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Inspiring interviews with awesome wedding photographers.

Inspiring interviews with awesome wedding photographers.
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Bath, United Kingdom


Inspiring interviews with awesome wedding photographers.






Episode 9 - Allister Freeman - Photographers On Fire

Allister Freeman is a one of the UK's top documentary photographers with over 12 years of wedding experience. Listen in to hear how he got started, what keeps business going and how he acquires new clients. There is sage advice to be had on shooting and on your approach. Allister also talks about hitting breaking point, and realising the importance of work-life balance. With his Associate and Mentoring program he is enabling and expanding other photographers to become the best they can be....


Episode 8 - Albert Palmer - Photographers On Fire

Wonderful to have the legendary Albert Palmer on Episode 8. I spoke to Albert last year and learnt a tonne about his approach to wedding photography. Here's a guy that that has shot over 250 weddings, and so is definitely worth listening to. Albert knows what works and what doesn't in an industry that is ever-changing. Mostly the answer comes down to being passionate about what you do and working your hardest. We talk about many things including: - starting out and transitioning to wedding...


Episode 6 - Andy Rapkins - Photographers On Fire

Delighted to have my guest Andy Rapkins, a documentary wedding photographer based in Dorset, on Episode 6 today. Hear how Andy moved into shooting weddings and how he has taken steps to become a true expert in his field. Andy is able to explain the different styles involved with shooting a wedding and this is something every photographer should take note of as helping your clients understand how you work and why is an important step. Listen in as we discuss the benefits of using mirrorless...


Episode 3 - Photographers On Fire - Sam Hurd

My guest this week is Sam Hurd and he reveals his approach to weddings and portraits, with a whole heap of interesting and useful advice for the photographer starting out, right through to the seasoned pro. There is a tonne of good stuff in this episode, don't miss it! Just some of the topics he talks about: - Showing what you love - Facebook impact - Workshops - Experimentation - Working with couples - Gear(note this was made last year so some of this may be out of date!) - Staying...


Episode 1 - Photographers On Fire - Andy Gaines

Finally, I've gotten around to releasing the first interview on PhotographersOnFire! Back in July 2015 I chatted with the awesome Andy Gaines and he shared a ton of great stuff with me. Andy is a really easy going guy and his approach to wedding photography is super refreshing. I love his thought processes and how he just goes with the flow when he shoots. Have a listen and let me know what you think. You can email me at They will be more interviews released...