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Special Announcement!

We're moving everything under one brand, Dee Lauderdale. Part of the process is this podcast is going away and a new one is starting, called Dee Lauderdale, The Gentleman Way of Life. You can search and subscribe via iTunes, google play and anchor. Go to deelauderdale.com for more information and links.


Your Failures Are Your Unfair Advantage

What are you supposed to do with your failures? The answer is to use those failures as your unfair advantage. Listen and learn why and how.


Every Gentleman is Responsible For . . . . .

There is a small but growing group of young men who are excited about responsibility. Instead of running from it, these guys want to learn how and what they are responsible for. Here's the Big 3 to get you started.


This Will Change The Way You Help Others

One part of the Gentleman Way of Life Honor Code is Put Others First. We're supposed to look for people who need help. The only question is how? Listen and learn.


Cole Cubelic Interview

Cole Cubelic is doing what most guys dream of, making a living doing what he loves. In Cole's case that's talking about sports, specifically college football. SEC fans know him as the former offensive lineman breaking down the game from sidelines as an analyst for the SEC Network and ESPN. He's also one of the hosts of the 3 Man Front show on WJOX in Birmingham Alabama. Cole destroys the stereotype of dumb jock. He's got insights and opinions. Take a listen to see the side of Cole you've...


Mr. Killebrew Knew the Secret of Raising Boys

Harmon Killebrew hit 573 home runs during his Major League career. But it all started with a dad who knew the secret to raising boys.


Are men turning into trust fund rats?

Men were built to struggle to survive, especially using our hands, but the modern world doesn't demand that of us. We need to get our hand-brain connection restarted because that's where we'll find real satisfaction.


The Biggest Threat to Middle Aged Men is NOT What You Think

What’s the biggest health threat to middle aged men? Obesity? Heart Disease? Nope. Listen and learn what it is and how to deal with it.


Different Doesn't Mean Defective, Men and Women Are Just Different

If you watch some tv shows or read certain blogs, you're probably convinced any time you talk about gender, it has be in the context of conflict. Or even worse, you may have fallen for the lie that there are no differences between men and women, by the way, those are the only biological genders. That's nonsense. Listen to learn a better way of thinking about the differences between men and women.


Best Advice You Ever Got #5- A Ghandi quote

Gandhi said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


Interview with Swamper's Bass Player, David Hood

I loved getting the chance to spend an hour with music legend David Hood. He's one of the examples I use when I talk or write about behaving like a gentleman and what it means to be a professional.


What I would want my 18 yr old son to know

I took a few minutes and wrote down all the stuff I would want my 18 yr old son to know. From how to treat women, to keeping your word. Listen for the full list.


This is the Person You Should Never Trust

Every man needs people he can trust. To get advice from, to tell him when he's going of the rails. Listen and learn the one type of person you should never trust


Can you define what it means to be a good man in a tweet?

Being a man is both complex and simple all at the same time. But can you boil it down to 140 characters? I don't know but we're gonna try.


Interview with Andy Andrews

There are some men who are natural encouragers. These gentlemen get more pleasure from the success of others than they do their own. Andy Andrews is that guy. I dare you to listen to this interview without feeling like you can conquer the world or just push send on the first installment of the blog you've been saying you were going to start.


The Duck Hunting Judge

Every guy needs the occasional kick in the butt to get them back on the right path. Listen to the story of a Judge who got a surprise visit from a guy who had been on the wrong end of the Judge's foot.


"Winning is Only Honorable Through Competition"

The Italian bobsled team put on a world class display of sportsmanship in the 1956 Olympics. All because the captain believed he should always do what's right. Go to deelauderdale.com to learn more about the Gentleman Way of Life


Humble Men Clean Toilets

Humility is one of the predominate indicators a man has made the transition to gentleman. Listen and learn 4 characteristics of a humble gentleman.


Interview with Mac Mcanally

Mac McAnally is probably know by most people as the guitar player with the red hair that stands next to Jimmy Buffett. But he's actually one of the most sought after songwriters and studio musicians in Nashville. He is beyond dispute one of the most respected musicians of our time. His peers have made that clear by honoring him as CMA Musician of the Year for an unprecedented eight years in a row and electing him to the Nashville Songwriters Halls of Fame. But mostly he's a true gentleman.