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A thoughtfully handcrafted podcast of ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music

A thoughtfully handcrafted podcast of ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music


Boston, MA


A thoughtfully handcrafted podcast of ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music




Episode 310

This episode does two things. One, it weaves it way between the Newish queue and the library–and by that I mean, track by track. And two, it goes all over the dang place, musically speaking. Buckle up. It’s a pretty wild ride, and I’m not getting in the way. We’ll talk in 90. Download Start […]


Episode 309

Goodness me, would you look at the size of that playlist? To be honest, a lot of it is from our Spotlight on Neuro…No Neuro, who kind of specializes in quick hits. And to either side of the Spot, lots of sweet ‘n juicy cuts for your ears. Enjoy. Start Al Gromer Khan, […]


Episode 308

This non-stop glide melts its way from the Newish queue into the library. I confess to latching onto some analog grooves for a while in the second half. Can’t help myself. Download Start Fabio R Lattuca, Stay Down Below, Till This Blow Over, Matter7.18 Micah Pick, You Know When You Hear […]


Episode 307

Rhythm, a word I just had to type five times to spell it correctly, kicks off this episode. In the soft, pillowy center we’ll coast along with Mr Tom Eaton. The last stretch curves over toward neo-classical land a bit. Hang on. Download Start Charm Days, Second Naivete, A Firefly Out Of Season3.44 […]


Episode 306

I say this absolutely without reservation: this is one of the deepest flows I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting together. Listening to this–something I’ve done several times now–has a genuinely profound and moving effect on me, and I owe that solely to these superb artists. I hope this episode brings you to a deep […]


Episode 305

Let’s kick this one off kind of bright ‘n’ shiny, because in the middle we get lost in Endless Melancholy. In the last set, we welcome back some names who’ve been away… Download Start Nicholas Gunn, Chasing The Light, Pacific Blue5.11 Paul Speer, Venus Rising, Sonoran Odyssey10.36 King Moot, Kalm Heart, […]


Episode 304

Sometimes you just need to drift a while. We’ll kick off doing exactly that, then very gently ease the throttle upward. I think you’re going to like how this one ends. (No, not the bit where I get talky…just the stuff before that.) We’ve got peace…and we’ve got power. Download Start Blear Moon, […]


Episode 303

From a deep world-music groove to get things started, we’ll course through some shadowy spots, spend 30 minutes with Robert Scott Thompson, then find our way eventually to some jazz influences and modern classical. Quite a mix, gotta say. It’s just how we do. Download Start Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers, Negriye, Voudou […]


Episode 302

Hold on, we’re heading into theme territory. Take a quick glance at the playlist–or, hey, just listen to the first 30 seconds of the show–and you’ll have the theme firmly in hand. Ain’t rocket science. Let’s go. Let’s go. Download Start Joost Egelie, Beta, Particles 4.31 Talvihorros, Beta, Descent in Delta […]


Episode 301

“John,” they said to me, “how will you possibly follow up your 300th show?” I gave them a sly smile, and as I turned to go said, over my shoulder, “With the 301st.” True story. Settle in. This 90’s got new and library tracks, and we settle in for 30 minutes with Michelle Qureshi. Download […]


Episode 300

Not much to say beyond thank you for being here. More to the point, thanks for being the reason I’m still being here. Let’s do this thing for the 300th time, shall we? Download Start Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman, Taking Flight, Trance Spirits 11.08 Spacecraft, De Profundis, The Gatherings Vol 2 […]


Episode 299

Music can’t cure the thing that’s currently ailing us collectively, but I hope this 90 minutes’ worth at least takes your mind off it for a bit. There are fresh tracks in front, delicious library cuts in the back, and in the middle we’ll stroll through a half hour of contemporary classical offerings from Bruno […]


Episode 298

Aw, damn it, these controls must be jammed…I can’t stop this thing. It’s just going to run for 90 minutes on its own. Oh, well, at least it’s packed with great stuff from the Newish queue. I’ll talk to you on the tail end. Download Start Ian Haygreen, C6H12O6, Zucker (compilation) 7.54 […]


Episode 297

I hope this new episode finds you well, and gives you a little solace in this insane situation that’s shaking the world. We’ll get through this as best we can. Meanwhile, dive in. We’ve got new tracks, 30 darkly drifting minutes with Phobos, and a quick tour of the library. Be well, be safe, be […]


Episode 296

It’s lazy podcast time. Get comfy. Long tracks coming your way, and no stops. Talk to you in 90 or so. Download Start Ashtoreth, Rite II, Rites I & II 16.24 Edu Comelles, Paisatge – Solc, Línia Pedra Paisatge Solc 32.08 Wastelanders, Expanding Mental Universe, Cosmic Despair 46.23 Slow Dancing Society, […]


Episode 295

Well, I didn’t mean to make a show with lots of piano, but whither goest the flow, so go we. Max Corbacho escorts us through 30 too-short minutes in the Spotlight, and the last third keeps us nicely chilled, if I do say so myself. Download Start Solace Road, Light Turns Grey, Silence […]


Episode 294

A big bolt of energy kicks off this episode. I’ll layer in some analog thrills, and tie it together with a touch or two of quiet. Variety is the spice of podcast life, I say! Download Start Altus, Hold Strong, Strength of Fate 5.34 Signal Void, Static Souls, This Liminal Reality […]


Episode 293

Let’s start this one in the library as I continue to dig through those tasty tracks that caught my ear during some casual listening. We’ve set aside 30 minutes for a deep dive into the Mingosphere, then we’ll nab a a couple from the newer stuff to ease it all to a close. Download Start […]


Episode 292

I get some pretty weird music around here sometimes, and it needs to be heard, too. So we start there and journey forth. If it’s not particular your cup of joy, stick around–we’ll pay a visit to our old friend analog around the middle part, and close off with some long drifts. No stops on […]


Episode 291

How about if we start off a little quietly, then hop into the Spotlight to check out some music from Witnesses, then slip back to some pretty quite spaces? All in favor? Okay, then, let’s go. Download Start Forrest Fang, A Recursive Tale, Ancient Machines 6.11 Whalt Thisney, Immaterial, This Stillness […]