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Since 2004, chronicling the trials and tribulations of being a Razorback fan. 5 fans, a weekly podcast, and a ton of angst. You're welcome, world.

Since 2004, chronicling the trials and tribulations of being a Razorback fan. 5 fans, a weekly podcast, and a ton of angst. You're welcome, world.


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Since 2004, chronicling the trials and tribulations of being a Razorback fan. 5 fans, a weekly podcast, and a ton of angst. You're welcome, world.




Alabama Wrap; Season Wrap

The Hogs finish their 3-7 campaign with a 52-3 loss at home to Alabama Thanos. Picks contest is down to the wire, with Patrick attempting to game theory JimmyG, unsuccessfully.

Missouri wrap; Alabama Preview (Take 2)

Apparently last weeks episode showed up on this weeks post. Trying again with the right link this time.

Missouri Wrap; Alabama Preview

The crew is back after the Missouri heartbreaker with a review of the game and a look ahead to Alabama. Will the Hogs cover the 32 point spread?

LSU Wrap; Missouri Preview

The crew is back with guest host FNG as we discuss the LSU loss and lok ahead to this week's game against Missouri in Columbia. Go Hogs Go (despite P Williams getting a double up to catch up on Missouri).

Florida Wrap; LSU Preview

The crew is back with a discussion of the Florida defeat and a look ahead to the LSU game. Will COVID hurt the Razorbacks this week?

Tennessee Wrap; Florida Preview

Full crew is back for a discussion of the Tennessee win and a look ahead to Florida. Tom goes wild in the picks segment and loyal listener Ken loses his "Gos".

A&M Wrap; Tennessee Preview

The crew is back with special guest Friday Night Guy to discuss the A&M game and look ahead to Tennessee.

Ole Miss Wrap; Bye Week and Tex. A&M Preview

Heavy crew tonight. Buford Tannen subs for Johnny, but Johnny shows up anyway. The Ole Miss game is analyzed (how did no one see the fake punt coming????) Patrick throws JimmyG a curve in the picks contest, and do we like Lane Kiffin now??

Auburn Wrap; Ole Miss Preview

The crew comes unglued about the bad call at the end of the Auburn game. COVID may play a part in this weekend's tilt with Ole Miss because of Lane Kiffin's poor mask discipline.

Miss. State Wrap; Auburn Preview

The crew is back one day late with a recap of the 21-14 victory over Miss. State this past weekend. Tom Logan is jubilant after the Hogs got off their 20 game losing streak. The mailbag is hopping with several listeners chiming in. Enjoy the show!

We're Back for Season 17? Georgia Wrap; Miss. St. Preview

2020 got you down? The Razorpod crew is here to help. At long last, we're back, holding on to the rope with our fingernails. We may have missed previewing the Georgia game, but we have a full recap as well as our look ahead to the Mississippi State game in Starkville. Our sponsor contracts finally came through, so we got the funding to move to Zoom!

Western KY Wrap; Morris Fired

The crew is back with a discussion of Ty Storey's victorious return to DWRRS this past weekend. Friday Night Guy wants an apology; and we go into Morris' firing and speculation about the new coach.


Miss. St. Wrap; Western KY Preview

Short crew tonight as we discuss the Mississippi State debacle and the upcoming "Storey Time" game against WKU. The crew discusses Chad Morris's future as Razorback coach. Loyal listener Ken wants to help us support the troops...please hit the link below to read more about Ken's efforts: http://www.carrytheload.org/site/TR/2019/General?px=1129397&pg=personal&fr_id=1740


Alabama Wrap; Miss St. Preview

In the midst of World Series Game 7, we discuss the pitiful performance against Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Backs against the wall, we make the picks on the Arkansas game; JimmyG creates family discord.


Auburn Wrap; Alabama Preview

The crew returns with a discussion of the Auburn beatdown and another trip down memory lane with a discussion of Popcorn Hog. Also, Ty gets his wish and we talk a little basketball.


Kentucky Wrap; Auburn Preview

The crew is back with a discussion of the Kentucky game and a look ahead to Auburn.


Kentucky Preview

The crew analyzes the upcoming game in Lexington. The picks contest stays close, and the crew rants about several subjects, including our favorite former AD.


Texas A&M Wrap; Bye Week

Everyone is feeling a bit better after the moral victory against A&M. The Hogs get a much needed breather this week with the bye week so the crew focuses on their national picks and awful sleeper picks. The mailbag produces a spirited discussion of famous Razorbacks of yesteryear.


San Jose St Wrap; Texas A&M Preview

The crew dissects the San Jose State loss, puts it into historical context and then weeps for the future of the Razorback program. Johnny's sponsors get more and more mundane, Jimmy G opens a commanding lead in the picks contest while Tom falls below the Mendoza line.


CSU Wrap; San Jose St. Preview

The crew is back with the Colorado State wrap up show. Everyone is excited about Starkel and the offense, not so much about the defense. Enjoy.