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7 Makeup Hacks Every Pageant Girl Must Know

Not all of us can be makeup professionals - we make mistakes and we have to adapt on the fly to fix them. If we are really lucky, we can prepare for these mishaps in advance! This week Jesse welcomes Gabby Taveras, Miss Massachusetts 2018, to share 7 Makeup Hacks Every Pageant Girl Must Know. They cover everything from lip smudging, eyeshadow fall-out, unruly brows and several others. Want to learn more about Pageant Makeup? Check out our newest course: A Queen's Guide to Pageant Makeup...


8 Tips for Traveling Internationally

Traveling for a pageant can be challenging, however, traveling for an International pageant can be daunting. In this episode, Steven and Jesse cover traveling hacks that they use when traveling outside of your country. The product feature for this episode is: When you purchase a box before December 1st you will receive a FREE Titleholder of the Day feature! All boxes will be delivered before Christmas, which makes it the perfect gift!


How Failure Can Make OR Break You

When life (or pageants) falls short of expectations, how do you respond? How do you make the most out of a situation that is less than desirable? In this episode, Jesse & Steven explore failure and talk about how you can make the most of it. You can save up to 60% off on shoes with the promo code: PODCAST. Visit, to claim your discounts. Contributors to this episode...


6 Steps to Recovering from an Awkward Moment

Awkward moments happen and the more you are in the public eye, the more likely that you will experience an awkward moment. In this episode you'll get to listen to 6 true, awkward moments that happened to various titleholders and hear Jesse & Steven discuss how to work your way through the "dreaded" moment. The product feature for this episode is: and the cost is $15 with the coupon code: toothpaste :) Enjoy!


8 Strategies You Can Use While Competing to Become Famous

Some of the top celebrities that we follow today got their start in pageantry. While not everyone competes to become "famous" pageantry does open up doors of opportunity that can lead to stardom or help you land the job of your dreams. In this episode, Steven and Jesse walk you through 8 strategies that you can use while competing that will help you reach whatever level of fame that you desire. The product feature for this episode is:...


The 6 step formula to achieving any goal you set

In this week's episode we talk about in detail the 6 steps to achieving goals. Steven & Jesse reveal how they work to achieve their goals and stay focused in the process. The promo this week can be claimed by visiting,, and using the promo code: PODCAST. This offer expires at 11:59pm EST on November 6th.


5 Strategies to Dealing with Pageant Haters

For whatever the reason pageantry has a way of attracting haters. Be it the result of jealousy or something happens. In this episode, Steven and Jesse explore reasons why haters hate and 5 strategies you can use if you encounter a "Negative Nancy". (No offense intended if your name is Nancy :) ) Here is a link to Pageant Daily along with the most recent edition so you can have a sample before signing up: Also, here are the...


7 Must Have Items Under $20 You Need For Your Next Pageant

Pageantry is expensive but not everything in pageantry has to cost a lot. In this episode Jesse and Steven discuss 7 products that cost less than $20 and will prove invaluable during pageant week. Here is the link to our promo items: Featured Instagram...


How Titleholders Can Succeed as a Pageant Emcee

As a titleholder you will be asked to emcee. With the crown comes opportunities. In this episode Jesse and Steven cover tips, tricks and secrets about how to succeed during the event and how to prepare beforehand. If you want to get even more emcee gigs add your profile to our emcee list by creating an account on Pageant Planet by visiting, When you do your profile will show up here:


4 Things I Wish I Knew Before Competing

Regardless if you just started competing or if you've been competing for years this episode will outline practical tips and strategies that will help you evolve as a competitor and get closer to winning the crown. Product of the Week:


5 Common Beauty Issues (and How to Fix Them)

Beautification treatments you receive at a MedSpa are advanced and should be done by a professional. Today’s topic may not relate to everyone but it’s also a topic that you don’t want to leave your education to chance or Google. So we have enlisted the help of Renata Roddy, NP. Renata is a Nurse Practitioner and she with her husband, Steven Roddy, own a Medical Spa located in Danvers, MA (just outside of Boston, MA). For more information on Renata visit, or call:...


6 Packing Tips You Should Know Before Your Next Pageant

Packing is a part of pageantry and this week Steven and Jesse cover the essentials for packing and traveling to your next pageant. They also cover how to fix disasters like if your foundation drys up or breaks. Gasp. Listen in and discover how to reduce your stress so you can focus on winning the crown. Here is the promo of the week!


5 Ways To Stand Out

Pageant royalty, Kristen Dalton Wolfe, Miss USA 2009 joins us this week to discuss 5 Ways To Stand Out! However, they're likely not what you think. Kristen and Jesse talk through ways to prepare that will ensure you catch the judges' eyes and use your personal strengths to win the crown. Kristen's launching her new book next month! You can learn more about it at and follow Kristen on the 'Gram at @kristenjdalton!


Pageant Shoe Tips, Hacks and Best Practices

In this episode Steven and Jesse cover what you need to know about shoes to compete in pageantry. What type of shoe should you wear for an evening gown with a slit? How to freeze your shoe to break it in and so much more. Want to save 20% on any product on our store? Visit, and use coupon code: MISSAMERICA


5 Unique Ways to Raise Sponsorship Capital

In this episode you will discover 5 unique ways you can raise money for your next pageant. The traditional method of creating a GoFundMe page is no longer working but here are some methods that are working! Also, if you're interested in joining Miss Pageant Planet here is the link,


Tough Pageant Interview Questions (and how to answer them)

Nothing is scarier than the though of walking into the interview room and being asked a question that you simply do not know how to answer. In this episode, Jesse and Steve cover tough interview questions, why these questions are asked and how to answer the questions. Want practice questions? Here's the link to our 233 practice interview questions:


How to Calm Your Nerves During a Pageant

Everyone gets nervous. And everyone gets nervous for different reasons. In this episode Jesse & Steven share tips from Pageant Planet listeners on how they calm their nerves before various phases of competition. Listen in and learn how contestants just like you keep calm and win the crown. Here is the link to our comprehensive article on pageant interview:


6 Beauty Hacks You MUST Know

In this episode Steven and Jesse discuss 6 beauty hacks. One of them is 15 second hack that will help your feet hurt less when wearing heels during your pageant. Also, if you're looking to raise money for your next pageant, here is a link to our sponsorship program. Good luck!


How to Respond to Embarrassing Moments

When competing in pageantry there is a high probability that something embarrassing is going to happen to you. From appearances to talking in front of groups to walking on stage...let's just say the stage is set. In this episode Steven & Jesse discuss the different methods of how to handle and respond to situations less than savory. Visit, Body by Craig, for inquiries:


6 Bad Habits Contestants Have During a Pageant

We all have at least one bad habit but bad habits in pageantry can be different than the "normal bad habits" of life. In this episode, Steven and Jesse discuss bad pageant habits and how to overcome them. Product Feature: Coaching + Pageant Box: Contestant Hall of Fame: Are you listed?