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Hear fascinating, never-before-told stories from the world-famous NBC Pages as they discuss your favorite television and film stars in tales never meant to reach the ears of the general public!


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Hear fascinating, never-before-told stories from the world-famous NBC Pages as they discuss your favorite television and film stars in tales never meant to reach the ears of the general public!





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Rob Port - WNBC Sing-Along - Local Advertising & Promotion - Maury Povich - Chevy Chase

On this week's episode of "A Page in History," hear about WNBC's iconic holiday tradition, the talent and employee Sing-Along, plus a lot more! Our paths first crossed in a different lifetime; we'll discuss this trailblazing experience! He embarked on his journey as an NBC Page on the East Coast in 1989, marking the beginning of a long and fascinating career! His anecdotes are not only priceless but also timely! Get ready to hear his entertaining tale involving Chevy Chase, and rest assured; it doesn't include falling off a stage; it's a real pisser! Discover how Sam Kinison extended more than just a late-night snack during our guest's stint at the 15th Anniversary celebration of Saturday Night Live! His sense of style was perpetually ahead of the curve, and you won't believe what he did with his polyester uniform! You'll hear how he strutted down "FIFTH AVENUE," always looking impeccable. Get ready as he shares stories about one of my absolute favorite individuals—an iconic television industry veteran! He was the undisputed holder of the singing crown, and if you've tuned into WNBC during the holidays, you know there's one cherished tradition that New Yorkers and employees eagerly await. Our next guest was the pied piper; you'll hear how he managed everyone to play-a-long! He had the prestigious role of playing the bouncer at the legendary Saturday Night Live after-parties! And indulging in Sunday Morning Football is a treat, but our next guest took it to the next level with his mini gambling haven nestled in the heart of 30 Rock! I'll bet you're going to love this story! Also, our next guest IS NOT THE FATHER, but he could be an uncle! Tune in to discover how crossing paths with Maury Povich was life-changing! He'll also share heartfelt memories of a dear friend who left this world too soon. However, after you hear the tales about this friend, there's no doubt he's up there looking down, enjoying a good laugh. Never underestimate NBC security—they've earned their stripes, and their stories pack a punch. Get ready to hear why you should never mess around with the force that is NBC security! He's set to offer a toast to Matt Lauer before the infamous scandal unfolded; hear his unique perspective. In the 90s, crime families held a firm grip on the city, but one man sought to tell their stories for WNBC News. Remarkably, this individual ascended to become the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism for the NYPD and, before that, he worked for the FBI and ABC News. Our next guest will reveal how his friendship with this man played a transformative role in his life. And if that wasn't enough, you'll hear a tale of how both chased the elusive Zodiac killer! Please tune in to discover the wild story of how he found himself on the receiving end of a memorable beatdown during the taping of Donahue! He boasts an impressive resume as an Executive Producer, Producer, and Writer, contributing his talents to renowned projects such as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Training Day, Agent X, the TV series Numbers, Arrest & Trial, and even clinching an Academy Award for the impactful film Twin Towers! Don't miss this exciting episode of "A Page in History," featuring Mr. Rob Port!


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Judith Lupatkin Bernstein - Paul McCartney - Kenneth the Page Parcell - John Cena

Get ready for a journey through the captivating life and incredible experiences of an East coast Page in the mid two thousands—a woman who has rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Imagine having Paul McCartney serenade you in an elevator—well, our next guest not only lived it but managed to keep her composure. Starting her post-page career with USA Network, her assignment paved the way for a fascinating journey that would intertwine with iconic figures and unforgettable moments. You'll hear how Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock took some pointers from our next guest! Plus, hear how her initial Page interview became a turning point, reshaping her perspective on key moments in her life. She also shares the details of her encounter with her fellow Brookline, Mass native, hear about the encounter with none other than legendary Conan O'Brien. Brace yourselves for tales of late-night adventures, like partying at the Saturday Night Live after-party until the wee hours, only to give a tour at 10 AM the next day. But that's not all—she has a story of keeping Tina Fey from a bathroom-related emergency while she was shooting 30 Rock. And hear what it was like hanging out with WWE stars of wrestling! And on a related note hear how John Cena played an unexpected role in handling a particular Donald Trump situation. Get ready to be entertained as she spills the beans on what it's like to witness big-name celebrities transform after hair and makeup and how some of them might be shorter than you ever imagined. So buckle up for an episode filled with laughter, surprises, and an insider's perspective on the entertainment world. Without further ado, let's give a warm welcome to the one and only Judith Lupatkin Bernstein!


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Doug Sivco - Bill Murray - Cheap Trick - Eddie Murphy

Get ready for an extraordinary journey in today's episode of "A Page in History" and hear stories from the 1980s! Hear how our next guest made small talk with some lovely ladies and told them the Bandit would be by any minute. To his surprise, the one and only Burt Reynolds did make an appearance. Hear how our guest faced the amusing trials of inexperience, once preventing an NBC Anchor from entering the building—an unforgettable blunder that speaks volumes about the learning curve of his fascinating journey. From tickling the ivories as a guest piano player on the set of Saturday Night Live, where he shared the stage with the incomparable Eddie Murphy, to becoming a news and sports anchor for affiliates of NBC, CBS, and Fox, his career is a testament to his versatility and resilience. Hear about his encounter with a political figure and the near mishap of almost knocking Ted Kennedy to the ground right before an interview on Meet the Press. And who could forget the unconventional swim in the fountain at Rockefeller Plaza with none other than the legendary Bill Murray? His journey is sprinkled with memorable encounters, from retrieving a guitar left behind by CHEAP TRICK to escorting Debbie Harry of Blondie on Valentine's Day, receiving a box of chocolates in gratitude. He even played a pivotal role in helping David Letterman find his dressing room on his first day in NYC, setting the stage for the iconic career that followed. One of the most remarkable chapters of our guest involves sleeping in his car for six straight nights at Cape Canaveral while working as a production assistant for the TODAY SHOW during the lead-up to the first Space Shuttle Launch in 1981. He sang and played piano for a duet with another NBC employee in the first ALL-NBC TALENT SHOW, held in 8-H. Tom Snyder was hosting. Join us on a captivating journey through the pages of his remarkable life, sharing anecdotes that span from the humorous to the heartwarming and reminding us that sometimes, the most unforgettable moments are written in the margins of history. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Doug Sivco!


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Ben Hoffman - Letterman & Live at Five - Schwarzenegger - Don Pardo

Get ready to dive deep into a captivating episode of "A Page in History" that will transport you to the vibrant world of NBC in the late '80s. Ever wondered what it's like to be the barrier between David Letterman and a TV studio? Our guest not only had to stop the late-night legend from crashing the Live at 5 set but also witnessed a surprising turn of events that left everyone shocked. And it involved cake and ice cream! From a life-changing assignment in DC to moonlighting as a roadie on Saturday Night Live, our guest's journey is a mosaic of unforgettable experiences. Imagine rubbing shoulders with David Johanson and other legends at Madison Square Garden—it's not a dream; it's just another day in the life of an NBC Page. But the excitement doesn't end there. Picture this: a snapshot with NBC President Jack Welch and a heartwarming tale of camaraderie with talk show host Phil Donahue. And our guest spills the foot-stomping story that made him so happy when he received his official NBC Page uniform! For all you 30 Rock enthusiasts, get ready for a backstage pass as our guest shares how NBC Pages like himself roamed free, exploring the studios, and all their tape machines, cameras, and lighting equipment. His friendship with a Lighting Supervisor even led to an education that rivals the best film schools! But that's not all—he was able to tell Mr. Schwarzenegger, SHE'LL BE BACK! It's not a made-up story! He worked with the legendary Don Pardo, who he tracked to produce a voice-over for NBC stations nationwide. From CNBC to the BBC, his journey is a whirlwind of fascinating tales that will leave you hanging on every word. So buckle up and stay tuned for an enthralling conversation with Mr. Benjamin Hoffman!


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Lesa Mattingly - Late 70’s - Robin Williams - Don Rickles

On this episode of "A Page in History," this guest started her career as a West Coast Page in 1977. Her first job after training was working for Rowan and Martin on the iconic hit show 'Laugh-In.' She has an intriguing story to share about penguins, and it even involves the legendary Robin Williams. Through this memorable encounter, she forged a lasting friendship with Robin Williams and his wife. She'll delve into her experiences with Robin, sharing why he was consistently a genuine gentleman who never failed to drop by and say hello. She even had the privilege of having his number on speed dial. She also had warm words for Jimmy Stewart, and she'll share anecdotes about his incredible generosity and kindness. She once had an unexpected encounter with comedy legends Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor. Tune in to discover the unique circumstances that brought them together and what memorable words they shared." She also had the incredible opportunity to work for one of The Beatles, Ringo Starr. During her time with him, she found herself in a rather unusual situation when Ringo's wife issued a threat. However, Ringo's response was quite remarkable. Stay tuned to hear all the intriguing details. She'll share an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience involving the master insult comic, the legendary Don Rickles. She'll recount how she unexpectedly found herself in his comedic crosshairs, with a barrage of insults flying like rapid bullets. You won't want to miss this incredible and far-out story. During her tenure at 'The Tonight Show' with Johnny Carson, one ordinary day, as she strolled through the show's bustling hallways, she accidentally overheard news that would go on to reshape the world. Listen in to discover the revelation and learn how it profoundly impacted the show's audience members. And now, shifting gears to a different kind of crazy, wild crowd - no, we're not referring to your rowdy pals at the neighborhood bar; we're talking about the unforgettable audience members of 'The Gong Show!' Join us as she recounts her experiences working on the show and get ready to hear a particularly extraordinary story. It's about one banned audience member who refused to accept 'no' for an answer and, shockingly, ended up causing thousands of dollars in damage to the building. Our next guest also had a close friendship with an actor from 'The Rockford Files.' Prepare to be entertained as she shares an amusing tale of how this actor, along with her and a group of Page buddies, went out to dinner at the renowned Carol O'Connor's restaurant. However, what happened that evening will surprise you, and you'll surely enjoy this hilarious story." Please enjoy this groovy podcast with Lesa Mattingly!


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Bob Barnard - Andy Kaufman - Desi Arnaz - Joan Rivers

This guest embarked on his media journey as an NBC Page in the early 80s and has remained deeply entrenched in the industry ever since. His Page career has been peppered with riveting tales that are sure to captivate you. For example, we'll dive into the electrifying moment when Andy Kaufman made a surreal appearance on David Letterman's show, only to have wrestling legend Jerry Lawler wipe the grin right off Andy's face. Brace yourselves for an insider's account of that unforgettable studio encounter from the very person who witnessed it all unfold! And hear how legendary comedian and actor Milton Berle once hatched a plan to make a surprise appearance on David Letterman's live show, but our forthcoming guest had to play the role of gatekeeper. Tune in to discover how Uncle Milty handled the disappointing news and the intriguing backstory behind this unforgettable moment! And he's home, our next guest had the incredible opportunity to meet the iconic Desi Arnaz, all thanks to the encouragement of the unmistakable voice of Don Pardo. But the burning question is, was Lucy just around the corner? And did you know that the bold and uproarious female comedian, actress, and host Joan Rivers had a hidden talent—it's downing shots! Stay tuned to learn about our guest's memorable Tequila shot experience with the self-deprecating trailblazer of comedy. And just in case you weren't aware, talk shows like Late Night With David Letterman are typically recorded "live to tape." This means that they record the show earlier in the day but execute it as if it were being broadcast to you in real-time. They usually don't pause or redo a joke or segment, except for that one memorable occasion when our guest was right there to witness what unfolded when David Letterman was left utterly stunned, prompting an unprecedented interruption of the show! And, do you have a belief in magic? The mystical Magician Doug Henning certainly does, and he also believes in our next guest's extraordinary ability to prevent overzealous individuals from storming the stage. Brace yourselves for a truly bizarre and astonishing tale that you won't believe! And while NBC Pages are primarily tasked with giving tours, you'd be surprised to learn about the unique assignment our guest was handed, which ultimately led to the potential of an abundance of Bacardi Rum. Tune in to hear this fascinating story! And speaking of alcoholic preferences, you'll discover the intriguing tale of how legendary radio personalities Howard Stern and Don Imus developed a penchant for Dewar's White Label Scotch. Then, we'll delve into the contrasting ways some celebrities conduct themselves in public. We're putting old school against new school – it's a showdown between Bob Hope and Sylvester Stallone. Who will shine like a true star in this comparison? Plus, you'll hear his experience with NBC News man Tom Brokaw and many other fun stories, including his exciting life as a TV News reporter, where he currently works at Fox 5 in Washington, DC. Please enjoy this engaging and interesting conversation with Bob Barnard!


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Christian Bladt - Dennis Miller - Saturday Night Live’s 25 Anniversary - Rosie O’Donnell

We are thrilled to introduce our next guest, who had the incredible opportunity to work on the Page Desk during Saturday Night Live's 25th Anniversary. He also collaborated with numerous cast members throughout his tenure, including iconic figures like Billy Crystal and Dennis Miller. In fact, he continued to work alongside them for nearly two decades, and he's here today to share all the exciting details of his journey. Can you believe that even a well-known personality like Bill Murray couldn't get past security? Our upcoming guest had to step in and vouch for him! You won't want to miss the wild and entertaining story behind it! Have you ever found the Weekend Update jokes on SNL hilarious? Well, get this: our next guest sold one of his jokes to Colin Quinn. Stay tuned as he shares the joke and reveals how much he made! While Kristin Chenoweth is undoubtedly a talented and delightful performer, can you imagine having her join one of your tours and talking non-stop? Our next guest is here to share the unforgettable 'nails on a blackboard' story from that experience. And Rosie O'Donnell, the fun-loving, candy-throwing talk show host, uniquely prefers riding elevators alone. Stay tuned to hear our guest's amusing encounter when the elevator doors opened and Rosie O'Donnell walked in! Plus, Max Weinberg, the legendary drummer for Conan, not only masters the drumsticks but also wields a pair of barbells like a pro. Get ready to be inspired by his powerful story! And find out how a Writer's assistant wrote an odd note when they tried to pick up our next guest. And discover why securing standby tickets for Saturday Night Live can often feel like they mean absolutely nothing. And you'll get an inside look at what it was like to meet Monica Lewinsky, the former President's gal pal. Tune in to find out if there were any intriguing new developments or scandals when she visited the set. So get ready to hear about the NBC Page experience, which our guest likens to a summer camp adventure. This person also worked on a variety of shows, including Conan O'Brien, Forgive or Forget, Curtis Court, Law & Order: Dennis Miller, and a slew of others. Please enjoy this comedic and engaging conversation with Christian Bladt!


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Doug LeBow - WWE - Madonna’s Kiss - Chris Farley

On this episode of "A Page in History,” WWE, Madonna’s Kiss, Chris Farley, and more! Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a scoop hotter than an NBC Page wearing their polyester pants in late summer! Our next guest may have shared a smooch with Madonna long before she made headlines at the MTV Video Music Awards! Then he'll talk about his memorable experience watching the royal purple one Prince rehearse before his live television appearance. And most of you know that weathermen and women report in front of a green screen; our next guest spiced things up a notch when the "R" in Green screen took on a whole new meaning. She may have driven off a cliff, but that's not before our guest could give her flowers, you'll hear the sweet story about his connection to Susan Sarandon. He also had the experience of partying with the director of the world's most dangerous band, Paul Shaffer; plus, he did the same with America's larger-than-life comedian, Chris Farley! And contrary to most of America, he has some kind words for OJ Simpson, but not for Bob Costas! If you're a fan of NBC NFL football, you'll want to hear this story! And speaking of sports, Dick Ebersol was the force behind the iconic sports programming on NBC, plus he was the man behind the idea for Saturday Night Live, with a man that powerful, you better watch out for his wrath! You'll hear some scathing stories! And you'll hear how our next guest used to run his tours in a very unconventional way! And how he developed many lifelong friendships! He worked for WWE, Lorne Michael's Broadway Video, UEG, and ElevenO2. We are excited to have this guest share his insights into his Page life and beyond; please enjoy this engaging conversation with Doug LeBow!


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Vicky Stewart - Nickelodeon - Advertising & Promotion - Rockefeller Christmas Tree

We have a genuinely remarkable guest whose journey through television and entertainment is extraordinary. Our guest will take us through her early days at WNBC local advertising and promotion, then later onto the Network and beyond! She'll share the excitement of being a talent escort for the iconic "Saturday Night Live," and she'll talk about the moment she realized that network news was not for her once the "Scud Stud" made his appearance! She'll recount her experiences working with local television heavyweights like Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons, and she'll reveal how a seemingly simple peppermint lifesaver played a significant part in flipping an internal switch within her. She's been behind the scenes at MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nick at Nite, TV Land, Lifetime, AMC, and even Sesame Street; she's helped launch beloved shows like "Dora the Explorer," and she worked on iconic programs like "Project Runway." Stay tuned as we delve into her fascinating experiences, from singing under the Rockefeller Christmas Tree to a fateful lunch that transformed her into one of the iconic NBC Pages. And don't miss the heartwarming story about why the end of each "Saturday Night Live" episode holds a special meaning with our guest. Join us as we uncover the incredible life and journey of this multifaceted individual whose energy knows no bounds!—Please enjoy this conversation with Vicky Stewart!


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Joe DeTullio - Set Design & Construction Saturday Night Live

I'm an enthusiastic admirer of my upcoming guest, and I promise you're in for an extraordinary experience! This talented individual, along with his dedicated team, possesses a remarkable ability to transport audiences to diverse places, which all help to tell a story! His artistry entails the intricate design process and the profound responsibility of its creation. You have all seen his work, but today, we'll pull back the curtain and shine a light on the magic he creates! He's one of the masterminds responsible for conceptualizing and constructing the legendary sets featured on "Saturday Night Live." He played a pivotal role in shaping the current rendition of the "Saturday Night Live" set, with its captivating Grand Central theme and the iconic Opal Timeclock that greets you at the start of every episode. We are going to delve into the intricate, painstaking, and high-pressure process of designing and building these sets for the broadcast live every Saturday night at 11:30. Trust me; it's a conversation you won't want to miss; you will be fascinated at this glimpse into the world of production design and the wizardry that unfolds behind the scenes of this legendary television program. He will also share insights into his journey from starting as an NBC Page to forging a thrilling and fulfilling career in the industry. Furthermore, our conversation will touch upon the iconic figures who have left an indelible mark on "Saturday Night Live," such as the legendary announcer Don Pardo and the influential music producer Hal Willner, who contributed to the unforgettable soundtracks of many beloved sketches and more! We'll explore the inner workings of the film unit, the dedicated crew responsible for creating the pre-recorded videos and commercials that grace the show. And you'll have to stay tuned to discover if there are any exciting plans or tantalizing secrets he can share about the forthcoming 50th-anniversary show! Plus, he's got a treasure trove of many other thrilling stories to share, including his intriguing experiences at CNBC, his stint in NBC's Press & Publicity, and the diverse Page Assignments he took on; plus, you'll hear about his fascinating encounters with legendary talent like Conan and Jay Leno. He'll also take us on a journey through his upbringing in Connecticut and his academic pursuits in architecture, design, and theater. And he'll talk about his involvement with Ragtime and Seussical the Musical! Moreover, you'll hear about his current passion – a deep and enduring love for crafting and bringing unique puppets to life, which has become a central focus in his creative endeavors. Ladies and gentlemen, it is both an honor and an absolute delight to introduce our distinguished guest. He is a true artisan and a recipient of multiple Emmy© Awards. Please enjoy this conversation with Saturday Night Live's Production Designer, Mr. Joe DeTullio!


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Dave Schiff (Part Two) - Law & Order - 3rd Rock from the Sun - LA Law

In this installment of Part Two, which marks the celebratory continuation of our second season of "A Page in History," we delve further into our captivating dialogue with a wonderful Hollywood writer! From his early days as an NBC Page, selling tickets for the NBC Tour, he went on to superstardom to craft scripts for iconic shows like "3rd Rock from the Sun," "That '70s Show," and "King of the Hill.” He also wrote for shows on Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, and Amazon Studios. His love of sports led him to work with the chairman of NBC Sports, Dick Ebersol! Who happens to love a great cigar! He also got a glimpse of a TV pilot of a little show called "Law & Order, yes, that legendary series; he wasn’t sure it was going to work! And he was asked to escort a female actress from LA Law to a major event where he introduced her to Johnny Carson, James Garner, and the gracious at the time, Bill Cosby, who bestowed upon him a special nickname. This guest's life is better than a TV drama! And wait, there's more! Ever wondered how to get Letterman tickets? Well, our guest once gave advice to an alleged porn star on just that, leaving his co-pages blushing FOR him! But through it all, the most fulfilling part of his journey was the family of pages he shared his time with. The bond and camaraderie among these pages made his experience truly memorable and heartwarming. Please enjoy Part Two of this fun and exciting episode with someone I hold dear to my heart – the one and only Mr. Dave Schiff!


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Dave Schiff (Part One) - That ’70s Show - Mike Myers - LA Law

As we kick off our second season of "A Page in History," we have a special guest leading things off with a two-part episode! From his early days as an NBC Page, selling tickets for the Tour, he went on to superstardom to craft scripts for iconic shows like "3rd Rock from the Sun," "That '70s Show," and "King of the Hill," this guest's talent knows no bounds. He also wrote for shows on Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, and Amazon Studios. This guest holds a very special place in my heart because we shared the assignment for Saturday Night Live. But let's rewind a bit – before he rubbed elbows with Hollywood's finest, he had unforgettable encounters. Imagine chatting with Wayne, the legendary Wayne from Wayne's World, at the urinal! But after they both did their business, he was asked to rehearse lines with the man behind the character comedy genius Mike Myers! Our guest has also had encounters with comedy legends like Dana Carvey and the late great Chris Farley, and he confirms that Tom Hanks truly lives up to his reputation as the nicest man in Hollywood. But hold on; things took a magical turn when Teller, the famously silent half of Penn & Teller, cast a spell on him – while he was naked! Teller, not this next guest! You must hear this story! And once, things got scary as he was chased by what he thought could have been a stalker! And then another time, he was "stalked" by the beloved Al Roker on the New York City subway. His love of sports led him to work with the chairman of NBC Sports, Dick Ebersol! Who happens to love a great cigar? He also got a glimpse of a TV pilot of a little new show called "Law & Order," yes, that legendary series, but he wasn't sure it would work. And he was asked to escort a female actress from LA Law to a major event where he introduced her to Johnny Carson, James Garner, and the gracious at the time, Bill Cosby, who bestowed upon him a unique nickname. This guest's life is better than a TV drama! And wait, there's more! Ever wondered how to get Letterman tickets? Our guest once advised an alleged porn star on that, leaving his co-pages blushing FOR him! But through it all, the most fulfilling part of his journey was the family of pages he shared his time with. The bond and camaraderie among these pages made his experience truly memorable and heartwarming. Please enjoy Part One of this fun and exciting episode with someone I hold dear to my heart – the one and only Mr. Dave Schiff!


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Ed Berenhaus - Dan Aykroyd - Sean Connery - Rolling Stones

This special guest got his start as an NBC Page through some truly non-traditional means. It involved a mouth and no trumpet! He’ll give the details! Now, imagine the sheer excitement of stepping foot into the legendary Saturday Night Live studio for the very first time. You’ll hear what it was like and how our guest stumbled upon the one and only Paul Shaffer! You’ll go behind the scenes and hear the fascinating process of how the dress and air shows work at Saturday Night Live. There was even a time when SNL did an extra show but somehow left the incredible Billy Crystal on the cutting room floor. It’s confusing, he’ll explain. Imagine rubbing shoulders with the likes of Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, and Garret Morris. What were they like back then? You’ll hear a first-hand account. But the surprises don't stop there. Our guest had the incredible opportunity to meet the master Muppet himself, Jim Henson! And did you know that Henson's creations originally played late at night? Now, let's talk about the Page lounge, It turns out that our guest and his fellow Pages had some truly iconic visitors, they were some cool brothers, and let's just say that they made the showers a great place for singing the blues! And hear the candid words from Chevy Chase regarding working on SNL! Our guest also had the privilege of being introduced to none other than "Billy" Murray by Dan Aykroyd. Talk about a legendary duo! Ah, the life of the party. We all want to know who takes that crown at SNL. Our guest will reveal who the biggest member was when it came to bringing laughter and fun to the set and after parties. And our guest will explain how he helped Dan Aykroyd master the art of imitating the legendary late-night host, Tom Snyder. It was a smokin’ demonstration! Then brace yourselves as our guest shares an unforgettable story about escorting none other than Bond, Sean Connery, and a group of stoned celebrities to the bathroom. Trust us, it's not what you think! And when George Harrison and Paul Simon performed on SNL, our guest was behind the scenes and will reveal some fascinating details! He worked in the Photo and PR departments, honing the skills that would carry him throughout his career. And he even had a connection to the great Sonny Fox, the VP of Children's Programming, who created the beloved "Wonderama" show. Get ready to be amazed, entertained, and delighted as we dive deep into the extraordinary world of our remarkable guest. Please enjoy this episode with the one and only Ed Berenhaus!


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Shelley Herman - NBC Page Book - Richard Pryor - Alfred Hitchcock

Strap in and prepare for an electrifying ride of a show that will leave you exhilarated, astonished, and utterly amazed! Our next guest was an NBC Page in Burbank, California, in the mid-70s. And she's the author of a new book entitled: "My Peacock Tale: Secrets Of An NBC Page." You'll hear a treasure trove of untold stories that will have you on the edge of your seat. Including tales about Richard Pryor, Sid Caesar, John Travolta, Chuck Barris, Joan Rivers, Freddie Prinze, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Kaufman, The Bee Gees, Erik Estrada, and many, many more! Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy this episode of "A Page in History" with the one and only Shelley Herman!


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Danny Baram - KISS - The Universal Back Lot - TV Scripts

In 2005, he embarked on an unforgettable experience as a West Coast Page, a position that opened doors to the exhilarating world behind the scenes of television. But before being an NBC Page, he worked for Late Night with Conan O'Brien! He'll explain how he got that gig! As a Page, he'll recount the time he led a group into the Tonight Show dressing room of none other than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger himself! You'll hear what it was like to have his tour hijacked by none other than the irrepressible Carrot Top. He'll reveal what it was like to witness legendary bands rehearsing for The Tonight Show and the unforgettable encounters with die-hard fans of Days of Our Lives. Our guest will share some hair-raising moments, like when he opened Jay Leno's mail during post-9/11 anthrax scares and the absurd letters he would receive. He'll even talk about all the chatter when Conan gave The Tonight Show a go! From pre-show Page meetings to the various Page positions, he'll give us a glimpse into the exhilarating life of an NBC Page. Imagine the thrill of working outside with eager fans waiting to enter, the nerve-wracking presence of the secret service during Laura Bush's appearance, and the intense excitement surrounding a tribute show to the legendary Johnny Carson. He’ll talk about it all! Prepare to be amazed as he shares anecdotes about encounters with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Avril Lavigne and the unforgettable highlight of seeing the legendary band KISS! And let's not forget his time working with Dennis Miller and spotting Dennis himself in the commissary. Our guest will take us through the Old West set on the Universal lot, where special screenings unfolded, and reveal his experiences witnessing the birth of new pilots, including iconic shows like The Office and Surface. And don't miss the heart-pounding competition among Pages for the coveted Development assignment, with each one vying for a chance to shape the future of television. As our guest delves into his time in NBC Primetime Development, he'll unveil the electrifying atmosphere, the thrill of reading scripts, and the fascinating projects being developed at that time, including future hits like Heroes and The Walking Dead. Discover how he found his place to become a Senior Manager on the Digital Distribution Release Planning team at NBCUniversal. This is an episode you don't want to miss as we unravel the exhilarating history of television through the eyes of a true industry insider. Get ready for laughter, surprises, and a journey like no other; please enjoy the show with Danny Baram!


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Barron Wellman - Cheers - Danny Devito - George Burns

Our special guest rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Bronson, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, and Sammy Davis Jr. And he worked on iconic television shows like Cheers, Family Ties, and Taxi! He even received a call from NBC Chairman and CEO Grant Tinker who thanked him for being a real superhero and presented him with a token of the Network's appreciation. He'll share anecdotes that showcase the real personalities of celebrities like Danny DeVito, who believed his fame entitled him to special treatment and George Gobel, the beloved Hollywood star and frequent guest of Hollywood Squares, who had a fondness for cozying up to the bar. And let's not forget the taping of “Real People” with none other than the legendary George Burns, or was it? And one night, he played a vital part in The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, ensuring that Wayne Newton and his people wouldn't annoy the late-night king during the show. Hear about his encounters with famous actors like Mel Brooks and Mac Davis, to whom he personally delivered some colorful presents. And hear the surprising connection between our guest and the Smothers Brothers. Plus, he'll tell us heartwarming tales of friendship with the delightful Betty White and the legendary Ed McMahon, as well as the sight of Cher frequently gracing the studio with her presence. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through television history and the captivating life of an NBC Page. Please enjoy the show with our special guest, Barron Wellman.


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Elizabeth Trostler LaBan - David Spade - Jane Pauley - Nightly News

Prepare to be enthralled by the incredible journey of our next guest, as she takes us on an extraordinary odyssey from her humble beginnings as an East Coast NBC Page in the early 90s to her current stature as a highly accomplished journalist and writer. Get ready for a delightful tale as she shares the story of how she surprised David Spade pretending to be in show business! And hold on tight for a humorous incident where the iconic David Letterman mistook her for a garbage can, resulting in an amusing encounter. She had the extraordinary privilege of witnessing the legendary actors Rob Lowe and Tom Hanks as they prepared to grace the stage for their memorable performances on Saturday Night Live, providing her with an insider's perspective into their craft and star power. Moreover, she cultivated a special bond with the esteemed Jane Pauley, earning the privilege of being on a first-name basis with the iconic journalist and adding a touch of prestige to her career. Prepare to be enthralled as Elizabeth Trostler LaBan shares these captivating stories and many more on this episode of "A Page in History."


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Tom Kelly - Rosie O’Donnell - Chevy Chase - Jewel

Get ready for an unforgettable episode of "A Page in History" as we delve into a clash of the Hollywood titans, where Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Selleck find themselves entangled in an unexpected and awkward predicament that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be moved as comedic genius Chevy Chase goes above and beyond to make heartfelt amends to a group of disgruntled audience members, showcasing a side of him rarely seen. But that's not all! Prepare to be surprised as Jewel unleashes a tune that may leave you surprised and unsettled. And if you thought things couldn't get any more intriguing, we uncover the truth behind if Conan O'Brien has a peculiar and undying love affair with bananas. Don't miss out on this spellbinding installment of "A Page in History" featuring Tom Kelly.


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Lee Nelson - Robin Williams - Keith Richards - Sam Kinison

Prepare to be enthralled by this extraordinary guest, a former NBC Page during the vibrant mid-80s era. He’ll recount a mesmerizing encounter with the legendary Frank Sinatra himself, observing in awe as the iconic "Ol' Blue Eyes" rehearsed before a momentous show. He’ll uncover the thrilling secret mission where he engaged Theo, the beloved character from "The Cosby Show," in covert surveillance. Marvel at the unique opportunity bestowed upon him by none other than Keith Richards, as he assisted the legendary musician in capturing the perfect picture. Experience the adrenaline rush of being entrusted by a Letterman producer to tactfully escort the fiery Sam Kinison from the premises. And prepare to be amazed as he recounts a wild escapade with the unparalleled Robin Williams, where they embarked on an elevator adventure, playfully exploring the consequences of pressing every button. Brace yourself for an abundance of astonishing tales as our esteemed guest, Lee Nelson, takes center stage on this captivating episode of "A Page in History."


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Roger Hyman - Jay Leno - Johnny Carson - David Letterman

On this electrifying episode of "A Page in History," prepare to be captivated as we dive into the enchanting world behind Johnny Carson's timeless segment, "Stump The Band." Experience firsthand the enthralling journey of celebrated opera tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, as he sought profound enlightenment to grasp the complete narrative. Immerse yourself in the privileged role of our guest, who provided solace and wisdom to the legendary Oprah Winfrey. Furthermore, gain insight into the clandestine practices of the one and only Barry Manilow. And rest assured, witness the genuine benevolence radiating from Jay Leno, a true embodiment of integrity. Brace yourself for the tumultuous uproar that unfolded among the NBC Pages when David Letterman made his momentous West Coast appearance. Join us as we unveil these captivating tales and more on this extraordinary episode of "A Page in History" featuring Roger Hyman.