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An artistic channel that showcases the past, present and future music of CMajor. Stories, Music and Piano Lessons on every show.


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An artistic channel that showcases the past, present and future music of CMajor. Stories, Music and Piano Lessons on every show.






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Black Keys: Imagining Cats, Dogs, Birds & Ants

Imagine black keys as animals, appearing in ways that motivate you to recall where they are on your keyboard. That’s the topic of today’s episode. For this class, take out your drawing utensils for some visual fun! See you all soon!


Drawing Your Hands and Fingers: Piano Practice

Part of practicing is knowing where your hands go. One of my favorite things to do with students is teaching artistry and technique. First we need to know how the fingers are numbered. Get your coffee cups in hand along with your pencils and paper. See y’all soon!


Imagining Hand Shape at the Piano

The focus of today’s episode is about making a good handshape. How does that look for you? When you look down at the piano, think flat or think round. This and more to be discussed with CMajor. See you all soon!


Posturing at the Piano: What This Looks Like

We will have some fun with you soon as CMajor describes some “do’s”and “don’ts” at the piano, Do sit properly. Do sit with a straight back. Don’t sit too high or too low. Check your posture and bring a picture with you to today’s class. Thank you for listening.


Writing Down Chords and Chord Movements

Today’s episode is a fun lesson for you all! If you ever wondered how many notes to use for a chord, listen to CMajor. She’s going to take care of you. Bring your own coffee drinks and something to eat. Oh!—and bring something to write with...see you soon.


Writing Down Crazy Sounds

Have you ever had fun with your music making by writing your own symbols? You may have chosen signs and symbols that act as kind reminders on how to play something. In today’s episode CMajor revisits some ways to write down fixed sounds. See you all soon.


Writing Down Remote Notes—For Piano

Today’s episode is about e-lessons, more about documenting your music making with your own notation system or something else. How are you making music during your stay-at-home period during Coronavirus? Listen now as CMajor brings you a fun and colorful lesson for your music making futures. Thank you all for listening!


On Demand: Writing Down Chords You Play

Have you played with James Brown, Kool & The Gang, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic yet? You might after today’s lesson. We are talking about ways to practice and become better. Playing and writing down chords may just be the ticket. See you all soon!


Writing Down Music: With Long Nails (Tips)

It’s been a long week! We have many things to say to you about playing the piano. How are you doing this with long nails (tips)? We hope that you are keeping well during this global health crisis. Piano theory, chord progressions, pedagogy and more...explained during today’s episode. See you soon! Thank you for listening.


MMW: Piano Teachers Practice

This episode is about music making and wellness. We have all been stressed lately about the thought of managing our health at school, work and play. How can we continue to make music and make healthy choices at the same time? Listen now as CMajor brings you a fun follow up to the CBTS podcast.


More chords, scales and interval fun

This weekend’s episode is about having more chord, scales and interval fun. We talked about chords and fingers today on CMajor Before The Show. Listen now as CMajor brings you a fun lesson experience for playing the piano. See you all soon! Thank you for listening.


Chords in Your Community: Major Triads

Do you know chords for the music you’re playing? If so, tune in for our podcast episode on Chords in Your Community. We’re excited about your music making. Listen now as CMajor brings you some teaching aids and fun learning. See you all soon. Thank you for listening.


Writing Down The Highs and The Lows

This episode explores the concepts of music making using high and low sounds. Let the music guide you...join CMajor as she talks about ways to indicate the ups and downs. These are music terms for our podcast today. See you all soon and thank you for listening.


The CMajor Radio Show: Running Music

In today’s episode, CMajor describes her idea of playing running music and how to write the chords. What does running music sound like? Tune in to find out. See you all soon. Thanks for listening.


Defining Humor: Writing Down Witty Parts

Defining humor is one thing. Writing it down is another. CMajor talks about the sounds you heard her play over at CMajor Before The Show. Join in the fun and bring a pencil to the class. See you all soon.


Setting The Tone: New Year, New Goals

Finding humor in music making may be a worthwhile pursuit. CMajor is aiming to talk more about humorous moments and how composers can write passages in a way that make you giggle. Listen now as CMajor talks about setting the tone. Thank you for listening.


Songs and Chords: Saying Things With Music Making

Are you a writer of songs? You might be able to say things in a way that encourages music to be played. Whatever the case is, we invited you to do a fun exercise with us over at CBTS. Now we’ll talk about what we did. Listen now as CMajor talks about songs and chords. See you all soon.


Mood and Style: Choosing Chords for Christmas

Today’s episode is about choosing chords appropriate to the mood and style of a song. Over at CMajor Before The Show we mentioned three Christmas Carols. Will you be comfortable with two or three chords? Tune in now for more options. See you all soon.


Writing Down Chords From Carol of The Bells

In today’s episode, we’ll write down chords from Carol of The Bells. Using text notation you can see how to notate minor, seventh and major chords. It’s a follow up to our blog post over at CMajor’s Classroom and the episode from today’s class at CMajor Before The Show. See you all soon!


Writing Down Chords: Blues and Jazz

Jazz and blues sounds may begin by using blue notes. Jazz grew from ragtime and blues. In today’s episode we’ll see how to write chords beyond simple three-chord blues-based chord structures. See you all soon. Thank you for listening!