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fashion's favorite show The fashion industry's favorite show, a weekly conversation with designers, retailers, executives, photographers, writers, and sustainability advocates. AFP functions like a community radio station for the garment business. Hosted by Charles Beckwith.

fashion's favorite show The fashion industry's favorite show, a weekly conversation with designers, retailers, executives, photographers, writers, and sustainability advocates. AFP functions like a community radio station for the garment business. Hosted by Charles Beckwith.
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fashion's favorite show The fashion industry's favorite show, a weekly conversation with designers, retailers, executives, photographers, writers, and sustainability advocates. AFP functions like a community radio station for the garment business. Hosted by Charles Beckwith.






187 – Ethical For Days and Days, Kristy Caylor

Kristy Caylor is one of the co-founders of the wildly influential luxury sustainable fashion brand Maiyet, as well as former President of Band of Outsiders. Kristy recently launched her latest business venture called ‘For Days,’ a new circular retail model that addresses the need for fresh basics without costing the environment. The premise is simple – endless access to new, 100% organic t-shirts, made in LA, starting at $4 each. Once you stain, rip, or wear-out a shirt, you just send it...


186 – Brand Building… and Rebuilding – Sara Rotman

Sara Rotman is the Chief Brand Officer at sustainability-focused clothing brand Les Lunes, and she is rebranding Les Lunes while it rolls down the highway. Such action would not typically be advisable without a full stop, but Sara is a professional, and in this interview, you'll certainly hear why. “We are all about strong opinions and soft clothes.” Sara's background is in art direction and marketing design, which began in the music industry, developing album covers and running...


About Charles James, with Michele Gerber Klein

Michele Gerber Klein is a philanthropist and the president of legacy clothing brand Joan Vass. She recently published an extensive new biography, Charles James: Portrait of An Unreasonable Man. It is the first full biographical work on Charles James, one of the most influential designers of the 20th Century. This interview with the biographer explores how the book came about and touches on several key periods of the designer's life, as well as his major influences. purchase Portrait of An...


184 – More Ethical Fashion

A conversation about sustainable fashion, featuring Luna Atamian Hahn-Petersen of sustainability and social impact consulting firm Salterbaxter, Nicole Heim of ethical and sustainable fashion brand Cienne, and Saloni Shrestha of the ethical fashion brand AGAATI. "Even just understanding sustainability, it's so complicated. I think having experts in your corner is the only way to go. I don't care if you're big or small, just because it's such a complex topic and people are so scared to talk...


183 – Trina Turk – Letting The Fabric Speak For Itself

The iconic California Style designer, Trina Turk, reflects on changes in her company's approach to commerce and responding to customer needs. “At the heigh of the contemporary market, our customers wanted new deliveries every single month, and that’s how we ended up with eleven. We don’t deliver in December or January or something like that. But, because there is so much product out there, and because of the whole shift in the way people are shopping, we’re really starting to question...


Does Retail Have A Future? Robin Lewis and Jan Rogers Kniffen Argue It Out

Robin Lewis and Jan Rogers Kniffen are two of the world's most influential experts on the retail landscape... and they love to argue. Hand on to your shopping bag as we take a look at the massive change happening in the retail marketplace. Also, look out for Robin's book Retail's Seismic Shift (link below). Robin Lewis Chief Executive Officer The Robin Report Jan Rogers Kniffen, CEO J Rogers Kniffen World Wide


181 – Fashion Journalism, Feminism, and Mickey Boardman

Guests Stephan Rabimov, Julie Zerbo, and Mickey Boardman discuss the current state of fashion journalism. Charles Beckwith asks if it can even exist at major publications. The conversation turns to movements like #meetoo and its impact on the fashion industry and culture. Julie Zerbo is the founder and editor of The Fashion Law. Mickey Boardman is the Editorial Director at Paper Magazine. Stephan Rabimov is the Director of Fashion Journalism and the Social Media Center at the Academy of...


180 – Director of The Universal Studios Costume Department, Poppy Cannon-Reese

Discussing the logistics of managing one of the world's largest costume rental houses with the Director of the Universal Studios Costume Department, Poppy Cannon-Reese. Poppy is a former costume designer who stepped into the role a few years ago and brought new organization and technology solutions to the massive Universal Studios working archive. Poppy Cannon-Reese


179 – Accessorized in L.A. – Pocket Square Clothing

Los Angeles Magazine called Pocket Square Clothing the king of the Made In L.A. accessories scene. The brand was started in 2011 by two UCLA graduates who set out to just make interesting things. Andrew Cheung and Rodolfo Ramirez are the founders, and they speak about clothing the "gentleman of today" in this interview from the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District near their new flagship store. "I studied architecture formally, he studied business and film, and our mutual interest in...


178 – Sara Angelucci Makes Jewelry and Fashion For The Art

Sara Angelucci is the woman behind Armature, a Los Angeles-based clothing and jewelry brand. She makes and sells zeitgeist-inspired pieces both ready to wear and unique in the Venice area near the beach. Despite having her work dangling from the ears and necks of some of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, the designer is surprisingly low key in this revealing interview about her approach to her sometimes strikingly original work. THe interview also covers Sara's personal take on...


177 – Fish Leather In Virtual Reality

"Los Angeles is basically one of the largest cities that all of America does garment production in, so we have a lot of vendors that have buttons, trims, whatever. So, technically if you have a wholesale license and you Google deep enough you can find it." - Christine Ko This interview with Los Angeles-based Venia Collection designers Christine Ko and Keeter Ly involves a lot of tech talk. The sustainability-focused brand, which sells to fashion-forward knowledge workers around the world,...


176 – Cucculelli Shaheen

Husband and wife design team Anthony Cucculelli and Anna Rose Shaheen met while working for Diane von Furstenberg, and then moved to Italy together, where they worked for major houses such as Emilio Pucci and Roberto Cavalli. They now have their own custom demi-couture clothing line, Cucculelli Shaheen, which employs advanced fitting technologies. Guest co-host Gretchen Harnick (Parsons) joins for this interview which delves into the differences between working with large American and...


175 – Fashion Manufacturers United In Los Angeles

"It's a very exciting time in fashion right now. It's exciting because anyone that has a passion to start a clothing line-- ten years or so ago you would have to go overseas, you would have to get big production, you would have to get into all the big box retailers, if you couldn't get into them you weren't selling-- now with the advent of the Internet and we can sell online, there are so many brands that are strictly online. So, you could literally draw a sketch of an idea you have, or as...


174 – Los Angeles Fashion, Fighting In Style

Continuing our Los Angeles fashion adventure, Charles speaks with two men who are changing how boxers and MMA fighters dress for work. Will Hoover is a veteran designer who knows downtown L.A. fashion like few others. He is the founder and designer at Paul Dunne, a co-founder with J.R. at I.G.M.O.B. Clothing, and teaches at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). Hoover discusses what L.A. fashion is all about, the impact of runaway real estate development in the Los Angeles...


173 – Johnny Was Boho Chic

They're riding high with the boho chic trend, but that look was in the Bob Marley song-inspired Johnny Was brand's main playbook for a long time before it was popping up everywhere. As executive vice president, Catherine Nation says, "We've been doing this for 30 years, these signature embroideries, and it's fantastic that we're in-trend right now. That's very helpful, but this is just what we do, what we've always done: signature prints and embroideries." In this interview, Catherine...


172 – Lykke Wullf Designer Jemma Swatek

Continuing our look at the Los Angeles fashion scene, in this interview Charles speaks with designer Jemma Swatek, whose popular Lykke Wullf brand is all about the Scandinavian cowgirl.


171 – California Apparel News Executive Editor Alison Nieder

California Apparel News covers the global fashion industry from a West Coast perspective. In this interview, Apparel News Executive Editor Alison Nieder speaks with American Fashion Podcast host Charles Beckwith at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. The discussion covers the Downtown Los Angeles fashion scene, L.A. Fashion Week, denim abroad, West Coast textile manufacturing, and several other topics.


170 – Fashion Photographer Lisa Brezinski

If you’re on Instagram at all, Lisa Brezinski (@lkbphotography) is one of those photographers whose sexy sexy fashion photography work you’ve seen. Lisa provides insight on the Los Angeles fashion scene’s constant need for edgy images, how video has become… Continue Reading → The post 170 – Fashion Photographer Lisa Brezinski appeared first on American Fashion Podcast.


169 – The Smart Salesfloor of Tomorrow

Jason Sweet from Salesfloor Salesfloor is helping bridge the gap between online and brick and mortar shopping. Their omnichannel clientelling mobile app gives unparalleled new agency and business intelligence to store associates on the traditional salesfloor. Jason Sweet is Vice President of Sales… Continue Reading → The post 169 – The Smart Salesfloor of Tomorrow appeared first on American Fashion Podcast.


Preview – Dressed The History of Fashion

This is a special preview of a new podcast from How Stuff Works called Dressed: The History of Fashion. Links: Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher The post Preview – Dressed The History of Fashion appeared first on American Fashion Podcast.