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Exploring the world of anime through the lens of ignorance, we give our unqualified opinions. Send us questions to our mail .




Exploring the world of anime through the lens of ignorance, we give our unqualified opinions. Send us questions to our mail .



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Dead Mount Death Play Season 2

Join the Casual Anime podcast in wrapping up the story of a million characters, the second season of Dead Mount Death Play. With so many storylines intertwining and left up in the air, will this 2nd season give us all the closure we need as we wait for a potential season 3, or are we left with an unsatisfying conclusion as a bunch of brewing conflicts are brought to a climactic close?


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Attack on Titan Ending

As we ease into 2024 with a slow start, we can now finally close the book on the never ending final season of Attack on Titan. Join The Casual Anime Podcast in summing up the ending of AoT, and an assortment of other popular anime that we have never properly covered, but now is a good time to acknowledge. Spoiler warnings for Attack On Titan and Naruto.


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It might be time for a pallet-cleanser, and what better way to prepare for a 2024 reset than to watch a Shinkai film? Although Suzume is visually stunning and expertly crafted, can we finally see signs that Shinkai has actually evolved as a filmmaker? Join The Casual Anime Podcast as we dissect another lensflare bonanza!


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"Pluto," is the Netflix anime that quietly captivates its audience with its intricate storytelling and its take on the impending AI takeover. Delivering a thoughtful look at the possible moral dilemmas that will arise when dealing with advanced artificial intelligence and our treatment of it. Join us as The Causal Anime Podcast discuss the pros and cons of an AI symbiosis and this series in general.


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My Happy Marriage

For the first few episodes, My Happy Marriage had everything going for it, and an entire community rooting for an aranged marriage. Lovebirds and romance enjoyers alike were trilled by the obviously perfect match that was portrayed on screen and were eagerly awaiting what would come next. The Casual Anime Podcast attempts to unpack the events that unfurled and break down in what ways the anime succeeded and where it might have fallen short.


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One Piece Netflix

Because Western broadcasters seem to have a fetish for embarrassment we are getting a non stop deluge of bad live-action adaptations that has no one ever asked for. So in the case of Netflix' One Piece adaptation the bar was already set incredibly low. Though somehow, inexplicably they've exceeded expectations and assembled a cast that has managed to captivate audiences world wide. Join The Casual Anime Podcast in figuring out if this is the new superior way of experiencing the One Piece universe.


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Dead Mount Death Play

Today, The Causal Anime Podcast dive headfirst into Narita Ryohgo's peculiar world of "Dead Mount Death Play,". The lines between life and death are heavily blurred in this universe by the existence of an overpowered main character necromancer, but the show somewhat manages to keep the tension up by a cleaver method of slowly revealing new antagonists. Although not as critically acclaimed as some of his other works, hopefully this just means that there better content in store for us in the already announced seasons to come.


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Vinland Saga S1

Sometimes works of fiction are based on historic events, but Vinland Saga takes this concept a step further trying to rewrite the 11th century's exploration of North America and the rise of King Cnut, ruler of England, Denmark and Norway. Season one is a long winded tale of a young boy seeking revenge in a midst of a viking invasion. It's certainly more Heimskringla(King's Saga) than Vinland Saga at this point.


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Heavenly Delusion

"All that is gold does not glitter," and not all those who wander are necessarily lost, but most of the depraved lunatics our protagonist duo encounters in this post apocalyptic Japan are pretty safe to judge by appearance, albeit not necessarily the way you'd Imagine. For the Casual Anime Podcast we reckon we've developed a pretty good radar to scope out weirdos as they appear on screen. Tune in to hear our less than groundbreaking discoveries!


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Demon Slayer - Swordsmith Arc

Join us for a captivating podcast episode as The Casual Anime Podcast dives into the latest season of Demon Slayer. We discuss the merits and drawbacks of Tanjiro going solo in the Swordsmith Arc and compare it to its predecessors. Will Tanjiro be able to not break his new sword for once, or is he destined to make many returns to the swordsmiths? We'd also like to apologize for the dip in audio quality in this episode. Hopefully we can sort it out for our next episode!


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Summertime Rendering

When you consider the fact that some places on earth don't really experience seasons, the term "summertime" might bear next to no meaning to some. Though, for the inhabitants of a fictional town in the non fictional country of Japan, "summertime" is almost synonymous with murder mysteries and sightings of sinister local deities. If you also enjoyed this 25 episode supernatural drama consider tuning in to compare notes!


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Weathering with You

"Weathering with You" is a thought-provoking film from renowned director Makoto Shinkai. Set in a rain-soaked Tokyo, our young protagonist seeks solace in a city plagued by incessant rainfall and gloom. As Hodaka's path intersects with Hina, a girl with the extraordinary ability to control the weather, they embark on a tumultuous journey where their choices have far-reaching consequences. The film's themes invite introspection about human impact on the environment. It explores the ethical dilemma of altering nature for personal gain and the potential repercussions that arise from disturbing the natural order of things. Tune in to hear our verdict!


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Bocchi The Rock

With catchy music, relatable characters, and a heartwarming story of perseverance and friendship, Bocchi the Rock is a look at how an introvert rocker conquers the world of stage show music, one performance at the time. We follow Bocchi & band and discuss the merits of one of the Fall 2022 standout releases.


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Oshi No Ko - First Impressions

A doctor is tasked with delivering the twins of sixteen-year-old idol, but in a sick twist of fate he ends up dying and reincarnating as one of the twins. Opening his eyes in the lap of his beloved idol, and still retaining the memories of his past life, Aquamarine, as he is know known, soon learns that the world of showbiz is paved with terrible intentions. To succeed you must walk the path of crushed hopes and broken dreams, filled to the brim with cheats, liars and jealous backstabbers. Will an 82 minute first episode be able to keep an audience enticed for the full duration? Karsten was certainly blown away by it!


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Demon Slayer- Entertainment District Arc

After the intense train battle, Tanjiro and co finds themselves in yet another life or death situation in a new environment and with a new "senpai". Will breathtaking animation and intense action sequences be enough to keep us entertained? Will tanjiro's "asthmatic" lungs hold out an entire fight? Tune in to find out!


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Demon Slayer Mugen Train

In search of improved breathing techniques our 3 intrepid travelers board a train. Although this train is bound for nowhere there is no gambling Kenny Rodgers onboard to tell them when to hold and when to fold. There is just these ultra deadly adversaries’ that might be too much for our boys to handle, so maybe the best that one might hope for is dying in our sleep.


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Mobile Suit Gundam - The Witch From Mercury

In the distant future, humanity has colonized the vast reaches of space, and with it, conflict between the various space colonies has erupted. Enter the mysterious witch, Cassandra Mercury, who possesses incredible psychic powers that she uses to fight for the freedom of her people. As war rages on, Cassandra finds herself drawn into the conflict, piloting the powerful mobile suit Gundam in battle. But as she fights to defend her people and their way of life, Cassandra begins to uncover dark secrets about the war and the true motives of those she is fighting against. With intense mecha battles, complex political intrigue, and a strong female protagonist, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is a thrilling addition to the iconic Gundam franchise. Will Cassandra be able to overcome the challenges she faces and lead her people to victory, or will the weight of the conflict prove too much for even a powerful psychic like herself? Tune in to find out!


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Yuru Camp Movie

Another year, another Yuru Camp episode for the Casual Anime Podcast. This time we'll be covering the 2022 Yuru Camp Film by C-Station studio. This Film explores how, in a a not so distant future, the girls in the Outdoor Activities Club might be implement camping in their adult lives as well. Commissioned the by the Yamanashi Tourism Organisation they take on the task of repurposing abandoned land to build a modern campsite, mostly because of their love of camping, but perhaps this is might be an opportunity to boost some careers as well?


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Odd Taxi

Odd as it may seem, a story about an calm and collected taxi driving walrus might be one of the best animes of 2021. Not only is it an intriguing tale of Odokawa’s conflict to untangle his friends from the clutches of organized crime factions, it also highlights the virtues of ordinary hardworking people while throwing mayor shade at the idol industry and the social media clout chase grind. Tune in as we discuss the antics of this heroic walrus.


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Made in Abyss Season 2

Ironically having encountered Faputa at the very start of the 6th layer, a whole arc of misery and suffering could have transpired off screen if they only had revealed themselves to the exploring trio. Instead we get to dissect what feels like the inevitable conclusion to a century and a half long period of borrowed time, granted to the citizens of the Golden City of the Scorching Sun. This is a tale of horrendous trolley problems, hopeless poison pickings and cursed monkey paws.