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A thoughtfully handcrafted podcast of ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music


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A thoughtfully handcrafted podcast of ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music




Episode 383

’round about midstream, this flow decided it might like to be at least a little lazy. Pulled up at eight nice, deep tracks and we keep things mostly on the quiet side. Probably for the best since we’ve got a big party coming soon… Start Max Corbacho, Stillness Glow, Atmospheric Twilight12.18 Altus, […]


Episode 382

As you may know if you listened last time, there’s been an unusual amount of flute-based music coming into the tanks lately, so we will start things off there. A quick stop and then we’re off again, powered by some Berlin School-style energy and ending up with a whole bunch of bass guitar. Start […]


Episode 381

Holding Tanks 1 and 2 continue to drain even as I fill Tank 3, and the result is an interesting flow that weighs a bit heavily on the dark, quiet side. Some of this music has sat waiting for me to get to it for a year or so — but thankfully, good music doesn’t […]


Episode 380

Let’s start off with a few Artists John Forgot before diving into the Holding Tanks for some clearly more unforgettable (by me) music. Start D.K., Full Consciousness, Eighteen Movements7.55 Diropel, Turmuta, Yhnpivtr11.43 Jeremy Keenan, Intone, Scripts19.00 Deathdance, Perfectly Lit, Reveiller27.58 Wet Tuna, Sweet Chump Change, Warping All by […]


Episode 379

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a lazy podcast, but… It’s only got eight tracks, some of them are pretty long, and it stays quite quiet. So, semi-lazy, and you still get 90 minutes out of it. Enjoy. Start NTHNL, Soundbath3, Tranquility Studies, Vol 218.20 Strangebird~Sounds, Lavender River, Lavender […]


Episode 378

A nice balance of light and dark in this one. When we hit the shadows we don’t stay long, but the sensation may linger. All in all this one stays fairly low-key. Start Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi, The Celestial Expanse (single)10.55 theAdelaidean, Sodium Lights in Sequence – Highway, Homeward bound, Eternity […]


Episode 377

Bit of a short first set, but as usual it ends right where it was supposed to. We get into some intriguing spaces in the second set, and bring it all in for a smooth and quiet landing. Start Janne Hanhisuanto, Moon Over Fell, Moon on the Man5.37 Robert Rich and […]


Episode 376

Back we go into the Holding Tanks, hooks baited for reeling in delicious music. In the second half we take off on a global tour, starting in New Age-y places. But you know how it goes here–we could end up anywhere. Start Keith Richie, Movement II (Naked Singularity), Infinity Volume I – The […]


Episode 375

Time to get our hush on with 90 minutes of nice, quiet music. No bumps, no surprises, no stops. One might go so far as to say you could meditate to this one. Don’t get used to it, though… Start Giles Reaves, The Unknown, Wunjo*19.25 Igneous Flame, Incandescence, Opaline30.46 Manitou, Quiet […]


Episode 374

Let’s head down to the library, dust off some albums and see how they sound. (Spoiler alert: pretty darn good!) Start Kyron, Domum, Perdurabo4.55 Green Isac Orchestra, Hapi, Green Isac Orchestra11.20 Snowdrops, Odysseus, Volutes24.34 Dwight Ashley & Tim Story, A Poem for the Fire, A Desperate Serenity29.55 Jumpel, […]


Episode 373

New year, same show. Same unserious host. Same great music for 90 minutes for the same great listeners. Start Atomi, Adela, Little Floating Oracles8.44 Christopher Alvarado, The Aesir, A Whispering Sanctuary15.03 Desensitized, Logic of Expression (Praetoreum), Chaos In Premonition20.10 DEN SORTE DØD, Dyster Kold Mörker, Undergangen23.20 Mike Clay, […]


Episode 372

It’s the last show of 2022, but we’re not going to look back. Oh no, my friend. We are going to stare straight down the barrel of a fully loaded Holding Tanks and say, with an appropriately unnerving grin, “Let’s see what you’ve got.” Seventeen cuts of goodness, that’s what.As ever, thank you for being […]


Episode 371

Whither shall we wander this time around? To groves of musical grooviness and gardens of unearthly aural delight? Sure, you could put it that way. Or we could just call it 90 in the Holding Tank, drenching ourselves in good new music. Start Blue Is Nine, Deserts Burn, Far And Wide5.29 […]


Episode 370

Strap in for a fresh round of the best ambient, electronic, and contemporary instrumental out there. We start off with some primal grooves and wind up somewhere deep in space. Enjoy. Start Byron Metcalf & Dashmesh, Deep Time 6, Heart of the Deep Time7.32 Ashtoreth, Rite IV, Rites III-IV22.41 now|here, […]


Episode 369

Oh, nothing much. Just 90 more minutes of really tasty musical treats. Things get a bit droney for a while, and we spend a good bit of time with contemporary composers. Definitely an episode for those with eclectic tastes. We’re all over the map here. Settle in, open mind. Start Audio Mainline, Butterfly, […]


Episode 368

There are a lot of drone textures in this episode, designed to take you to a deeper place. Okay, some of this gets down into some darkness, but I’ll energize the ride as we get toward the end. Enjoy. Start Jeff Pearce, What Summer Leaves Behind, In Late Summer17.25 Ross Gentry, Tusk, […]


Episode 367

Here’s my prediction: you’ll love the first part of this episode, and then you may wonder what the heck I’m thinking. My show, my rules. :-) Hang on and dig the ride. Start Ryan Summers, Harbor Buoy, Deeply Divided5.25 Seigo Aoyama, First Gale, Prelude for the Spring11.39 Grotta Veterano & […]


Episode 366

No stops on this one, even when we roll into unusual territory. For the most part things stay quiet, with bits here and there to make sure you’re still with us. Start Darkroom, Our Damage Catches Up With Us, The Last Sense To Fade10.26 Ryan Huber, Quickening, Subterrane20.38 J. Doursou, Foliage, […]


Episode 365

Resisting the urge to do the obvious theme show, I instead opted to take you deep into the Holding Tank again. We kick off with some beats, wind down to drifts, and get a bit acoustic on the back half. There’s a quick stop in the middle, just to irk some listeners and see who […]


Episode 364

Took a look at the Holding Tanks and the download queue and made an Executive Decision: time to go back to focusing on all the good new stuff I’ve had coming in over the last few months. You haven’t seen the last of the library, but we’ll close those doors for a bit. I promise […]