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Will and Neil are two brothers born and raised in the coal fields of central Appalachia. A podcast about place and perspective, they talk about life in Appalachia and venture outside the region to better understand the negative perceptions of Appalachia and find out how their culture truly compares to the rest of the World.


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Will and Neil are two brothers born and raised in the coal fields of central Appalachia. A podcast about place and perspective, they talk about life in Appalachia and venture outside the region to better understand the negative perceptions of Appalachia and find out how their culture truly compares to the rest of the World.




Appalachia Meets World Episode 121 - Appalachian ”Goodwill” in the Mountains (beyond the thrift) with David Shuster

In this episode Neil and Will sit down with David Shuster, CEO of Horizon Goodwill Industries in Western Maryland - to learn more about the significant impact Goodwill can have on a community - beyond the "thrift." Hear Dave talk about the workforce development origins of Goodwill and how his particular organization thinks outside the box to feel needed gaps within his region. Take a listen as he elaborates on key partnerships and how an organization with proven success can be multifaceted in its approach...all while staying true to its mountain roots. You might even get a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Neil break down the "swifty" experience, as well as his favorite cake - which is anything "bundt" normal. Also, don't forget the #AppBiz of the week: Youngstown Flea! Horizon Goodwill Industries - AppNews: SOAR Summit - Dark Skies Symposium (and Call for Participants/Papers) - ARC Appalachian Leadership Institute 2023-2024 Fellows - Georgia Apple Festival (Ellijay, GA) - BHM26.2 (Birmingham Marathon Weekend) - #AppBiz: Youngstown Flea - Extra: Nothing Bundt Cakes (non-Appalachian, but Neil's "favorite") -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 120 - ”Welcoming America” in Appalachia with Rachel Peric and Lola Pak

In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with the folks from "Welcoming America" - an organization started to help communities create welcoming policies and share new approaches to inclusion to create and environment where everyone can truly thrive. Hear Rachel Peric and Lola Pak discuss what it means to be a welcoming community and the long term impact it can have on an area. Whether it be human, social or purely economic impact - being more inclusive and welcoming can be empowering component to the overall quality of life in a community. Take a listen to hear how about one week a year when being a welcoming is highlighted and celebrated throughout the world (not just in Appalachia). You might even hear Neil talk about his new resume booster and what you might find mixed in with your fried chicken when you visit his neck of the woods. Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: The World Chicken Festival! Welcoming America - Welcoming Week - Welcoming Standard - AppNews: Appalachian Community Capital Green Bank - Appalachian Funders Network Report - ARC Appalachian Roadshow Stop #5 - #AppBiz: The World Chicken Festival -


”Coming Back to the Appalachian Trail” with sculpture Bridgette Mongeon

"Because I wanted to...." In this follow up episode, Neil and Will sit down with artist, sculpture, writer, author, mentor and coach - Bridgette Mongeon. Hear her discuss a current project she's working on that has a great deal of historical significance to Appalachia, and more specifically the Appalachian Trail. Take a listen as she describes her process of transitioning from the traditional art form of sculpting with clay to a digital process. With pieces that can be seen throughout the world, this project is allowing her to combine her love of hiking with her passion for art. Find out what, or who, the subject of her current work might be and how she has found connection to the piece. You might also hear some of Neil's favorite "Grandma" recipes and why he loves this time of year. Also, don't forget the #AppBiz of the week: Create Appalachia! Bridgette Mongeon - GG Project - Go Fund Me: GG Tribute Statue - Friends of Flight 93 (Memorial Site) - Flight 93 Memorial (Park Service) - AppNews: ARC Annual Conference 2023 - ARC Inspire (Grant) Award Announcement - SOAR Summit 2023 - Women Warriors Summit 2023 - Grandma's Favorite Gameday Recipes - #AppBiz: Create Appalachia -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 118 - Cooperative Energy in Appalachia with Brent Jackson

Energy Cooperatives are not only an important energy provider in smaller, more rural communities, they are a fixture in place making and community development within the communities they service. In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with Brent Jackson, the Member Relations Manager for Jackson Energy Cooperative. As an energy cooperative, it's not beholden to its shareholders but is owned by the community - more specifically, "members" of the cooperative. Find out about the principles that all cooperatives abide by and why its important for their operations and the communities they typically embed themselves in. Take a listen and hear Brent discuss the community programs Jackson Energy utilizes to drive economic development and to stay true to their mission - to improve the quality of life for its members in Southeastern Kentucky. You might even hear Neil's pick for the next Parrot Head Ambassador (I think you can probably guess who) - or hear reference to a new song called "Step On A Pop Top." Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the Week: The Grove Marina! Jackson Energy Cooperative - Operation RoundUp - Touchstone Energy Cooperatives - NRECA America's Electric Cooperatives - App News: Healing Appalachia - ARC Annual Conference - ARC Appalachia Envisioned Road Show: Stop #5 - HUD Hope VI Main Street NOFO - ACC The Green Bank for Rural America - #AppBiz: The Grove Marina - Tribute Songs: "Come Monday" - Jimmy Buffett "Margaritaville" - Jimmy Buffett "A Pirate Looks at Forty" - Jimmy Buffett


Appalachia Meets World Episode 117 - Save Your (Small) Town in Appalachia and Beyond with Deb Brown and Becky McCray

A SMALL TOWN NEVER FORGETS!! In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with Deb Brown and Becky McCray, co-founders of Save Your Town! With a focus on smaller communities, they believe small towns can be saved by their own people using their own resources. As small town experts, their organization combats community challenges and specializes in low or no cost solutions, ones that will work in even the tiniest of towns. Hear them talk about the recently released "Survey of Rural Challenges: and find out what were some of the most surprising things they learned during the process. Take a listen and discover some best practices that small towns throughout the country (and in Appalachia) are deploying to improve their communities - who knows, you may even have the inclination to "Save Your Town!" You might even hear Neil's thoughts on wearing white and the question of why we don't work on Labor Day. Also, don't forget the #AppBiz of the week: Tionesta Market Village and Matt's Happy Cow BBQ! Deb Brown: Building Possibility - Becky McCray: Small Biz Survival - Save Your Town - App News: Renewable Energy Jobs Are Coming To Appalachia (Mother Jones) - The Potential to Convert Toxic Waste in Appalachian Coal Mines - Fracking Counties in Appalachia are Shedding Jobs - Festival Guide - The Connect Act - SOAR Summit - ARC Appalachian Research Teaching Initiative - #AppBiz: Tionesta Market Village - Matt's Happy Cow BBQ -


”Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” in Appalachia with Coach Chris McNamee

It's football time in the mountains! Neil is like a kid in a candy store, or this time of year for him is like "waking up on Christmas Morning." Sit back and gear up for our annual football episode to kick off the season! In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with back-to-back State Champion (which makes 4 total) and legendary Head Coach of the Pikeville Panthers, Coach Chris McNamee. A multiple time Coach of the Year Awardee, Coach McNamee has sustained a tradition at Pikeville that is a gold standard for the mountains - and currently #1 in the WYMT Mountain Top 5 (and top 15 in the State of Kentucky overall). Hear him talk about his roots, how the mountains draw him in and the focus he puts into coaching and more importantly teaching the kids in the community of Pikeville. While athletics isn't the only thing, it can bring a community together and may be even more important for a small town. Take a listen and find out how "sometimes your the windshield and sometimes your the bug!" You might even hear a bit of nostalgia from Neil and Will and get another recommendation from Neil - back to back weeks, it has to be a record! Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: Broken Throne Brewing! Pikeville Panthers - Pikeville Panther Football on "X" (or twitter, or whatever it's called) - Pike County Bowl - App News: West Virginia University Budget Deficit - Appalachian State Expansion - Appalachian Fair - #AppBiz: Broken Throne Brewing (and Restaurant) -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 115 - The Art of Horses in Appalachia with Jamie Corum

We're back (sorry for the hiatus)!! In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with Equine Artist and "Rockstar" Jamie Corum. Jamie discusses her passion for Art, especially Equine Art, and what got her involved in the first place. Hear her talk about the place she grew up and how it drew her back many years later (as we like to say, "there's something magic in them mountains"). Her art has a way of showing the "soul" of the horse which she credits to her many years of riding. Take a listen as she describes the life of an Equine Artist and how she came from a small farm in Appalachia dreaming of owning her own horse someday, to drawing some of the most iconic athletes (horses) in the sporting world today! You might hear Neil's new recommendation and the real reason we took a few week hiatus (it wasn't a vacation to say the least)! Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: Feed and Seed! "Ohana" - Maui Strong! Jamie Corum Art - App News: "Read Your Way Through Appalachia" with Barbara Kingsolver - Appalachia Regional Commission "Ready Nonprofits" Grant Award - Appalachia Regional Commission Annual Conference (Ashland, KY) - King Coal - USDA Pocket Guides (Inflation Reduction Act Funding) -,and%20making%20climate%2Dsmart%20investments. Christian Appalachian Project and Appalachian Service Project Awarded Grant to Build Homes - #AppBiz: Feed and Seed -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 114 - ”Retelling Appalachia” with Elon Justice (Media in Appalachia)

"Challenging the Appalachian narrative, one story at a time!" In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with the Appalachian, the Filmmaker, the Writer and Storyteller - Elon Justice. Upon working on her graduate school thesis, she came to the realization that "stories - Appalachian stories - have power." Understanding the perceptions that were often laid upon her accent and geographical upbringing, through her studies and work she wanted to find a way to "tell stories that smash stereotypes, uplift unheard voices, and give an honest, nuanced glance into what it means to be from the mountains" - hence the Appalachian Retelling Project was born. Take a listen as Elon describes how media can play a role in exploiting an entire region and in turn how media can play a role in changing those generational misconceptions. Local media, local stories are as important to tell from within as they are to share with others. You might even hear Elon's (not so secret) love of "Hillbilly Days" (If You Know You Know) and Neil's thoughts on his one recommendation of the year as well as some that are having "a bad day." Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: CANE Kitchen! Elon Justice - The Appalchian Retelling Project - App News: Chef William Dissen's Appalachian and Indian Cuisine - The Market Place Restaurant (Chef William Dissen) - ARC: Appalachian Rises registration, Keynote and Flood Recovery Relief - Jeremy Gulban buys Gannett Papers - #AppBiz: CANE Kitchen - Valerie Horn: James Beard Foundation National Leadership Award -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 113 - Importance of Local (TV) News in Appalachia with Brian Milam (Media in Appalachia)

In this episode Neil and Will sit down with Brian Milam, Sports Director for WKYT (a CBS affiliate). Brian flexes his Kentucky high school sports IQ while explaining how the "mountains" have transformed his career. While local news in rural areas has struggled in the new digital age, Brian describes the importance of building trust while reporting in and about these communities. Take a listen as he touches on media outlets in Appalachia and how local news and local reporters need to become a part of a community or region in order to truly benefit the people of the area. You might even hear Neil's thought process when deciding on ice cream flavors, as well as a TV recommendation (he doesn't give many) that he suggest is a sure fire hit! Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: WYMT (Mountain News)! Brian Milam (WKYT) - App News: Ashtabula Collaboration (ARPA Funding) -,County%20Metroparks%20Administrator%20Antoinette%20Swegheimer ARC 2023 Annual Conference - CreatorCon - New York Times Disbands Sports Department - Northwestern University Letter of Football Troubles (University News) - #AppBiz: WYMT (Mountain News) -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 112 - Creating Rural (Media) Strategies in Appalachia with Dee Davis (Media in Appalachia)

In this episode Neil and Will sit down with Dee Davis - President of the Center for Rural Strategies, former Executive Director of Appalshop and prolific storyteller. The majority of his career has been built on utilizing different forms of media to build more prosperous communities. Dee describes how media has changed throughout his career and how important local news is to a rural community. Take a listen as he speaks to the historical media portrayal of the Appalachia region and how some of those stereotypes have evolved. You might even hear about a unique, but legendary starting five and how it went when Neil set the sky of fire. Also, don't forget about the the #AppBiz of the week: The Mountain Eagle! Center for Rural Strategies - Appalshop - App News: Appalachian Triangle - ARISE Grant - Appalachian State University Innovation District - Appalachian Media Institute (Appalshop) - #AppBiz: The Mountain Eagle -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 111 - ”100 Days in Appalachia” with Skylar Baker-Jordan (Media in Appalachia)

In this episode Neil and Will kick off a series of discussing "Media in Appalachia" with a sit down with Skylar Baker-Jordan, a journalist currently working with 100 Days in Appalachia. 100 Days is working to bring a diverse set of voices into focus throughout the region through media, focusing on news of Appalachia -- but more importantly BY APPALACHIANS. Skylar discusses the complexities of the region and how important it is for the media to display the diversity that is apparent throughout. Take a listen as he describes his love for the region - a region that hasn't always "loved him back." Find out how he is investing his time to better understand Appalachia in order to become a more knowledgeable voice for the region he has come to represent. You might even hear about, to Neil's joy, the making of a new Doctor - but in Neil's eyes he was always the king (of the islands). Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: Made x Mtns WNC! In this month, we celebrate Pride in solidarity - but not ONLY in this month (as suggested in the episode - take a listen)! 100 Days in Appalachia - App News: SOAR Country Music Highway Tribute - "King Coal" WV Premiere - Backroads of Appalachia - ARC ARISE (grant) - Willie Carver Jr on GMA ("Gay Poems for Red States") - James Loveless (official) Obituary - #AppBiz: Made x Mtns WNV -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 110 - African American Music Connections in Appalachia and Beyond with Dr. Kathy Bullock

In this episode, Will (and unfortunately not Neil) sits down with Dr. Kathy Bullock, a Professor Emerita of Berea College where she focused on African American Music and Music Theory. Dr. Bullock explains the musical connections of African American Music and traditional Appalachian Music she came to better understand while she taught in the Appalachian region. As the Appalachian region can be complex, Dr. Bullock shares her experience moving to the region and her deep sentiments for Berea and the region she has made a home in. Take a listen as she describes how musical connections occurred throughout the region and how our interpretations of the sound and movements are not all that different. You might also hear Dr. Bullock's own voice throughout the episode. Also, don't forget the #AppBiz of the week: John C. Campbell Folk School! Dr. Kathy Bullock - Dr. Bullock's Album: "From My Heart to Yours" (BandCamp) - Phillip Bullock - AppNews: Opioid Settlement Made Public -,in%20settlements%20from%20national%20lawsuits Healing Appalachia Lineup - Appalachian Oldest Town to Visit - #AppBiz: John C. Campbell Folk School -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 109 - ”Reimagine Rural” in Appalachia (and Beyond) with Tony Pipa

In this episode Neil and Will sit down with a Rural "Evangelist" and policy expert Tony Pipa of the Brookings Institution, to discuss rural policy - or the lack thereof. Among his many hats, Tony also hosts the podcast "Reimagine Rural" - exploring how investment in rural people and places can lead to increased prosperity. Take a listen as Tony speaks on the often congested (and confusing) federal programs and why we need federal policy when it comes to the rural landscape. Rural America has often been overlooked or just flat out forgotten when decisions are being made - Tony's argues it's way past due for the rural voice to have a seat at the table when policy decisions are being discussed and made. You might even hear why a certain type of deli meat (if you can call it that) reminds Tony so much of "home." Also, don't forget the #AppBiz of the week: The Heritage! Tony Pipa (Brookings) - Reimagine Rural (Podcast) - App News: ARC Chart Book - Nick Saban's Appalachian Roots (article) - Eradicating Rural Poverty: The Power of Collaboration - Rural to Rural Partnerships: Leveling the Playing Field to Secure Federal Funding - #AppBiz: The Heritage -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 108 - The Appalachian ”Friends of Southwest Virginia” with Kim Davis

In this episode Neil and Will sit down with Kim Davis, the executive director of "Friends of Southwest Virginia" - a regional organization positioned to develop and coordinate the creative economy in Southwest Virginia (SWVA). It uniquely works to not only drive tourism in the region, but to also combine infrastructure and economic development within its mission. While the "Birthplace of Country Music" can seemingly sell itself, take a listen as Kim describes how they utilize the bigger draws to make a sustainable impact on smaller communities throughout the region. SWVA - the Appalachian part of Virginia has so much to offer, you need to hear for yourself what that is and what you can expect to see if you hike Grayson Highlands State Park - it might be "wild" and it might have something to do with "ponies." Kim also explains the "why" of what she does and how her passion for the region has been a part of her whole life. You might also hear Will and Neil's experience (or lack thereof) with the "Moonbow" and Neil's version of the "Appalachian Finger." Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: Peking Chinese Restaurant! Friends of Southwest Virginia - SWVA Cultural Center - SWVA Marketplace ('Round the Mountain') - App News: Accelerate West Virginia - Accelerate West Virginia 2023 Communities - Appalachian Fair - PBS Appalachia Virginia - #AppBiz: Peking Chinese Restaurant -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 107 - Dark Skies (Tourism) in Appalachia with Dr. Jeff Bary

In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with the "Hillbilly Astrophysicist" - Dr. Jeff Bary - a professor at Colgate University and proud Appalachian born and raised in Welch, WV. As an astronomer, Dr. Bary is working to reclaim our connection to the night sky and preserving its darkness for future generations. As an Appalachian, he is working to develop a community interested in the night sky with a specific focus on Appalachia. More specifically, how the night sky plays a fundamental role and impacts one's "sense of place." Take a listen as he describes what a dark sky is and the importance of reducing light pollution and preserving the darkness of the sky for everyone. While economic development is often thought of as growth, dark skies are a unique tourism attraction that focuses on the lack of growth rather than the need for development. You might even hear Neil's feelings on Chestnuts when he was little and how Surfing, Asian Cuisine and Coal Mining are all related (it might surprise you). Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: Sticky Rice Cafe! Dr. Jeff Bary - Dark Sky Preservation (Dr. Bary's new work) Website - The Hillbilly Astrophysicist - Spotify "Core Appalachia" Playlist - App News: Opportunity Appalachia Investor Convening - Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition: National to Neighborhoods Catalyzing Opportunities in Coal Impacted Communities - Invest Appalachia: Climate Resilience in Central Appalachia: Impacts and Opportunities - USDA Regional Food Business Centers Program (Rural Action) - "American Chestnut Could Return to Appalachia" - Four Star Gazing Hot Spots in the Appalachian Mountains - #AppBiz: Sticky Rice Cafe (Knoxville, TN) - Bon Appetit Story: Sticky Rice Cafe in East TN -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 106 - ”The Unlikely Thru-Hiker” in Appalachia with Derick Lugo

In this episode Neil and Will sit down with author and thru-hiker Derick Lugo to discuss his journey along the Appalachian Trail (AT) as well as how the trail drives tourism for many small towns along the way. Since completing the AT eleven years ago, Derick's life path has changed from a city dweller who knew little about hiking to an outdoor evangelist. As a prolific storyteller, Derick speaks about some of his trail stories and what he feels his role is in helping to educate people about the trial, hiking and the outdoors in general. Take a listen as "Mr. Fabulous" (we'll let him explain) gives his perspective on the Appalachia region, both before and after his thru-hike, and how he identifies with the region as a whole. Though he may continue to hike many trails throughout his life, he'll never forget his "first love" - the AT! You might even hear how the "Tenman" and "Tonto" would do on the AT and how (or if) Neil would survive without a bathroom. Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz(s) of the week: Southern Threads Boutique; Damascus Outfitters; Appalachian Heritage Distillery; and the Damascus Brewery! Derick Lugo - "The Unlikely Thru-Hiker: An Appalachian Trail Journey" - AppNews: ARC Appalachian Leadership Institute - Appalachian Sustainable Development (ASD) - ASD Breaking News - Trail Days - Damascus, VA: "Trail Town USA" - #AppBiz(s): Southern Threads Boutique - Damascus Outfitters - Appalachian Heritage Distillery - The Damascus Brewery -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 105 - Mountain Music (and Festival Season) in Appalachia with Jon Grace of the Laurel Cove Music Festival

Laurel Cove Music Festival June 9th and 10th!! In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with Jon Grace the Bell County Tourism Director and Organizer of the Laurel Cove Music Festival. In its 4th year, while the festival continues to grow it still keeps the small town family identify it has formed from the start. As festival season is off and running in Appalachia, hear how festivals serve as an opportunity to attract visitors and highlight the assets of the region. Take a listen as Jon describes his passion for the region and how this Music Festival just hits a little different - bringing in people from all over the country. As discussed in the episode, the 2023 lineup showcases local, region and even national talent in one of the most beautiful natural venues in all of the country (or at least that's what Will suggests - he may be a little biased) - "The Red Rocks of Appalachia." You'll also hear a sampling of music throughout the episode from performers that are part of the lineup this year! Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz of the week: Riverside Market and Grill! Bell County Tourism - Laurel Cove Music Festival - #AppBiz Riverside Market and Grill - AppNews: Rural Partners Network - ARC awards $500,000 at the Rural Partners Network meeting - Rural Partners Network Forum in West Virginia - Appalachian Festival - Taste the Nation with Travis Melton: "Padma and the Beanstalk" - 36 hour Itinerary in Asheville, NC (New York Times) - Hood Huggers International - National Travel and Tourism Week - Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival - Music on the episode (from Laurel Cove Music Festival Lineup): The Local Honeys - "High on a Mountain" 49 Winchester - "Russell County Line" The Red Clay Strays - "Good Godly Woman" Cole Chaney - "Back to Kentucky"


Appalachia Meets World Episode 104 - When the Cameras Are Gone in Appalachia (EKY Flood Relief) with Luke Glaser

In this episode, Neil and Will sit down with Luke Glaser. As a Hazard, KY City Commissioner, Luke not only personally went through the recent devastating floods in Eastern Kentucky, he has been part of the process of recovery - something he and his colleagues have had to learn as they go. Hazard, KY in Perry County was one of the hardest hit areas when the flood came in late July. The devastation and initial recovery was a national news story for weeks. As those weeks have passed and the cameras are now gone, the recovery and need of support is only just beginning. Take a listen to hear Luke express what recovery efforts are still needed and in immediate demand in the area. In addition, as we celebrate "Teacher Appreciation Week", hear Luke's passion for his students as a high school teacher in Hazard. You might even hear about Neil's "Practical" luck and Will's recent journey to a special place in Appalachia. Also, don't forget about the #AppBiz(s) of the week: France's Diner and the Barter Theater! Luke Glaser - #AppBiz: France's Diner - The Barter Theatre - App News: Demon Copperfield by Barbara Kingsolver - 100 Days of Appalachia: "When the Water Goes Down" (documentary) - Teacher Appreciation Week (National Education Association) -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 103 - Rural Broadband from a Co-op in Appalachia with Keith Gabbard

It's Derby Week! In this episode Neil and Will sit down with Keith Gabbard, CEO of the People's Rural Telephone Cooperative or PRTC in McKee, KY. It doesn't matter where you live, in this day and age everyone deserves an equal opportunity at broadband access. PRTC is delivering just that in one of the more rural and underserved areas in the country - in turn making Jackson County one of the most connected small communities in the nation. Putting "connectivity over profit" PRTC has become a best practice in how you can transform a community by being a "doer" and providing opportunity where there once was none. Take a listen as Keith describes what (and how) PRTC has done in this slice of Appalachia and how much it has benefited the residents in the place he has always called home. Keith believes what PRTC is doing is similar to the quote from his favorite PIRATE - " If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you, and you don't do that, you are wasting your time on the Earth." You might even hear Neil and Will's picks for the Derby and how they unexpectedly celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the process. Also, don't forget the #App Biz(s) of the week: Paris Signs; and Annie's Flooring and Commercial Services - and find out why we are celebrating them on THIS WEEK! People's Rural Telephone Cooperative - Kentucky Derby (Official Site) - #AppBiz: Paris Signs - Annie's Flooring and Commercial Cleaning Services - National Small Business Week (and award winners) - Appalachian News: Rural Action Receives USDA Funding - Rural Partners Network - Rural Partners Network and Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation Forum (Pineville, KY) - Heritage Ohio and Buckeye Hills Regional Council Workshop (Downtown Revitalization) -


Appalachia Meets World Episode 102 - Digital Equity (and Connect Humanity) in Appalachia with Chris Worman

In this episode Neil and Will sit down with Chris Worman, founder of Connect Humanity - a nonprofit working with communities to build the internet infrastructure and skills they need to participate fully in a digital society. As part of an ARC funding grant, Connect Humanity has been tasked to bridge the digital divide in Appalachia, specifically to 50 undeserved communities throughout every sub-region of Appalachia. Take a listen as Chris describes the important work Connect Humanity does through the world, but more importantly the plans they have for digital equity in Appalachia. There's a lot of federal funding that will be coming available for communities throughout the country, find out how Connect Humanity will help communities throughout Appalachia plan for capturing this funding and bridging the digital divide. You might even hear Chris's affinity for meatballs and Neil's week long tribute to his favorite Appalachian of all time - honestly, it might be verging on an obsession. Also, don't forget the #AppBiz of the week: National Broadband Resource Hub! Connect Humanity - Connect Humanity in Appalachia: Community Application Process - #AppBiz: National Broadband Resource Hub - Appalachian News: Ramp Article (Pittsburgh Gazette) - Appalachian HillClimb Series (Backroads of Appalachia) - ARC 2023 Annual Conference: Appalachia Rises - Opportunity Appalachia Investor Convening -