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ART WAVES is the perfect way to take a little bit of the Scugog arts and culture scene along on your morning commute, when you work out at the gym, or while you wash the dishes. Scugog Arts is bringing you a new interview with a local arts and culture practitioner every Tuesday, straight to your podcast platform of choice. You can subscribe in your favorite app to get a new episode every Tuesday morning.




ART WAVES is the perfect way to take a little bit of the Scugog arts and culture scene along on your morning commute, when you work out at the gym, or while you wash the dishes. Scugog Arts is bringing you a new interview with a local arts and culture practitioner every Tuesday, straight to your podcast platform of choice. You can subscribe in your favorite app to get a new episode every Tuesday morning.






Episode Twenty-Seven: Roz Pritchard

Roz Pritchard is the Symposium and Workshop Manager here at Scugog Arts. On this episode, Roz discusses how she got started in the arts and culture sector right from the beginning. Roz explains how a community can work together to break down the silos between the arts and build positive relationships. Roz also gives a sneak peek of what to expect at the upcoming Scugog Arts multi-arts symposium. Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for helping make this podcast possible! Learn more...


Episode Twenty-Six: Lauren Gould

Lauren Gould is the CEO at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. Lauren explores how she leads the vision and mission of the gallery, while getting hands on with a little bit of everything. Lauren describes how arts organizations can work together to build up arts and culture in rural areas by leveraging what they already have and thinking about how they can amplify it. Lauren and Marion discuss the architecture and aesthetic of the Robert McLaughlin Gallery and how it presents a dynamic and...


Episode Twenty-Five: Kristen Meyer-Creamer

Kristen Meyer-Creamer does it all! She is the Marketing and Social Media Manager at and a community leader. Kristen explores the many organizations she volunteers with, as well as the creation of the Port Perry Bulletin Facebook group. Kristen discusses creating sports content seen around the globe with her husband and the places it has taken them. Kristen shares how her marketing work allows her to support female entrepreneurs in launching and building their own businesses....


Episode Twenty-Four: Marni Thornton

Marni Thornton is a professor in the Music Business Program over at Durham College. Marni describes the steps she took to land a job in music business and how she is now inspiring young people to achieve their own dreams in the industry. Marni explains the dynamics of the Music Business program and what makes it one-of-a-kind. Marni explores how the program attracts international students and how that is making a difference in the arts and culture scene in Durham Region. Marni touches on...


Episode Twenty-Three: Jack Doak

Jack Doak is the man and mind behind Old Flame Brewing Co. Jack tells the story behind the Old Flame name, how it influenced and formed the brand today, and why the brewery is much more than just beer. Jack explains how the first location of the award-winning brewery ended up in Downtown Port Perry and explores the history of the building. Jack also describes how he grew the brand and expanded the business to multiple locations with unique experiences. Thank you to the Ontario Trillium...


Episode Twenty-Two: Lori Korkola

Lori Korkola is a visual artist and an educator. She comes from a creative family and has always had a pencil in hand ready to draw. On this episode of Art Waves, Lori describes the route she took to become an art teacher and landscape painter. Lori explains the challenges of teaching visual arts virtually and the sense of community that can exist between peers in an actual art classroom. Lori illustrates what makes a great art teacher and how investing in her own skills allowed her to...


Episode Twenty-One: Brent Donnelly

Brent Donnelly is a tour director and podcaster. He deals with the logistics and dynamics of major world tours, and explores coffee from around the globe on his own show — Brenton On Tour. On this episode of Art Waves, Brent explains how he began his music industry journey as a musician, made the move to tour manager, and then tour director. Brent describes the day-to-day of coordinating major world tours and how he creates unforgettable experiences for audiences. Brent discusses the...


Episode Twenty: Birgitta MacLeod

Birgitta MacLeod is an artist and co-owner of META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery. Birgitta knows how important art is to the quality and vibrancy of a community. Birgitta explains how META4 Gallery came to be out of a need for local art outside of the studio tour season, along with how artists and their works get featured in the space based on the gallery's clientele and customers. Birgitta and Marion discuss the value of art beyond the price tag and how the gallery strives to educate people...


Episode Nineteen: Melissa Rada

Melissa Rada wears multiple hats, she is the Marketing and Special Events Manager for the Port Perry BIA, as well as the Arts Administration Manager at Scugog Arts*. Melissa discusses how she first got involved with Scugog Arts and the various roles she has worked with the arts organization. Melissa describes what went into organizing the Mural Marathon and how she helped build up Culture Days in Scugog. Melissa shares the differences and how she balances working with two community...


Episode Eighteen: Chief Kelly LaRocca

Chief Kelly LaRocca of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation joins Art Waves for a very special episode. Chief LaRocca explains the role of a chief, and how she makes and keeps space for people to engage with their culture. Chief LaRocca describes the Williams Treaties and the impact on the Mississaugas, how the treaties recognized pre-confederation harvesting rights, and how inadequate compensation packages pushed First Nations communities to be resourceful. Chief LaRocca and...


Episode Seventeen: Brandon Pickard

Brandon Pickard is with the Region of Durham Tourism. Brandon knows how important it is to drive tourism to rural towns, how arts and culture can impact a community, and what makes small towns special. Brandon explains how businesses, community organizations, farms, and artists can collaborate to create a unique visitor experience. He touches on some of the pushback that can be presented by a small community when promoting tourism to new demographics; and how that mindset can be shifted to...


Episode Sixteen: Tamara Green

Tamara Green combines Indigenous cuisine with personal chef services as the Indigenesis Personal Chef. Tamara and Marion discuss what makes her practice unique, how she creates menus, and how she obtains ingredients. Tamara shares the role that food plays in Indigenous culture and how she seeks to provide traditional foods that are both restorative and creates a meaningful experience. Tamara explains her own link to Indigenous food and how it has shaped the way she eats and cooks. Tamara...


Episode Fifteen: Paula Lishman

Paula Lishman shares the story of how she developed the exclusive methods used in creating her knit fur designs. Paula discusses how she discovered the incredible versatility of furs, how she sources materials, and how fur can enhance everyday life. Paula explains how she grew her business by fostering a new market of people that appreciate the art of turning a pelt into something that can be worn daily and loved for a lifetime. Paula also describes the iconic underground dome home designed...


Episode Fourteen: Patrick Lyver

Patrick Lyver creates branding experiences with his business, Kleurvision. On this episode of Art Waves, Patrick discusses how he helps clients collaborate on change and the benefits of operating in a small community when dealing with big clients. Patrick explains how Kleurvision has been influenced by the music industry and got its start from developing Myspace pages for bands all over the world. He illustrates how small communities have used music festivals to attract diverse audiences to...


Episode Thirteen: Michael Serres

Michael Serres is the Theatre Administrator at the Town Hall Theatre. Michael joins Art Waves to discuss the local theatre scene, what keeps him involved, and the impact of theatre on a community. Michael explains his background before theatre and what drew him to the stage. He gives a brief history of the beginnings of The Borelians, a community theatre group that has been around since 1971. Michael also describes some enhancements coming soon to the Town Hall Theatre and what the...


Episode Twelve: Bill Eull

Bill Eull is a member of the Bill Lishman Memorial Project Committee, a group of friends working together to bring an art installation to Scugog that celebrates the life of Bill Lishman — sculptor, architect, aviator, photographer, writer, inventor, environmentalist, Father Goose. Bill joins Art Waves to describe the many contributions of Bill Lishman to the community of Scugog. The Bill backstory is extraordinary, imaginative, and truly inspiring. Bill (Eull) recounts his favorite Bill...


Episode Eleven: Chuck Thibeault

Chuck Thibeault is the Executive Director of Central Counties Tourism. He helps motivate the development of tourism capacity through the region. Chuck and Marion discuss tourism in depth and why it matters, how to create a desirable destination, and what makes a tourist — is it distance traveled, amount spent, or things to do done. Chuck also explains the importance of the arts community to visitors and how to maximize those aspects to draw guests from around the region and beyond. Thank you...


Episode Ten: Lisa C. Follows

Lisa Follows helps people buy, sell, and invest in dream homes in and around Durham Region as part of the Williams and Follows team. Lisa joins Art Waves to discuss why people visit Scugog then choose to live here, and the role that arts and culture has in defining a community. Lisa also explains how the widely popular Facebook group the Port Perry Bulletin was created as an outlet for the community to connect and how it has now become a part of the local culture. Thank you to the Ontario...


Episode Nine: Doug Ferris

Doug Ferris is a musician that loves the sweet sound of jazz. Doug joins Art Waves to discuss the influence of music on a small community and how that scene can be built up to become part of the fabric of the town. Doug explains the value of music to local culture and how he builds links in the community to get gigs in Port Perry and beyond. Doug also describes what he calls a ‘practiced amateur’ and how the Ferrport Jazz Ensemble was formed from regular jazz jams in his garage. FunFact:...


Episode Eight: Michael Black

On this episode of Art Waves, educator and abstract painter Michael Black joins Marion to discuss his lifelong love of abstract art and how its universality can appeal to different people. Michael describes his process, explores his influences, and expands on how the arts can connect across generations. Michael briefly touches on the similarities and differences of showing at different galleries and arts spaces. Michael also shares how an active and diverse local arts scene can strengthen...