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How to Use Pageant Planet to Market Yourself

So this title is a little misleading. The first 2 points of the episode is how to market yourself using our new platform. Then the third point talks about where to find the free training resources we have created for you on the new portal. And the last point talks about all the other perks. As promised here is the link to our YouTube channel. Here you'll discover site and pageant tutorials designed to make your life easier:


8 Ways To Launch A Modeling Career for Free

It's one thing to take photos, it's another to be a model! Many pageant contestants are looking to parlay their experience on the competition stage and photogenic contests to the marketing world. However, it can be challenging to know where to start. We're taking you through eight tips that will help you build your portfolio and get noticed - for FREE! Are you trying to build your pageant business? What better way than to market to your potential clients in a space they are already active...


5 Things You MUST Have to Win the Crown

Want to win the crown but just not sure what habits are hold you back or what habits you need to implement in order to win? This episode has got you covered. Steven and Jesse walk through the 5 things successful contestants to do win the crown. ANNOUNCMENT: Pageant Planet has a new site! Visit, to secure your place in pageant history. More than likely we already have your contestant profile on our site, however, if we do not you can add it by creating an...


How to Get out of a Rut

Have you ever felt like you are just in a funk? Like you cannot get it together? We all have. In this episode Steven & Jesse share their secrets of how they pull themselves out of a rut when they are feeling down and out. This week's product feature can be found by visiting,


5 Common Hair Problems and the Products to Fix Them

In this episode, Jesse and Steven are joined by a special guest from Smart Solutions Hair Care to discuss the science and behaviorial patterns that create these common hair products. During the show, they share the coupon code, Crown30 that can be used to purchase any product at a 30% discount. Visit, to get your discount.


The Interview Formula to Turning Setbacks Into an Inspirational Story

Short comings and obstacles are challenging to discuss with friends, let along pageant interview. However, in this episode Jesse gives us her formula for crafting obstacles into a powerful story by walking Steven through his struggles of starting and building Pageant Planet. Need help raising money for your pageant? Visit, Need help training for your pageant? Visit,


5 Hairstyles Every Contestant Must Learn

Listen to discover the five pageant hairstyles that every contestant and parent should learn in order to guarantee a successful reign. These hairstyles are the five that can be worn throughout every phase of competition and any appearance. Mastering these is your first step to mastering your image. Subscribe to Pageant Planet Daily ->


Unexpected Places To Shop For Pageant Wardrobe

Pageant shopping can be one of the most fun parts of competing in a pageant! However, it can also be a source of frustration if you feel like you just can't find that one piece you picture yourself in, or you feel like everything you find has been seen a thousand times before!


Top 5 Accessories the Prevent You From Looking Sloppy

In this digital age, expect that every photo taken of you will be posted on a blog, website, or social media. Therefore, you are exposed to scrutiny by your potential or current director, fellow contestants, prospective judges, and armchair critics. Look like a million bucks in every situation with minimal spending by focusing on these five key items that will tie your look together and will fit for a variety of outfits. Details make all the difference!


Our 5 Favorite Makeup Tips (They are not what you think)

Listen in as Steven and Jesse discuss their top 5 favorite pageant makeup tips. In this episode, they cover tools and practices that will help you look your best on and off the stage! This episode is brought to you by Sherri Jesse. Visit, to see her super cute makeup bag and listen to this week's promo to discover why it's unique!


7 Excuses That Are Costing You the Crown

In this episode, Jesse & Steven cover the 7 excuses contestants make during training that work against their efforts to win the crown. The product featured in this episode is Bold Sunless Tanner. Visit, to discover more! Want news topics, pageant questions and tips emailed to you daily? Visit, to sign up. It's free :)