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Hong Hong: Atmosphere Absorbed

Hong builds colorful and monumental compositions using paper pulp. These large-scale works record the shifting conditions of time and environment as they cure outside over many hours. Hong is fascinated both by things that change over time and objects like horizons that seem to stay the same even as we change. Her ephemeral paper works are constantly evolving as they absorb the conditions of the spaces they occupy, and as their lustrous colors gradually fade to grey. In this episode, we...


Zachary Keeting: Assembled Expressions

Zach’s bold and vigorous paintings appear to harness the momentum of mid-century American expressionism, but they have an orderly logic to them: each explosive brushstroke seems to have been carefully placed. The compositions are wildly emotional, while at the same time, meticulously layered. Zach’s paintings can be enjoyed without any backstory, but they often allude to deeply personal memories. View the discussed work on


Joe Smolinski: Impure Nature

Joe is a multimedia artist working in drawing, photography, video, digital 3D modelling, and animation. His practice engages with technology, environmental science, landscape painting, science fiction, and the eroding boarders between the natural and human-made world. He is currently in the midst of creating a new series of ominous and beautifully detailed graphite drawings depicting open water, which we’ll discuss towards the end of this podcast.


Nina Yuen: The Appropriated Self

Nina is an artist and filmmaker whose work deals with gender, narcissism, migration, psychology, philosophy, and so much more. In her visually stunning films, she transforms fragments of appropriated writings and imagery into cogent and introspective narratives in which she plays the starring role. Her protagonists are often vulnerable outsiders in the midst of experiencing and processing trauma. See more of Nina’s work on her website linked here, or on her gallery’s website:...


Monique Atherton: Trauma and the Psychological Landscape

Monique’s uncompromising photographs of people and places explore past and present traumas of dislocation and abandonment. Many of them communicate an alienated sense of intimacy. They become explorations of an internal psychological landscape, rather than just depictions of external life. In her recent work, Monique has experimented with digital manipulation, creating surreal and haunting images that express the disorienting experience of processing loss. View more of Monique's work at...


Floating Walls with Julie Pereira

Julie’s work deals with the cyclical nature of growth, decay, and erosion, and the way in which time seems to mysteriously contract and expand. Much of her work transcends its material properties taking on a life of its own. In one body of work, she suspends massive walls of layered paper from the ceiling and then burns intricate organic shapes into the paper creating deep fissures. We’ll discuss this and other works during this podcast.


Unearthing the Present with artist Howard el-Yasin

Howard is fascinated by the materials (shards, fragments, dead skin cells) Americans produce and discard. He’s captivated by the way in which these objects reflect our current moment of mass-production and consumption—a condition that allows us to throw away and forget objects of personal significance. In his artistic practice, he seeks to penetrate the material surface of these forgotten human bi-products, revealing the layers of cultural meaning and forensic data contained within them....


A Quick Preview of Upcoming Episodes

This is a quick preview of upcoming episodes. The host David Livingston also reports that there will be seven more episodes in the fall season. To view works discussed in the currently available episodes with Jeff Ostergren, Cat Balco, Jacquelyn Gleisner, and Polly Shindler, visit us at


Radial Energy with artist Cat Balco

Cat Balco's colorful mandala-like paintings suggest centripetal motion and radiate energy. They’re thrilling to look at as beautiful abstractions, and at closer viewing her expressive paint strokes appear to have depth due to her subtle use of shadow—a skill she developed from her time as a tromp l’oeil painter—and they start to feel like depictions of objects or environments that can’t quite be placed. Her paintings call to mind a disparate array of associations that seem somehow to be...


Fragility, Strength, and the Infinite with artist Jacquelyn Gleisner

Jacquelyn is fascinated by textile patterns, the expansive and cyclical nature of time and space, and the relationship between fragility, vulnerability, and strength—especially in the context of feminism. She works primarily with gouache, creating colorful repeating designs on 30-foot-long rolls of paper which she calls “scrolls.” More recently she’s been painting depictions of detailed multicolored knots on small sheets of paper. Her large scale painted scrolls reference weaving patterns...


Interior Space with artist Polly Shindler

In this podcast, David Livingston Interviews the artist Polly Shindler. Polly is a prolific painter, who over the years has toggled between abstraction and realism. She has always been a collector of objects, images, textures and ideas. In the past couple of years, Polly has become fascinated by furniture, interior design, and imagined domestic spaces decorated with objects she finds both in the real world and on the internet. Her paintings deal with myriad subjects, a few of which are the...


Paint, Ads and Pharmaceuticals with artist Jeff Ostergren

An interview with the Jeff Ostergren, an artist who makes art using crushed pharmaceuticals and processed "food." Go to to view accompanying images. Jeff is a multimedia artist working in sculpture, painting, performance, and digital video. His work tackles addiction, desire, corporate greed, legal drug abuse, philosophy, and gender among other things. In much of his work Jeff examines the ways in which our bodies absorb and are altered by pharmaceuticals and...