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Exploring the world of anime through the lens of ignorance, we give our unqualified opinions. Send us questions to our mail .




Exploring the world of anime through the lens of ignorance, we give our unqualified opinions. Send us questions to our mail .




Odd Taxi

Odd as it may seem, a story about an calm and collected taxi driving walrus might be one of the best animes of 2021. Not only is it an intriguing tale of Odokawa’s conflict to untangle his friends from the clutches of organized crime factions, it also highlights the virtues of ordinary hardworking people while throwing mayor shade at the idol industry and the social media clout chase grind. Tune in as we discuss the antics of this heroic walrus.


Made in Abyss Season 2

Ironically having encountered Faputa at the very start of the 6th layer, a whole arc of misery and suffering could have transpired off screen if they only had revealed themselves to the exploring trio. Instead we get to dissect what feels like the inevitable conclusion to a century and a half long period of borrowed time, granted to the citizens of the Golden City of the Scorching Sun. This is a tale of horrendous trolley problems, hopeless poison pickings and cursed monkey paws.


Call Of The Night

Unlike most fantasy vampire romances, Kotoyama's Call of the Night raked in tons of acclaim during it's Summer 2022 runtime and accrued quite a significant following. A following so significant in fact, that securing the funding for a potential season 2 should be quite trivial at this point. With that in mind, tune in to hear us discuss it's flaws and merits and determine if it might be overrated.


Lycoris Recoil

Eastern Germany had 500 000 informants among it’s 18million citizens, where apparently 10 000 of them were under age of 18. Japan’s Lycoris initiative aims to put the these highly unethical practices to shame by putting high school girls at the front lines of the domestic war on terror. Tune in for our recap of the 2022 summer series Lycoris Recoil.


Josee,The Tiger And The Fish

Bones’ director Tamura Koutarou is the latest to throw his hat in the ring with his own adaptation of the story of Josee, the Tiger and the Fish. Rather puzzlingly, none of the themes or plot points immediately enlightens us as to why this short story from 1984 has been adapted at least 4 times since. It would certainly suggest the story is timeless classic that has finally made the jump to the silver screen, so let’s find out if this movie and story is as timeless as they would have us...


Made In Abyss S2 + Film

Three episodes into Made in Abyss S2’s runtime The Casual Anime Podcast decide it’s finally time to catch up with the intrepid trio of explorers. This episode also covers the 3rd movie: «Dawn of The Deep Soul» as well as the currently released episodes of season 2 at the time of recording. Predictably we're still quite slow on the releases.



"Visuals good, but story bad" seem to be the common stance among critics in regards to Tetsurô Araki's latest film, Bubble. While we're not inclined to totally disagree with that statement the Casual Anime Podcast certainly have our own "hot takes" on this 2022 Netflix film.


Spy x Family First Impressions

Brushing off months of metaphorical dust the Casual Anime Podcast makes it's return by riding the coattails of Spring 2022's biggest success. Catch our thoughts, impressions and predictions based of the first 8 episodes of Spy x Family.


Jobless Reincarnation

If you only make terrible decisions in your first life, will that mean you'll make better choices in your next? You might think the shame and remorse of being a jobless shut-in in a culture like Japan would push you to become the best possible version of yourself, but it just goes to show that under different circumstances you can remain the same degenerate and still be successful in spite of it. As this wolf in sheep's-clothing approach has a certain amount of appeal to it, his lack of...


Yuru Camp S2

It never rains in Southern California, and apparently it never rains on the Outdoor Activities Club either, despite Yamanashi Prefecture averaging 117 days of rain a year. Even so, Yuru Camp is almost perfect, even without damp, muddy camping trips. Camping as a concept however, clearly isn't, and this anime will never convince us otherwise.


Princess Kaguya

As the quite obscure manga artist, Toboso, Yana once said: “Something once lost will never return.”, and for a while there, we were quite inclined to believe him. Nevertheless, The Casual Anime Podcast dedicates it’s tepid return to one of Studio Ghibli’s retro style projects. Probably one of their lesser known works in the west, the adaptation of “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” got all the critics’ adoration but left little cultural impact on the western anime consumer.



After a lengthy span of doing nothing, The Casual Anime Podcast once again return to a soundcloud near you. We’re kicking it of with a quick 4 episode preview of In/Spectre, but somehow still mange to mess it up. The narrative thread and pacing might be all over the place, but at it’s core this story is surprisingly entertaining and unironically funny.


Isekai Quartet

As we enter Autumn, usually that means back to school for the "After school Club anime genre", but apparently this also includes cast of 4 independent isekai shows. Isekai quartet falls into a certain category of shows, entered with low expectations to counter of the obvious and deliberate lack of animation. Could a show like this survive purely on the popularity of it's characters, or was it actually required to be as funny as it was to garner the attention it recived?


The Promised Neverland

It could almost seem like Studio Cloverworks learnt nothing from the backlash garnered by Darling in the FranXX, when they within the very first episode manages emphasize every single similarity between two series that ultimately are completely different genres. But apparently nothing could stop this anime's momentum, so naturally the podcast is once again at odds with the general public opinion of a cliffhanger ending on a cliffhanger


Domestic Girlfriend

The 2019 winter season had anime fans watching with a morbid fascination as Dome x Kano stole the spotlight. Degenerate debauchery seems like an apt description as the main character hooks up with not just one, but both his step sisters within the span of a couple of weeks.


Spirited Away

Who would have thought that the coming of age story of a boring, pessimistic klutz would be the film that would bring the eastern style of animation and storytelling all the way to Hollywood? The Academy Awards, which has in latter years become an utter disgrace to the industry it vows to celebrate, could back in 2003 still be considered a badge of honor, when it chose recognize the genius of Hayao Miyazaki.


Demon Slayer - Kimetsu No Yaiba Preview

With 2019s most generic anime title, Demon Slayer would probably have to exceed expectations to even garner a modicum of interest from an old jaded anime watcher. As both of us will probably be watching the show weekly from now on, this is one of the strongest endorsement we could give. Of course usual caveats of anime quality not staying consistent apply.


Kaguya-Sama Love is War

In the student council of Shuchiin Academy, unbeknownst to the regular plebeians, there rages an intense battle of wit and will. Two people almost destined to discover their first high school romance are being kept apart by pride, prejudice and an inability for honesty.


Death Parade

As if dying wasn't depressing enough, the arbiters of the underworld aren't an especially cheery bunch either. For being the Japan's answer to St. Peter at the pearly gates, these stoic individuals are surprisingly bad at their jobs. It is in this prosess of judgement Death Parade inserts itself as we follow people of varying degrees of sinfulness face their final(?) judgement.


One Punch Man

Despite a slight delay the podcast finally covers the anime that could arguably be defined as the best widely accessible "gateway anime". Hopefully that is a sentiment that will still remain true even after season 2 is finally released. If rumors and public reception is to be believed, it seems quite obvious that preview footage and general marketing for the new season has done irreparable damage to One Punch Man's spotless reputation.Luckily that controversy will remain a topic for later...