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A thoughtfully handcrafted podcast of ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music

A thoughtfully handcrafted podcast of ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music


Boston, MA


A thoughtfully handcrafted podcast of ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music




Episode 329

Who’s responsible for this flow going so deep? Well, Max Corbacho is up first so maybe that set the tone and we just, you know, went from there. Personally, I’d blame the guy who sat down and put this together. He clearly just wanted you to float for a while. A good long while. Enjoy […]


Episode 328

I would say this one starts at the border of neo-classical and electronic. Plenty of acoustic influence. But you know how it goes around here…we don’t necessarily stay in one place for too long. When the beat hits, the mood shifts. Start Gregory Allison, ((iv)), ((livestream 1))15.21 Harriet Riley & Alex Garden, […]


Episode 327

Heavy bass and a touch of funk get this episode started. We’ll cool our jets after a bit and wind our way down to a subtle finish. Start Schnellertollermeier, Before and After, 510.50 Becko, Cyberfriend, Inner Self14.10 Stefania Avolio, Blizzard, Natural Element18.03 Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds, Dream Creator, Phosphenes26.09 […]


Episode 326

If I may be so bold as to say so myself, this is one of those episodes that, I feel, exemplifies what makes this show different from many others. There is a range of soundworlds on display here, light and dark, sacred and secular, each unique but for subtle sonic connections that helped guide me […]


Episode 325

Another uninterrupted flow comes your way as, more and more, your host find he has less and less to say. Enjoy the ride. Start Bodhi, Surrounding Mountains, Deep Dream7.06 James Marienthal, Speak to the Sky, Speak to the Sky13.15 Vieo Abiungo, Empty Heroics, At Once, There Was No Horizon23.15 […]


Episode 324

Taking a deep dive into the library before we spend our upcoming episodes focusing solely on the newer stuff. Let’s see what we discover and how deep we can go. (Hint: pretty deep.) Start Between Interval, Fields of Neptune, Legacy5.04 Das Rad, Tenser, 75CD11.30 Mint Field, Natural, Sentimiento Mundial16.30 […]


Episode 323

Let’s start in an experimental space, explore some drone textures, and see where it takes us from there. Ya never know… Start Bad Stream, III, Sonic Healing10.29 Tantroniq, Music from Inside Time, Music from Inside Time23.47 Yellow6, Silent Flight, Silent Streets And Empty Skies 31.15 Beholding, Like Feathers of a […]


Episode 322

This 90-minute glide will be good for soothing your soul, and should also pump a little energy into your groove centers. Enjoy. Start John Puchiele Ensemble, Stepping, Move5.20 Matthew Labarge, Regret, Music from the Long Quiet10.14 Dino Pacifici, The Hummingbird, The Ambient Garden16.12 Leaving Richmond, The Frequency of You, […]


Episode 321

Let’s move into the new year with some new (more or less) music. There’s a spot about a half-hour in where I hand it all off to some piano players for a bit. They seem like nice people. The last 45 or so is a nice, deep drift that will send you places. Start […]


Episode 320

Thank you for another great year. I appreciate your continued support. Start Time Being, A Perfect Heart, An Ocean of Time9.29 Monogoto, Iuxta Mare -deletion 5-, Partial Deletion Of Everything (Vol 1)24.54 Panoptique Electrical, The Lighthouse, Five Pianos30.45 thme, Odd Memory, That’s What It Will Be Like *34.39 […]


Episode 319

Start Khems, Gasoline, Solis5.17 IIITAIII, Chasing Ghosts, Zeroes and Twos8.13 Project Mycelium, 8-bit Man, Islands: The Strings Of Time14.22 Cyril Cyril, Yallah Mickey Mouse, Yallah Mickey Mouse17.39 Claire Deak & Tony Dupé, We Crossed the Lake, The Old Capital23.30 Kevin Keller, Solana, The Front Porch of […]


Episode 318

Start The Metaphysical Box, Spirits of the Lakes, Part 1 – Invocation, Shamans of the Soundscapes 14.39 Blessed Are the Hearts that Bend, Glacier Part 2, The Limitless Sweet Love of Precious Suffering31.29 Herve Perez feat. Alexandru Hegyesi, Garden Of Secrets, Garden Of Secrets47.18 Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig, Belum […]


Episode 317

Start Josh Johnston, Green Meditation, Where We’re Standing Now6.48 Masako, Observing M31, Hidden Flowers11.09 Cheryl B Engelhardt, Moon Harvest, Luminary17.22 David W Donner, Hope, Eterna21.38 Shambhu, Devotion Tears, Soothe26.25 FLOW, All These Years, Promise32.06 Todd Boston, Dreamtime, One36.04 Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer, New Morning, […]


Episode 316

Start redgreenblue, Resistor 1, Resistor10.06 Caleb Dolister, The Machinist, Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering13.04 Arms Of Tripoli, She’s Onion, One Way Plastic19.13 Covolux, Bloom, Bloom26.51 Haarvöl, Reflectless Faces Of A Parallel Line To Reality, Ridge of Humming Spoils36.15 AeTopus, Rusticene, Variant43.18 Glanko, Memory Thorn (ft. Marco […]


Episode 315

Download Start Sankt Otten, Du hast dem Schicksal die Show gestohlen, Lieder für Geometrische Stunden5.03 Young Girl, Sleep Paralysis, The Night Mayor11.11 Simone Lalli, Aurora, Marefermo14.49 Tyresta, Stay Home!, It Could All Be Different20.04 The Adelaidean, Deep Rebreathing, Isolation34.07 The Ambient Visitor, To New Adventures (excerpt), To […]


Episode 314

Download Start Moonlooker, Warm Ground, In The Late Light5.03 Off Land, Journey, Pathways III11.46 P.M.Tummala, Deccan Social Club, 1968, Brindavan Mon Amour19.01 Pool Night, Parts, Depart 28.17 Robin Schlochtermeier, Foghorn, Spectral36.09 Matt Borghi & Michael Teager, False Awakening, Subterranean Bearings46.10 Keith Schwartz, Ah Via Celestia, Voices […]