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Ep: 015 - Vincent Desiderio

This installment of the Art Grind podcast features a painter who has been a longtime personal role model for several of the podcast's hosts. Even as he is a creator of absolutely monolithic paintings, Vincent Desiderio, a veteran lecturer at the New York Academy of Art and elsewhere, also manages to be an incredible speaker on the subject of art; laying out an ideological landscape that encapsulates why artists (including Desiderio himself) do what they do and how they do it. Both as a...


Ep: 014 - Frank Bernarducci - Veteran Art Dealer

We sit down with gallery director Frank Bernarducci, and discuss his new gallery, the state of the art world, and partying with Andy Warhol. Frank has been a groundbreaking curator and art dealer in NYC since the mid-1980s. In this episode, he tells us how his curatorial career began, what draws him to a work of art, and the do’s and don’t for emerging artists applying to his gallery.


Ep: 013 - Origin Story 2 - New Host, New Season

New host, new engineer, more great guests... a lot is going on at Art Grind, and we wanted to give our listeners an update as to the changes. We're very excited to have one-time guest and long-time friend and colleague Dina Brodsky on as our third host alongside Marshall Jones and Tun Myaing for this new phase of the Art Grind Podcast. As we witnessed during her interview, Dina is an exquisite storyteller -- having devoted the better part of her life to the investigation of the eclectic --...


Ep: 012 - Joseph Grazi - Animal Liberation and Revulsion

In the past, the taxidermic animals, bones, and other natural materials employed in much of Joseph Grazi's art work have put him at odds with various animal rights activists, casting him in the role of a sort of curmudgeon of this corner of the art world. Verily, the artist would claim, his often controversial selection of materials might draw out negative reactions in some; however, it is precisely this moral panic that Joseph Grazi seems to want to beget in his audience -- demanding the...


Ep. 011 - Alessandra Maria - Iconographer and Iconoclast

Having cut her teeth at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Hawaii-based artist Alessandra Maria has continued to produce ornate works of pencil and gold leaf on paper stained with coffee or walnut ink. The works evoke a sense of timelessness - at once medieval and modern, blending a Byzantine iconography with an urge to create her own new icons. We got a chance to talk to Alessandra about her beginnings as an artist in New York, her new life in Maui, and the drive behind her work -- challenging...