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A conversation with Dayton's unsung, hometown heroes who inform, inspire and entertain.








"The "B-Man" and his alter ego Lives!

EP # 108: For 41 years, John Beaulieu was known as "The B-Man" to his throng of loyal, rock and roll radio listeners all over the country. His persona as a "take no prisoners" afternoon dj was legendary. But in a rare and revealing interview with host Dan Edwards, John shares how the B-Man image took it's toll on him both personally and professionally, leading to his dismissal at WTUE and to his struggles with alcohol. Find out what the Dayton Area Broadcast Hall of Fame inductee is up to now and how he's found his new groove on the radio dial in Cincinnati.


Dayton Power Couple, Scott & Cindy Davidson, Creating Community Spirit..All Year Long!

EP: 107 In an uplifting podcast, host Dan Edwards features another one of Dayton's Power Couples, Scott and Cindy Davidson. Through their philanthropic organization Peace And Tranquility Lake Corp, they inspire people of all ages with their highly organized and highly anticipated holiday celebrations in Huber Heights, Ohio attracting thousands of families from all over the midwest. Listen as they share their story of how a family tragedy motivated them to create a national movement to combat mental illness and depression, especially during emotional holidays throughout the year. Facebook: huberheightsholidaysandtraditions.com


Ranjani Powers, How Yoga Saved My Life...Literally!

EP: 106 Don't be surprised if this podcast featuring the harrowing story of Ranjani Powers isn't some day turned into a documentary. In a riveting and revealing interview, host Dan Edwards talks with this brave yoga instructor who used her training to overcome debilitating fear after her alcoholic boyfriend locked her in a cellar, tortured and abused her for over 10 hours. How did she manage to survive? Why was she thrown in jail and how did Artemis Center, Dayton's domestic violence resource agency play a pivotal role in her assailants capture? Well, get ready for a fascinating story about inner-strength and her struggle to stay alive and ultimately reclaim her life. How her story can help you cope with stress in your life!


Krista & Ron Mainess, Breaking Generational Poverty, One Family at a Time!

EP 105: A truly inspiring podcast as host Dan Edwards talks with Krista & Ron Mainess who founded the non-profit organization Helping Our Families. It's a tremendous story of a faith walk born out of necessity to care for a struggling family member that has now become an impactful program targeting dozens of single mothers with children to help them recover from struggling in life to surviving and then hopefully thriving, breaking the cycle of generational poverty.


Filmmaker Allen Farst, Amplifying Historic Dayton voices, before it's too late!

EP: 104 Most Daytonians are very proud of the fact that Dayton, Ohio is the Birthplace of Aviation. Now, Daytonians can also embrace the fact that Dayton is the Birthplace of Professional Football. Host Dan Edwards welcomes award winning filmmaker Allen Farst for a behind the scenes look at exciting projects in the works, including his just released Triangle Park documentary as well as future projects like Osgood and the much anticipated feature film The Flying Machine focusing on Dayton's aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright. Just in time for the 125th Anniversary of Powered Flight in 2028.


Colonel Colleen Ryan (Ret) The Nomad Finds A Home!

EP 103: In a rare interview, Host Dan Edwards catches up with former Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Wing Commander Colleen Ryan. Enjoy a fascinating conversation about Ryan's early military years, her motivation, her disappointments as well as her exciting , high-level assignments that took her all over the world. She also shares behind the scenes details of her years as an Advanced Agent crew member responsible for flying our nations VIP's, including inside stories about former President Bill Clinton and other high-profile dignitaries. But what she's involved with now in her retirement years may surprise you. Dayton Foundation, Dayton Children's Hospital, Therapeutic Riding Institute, 4 Paws for Ability, Dayton Development Coalition.


Dayton Power Couple Chris & Lori Kershner

EP 102: Join host Dan Edwards as he features another Dayton Power Couple.. a couple who, equally in their chosen fields, are impacting the Dayton, Ohio region in positive ways. Chris & Lori Kershner share authentic insights into how they find personal and professional balance with their busy schedules while raising two, very active teenage girls. As owner and President of LMK Advocacy, a full service local, state and federal government affairs consulting firm, Lori Kershner talks about her passion for representing people who may not have a voice when legislation threatens to negatively impact her clients. As President and CEO of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Chris Kershner shares his thoughts on leadership, relationships and the future plans he has for one of the most successful chamber's in the country.


DaytonWood.. Is Dayton Ready For It's Closeup?

EP 101: You may be surprised about the quality of films being made in the Dayton Region. Film Dayton Commissioner Lisa Grigsby joins host Dan Edwards to talk about the health of the film industry in Dayton and how the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit has been a game-changer. But, why hasn't the City of Dayton rolled out the red carpet for this potential moneymaker and jobs creator? Dan also talks with local movie producers Patrick Hague and Mike Box who discuss their upcoming project as well as share their thoughts on the positive impact streaming services have had on the film industry and the negative impact AI poses going forward. Plus, we'll get an update on the fledgling 1913 Studios and their efforts to make Dayton, Ohio the Midwest mecca for filmmakers. Are you ready for ACTION!


Artist Willis "Bing" Davis, an Agent of Change!

EP # 100: As host Dan Edwards celebrates his digital milestone 100th episode, he's joined by world-renowned artist, musician, author and teacher Willis "Bing" Davis. Emanating from Davis's West Third Street studios, the wide-ranging interview covers the full width and depth of Davis's impact on the Dayton region as well as his efforts to support African-American artists from all over the world. Discover his early inspirations, his creative workflow as well as his concern about the arts being eliminated from many public schools and why he feels this can be detrimental to the youth of America. Join us for a robust conversation with a man considered a cultural hero in the Dayton region and beyond.


Amanda Wright-Lane, Aviation Royalty!

EP # 99: From the historic 1903 flight of the Wright Brothers, UAS Drone technology at Sinclair Community College, world-class displays at The National Museum of the United States Air Force to aeronautical innovation at Wright-Patt, no other city in the world tells the complete aviation story better than Dayton, Ohio. So, why have only 10% of Daytonian's ever visited one of the 17 Aviation Trail sites? Host Dan Edwards shares the microphone with Amanda Wright-Lane, the Great Grand Niece of Orville and Wilbur Wright to get her thoughts as well as an update on the world-wide celebration coming in 2028 of the 125th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers revolutionary invention.


Michael Carter, We All Have Blind Spots!

EP # 98: Host Dan Edwards sits down with the pride of Springfield, Ohio, Michael Carter, Chief Diversity Officer at Sinclair Community College. Michael discusses the impactful people in his life, including the many teachers and coaches who molded him into the person he is today. Michael also speaks candidly about the negative consequences of social media, how sports has forever changed and he shares details of his latest passion-work, an impressive, African-American Museum he is curating that is open to the public.


Tim Forbess, Building Strong, Equitable Housing for an Underserved Population.

EP # 97: Dayton, Ohio has always been an innovative community. That innovation continues today with Tim Forbess, who builds as much with his heart as his head. Both elements are coming together in a massive 52.5 million dollar project that will transform the historical Salem Ave/Grafton Hill corridor, an area that hasn't seen this type of massive investment in over 80 years. Renovating iconic Longfellow Elementary (soon to be called Longfellow Commons) dormant since 2017, this project will not only provide much needed facilities for the surrounding community, but, it will also provide elder care and programming for Dayton's LGBTQ+ community. Host Dan Edwards also asks Tim about his revolutionary Storm Strong Homes that can be built quickly and affordably in areas hardest hit by severe storms which could become a national model for FEMA.


Business Coach Lois Elrich, Dysfunction Is Just A Word

EP # 96: Whenever I talk with Business Coach and Advisor Lois Elrich, my blood pressure seems to automatically go down. Lois has such an easy and calm demeanor that I find she is the perfect person to talk you through some of business life's most stressful moments. In this far reaching interview, I talk with this Aileron -trained consultant about building strong relationships with workers of all ages and how our generational differences can make us stronger. As co-owner of Solid Blend Water Technologies, she and her husband Ken have implemented her impactful workforce principals to become winners of DBJ's Prestigious Best Places to Work as well as Healthiest Places to Work awards. Join Lois for a Master Class in developing a successful workplace environment built on trust and transparency.


Carillon Park's Brady Kress, The Walt Disney of Dayton!

EP # 95: All aboard for a fun conversation with Brady Kress, President & CEO of Dayton History. Host Dan Edwards takes a nostalgic walk or rail ride down Carillon Park's historical past, including details of the brand new Carillon Park Railway. A dream of the park's originator, Col. Edwards Deeds, the 1851 railway is now a reality. The full-scale train takes park visitors on a one mile, grand circle tour around the 65 acre park on the banks of the Great Miami Riverway. Kress reveals fascinating stories of our region's forefathers who, at the turn of last century, seemed to have a friendly competition between themselves creating a culture of invention that continues to impact the world today. From the car self-starter, LED crystals, Cheez-It crackers, powered flight, pop top can, the ladder, football...that's why Brady always says, You Can't Go a Day Without Dayton.


2 News Meteorologist Jamie Jarosik, There's No Place Like Home!

EP # 94: Host Dan Edwards talks candidly with Jamie Jarosik in a very revealing podcast. For years we've watched this unflappable morning meteorologist predict weather patterns in the Dayton, Ohio region while working at WDTN, Channel 2. But, not even Jamie could predict the emotional storm created by a cancer diagnosis that appeared on her radar screen in 2021. Listen as Jamie shares her personal and professional insight into how she has dealt with this very private event while in the overly scrutinizing eye of the public.


Brigid's Path, Infant Recovery Revisited!

EP # 93: Host Dan Edwards returns to Brigid's Path in Kettering, Ohio to get an update on their unique services that improve the health of newborn babies and mothers impacted by addiction by offering grace for the past, support for the present, and hope for the future in a zero judgement zone. Jane Snyder from Brigid's Path and Brenda Stansfield from the Rotary Club of Kettering share details of an upcoming event to help raise awareness and operating funds for this incredible non-profit facility that is available in only four other cities in the country. Please like and share!


Jason Woodard, Building Excitement In Downtown Dayton

EP # 92 Jason Woodard is a soft spoken, unassuming developer who, along with Columbus-based developers Crawford-Hoying are changing the look and feel of downtown Dayton one building at a time and in some cases, one block at a time. Fresh off their 300 million dollar investment in the Water Street Project, Woodard and company continue to build upon the excitement of living and working downtown. But is there a fly in the ointment? Host Dan Edwards talks to Woodard about his thoughts on how the pandemic forever changed downtown Dayton's daytime workforce needs, how new Intel construction near Columbus could make the Miami Valley the next Silicon Valley and his thoughts on how the new On Main/ Fairgrounds project near Miami Valley Hospital could shift downtown Dayton's core.


Sharlet Briggs, Motivating a New Generation Through Mission Driven Employment

EP # 91 Sharlet Briggs is the first female President of Kettering Health's Flagship Hospital on Southern Blvd. in Kettering, Ohio. Originally from California, Briggs shares her unabashed love for the Dayton region and the welcoming and engaging people she's met. In a candid interview with host Dan Edwards, she shares the real struggles and challenges that still exist in her industry today caused by the mistrust born out of the pandemic and how Kettering Health's mission-driven message can help give Kettering Health a decided advantage attracting the healthcare workers of tomorrow.


Eric Jerardi, Success At His Fingertips!

EP # 90 CONTENT WARNING! Eric Jerardi only knows one way to live..on his own terms. He joins host Dan Edwards to talk about his influences and experiences, including his time on MTV as well as run-ins with OJ Simpson, Emeril Lagasse and scores of famous musicians who have impacted him most during an illustrious 35 year career as an iconic guitarist on the world stage. He also discusses how the death of his father and brother changed the trajectory of his life to motivate him to hone his skills as a jet-setting, gourmet chef and successful entrepreneur and the parallels he draws between them all that has created a rich, rewarding life.


Melissa Cutcher, The "IT Girl", Empowering Women in Technology First.

EP # 89: According to a recent survey, only 9.4 % of US Fortune 500 companies have a female CEO. Melissa Cutcher, would like to see this trend change, particularly in her chosen field. As Executive Director of Technology First, she is guiding her IT membership group to listen to all voices that will connect, strengthen and champion everyone in the exploding IT world. Melissa joins host Dan Edwards to discuss how the Dayton, Ohio region can be the next Silicon Valley for information technology.