillage, impact the movement of nutrients from farm fields into the water system is the focus of much of... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 15: Agronomy Proof Your Crop Plan

You can’t change the weather and you can’t influence crop prices, but you can agronomy proof your crop plan, says Deb Campbell, agronomist with Agronomy Advantage. As winter ever so slowly releases its grip on Ontario, Campbell says farmers can do plenty of planning now to tip yield in their favour, but it’s going to... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep.14: How (and When) Modern Corn Hybrids Use N

These aren’t your daddy’s corn hybrids. If you think modern corn hybrids are leaps and bounds more productive than what you were planting 15 or years ago, you’re right. But thinking so and knowing so (and how) are two different things, and for that you need research. Tony Vyn, of Purdue University, has looked at... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 13: What We’re Learning About Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Just like there are many strains of the common cold and the flu, plant diseases can be caused by “races” of the same pathogen. Northern corn leaf blight is one disease that has at least 13 strains — four to six of which affect corn crops in Ontario. In this episode of the Agronomy Geeks... Read More


Ontario Agronomy Geeks — Ep. 12: Putting Data to Work on the Farm

Farmers have been collecting data since the first yield maps appeared 20 to 30 years ago. The promise then was that farmers would be able to turn data into management decisions that would benefit their bottom line. For most farmers, though, that has yet to happen. In this episode of the Agronomy Geeks Ontario podcast,... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 11: Fending off Fungicide Resistance, Plus New Threats to Watch For

The disease pressure landscape changes as the season progresses and from year to year, but there are always the endemic threats that farmers have to manage for. Part of the disease scouting process includes knowing what to look for, including some new or rare pests that could be making their way into your growing region.... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 10: Nutrients, Cephalosporium and Fusarium

Producers are starting to see fields of green, as we roll into the middle of June. This means it’s time for those boots to hit the field (again/still), as scouting for disease and insect pressure, nutrient deficiencies and undesirable plants is crucial to understanding the health of plant populations and maximizing yields through subsequent management decisions. In... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 9: When to Switch To Lower CHU Hybrids

As May ticks away, farmers in Ontario continue to wrestle with difficult planting conditions. In this episode of the Agronomy Geeks Ontario podcast, Bernard Tobin and Syngenta agronomic sales manager Shawn Brenneman discuss the pace of #plant14 and the decisions farmers are facing. As of May 21, Brenneman estimates that 40 to 50 percent of... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario —Ep. 8: Tillage Strategies for a Wet Spring

As the cool, wet spring drags on in Ontario, many farmers are wrestling with whether they have time for tillage or should they just plant as soon as the soil is fit. In this episode of the Agronomy Geeks Ontario podcast, Bernard Tobin talks tillage strategy with Salford Farm Machinery’s Jim Boak. Are certain types... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 7: All You Need to Know About Using Fluency

As Ontario farmers head to the field to plant corn and soybeans, they’ll get their first opportunity to use Fluency Agent, the new Bayer CropScience seed lubricant replacing talc and graphite. Over the past winter there’s been much discussion in agriculture about the health of bees and other pollinators. As a means of integrating as... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 6: High Speed Corn Planting & Waiting ‘Til Soil is “Fit”

As the snow finally melts in Ontario, cash crop farmers have a lot to do in a short window. There’s still plenty of corn out there and lots of unfinished tillage work. In this episode of the Ontario Agronomy Geeks podcast, Bernard Tobin talks strategy with agronomist Mervyn Erb of Agri-Solve Inc. — what should... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 5: Flex Acres, A Long Winter & The Excitement of Growing Corn

Farmers love to grow corn, that much we know. But there’s a limit to how far love will take you when prices are low and land prices are sky-high. As farmers get antsy for spring planting to begin, talk inevitably turns to what will go in the ground this year. Not all the planned winter... Read More


Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep.4: Getting Itchy For Spring

As Ontario farmers get home from Southwest Ag Conference and FarmSmart, everyone is probably getting itchy for spring. The only thing maybe holding us back is the horrible snow storms that we have been getting. Planting does seem far away but like always at this time of year it is closer than we think. In... Read More


Agronomy Geeks, Ontario Edition —Ep. 3: Highlights of SWAC 2014

Every year as the calendar turns to a new year, the Southwest Ag Conference greets us with two days of learning and networking with agricultural colleagues. Due to travel issues into Toronto, Shaun Haney attended SWAC via twitter from the Las Vegas airport while Ontario Field Editor, Bern Tobin took in the event in person... Read More


Ontario Agronomy Geeks, Ep. 2 — Have Another Pint, Gredig

Its time for episode two of the Ontario Agronomy Geeks. This weeks guests are St. Thomas farmer Peter Gredig and University of Guelph Professor and OMAFRA Weed Specialist Mike Cowbrough. The panel joins Shaun Haney to discuss corn harvest progress, corn hybrid selection, potential acre increase for IP soybeans in 2014, does lower prices mean... Read More


Ontario Agronomy Geeks — Ep1 — I Wish I Had More Wheat in the Ground

Lots to discuss this week on the Ontario Agronomy Geeks. The guests this week are Steve Denys, VP Sales and Marketing Pride Seeds, Peter Johnson, Wheat Specialist OMAFRA, and St. Thomas based farmer Peter Gredig. We hope that you enjoy the first edition of the Ontario Agronomy Geeks, where we discussed the corn and soybean... Read More