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An exploration into the minds and hearts of the people that create the things we love. Create and Destroy is weekly podcast where host Dan Donnarumma sits down with artists of all kinds to discover what makes them tick, and to find out what gets their hands moving and brains firing.

An exploration into the minds and hearts of the people that create the things we love. Create and Destroy is weekly podcast where host Dan Donnarumma sits down with artists of all kinds to discover what makes them tick, and to find out what gets their hands moving and brains firing.
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An exploration into the minds and hearts of the people that create the things we love. Create and Destroy is weekly podcast where host Dan Donnarumma sits down with artists of all kinds to discover what makes them tick, and to find out what gets their hands moving and brains firing.




Episode 32-John Refano of Sannhet

As far as instrumental metal music goes, for Dan, Brooklyn, NY's Sannhet is the gold standard. Sannhet's music effectively captivates and envelopes the listener predominantly without vocals, all while being raw, gritty, pummeling, and even redemptive at times. Dan sat down with John to talk about Sannhet, their latest EP Short Life, and working with Josh Strawn on the track The Eternal. John also blows Dan's mind when they discuss the band's light and projection show that they incorporate...


Episode 31-Jonathan Tuite of The Flenser

Sometime around 2010, Jonathan Tuite found himself wanting to release "May the Curse Bind" by Ghast on vinyl, as there was no vinyl version of the record available at that time. This eventually led to Jonathan working on creating his own record label-The Flenser-which has come to specialize in releasing some of today's must innovative, unique, and excellent dark music. Dan sat down with Jonathan to talk about the early days of starting The Flenser, running the label, and their upcoming Have...


Episode 30-The Return of Kyle Bates

Returning to Create and Destroy, Kyle Bates of Drowse sat down with Dan to to talk about his latest album-Light Mirror-his time spent in Fukoka, Japan for an artist-in-residency program, and about how his time spent in Japan and Iceland shaped Light Mirror. Follow Kyle and listen to his bands: Drowse Spotify-Drowse Instagram-@drowseportland Tumblr-@drowseportland Facebook-@drowseportland Twitter-@drowseportland Drowse Drowse...


Episode 29-C&D: Year One

With year one in the bag, Dan shares some of his thoughts about the first year of Create and Destroy. Follow Create and Destroy: Instagram-@CreateAndDestroyPodcast Twitter-@CreateDestroy_ Tumblr-@CreateAndDestroyPodcast If you haven't already, please subsrcibe and review the podcast on iTunes! Help new listeners discover the show:


Episode 28-Kevin Shannon and Wes Jackson of The End Of The Ocean

Since 2009, Columbus, OH's The End Of The Ocean has been creating some of the best post-rock out there. Following the release of their 2012 EP, In Excelsis, life happened, ultimately forcing the band put the project on the back burner. After a seven year hiatus, The End Of The Ocean released their follow-up full-length,-aire, which saw the band pick right back up where they left off. With -aire, The End Of The Ocean continues to create music that evokes a wide assortment of emotions, while...


Episode 27-Cameron Carlin of Wilshire Corridor

For many of us, the place in which we live can play a significant role in defining who we are. The same can be said for Cameron Carlin. His musical project's name Wilshire Corridor is derived from the neighborhood in Los Angeles of the same name. Additionally, Cameron's experiences and time living in LA helped shape the lyrics, atmosphere, and sound that would pervade much of Wilshire Corridor's debut release The Fig & the Wasp. Drawing on metal, industrial, and drone, The Fig & the Wasp is...


Episode 26-Tyler Kershaw of Funeral Advantage Pt.2

Fresh off the release of Funeral Advantage's latest album, Nectarine, lead singer and guitarist Tyler Kershaw returned as Create and Destroy's first reoccurring guest to talk about their latest release and what went into creating that album. Departing from the bare-it-all lyrics that pervaded Please Help Me-which showcased a very tumultuous period in Tyler's life-Nectarine sees Tyler and Funeral Advantage craft songs and lyrics where he's not the focal point, instead drawing on subjects and...


Episode 25-Kristin Hayter of Lingua Ignota

Adhering to the tropes of certain musical genres is not something that appeals to Lingua Ignota's Kristin Hayter. In fact, Kristin's hopes with Lingua Ignota it to create a genre of music that is in a realm of its own. By integrating elements of metal, noise, industrial, and classical into her music, Lingua Ignota obliterates its listeners, pounds away at them, all while exploring themes of torment, abuse, and the wrath of an ever-present and vengeful god. Dan sat down with Kristin to...


Episode 24-Rory Van Grol of Soul Control, Achilles, and Coming Down

Whether it's fatherhood, punk, or running a business, Rory Van Grol's approach is always the same-put your best foot forward and work your ass off. Growing up in Rochester, NY, Rory spent his free time skateboarding, falling in love with music, which eventually led him to discovering punk and hardcore. As his love for music continued to expand, Rory found himself singing and fronting multiple bands over the years-Standfast, How We Are, Achilles, Soul Control, and now Coming Down. Aside from...


Episode 23-Jordan Morrison of All Your Sisters

For Jordan Morrison, All Your Sister has always been a means to shed and purge the torment, disgust, and dread that he's felt with himself and the rest of the world. After numerous attempts at trying to form a band with others, Jordan set out to create a project that would pummel away at the audience as much as the internal dread pummeled away at him. Jordan's experiences while working as an EMT and Paramedic, and being raised under the yoke of fundamental Christianity, have propelled his...


Episode 22-Egin Kongoli and Rohan Lilauwala of Respire

Attempting to label or categorize a band can sometimes be a challenge. Attempting to label or categorize Respire's sound and music into one genre could damn near be a fool's errand. Toronto's Respire draws influence from hardcore, punk, post-rock, screamo and skramz, and metal, while also incorporating orchestral stylings and instrumentation. Through this, Respire has been able to craft a sound that is wholly unique, brilliant, and pulverizing. Dan sat down with guitarists and vocalists,...


Episode 21-Mike Rocheford of House of Harm

For his sixteenth birthday, Mike Rocheford walked into a tattoo shop with his father, intending to get his first tattoo, which would ultimately commemorate his favorite band-The Cure. Since that time, genres such as New Wave, Post-Punk, and Dreampop, which one might associate with The Cure and related bands, have seen a resurgence. Following the the break-up of their band, Mike Rocheford and Cooper Leardi, decided that they would continue making music together. This time, however, Mike knew...


Episode 20-Joe Squared, Jerry, and Robert of Lacing

If shoegaze is your jam, you probably enjoy what makes most people enjoy the genre-heavily distorted guitars, vocals that tend to be obscured by the wall of sound washing over you, and lyrics that are gripped and plagued with melancholy. Chattanooga, Tennessee's Lacing, offers up what you'd expect from a shoegaze band, however, they create an atmosphere and sound that crashes down upon you like a damned wave that crushes and swallows you whole, all while bringing a unique and welcoming flair...


Episode 19-Bryan Manning of Bosse-de-Nage

Hailing from San Francisco, California's Bay Area, the black metal band Bosse-de-Nage is creating some of the most unique, genre-pushing, and intriguing music today. One aspect of Bosse-de-Nage's music that sets them apart from others is the vocals and poetic lyrics brought forth by Bryan Manning. Bryan's eviscerating and explosive vocals are compounded by lyrics that straddle the line between short stories and prose, and wade in themes and imagery of the grim, macabre, and the foreboding....


Episode 18-Dan's Top 27 Releases of 2018

What a crazy, ridiculous, and wild year 2018 was. It went by in a damn flash. Luckily, there were some really excellent releases that came out in 2018 to help us all get through it. Dan did his best to listen to as much new music as he could, and kept a list of all of those releases. In this episode, Dan lists his top 27 releases of 2018, as well as shares his thoughts on each and what made them special. Make sure to check out all the bands on Dan's list. These bands are all awesome, and...


Episode 17-Sonia Weber of Alien Boy

For Sonia Weber, Alien Boy's frontwoman and main songwriter, Alien Boy hovers somewhere between a shoegaze, emo, and punk band. As one might expect from a band that straddles the line between those genres, Sonia delves into themes of heartbreak, loss, and sadness in her lyrics, drawing from Sonia's affinity for Jawbreaker, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and My Bloody Valentine. In this episode, Dan sat down with Sonia to discuss her band, their recent tour, Sleeping Lessons, Alien Boy being a...


Episode 16-Alex Jones and Joel Thompson of Druse

In July of this year, Rochester, NY's Druse released their powerfully, thoughtful, and intense LP, Honey from the Rock. Although the album, nor Druse, is a religious endeavor or project, Honey from the Rock sees vocalist Alex Jones grapple and come to terms with his own faith, culture, and heritage as a Jewish person, steeping the album in themes and concepts drawn from Lawrence Kushner's book of the same name. In this episode, nestled beyond the Wall, in the frozen tundra of Rochester, NY,...


Episode 15-Dan Barrett of Have a Nice Life, Giles Corey, and Black Wing

During his early days of college, Dan Barrett started playing and creating music in a college dorm room and at DIY spaces in New England with his friend and counterpart, Tim Macuga. These early days of music making would lead Dan and Tim to eventually form the band Have a Nice Life. Over several years, Have a Nice Life worked on and honed their sound, eventually releasing their seminal and momentous album Deathconsciousness in 2008. Since then, Dan has continued to work on, create, and share...


Episode 14-Jesse Matthewson of KEN Mode

In August of this year, KEN Mode released their 7th LP upon the world, Loved. Pulling from metal, noise, jazz, industrial, and hardcore, this album is a powerhouse from the opening screeches of Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should, until the waning and crushing moments of No Gentle Art. In the words of frontman, Jesse Matthewson, Loved was born out of a "hopeless sense in the world" following the wave of far-right politics sweeping across the globe, and the dawn of the Trump administration here...


Episode 13-Megan Charland

Art Administrator, zine maker, photographer, and collage maker are all the various hats that Megan Charland wears. After attending graduate school at Visual Studies Workshop here in Rochester, NY, Megan began her career in the art industry, adjunct teaching at SUNY Brockport, working at Rochester Contemporary Art Center, and then eventually finding herself working at Flower City Art Center, where she has since become the Program Director of Photography. For Megan, Art plays a tremendous role...