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Hosted by Ramya Amuthan, Jacob Shymanski and Nisreen Abdel-Majid, the AMI Audiobook Review lets you know about great new content in the audiobook realm with help from authors, listeners and regular contributors.




Hosted by Ramya Amuthan, Jacob Shymanski and Nisreen Abdel-Majid, the AMI Audiobook Review lets you know about great new content in the audiobook realm with help from authors, listeners and regular contributors.




Episode 118: Rapid-Fire Review Bonanza

It’s a rapid-fire review bonanza. Me, Nisreen and Jacob are finally participating. However, Community Reporter on Kelly and Ramya, Julie Martin, from Pictou County, Nova Scotia joins us to get it all started.


Episode 117: Audiobooks In The Wild With Lawrence Gunther

On this week's episode: Sometimes, we need to take a step back from our busy lives and just appreciate the simple things. And what better way to do that than by immersing yourself in the living world of greenery and beautiful landscapes? If you’re not an outdoors person, the next best thing is reading books about the wild. We wanted a guest to help us with this topic and it only felt natural that that had to be none other than Lawrence Gunther of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther. Plus, our very own audiobook curator, Aamer Khan, joins us with this month’s recommendations, with the theme, Magic, Mythology and Malaysia.


Episode 116: My Life In Books with Red Széll

Red Széll, host of My Life in Books with Red Széll, is with us, all the way from some place called England. Drawing on his years of experience as host of My Life in Books on AMI-audio, interviewing countless authors, it’s safe to say he’s somewhat of an expert on what makes authors tick. Looking forward to getting into it with Red. Plus, we have more responses to our most recent question to the book club: What are books that left you with strong mixed feelings? (i.e., books that had you equally enthralled and frustrated.) That’s for later though.


Episode 115: Genres and How Far Can They Go

Is our obsession with rigidly classifying every book into a set list of genres a bad habit that desperately needs breaking? That’s a loaded question. There are no doubt a whole lot of issues that come with our feverish compulsion to sort everything, and that’s what we’ll be talking about today. Later, we’ll be getting into some responses to our book club question: What are some books that left you with strong mixed feelings? (i.e., a book that left you equally enthralled and frustrated.)


Episode 114: Deep Dive on Brandon Sanderson & Know Your Narrator

We’re discussing the always-fascinating fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson, who’s fully embraced the audiobook revolution despite using his massive platform to condemn what he calls, “Audible's unconscionable business practices,” and casually breaking the record for the most successful Kickstarter campaign of all time in the process. And later, Sarah Hillis drops in for our Know Your Narrator segment; Edoardo Ballerini is our featured narrator this week.


Episode 113: Reviewing Britney Spears' Memoir, The Woman in Me

Karen and Theresa of CELA, the Center for Equitable Library Access, join us for another book review, this time for the highly-anticipated memoir, The Woman in Me, by Britney Spears. And later, Aamer Khan shares with us three authors that have piqued his interest in the past month.


Episode 112: Reviewing Success by Martin Amos with Dave Brown

Dave Brown, of the world-famous NOW with Dave Brown, which airs live weekdays at 9 a.m. Eastern on AMI-tv, joins us for an in-depth review of Success by Martin Amos (where our quote of the week is from), one of his very own book recommendations . Later on, Jacob and I continue our recommendations with more of our personal favourites.


Episode 111: Our Thriller/mystery and non-fiction recommendations

This week, we finally take a moment to present our own book recommendations, in the thriller/mystery and non-fiction categories. On the second half of the show, Greg David, Communications Specialist at AMI, is subjected to the Rapid-Fire-Review segment. He also gives us his in-depth review of Rogue Heroes by Ben Macintyre.


Episode 110: Why do we read horror?

Karen and Theresa make their monthly appearance on the show. This time, we discuss the many reasons why so many people read horror. Why do we willingly want to feel fear and discomfort? There’s a lot to unpack. Plus, Sarah Hillis presents/raves about one of our personal favourite narrators, Julia Whelan, as part of our Know Your Narrator segment


Episode 109: Plot, writing, characters and setting

This week, Ramya and Jacob convene with the book club to have an in depth discussion on what specifically makes a book enjoyable. Everyone shares their ranking of the following 4 elements in order of personal importance to their enjoyment of a book; Plot, writing, characters and setting. Spoiler alert, opinions differ. We also wrap up banned books week, which ended on October 7th, with a few shocking statistics from the ALA, American Library Association as well as take a look back at the history of book bannings


Episode 108: The Invisible Life of Addy Leroux

We’ll actually make an effort to live up to this show’s name and review a book for once. The invisible Life of Addy Leroux, by V.E. Schwab, is what we’re reviewing today with the help of fellow book nerds Debby Giroux and Amer Khan.


Episode 107: Avid Readers & Rapid Fire Reviews

On today’s episode, two avid readers are coming on to discuss their recent reading adventures. Karen Magee, Content Development Specialist at AMI is first, followed by Jennie Bovard of the Low Vision Moments podcast after the break.


Episode 106: 50 Shades of Taboo

The meat of this episode is our Know your Narrator chat with Sara Hillis, she features long time, legendary narrator, George Guidall. And we touch base on taboos in Literature including 50 Shades of Grey and Love Times Three. Plus, we talk to Bill Shackleton about the bookmobile.


Episode 105: Letters With Smokie

We speak with Rod Michalko and Dan Goodley, authors of Letters with Smokie, a collection of letters providing a lively exploration of human-animal relationships and space to interrogate disability as disruption, disturbance, and art.


Episode 104: Provocative, Edgy and Taboo Literature

We introduce a new member to the Audiobook family and discuss books that are purposely provocative, edgy, and explore taboo topics. Also, we're back with our monthly CELA Talk with Karen McKay and Theresa Power, finally getting into our review of The Whispers by Ashley Audrain.


Episode 103: Pulitzer Prize Winners

Aamer Khan features three Pulitzer Prize Winners, books focusing on important, melancholic times in history, where the main characters are on a journey to change the times.


Episode 102: Cozy Mysteries

On today's episode: Bill Shackleton, a live reporter at AMI, brings us up to speed on cozy mysteries. This is a genre of light, dip your toes in, small town vibe mystery stores.


Episode 101: Know Your Narrator - Kevin R. Free

On Know Your Narrator, Sara Hillis features the 2023 Audiofile Magazine Golden Voice, Kevin R. Free, whose voice is on over 450 fiction, non-fiction, children's, and adult books.


Episode 100: Obama's Booklist

We discuss Obama's Booklist with Karen McKay and Theresa Power from the Centre for Equitable Library Access, getting into why his booklists are unique, how they're curated, and why he continues to release them past his presidency.


Episode 99: Amnesia, Oxford and Pakistan

Aamer Khan brings us his book reviews of July, including My Oxford year by Julia Whelan, a title he’s giving a standing ovation to