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060: Sculptures, Murals, and More

In episode 60, we welcome Jarmel McCall (@McCall_Art) to discuss his journey into artistry. We discuss his work on the physical aspects of art with sculpting. We also discuss the murals and other major paintings that he’s worked on. Plus, we always drop a wine of the week to keep your throat from being parched. All of this and more on #3Hues.


059: The Cultural Aspects of Art Therapy

In episode 59, we welcome guest host Eboni Harris (@EboniHarrisMA) to discuss the culture of mental health and healing. We dive into her perspective as a therapist and the benefits of art therapy. We also give insight to other areas of mental health and how therapy as a whole can better your life. Plus, we never leave you without a wine choice for the evening. All of this and more on #3Hues.


058: Artistic Flares of Authors

In episode 58, we welcome guest host Consuella Fontenet (@ConsuellaFontenet) to discuss her wonderful book, “The Walk Cannot Be Denied”. We dive deep into her creative process and journey that lead her to writing the book. We also talk about the passion to leave corporate america in order to follow her passion as a motivational speaker. Plus, we never leave you without a wine choice for the evening and some paintings to pair with. All of this and more on #3Hues.


057: Art & Culture with Bison Art Gallery

In episode 57, we welcome guest host Carla Bison of Bison Art Gallery (@BisongArt) to discuss the creation of her gallery and her journey into art. We discuss the heritage and creation of the Bisong gallery along with the passion and pursuit of art. We also look at some of the offerings of her gallery and cultural events held there. Plus, we never leave you without a wine choice for the evening. All of this and more on #3Hues.


056: Poetry & Painting

In episode 56, we welcome guest host Deonte Scott (@DeonteScott) to discuss his journey in the art of spoken word. We breakdown some of his greatest accomplishments including Lexus’s Hustle & Flow and upcoming events. We also pair some of the spoken word with great wine choices and art discussions. Plus, we take a look at some upcoming events that Deonte is hosting. All of this and more on #3Hues.


055: Summer Crafts and Wines

In episode 55, we welcome back guest host Garry Lee (@ghawkinz) to discuss summer crafts for kids and summer wines for adults! We take a look at creations that will keep the kids busy for several days with perspective, shading, and texturing. We also discuss different varietals that work well for any person as the warmer months approach. Plus, we share our personal favorites on the show! All of this and more on #3Hues.


054: The Art of Baking & Decorating

In episode 54, we welcome guest host Tia Robinson (@TasteeTees) to discuss the art of baking and decorating. We look at her journey of becoming a baker as well as the inspiration needed to create her edible masterpieces. Also, we pair up some sweet treats with wine varietals that will tickle your tastebuds. All of this and more on #3Hues.


053: Top Museums In The U.S, California Live Wine Tasting

In episode 53, we welcome guest host Garry Lee (@ghawkinz) to discuss a little art, wine, and culture. We take a look at some of the top art museums in the world, include the MET in NYC, MFA in Houston, TX, and the Broad in LA. We also do a live California wine tasting of a “smoking hot” red and a smooth cab. All of this and more on #3Hues.


052: Degrees In Art

In episode 52, we welcome guest host Alexandria Thomas (MissAlexT@hotmail.com) to talk about art degrees and becoming an art historian. We discuss the coloring book that she’s created for Texas hospitals along with looking into the field of art therapy. Plus, we discuss ways that art can be useds to release tension and stress. All of this and more on #3Hues.


051: Wine & Wonder

In episode 51, we welcome guest host Wendell Prothow (/Wendell.Prothow) to do a deep dive conversation about his passion for wine. We take a look at several varietals that work well for this time of the year as well as some of his go-to bottles. Plus, Wendell shares some of his personal desires that help create a great evening with wine. All of this and more on #3Hues.


050: The World of Pastels

In episode 50, we welcome guest host Martina Grayer (@MGLeo3) to discuss the wide world of pastels! We look at different types of pastels; from soft choices to the sidewalk chalk style. We also perform some live demos to give a sense of the creative styles you can implement with these tools. Plus, we have a luscious wine of the week that you don’t want to miss. All of this and more on #3Hues.


049: Artistic Trading Cards

In episode 49, we welcome guest host Martina Grayer (@MGLeo3) to dive deep into art-based trading cards. We look at these works of art that are created to trade with other artist and grow your collection. Also, we talk crafts and creations that are at the core of artistry. All of this and more on #3Hues.


048: Comic Book Culture with Adrian Woods

In episode 48, we welcome Certified Blerd Adrian Woods (Snapchat: @YungBurban) to talk all about the culture of comic books. We take a look at some of his pride and joy pieces as well as the process of getting them certified. We also discuss the cosplay and comicon culture and how it has grown. Plus, we get some insights to what it takes to become a “blerd”. All of this and more on #3Hues.


047: An Artistic Journey with Jesse Fezia

In episode 47, we welcome guest host Jesse Fezia (@jfeziaartist2) to discuss his journey through art. We talk about his grade school beginnings into art and the feature pieces that he’s created. We also take a look at his move to the graphic t-shirt industry. All of this and more on #3Hues.


046: Graphic Artistry with Martina Grayer

In episode 46, we welcome guest host Martina Grayer (@MGLeo3) to discuss her world of graphic artistry. We take a visual journey with down the path that lead to her passion for art and all of the mediums that she creates with. Also, we announce our wine of the week that is sure to tickle your fancy. All of this and more on #3Hues.


045: Impressionism and French Wines

In episode 45, we discuss the era of Impressionism and french wines! We look at works from Monet and Manet as well as others from that period. We also discuss some of the great grape-producing regions in France. Plus, our wine of the week is a real tongue twister! All of this and more on #3Hues.


044: Date Nights and Wine Flights

In episode 44, we discuss great date night ideas as we approach Valentine's Day! We consider some inexpensive plans that are sure to say “I love you”. Also, we discuss some interesting wine options that can be perfect for the intimate event. Plus, our food pairings are to die for. All of this and more on #3Hues.


043: The Creative Flare of Sophia The Artist

In episode 43, we welcome guest host Sophia Jacqueline (@shelovestocreate) to talk about her journey through the world of art. We look at some of her exquisite pieces that are created with different canvas styles and materials. Also, she Sophia shares some of her fashion insight with her passion for art! Plus, we debut our wine of the week: Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir. All of this and more on #3Hues.


042: The Art, Wine, and Culture of Superbowl

In episode 42, we bring you some special artistic painting by Justin Patten that are NFL-inspired and timely for the Superbowl. We take a look at some great food-inspired creations for the big game too! Plus, we debut our wine of the week from LaGranja360; their Tempranillo Garnacha. All of this and more on #3Hues.


041: Works of Art with Collage Gifts

In episode 41, we welcome guest host Billisha Hastings of Collage Gifts (http://collagegifts.weebly.com/) to discuss her infusion of art and wine into the culture of crafting. We take a look at some of her beautiful hand-painted glasses and jewelry, along with other crafts created with a passion for wine. We also dive deep into our Wine of the Week from Seven Daughters. And of course, an episode cannot be complete without pairing wine with great works of art. All of this and more on #3Hues.