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An exploration into the minds and hearts of the people that create the things we love. Create and Destroy is weekly podcast where host Dan Donnarumma sits down with artists of all kinds to discover what makes them tick, and to find out what gets their hands moving and brains firing.

An exploration into the minds and hearts of the people that create the things we love. Create and Destroy is weekly podcast where host Dan Donnarumma sits down with artists of all kinds to discover what makes them tick, and to find out what gets their hands moving and brains firing.
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An exploration into the minds and hearts of the people that create the things we love. Create and Destroy is weekly podcast where host Dan Donnarumma sits down with artists of all kinds to discover what makes them tick, and to find out what gets their hands moving and brains firing.




Episode 14-Jesse Matthewson of KEN Mode

In August of this year, KEN Mode released their 7th LP upon the world, Loved. Pulling from metal, noise, jazz, industrial, and hardcore, this album is a powerhouse from the opening screeches of Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should, until the waning and crushing moments of No Gentle Art. In the words of frontman, Jesse Matthewson, Loved was born out of a "hopeless sense in the world" following the wave of far-right politics sweeping across the globe, and the dawn of the Trump administration here...


Episode 13-Megan Charland

Art Administrator, zine maker, photographer, and collage maker are all the various hats that Megan Charland wears. After attending graduate school at Visual Studies Workshop here in Rochester, NY, Megan began her career in the art industry, adjunct teaching at SUNY Brockport, working at Rochester Contemporary Art Center, and then eventually finding herself working at Flower City Art Center, where she has since become the Program Director of Photography. For Megan, Art plays a tremendous role...


Episode 12-Reid Haithcock

For Reid Haithcock, the aggressive music and lyrics that focused on politics was what drew him to punk and hardcore music. Eventually, Reid was able to combine his love for music and his love for photography by photographing bands and their live shows. From shooting his friends and local bands in North Carolina, to touring with and photographing some of the biggest musical acts in punk, hardcore, and underground music, Reid's photography embodies the intensity, the passion, and the ethos...


Episode 11-Maya Stoner

For Maya Stoner, Floating Room and her music has been an outlet for her to discuss trauma and events that have transpired in her life, events that have impacted her in both negative and positives ways. On Floating Room's debut release, Sunless, Stoner put together an album that delved into a tumultuous experience of being in an abusive relationship, while also opening up about happiness and love found in a new one. On Floating Room's sophomore release, False Baptism, Stoner and co. crafted a...


Episode 10-Kyle Bates

Kyle Bates' musical project-Drowse-is a window into his internal ruminations, a portal into his struggles with his mental health, and, according to Kyle, "a peek into his mind." This year's ambitious and markedly powerful release-Cold Air-showcases the heart, energy, soul, and care that Kyle puts forth in his music. In this episode, Dan sat down and spoke to Kyle about his two Drowse releases this year, his time spent in Skagaströnd, Iceland during an artist-in-residency program, and his...


Episode 9-Carl Gene

Earlier this month, on July 3rd, Carl Gene released Mourning, which recounts his emotions and grief during the first month following the death of his mother. Throughout the album, Carl's despair and heartbreak are levied onto the audience like an avalanche pummeling a skier. Dan and Carl sat down to discuss some of the music they've been listening to and enjoying recently, Carl's music, and his emotional and extremely personal release-Mourning. Follow Carl Gene and give himm a...


Episode 8-Kurt Indovina

Kurt Indovina is the man behind the YouTube Channel Kurt Indovina, which is a window into his life as a gamer and content producer. To Kurt, video games aren't just a hobby-they're a lifestyle-and his channel provides viewers with an authentic depiction of himself, as he pursues making video content a part of his career. Kurt sat down in Dan's house to discuss his love of video games, his YouTube channel, and what it's like to produce content on a weekly basis. Little, Ms. Butters also makes...


Episode 7-Kate Cassels

Moving to Rochester, NY from Maryland and laying down roots in 2009, Kate Cassels was doing her thing, working, and living life. Little did she know that within a few years she'd become co-owner of a very successful business in Rochester, nor would she have imagined that business would be a bakeshop. Dan and Kate sat down in Dan's house to discuss Kate's early days of living in Rochester and working in food service, starting Scratch Bakeshop with her business partner-Molly Hartley-and how...


Episode 6-Thom Wasluck

Gloomy, morose, devastating, and at times chaotic and abrasive, are just a few of the ways that you can describe Planning for Burial-the musical project of Wilkes-Barre, PA's Thom Wasluck. Through experimentation and plucking influence from various genres, Thom has crafted a sound with Planning for Burial that has become quite unique and all his own. In this episode, Dan sits down with Thom to talk about Thom's recent experiences playing Robert Smith's curated Meltdown Fest and Roadburn...


Episode 5-Tyler Kershaw

Tyler Kershaw is the lead singer of the dreampop band Funeral Advantage. Sitting down with Tyler in Allston, MA, he and Dan speak about Tyler's years playing in different bands, the conception of Funeral Advantage as the name for the band, and how Dan discovered Funeral Advantage on the B9 message board. They also discuss Funeral Advantage's 2017 release Please Help Me, and the circumstances surrounding Tyler's life at the time of writing and recording that album, as well as the sadness that...


Episode 4-Jimmy Hewitt

Jimmy Hewitt is the man and brains behind the lo-fi, guitarpop band Lost Film. Inspired by the bands coming out of the Pacific Northwest in the early 2000s, Jim learned how to make music all by himself, and was able to craft a sound that Dan and fans have come to love. After discovering Lost Film's Imago LP several years ago, Dan came to enjoy the lyrics that accompany the guitarpop melodies of Lost Film, and discusses with Jim some of his lyrics, the meanings of some of his songs, as well...


Episode 3-Jesse Amesmith

Punk, yogi, feminist, and business owner are just a few of the hats that Jesse Amesmith wears. Jesse is the singer and guitarist for the punk band Green Dreams, the lead singer for the synthpunk band CD-Rom, co-owner and instructor at YogaVibes Rochester, she's a photographer, a collage artist, and, to Dan's shock, makes Dan like look a bum by also working at a tattoo shop. She's an all around bad ass and artist that's doing lots of awesome and creative things! In this episode, Dan and Jesse...


Episode 2-Tim Vetter

In this episode, Dan sits down with Tim Vetter, host of The Voyages of Tim Vetter Podcast, to discuss Tim's adventures with creating and producing his own podcast from scratch, navigating his show around his busy work life, as well as his motivations for wanting to create a podcast. Dan and Tim also discuss his travels, some of his favorite foods and places to eat, as well as how much Tim wishes A-Rod was managing the New York Yankees. Dan also brings back horrific memories for Tim,...


Episode 1-The Inaugural Episode

Welcome to Create and Destroy with Dan Donnarumma! In this episode, Dan explains the thought, impetus, and goals behind Create and Destroy, where he hopes to take the podcast, and what's in store for the future. Create and Destroy is a podcast where Dan sits down with artists all kinds to find out what compells them to create the things that they do, what that process looks like for them, and how their world is shaped by what they create. Follow Create and Destroy: Instagram...