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Ep: 018 - Wright Harvey - Founder of Sugarlift Gallery

Wright Harvey, entrepreneur and founder of Sugarlift Gallery talks about truth, technology, and good gallery ethics.


Ep: 017 - Hannah Faith Yata - Losing My Religion

In this episode of Art Grind, the brilliant Hannah Faith Yata opens up about her upbringing as a Jehovah’s witness, the inspiration behind her vibrant, surreal paintings, and the reason hundreds of chipmunks congregate in her backyard. We also have a new temporary host for this episode: Sophia Kayafas who is a brilliant painter and musician. This episode is put together by our new editor Lucas Fauble


Ep: 016 - Stephen Shaheen

Our guest on this episode is Steve Shaheen, a well-known sculptor and stone carver. As painters, we had a lot of questions about the logistics involved in this particular strain of contemporary art-making: what happens when, during a process that is based on removal rather than addition or application, one makes a mistake? How does a sculptor store his works, which typically take up more 3-dimensional space than those of a painter? And how does carving massive blocks of marble that, if left...


Ep: 016 - Stephen Shaheen

Our guest on this episode is Steve Shaheen, a well-known sculptor and stone carver. As painters, we had a lot of questions about the logistics involved in this particular strain of contemporary art-making: what happens when, during a process that is based on removal rather than addition or application, one makes a mistake? How does a sculptor store his works, which typically take up more 3-dimensional space than those of a painter? And how does carving massive blocks of marble that, if left...


Ep: 015 - Vincent Desiderio

This installment of the Art Grind podcast features a painter who has been a longtime personal role model for several of the podcast's hosts. Even as he is a creator of absolutely monolithic paintings, Vincent Desiderio, a veteran lecturer at the New York Academy of Art and elsewhere, also manages to be an incredible speaker on the subject of art; laying out an ideological landscape that encapsulates why artists (including Desiderio himself) do what they do and how they do it. Both as a...


Ep: 014 - Frank Bernarducci - Visionary Art Dealer

We sit down with gallery director Frank Bernarducci, and discuss his new gallery, the state of the art world, and partying with Andy Warhol. Frank has been a groundbreaking curator and art dealer in NYC since the mid-1980s. In this episode, he tells us how his curatorial career began, what draws him to a work of art, and the do’s and don’t for emerging artists applying to his gallery.


Ep: 013 - Origin Story 2 - New Host, New Season

New host, new engineer, more great guests... a lot is going on at Art Grind, and we wanted to give our listeners an update as to the changes. We're very excited to have one-time guest and long-time friend and colleague Dina Brodsky on as our third host alongside Marshall Jones and Tun Myaing for this new phase of the Art Grind Podcast. As we witnessed during her interview, Dina is an exquisite storyteller -- having devoted the better part of her life to the investigation of the eclectic --...


Ep: 012 - Joseph Grazi - Animal Liberation and Revulsion

In the past, the taxidermic animals, bones, and other natural materials employed in much of Joseph Grazi's art work have put him at odds with various animal rights activists, casting him in the role of a sort of curmudgeon of this corner of the art world. Verily, the artist would claim, his often controversial selection of materials might draw out negative reactions in some; however, it is precisely this moral panic that Joseph Grazi seems to want to beget in his audience -- demanding the...


Ep. 011 - Alessandra Maria - Iconographer and Iconoclast

Having cut her teeth at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Hawaii-based artist Alessandra Maria has continued to produce ornate works of pencil and gold leaf on paper stained with coffee or walnut ink. The works evoke a sense of timelessness - at once medieval and modern, blending a Byzantine iconography with an urge to create her own new icons. We got a chance to talk to Alessandra about her beginnings as an artist in New York, her new life in Maui, and the drive behind her work -- challenging...


Ep. 010 - Fay Ku - Myth and transformation

What do you get when you cross images of sexual bondage with lush, botanical illustration and mythical/fairytale references of transformation? Give up? Well, artist Fay Ku has some answers for you, but first let’s take a look at where she’s coming from. Born in Taiwan, Ku came to the States at the young age of three. Ku studied Literature and the Visual Arts at Bennington College (1996) and earned an MS Art History and an MFA Studio Art from Pratt Institute (2006). Ku’s cleverly re-mastered...


Ep. 009 - John Wellington - Come nearer the fire

The life of an artist is complex. You develop a skill, hone it and perfect it yet that is not the whole story. As John Wellington points out in our recent conversation, there are numerous artworks of the Madonnna and Child, endless versions on the same theme yet amongst all of these Bernini’s stands out. Is it simply skill? Or is it somehow a devotional fidelity to one’s own poetic vision? How does that same devotion translate when taken out of the context of religion? Is the ideation of...


Ep. 008 - Dina Brodsky - Tales of Ordinary Madness

Dina Brodsky is conquering the art world bird by bird. A veteran cyclist, Brodsky has traveled the world on two wheels, keeping copious notes of her observations and experiences in her many notebooks, illustrated with her minute and carefully drafted pen and ink drawings and watercolor. These notations become food for fodder for her prolifically produced miniature landscape paintings and inform some of her larger pieces as well. Brodsky’s most recent exhibition The Secret Life of Trees at...


Ep. 007 - Marc Dennis - The Darc Mennis

And in this corner, we have the heavyweight fighter of paint slinging… Marc Dennis. Dennis is a champion in the realm of hyperrealistic painting, duking it out every day in the studio apply a rigorous work ethic that produces mind bending detail and realism that goes beyond representation into the superreal. His floral still life paintings are a vivid homage to the Dutch still life painters of the 17th century and speak to the abundance of our era. His appropriation of master painter’s works...


Ep. 006 - James Adelman - Nocturnal Perambulations

James Adelman brings us an enlightening revelation of his process, life, the universe and everything. Have a listen to Adelman as he unpacks his journey into meditation and gives us a view into his nocturnal perambulations. James is a graduate of the New York Academy of Art (2014) and also attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2010. His paintings and drawings have been shown at the Lodge Gallery on the Lower East Side and Flowers Gallery in the Chelsea district (both located in...


Ep. 005 - Maria Kreyn - Enigmatic Rebel

Is an artist a product of their environment or are they simply an invention of their own complex personality traits? Nature versus Nurture, which came first, the artist or everything that artist has experienced. Probably both. Maria Kreyn is a classically academic painter with roots in Russia and the U.S., who combines esoteric allegory with a streak of the romantic philosopher/poet is a self-educator who’s background includes studies in mathematics and philosophy at the University of...


Ep. 004 - Peter Drake - The man who wears many hats

You’ve heard of the cat in the hat? Well, this man has no less tricks up his sleeve, not to mention hats, both figurative and actual. Well, maybe just one actual hat that he wears but Peter Drake is one artist that is definitely not standing still. In fact, he’s got so much going on that we were prompted to ask him if he had clones. With over 26 solo shows, including his most recent with Linda Warren Projects in Chicago Re-picture (November 11th, 2017 – January 13th, 2018), curatorial...


Ep. 003 - Jennifer Gennari - Long Island's favorite daughter

Long Island’s favorite daughter, Jennifer Gennari, has 74.7 k followers on Instagram. The numbers don’t lie. Gennari is a talented painter of lions and tigers and bears, oh my (ok, well not bears—yet.). Her beautifully empathetic portrayals of animals, furry and feathered, has indeed garnered her much popularity, but there is more to this book than what is on the (Instagram) cover. With a background in illustration from her studies at the Ringling College of Art and Design, Gennari combines...


Ep. 002 - Jason Patrick Voegele - Renaissance man of the art world

The art world is a complex animal. One of the many arms of the beast, includes the galleries in which artwork is seen, run by a unique blend of personalities who must balance business with creating an inspirational vision that, hopefully, serves both the artists and the artwork. Jason Voegele, artist and curator, has consistently been a passionate advocate for artists, art making and the artistic process. From his early days growing up in South East Asia to his role as founding member of...


Ep. 001 - Origin story

The rumors are true—Tun Myaing, Kim Power and Marshall Jones have started a podcast! Another podcast you say? No, not JUST another podcast, THE art podcast that tells you how it really is to work the art grind. We sit down with a whiskey and have a chat to hash it all out and let in on our shady pasts. Ok, not so shady but, for reals, we want to let you know who we are, lay out our origin story and give you some insight on where we are coming from. Basically we’re three idealists who believe...