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Power of Play

In this Podcast from the vault Craig discusses the "Power of Play" and how important the idea of play is to the creative process. This is a story based Podcast and the workshop Craig references in this Podcast took place a couple of years ago. Craig would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to Lucy Durfee for generously sharing her beautiful Coyote photograph which was taken in the context of the story told in the the "Power of Play" Podcast. The other photograph is a picture of Ira flying...


Grand Scale Scenic Landscape, Part 2

This Podcast is a continuation of the discussion started originally in the Grand Scale Scenic Landscape Podcast. Craig starts off by discussing camera set up and a technical workflow for exposure and bracketing. Craig encourages photographers to practice the technical to the point that it can become practically automatic leaving more space for seeing and creativity. The second half of the Podcast Craig discusses the inner game of Landscape photography. Craig gives some practical tips for...


Grand Scale Scenic Landscape, Part 1

In this Podcast from the vault Craig discusses his approach to the grand scale scenic landscape photograph. First, Craig talks about his approach to scouting and getting ready for the shoot. Next Craig discusses quality of light and time of day. Craig also talks about the highly effective concept of creating these types of compositions one element at a time. The Podcast is loaded with many practical tips that can help you do a better job of pre-visualizing and capturing images that have a...


Street Photography

In this podcast from the vault Craig discusses his approach to Street Photography of people. Craig begins by talking about the tradition of Street Photography and describes how his approach differs. After defining his approach Craig discusses his equipment choices for this type of work and also details how he approaches exposure for his impromptu street portraits. Craig gives many practical tips for composition. Craig finishes up with an in depth discussion on overcoming the fear of the...