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The Dropcast Roundtable: Ralph Lauren’s Impact On Street Fashion & Culture

The Dropcast Roundtable speaks to Ralph Lauren collector, curator, and archivist Ezra Wine about the designer’s impact on high fashion, streetwear, and everywhere in between. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Dropcast #37: Das Dropcast Über Alles!

On the most intellectual episode of The Dropcast ever, hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas are joined by Highsnobiety founder David Fischer and fashion director Atip Wananaruks during Highsnobiety's annual summit in Berlin. We talk about the latest releases from Ralph Lauren, Supreme x The North Face, and Riccardo Tisci's latest collection for Burberry. David also shares a Grailed horror story, and we weigh in on some of the collections from Dior and Valentino shown in Tokyo this week. We...


The Dropcast #36: All Hail Eric Emanuel, the King of Coziness

Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Eric Emanuel, the king of coziness, basketball short baller, and champion of fleece. He discusses how 2018 has been a banner year for him, seeing several collaborations with New Era, Rowing Blazers, and adidas. It's Thanksgiving in America this week, and we're thankful for the continued spirit of consumerism. No Thanksgiving weekend is complete without the requisite Black Friday deals, but in our world—that usually means a few hotly-anticipated...


The Dropcast #35: Camp Flog Gnaw is the New Coachella

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by artist Richard Haines (, who weighs in on his favorite New Balance sneakers and his sincere appreciation of Tyler, The Creator's style. Known for his intimate sketches of people, places, and things, Haines adds a humanist perspective to the conversation. We discuss the influence of Stan Lee on comic books and nerds around the globe, then turn our attention to Virgil Abloh's recently revealed accessory...


The Dropcast #34: Make America Sk8 Again

Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon bring on accessories designer Martine Ali and Anna Saber of Our Second Skin to discuss one of today's most polarizing footwear trends: bulky skate shoes. They reminisce about the Nike SB craze and everything from Airwalks to Etnies, and a rare shoutout to the Consolidated Drunk High BS shoes. We carry on the conversation from the last podcast, mostly lamenting about how we took the biggest L in the world on the Palace x Ralph Lauren drop. As always, we welcome...


The Dropcast #33: Bears Kickflipping in the Polo Palace feat. Venus X

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Venus X. They talk about some of the week's newest releases and recently revealed collaborations, including the Versace Apple sneaker homage designed by Salehe Bembury. Venus tackles one of the more polarizing op-eds we published this week, which asks "Is the Streetwear Bubble About to Burst?" Listen to the podcast as she makes a strong case for what streetwear's future could look like. We also have listeners weighing in on the question of the...


The Dropcast #32: Spoopy Stories to Tell in the Dark

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon head to the Berlin office to hang out with our German colleagues but mostly to interrupt the office workflow by recording our annoying podcast. Moose Knuckles creative director Steph Hoff and photographer Julien Boudet come onto the Dropcast and share their opinions on the latest drops and news. We also dive deeper into Julien's beef with Swedish label Our Legacy. No Halloween podcast would be complete without some spoopiness, and Dropcast listeners came...


The Dropcast #31: The Most Charitable Podcast Ever

This week's Dropcast is all about giving back. Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas are joined by Jack Carlson, published author, actual rower, and founder of Rowing Blazers, to talk about his recent charitable collaboration with Noah clothing and Row New York. Also joining them is Ball Boyz co-host Ian Servantes—who apparently had nothing better to do. Jack talks about the best part of the collaboration—helping out underserved kids in the five boroughs of New York City. The collab is donating...


The Dropcast #30: Tom Sachs Made Condoms for Your Feet

We got a brand new sound effect machine—and you can bet your ass we abuse the hell out of it! Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Nigel Minani and Robbie Russell from the Highsnobiety Berlin office. It's their first time in New York, and boy are they excited to eat all the things that make Americans fat! Of course, you can't visit America without being reminded of cold hard capitalism, an overly negative sentiment fueled by the current political climate, and the sheer amount of...


The Dropcast #29: This Is Ye-merica

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Davin Gentry and Scooty Hallums of Washington DC-based label and nightlife spot Diet Starts Monday and cozy clothing brand Premium Co. They discuss Hedi Slimane's debut at Celine (minus the accent over the "e"), and talk about how despite the criticism, it might make good business sense for the label. As one of the guests points out—that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing for fashion. Then something surprising happens when we start to...


The Dropcast #28: Real Gs Move In Silence Like Michael Kors Buying Versace

Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas are joined by Naina Kamath and Byron Stewart to discuss the hottest news topics of the week. First up is Michael Kors' recent acquisition of Versace, a $2.1 billion deal that actually makes more sense than critics might think. Then things get particularly heated over an op-ed published this week, one that posits that maybe Space Jam is actually a terrible film. Chairs get thrown and bottles are turned into knives as the crew goes head-to-head over this...


The Dropcast #27: Buy Our Freaking Book

On this week's episode of the Dropcast, big bosses David Fischer and Jeff Carvalho sit down in the studio with Noah Thomas to talk about the week's biggest news. Jian DeLeon dials in from sunny London (that's a joke) to talk about what went down at the book launch of our first book with Gestalten, The Incomplete Highsnobiety Guide to Street Fashion and Culture. We also break down some of London Fashion Week's best shows, like Riccardo Tisci's highly-anticipated debut at Burberry. We asked...


The Dropcast # 26: Ralph Lauren is Still the GOAT

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Brock Cardiner and Highsnobiety’s new Style Director Jan Quammie, who are in town from the Berlin office to discuss all things New York Fashion Week and talk trash on the current state of America. After kicking off on a serious note doling out a fond rememberance for the dearly departed Mac Miller, we talk about the current state of the music industry, including the quashing of some very notable beefs, and the new ones that have risen up in...


The Dropcast #25: Can't Burn Your Nikes If They're Already Flames

Semi-professional podcaster and cultural commentator Chris Black provides some choice feedback on the week's hottest news. Ball Boyz Ian Servantes and Kyle Hodge offer piping hot takes on arguably the most-talked about Nike campaign of recent times, which of course is the company utilizing Colin Kaepernick as one of the faces of its 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign. Listeners weighed in with some spicy opinions of their own. We also talk about the adidas Stan Smith, and how the...


The Dropcast #24: Catching A Ride on Drake’s Flying Ferrari

Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas are joined by music editor Sydney Gore and chicken nugget connoisseur/managing editor Brian Farmer. They talk about Drake's tour with Migos, and his possible upcoming collaborations with Nike. Noah did the Shiggy challenge during this episode but unfortunately no one got it on video. However, they do mention the fact that Drake is touring with a yellow Ferrari that flies around the venue. We also discuss some of the summer's best collaborations. There have...


The Dropcast #23: Swag is for Boys; Class Is For Men

Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas are joined by Sydney Gore and George Ocampo. They talk about the success of the film Crazy Rich Asians and explain why it's not the Asian Black Panther. The VMAs also happened this week—with the lowest ratings ever—and Sydney gives tips on how to stay awake during an awards show you don't really want to watch but sort of have to because of work. Kanye West also gave us a look at his current sneaker rotation, with a few surprises amidst rows and rows of YEEZY...


The Dropcast # 22: Supreme Resurrects Print From Death

The Dropcast talks about this week's hottest topic: Supreme's new Fall/Winter 2018 offering and their unlikely collaboration with The New York Post. WGSN Senior Consultant Brian Trunzo joins Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon in Las Vegas, and Lawrence Schlossman of Grailed calls in from LEGOLAND. But before that, we nerd out about the colorways of the Nike React Element 87, Virgil Abloh's latest collaboration with Nike (a capsule collection for tennis GOAT Serena Williams), and Nigel Sylvester's...


The Dropcast #21: Domo Arigato Mr. Sneakerboto

Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon, are joined by Grailed’s editor-in-chief (and Highsnob alum) Greg Babcock, and of course, Grailed brand director Lawerence Schlossman. They talk about how KITH’s bot-tricking URL swap is a modern stroke of brilliance, and which attorneys probably cater to salty fuccbois. The big theme of the week is the greatest Japanese designers of all time, because it’s the ideal way to plug Grailed’s latest Heatwave giveaway featuring rare Japanese collectibles. Learn a bit...


The Dropcast # 20: Pour Ciroc On My Crocs

Noah Thomas, Jian DeLeon, and fashion editor-at-large Corey Stokes are once again joined by Grailed Brand Director Lawrence Schlossman. We talk about Grailed’s latest resort-themed giveaway, summer trends we’ve seen on the streets (ok fine, mostly on the internet). Once again, Lawrence assumes a venerable fashion industry old has died by now. Listen and find out who he accidentally kills this week. Later on, Dropcast listeners weigh in with their answers to the question of the week: What is...


The Dropcast #19: A Bunch of Grown Men Yelling About BAPE

Jeff Carvalho, Noah Thomas, and Jian DeLeon are joined by Grailed brand director Lawrence Schlossman. He promotes Grailed's Heatwave giveaway, which this week revolves around a bunch of BAPE-branded home goods. This week Grailed is also selling some sought-after BAPE collabs too. Listeners call in and talk about their favorite BAPE collabs of the past, some of which are very questionable. Lawrence also weighs in on what Jordan Brand is getting wrong, and explains the story of "Jonah Hill...