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Asian Pacific Voices Radio is a cultural, entertaining and educational podcast series featuring stimulating conversations that explore diverse topics & stories impacting the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US.


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Asian Pacific Voices Radio is a cultural, entertaining and educational podcast series featuring stimulating conversations that explore diverse topics & stories impacting the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US.




Touching hearts with uncomfortable truths through storytelling

Recognized on the 2020 & 2021 Black List, Tricia Lee is an AAPI female filmmaker who creates heart-breaking and heart-warming features with a sense of uplifting humor. Growing up in Toronto and fighting for her Green Card in order to step-up her career in Los Angeles, she tells stories from a Canadian perspective looking in at the American Dream and loves to explore ideas around belonging, voicelessness and shared humanity. Tricia Lee speaks about her story and what inspires her craft, with the goal to inspire, create powerful change, and change our culture in an unforgettable way. Her work empowers and inspires people from different walks of life.


Finding Her Voice Through Animation | 3x17

Eunsoo Jeong known as Koreangry is a South Korean who immigrated to the US in 2001. She’s currently comics artist and color designer in animation based in Los Angeles, California. Her zine series “Koreangry” addresses issues of racism, sexism, xenophobia, immigration and mental health as a Korean American immigrant living in the US.


Paving the Road for Younger Gymnasts | 3x16

South Korean born, Asian American Olympian, Yul Moldauer, breaks barriers and stereotypes and expresses body type in sports, specifically men's artistic gymnastics.


First Step Into the Film Industry | 3x15

Hayslip is a highly-regarded film producer known for his involvement in some of the biggest blockbuster films in recent history. His significant contributions to the film industry through his technical roles for major motion pictures include serving as Unit Production Manager for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation, and Guardians of the Galaxy, among others. Hayslip has also produced popular TV series like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mandalorian, and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Throughout his career, Hayslip has collaborated with many acclaimed filmmakers and A-list talent, including John David Washington, Christopher Nolan, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Michael Caine, to name just a few. With his extensive experience and impressive track record, Hayslip is a trusted and respected figure in the film industry, and his contributions have helped bring some of the most beloved films to the big screen.


Cultivating Culture Through Storytelling | 3x14

Jason Chu speaks hope and healing in a hurting world, blending high energy performances with thoughtfully crafted lyricism. As an Asian American kid in suburban Delaware, he found a vocabulary for racial identity and liberation in rap music and hip-hop culture. Starting out freestyling with friends at school, he began recording and performing music in college.


Preservation and Amplification of Legacies | 3x13

Stephanie KyeongSeon Drenka is a Korean adoptee writer and co-founder of the Dallas Asian American Historical Society, whose mission is to research, preserve, and amplify the legacy of Asian Americans in the Dallas area.


Inspiring Aspiring Filmakers | 3x12

Jing’s love of storytelling began on the floor of the library. The only child of immigrants, reading stories was his way of feeling less lonely and learning the ways of America. This love eventually transferred to filmmaking which he saw as a means to not only entertain others but also to free those hard to express thoughts and feelings within himself.


Mother and Son’s Journey of a Thousand Miles | 3x11

Journey of a Thousand Miles is a 90 minute feature documentary film written, shot, directed and produced by Zhu Shen, a multiple award-winning filmmaker who was formally trained in biomedical research and business. She is best known for producing two Oscar-qualified, critically acclaimed animated documentary shorts: Changyou’s Journey about her late husband’s life, written and directed by her son Perry Chen in 2018, and Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest about a young Holocaust survivor, character design and storyboarded by two-time Oscar nominee Bill Plympton, animated by her 11-year-old son Perry Chen in 2011. Both films qualified for best animated short film Academy Awards, won multiple US film festival awards, and screened at dozens of film festivals worldwide.


The Beauty of Dance | 3x10

Jessica Chen, a Choreographer and Dancer, who uses movement as a vehicle to heal wounds, share stories and better understand our human existence. Jessica believes that the visceral experience of witnessing a moving body can elicit a profound sense of empathy and that empathy is vital in navigating today's cultural landscape. Jessica is the Artistic Director of a contemporary dance company based in New York City called J Chen Project, whose mission is to create dance works that deconstruct identity, cultural diversity, and belonging, and to promote radical, equitable access to the arts.


Making Changes for the Better | 3x9

Nghiep “Ke” Lam is the Program and Facility Manager for Asian Prisoner Support Committee and a former juvenile lifer. He was incarcerated at the age of seventeen and served 23 years. He assists formerly incarcerated, i.e. API and "Stranded Deportees" with accessing resources (ID, Work Permit, Mentorship, etc.) in their transition back into society. He is also the Facility Manager to oversee the maintenance of the office. He is one of the Co-founder of the ROOTS program inside San Quentin State Prison. One of his passions is fixing bicycles and donating them to our system's impacted communities.


Never Too Late To Change | 3x8

An actress, director, writer and comedian, Veronica was born in Pennsylvania to a large family who escaped Saigon alongside the last U.S. troops in Vietnam. Veronica is a rising star featured in various television shows, ranging from hipster who finds a dead body on Law & Order: SVU, to representing sweatshop workers on Saturday Night Live. Veronica has also starred in independent films and Off-Broadway shows and been featured in a wide variety of commercials and print campaigns. She is the founder of NYC's premier All-Asian American Sketch Comedy Team Model Majority which has sold out all their New York Times and Timeout NY recommended live shows. Learn more about her up bringing, how she switched to comedy and what she is up to now!


Balancing Life as Attorney and Music Teacher | 3x7

A woman of many talents, Robin is the President and CEO of San Diego Music Studio since 1994. She’s also the founder of the Phillipines Ukulele Project that connects donors to children at risk in impoverished areas internationally, brining music education and inspiration to a global level. Additionally, she is a licensed attorney with a private practice and serves on the board of Storix, an AIX and Linux backup and recovery solution company. Get ready to learn more about how she has broken through societal stereotypes!


Developing Asian Theater | 3x6

Gingerlily Lowe is one of the founding producers of the Asian Story Theater/Chinese Story Theater in which she also serves as the educational director, using live theater as a medium for education as well as truly exciting entertainment and bringing multi-cultural theater experiences to thousands of young audience members every year. Gingerlily has served on various community boards such as the San Diego Chinese Center, and Teatro Mascara Magica, and the Magic Machine. Ms. Lowe was a founding member and served as president of Pacific Asian Actors' Ensemble (PAAE), a company specializing in theater opportunities for Asian and Pacific Island performers. In this podcast we get to learn how Gingerlily has began growing Asian theater and her journey through out her life!


Pushing Through Challenges | 3x5

Grace teaches the Tisch Scholars foundation course "Civic Identity, Reflection, and Action," and in the 1+4 Bridge Year Program and Civic Action Gap Semester for the Tufts First-Year Global Programs. She taught writing for many years at Tufts University and Grub Street, and is currently the Fannie Hurst Writer-in-Residence at Brandeis University. Grace is the author of THE BODY PAPERS, which won the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant writing and the Massachusetts Book Award for Nonfiction. In 2022, she was awarded fellowships from United States Artists, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Brother Thomas Fund, and in the fall, will join the English Department at Brown University where she will teach nonfiction writing. During the podcast we get to hear insight into her award winning memoir, The Body Papers where she talks about racism at school after you and your family immigrated to the US in the 70s. We get to learn about how she grew up facing a multitude of challenges and how she overcame them. Grace discusses how she went back to the Philippines with her husband and tried to reclaim a lost piece of herself. Finally giving words of advice to those who have or are experiencing racism or bullying at school or abuse at home.


Building Your Own Brand | 3x4

Eric Nguyen has been a staple of the comic book industry for over 20 years, working for Marvel, DC, and every other major publication, drawing classics such as X-men, Batman, Hulk, Old Man Logan, Quicksilver, Sandman, Fables, and many more. A graduate from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a degree in entertainment/transportation design, Eric got his start in comics partnering with Rick Remender, where they co-created "Strange Girl" with Image Comics and "Gigantic", published by Dark Horse Comics. As a concept artist, Eric has design credits for Xbox live video games and worked on the Halo franchise as well. One of his greatest accomplishments was when R&B superstar "The Weeknd" personally chose him to draw his futuristic epic comic "Starboy" for Marvel Comics. His latest, "White Savior," is his first foray into both writing and comedy, and he's proud of the work and the message it brings to readers. We get to learn a little bit more about Eric’s upbringing after moving to the US at 3 years old. He tells us about how he got into comics and what his parents thought about this decision in pursuing a career as a comic book artist. We get some insight into the challenges Eric has faced throughout his career and the importance of having AAPI representation in this industry. For all the comic book lovers we get to hear about what his favorite characters are to draw, his experience working with DC and Marvel, and we get a better understanding of his newest series “White Savior”. To end it all off for future comic book artists he gives some words of wisdom and encouragement!


Building UpThe Film Community

Ysa began her art activism with VAALA in 2000, serving as VAALA’s Board as President from 2004-2008, and then as Executive Director from 2008 until now. She is one of the original co-founders of Viet Film Fest. We get to learn more about her background as a radio host for the Viet Nam California Radio (VNCR), from 1995 to 2010. Where she would interview a lot of different local artists and talk about events in the community. Thanks to this she was able to meet a lot of artists and attend a lot of artistic events which allowed her to step into the art world. We get to learn more about how she started off in VAALA and what she and the organization has been doing to support and help the Asian film community. Did I mention that Ysa received her Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1994. She currently works as a clinical pharmacist at St. Joseph Home Infusion Pharmacy in Anaheim on top of leading VAALA!


The Power of Voice in Comedy

Jason Cheny, born and raised in Taiwan, re-raised in America with a cross-cultural perspective, and a goofy personality. Along with Sasha Foo discuss how Asian families expect their children to follow the traditional paths of doctor, lawyer and engineer. How Jason’s parents reacted to his choice to become a comedian as well as how everyone should choose a path which allows for expression. How he overcame his first time doing stand up and the feeling of freedom and relief to have people be open to hear what you are saying. We get to hear a little bit about how Jason got into comedy through his love and enjoyment of making people laugh. They continue to touch on how Asians are encouraged to seek a career which is stable and can provide for our family vs encouraging entertainment focused careers. We get to learn more about how his ethnic background flavored his content as well as his perspectives on the differences between Asia and America. Jason also touches on anti asian crowds and how he handles different communities which might not have had exposure to asian entertainment.


Diversifying Directors | 3x1

Erica is a fifth-generation Chinese American director based out of Los Angeles. Her film “Americanized” based on her experiences playing high school basketball has taken home 25 awards including Palm Springs International ShortFest, Bentonville Film Festival, and the Oscar-qualifying award at Cinequest. Erica’s love for film started at a young age with her love for TV and cartoons blossoming into a curiosity which was nurtured through her school eventually leading her to work at local a local tv station; where she learned cinematography opening her eyes up to the world of film and eventually set her on her path to becoming a music video director. She discusses the challenges she faced as a woman in film school and the film industry and how she overcame those challenges. She talks about how her film about her life stories as a Chinese American now has a place in the industry due to the new found appreciation of Asian American films such as Crazy Rich Asian and The Farewell. More so, the lack of work as a director is what motivated her to be the one moving her career forward and we get to learn a lot more about how she was able to develop this breakthrough film.


Ashlyn So: A Prodigy’s Passions for Fashion and Activism │ 2x40

Teen fashion designer, Ashlyn So, and her architect momager, Angela Wu, talk about the journey of discovering and cultivating talent, the importance of inspiration and representation, and more! It all started the day Ashlyn came back from her sewing camp at 6 years old. She was obsessed! She loves designing then draping, pinning and sewing. She has always wanted to dress like her mom and be with her mom every minute of the day. So she started sewing her way to every girl's fantasy while her mom sets out to learn a whole new industry. Ashlyn also loves to help others. She can’t help but empathize those less fortunate around her. She wants to use her gift of design to benefit those in need. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashlyn started making masks for frontline workers. She couldn’t believe hearing about the PPE shortages and she wants to protect the heroes who are keeping us safe and healthy. She was then named People’s Hero by E! People’s Choice award at the end of 2020. She had since made 1000 masks. At the beginning of 2021 still in the midst of the pandemic, she saw news of Asian elders being bullied, hurt and murdered. She collected all her strength and energy to start not one but 2 rallies to #standforasians and Stop AAPI Hate. Noticing the factions between the black and asian communities, she set up another rally to #uniteinlove and create solidarity amongst the groups. She had since spoken at numerous rallies, conferences, news, as well as TV specials to raise awareness and created a petition to include AAPI history into the school curriculum. Ashlyn has been named 21 under 21 by PopSugar Unstoppable Young Women Manifesting a Brighter Future, Voice of Change from Seventeen, and another article on Teen Vogue. Ashlyn has shown her collections at 3 fashion shows and the upcoming fourth one during New York Fashion week in September 2021 where she will be combing Fashion with Activism. Ashlyn is currently fighting for the Asian American Pacific Islander community against racism. All proceeds will go towards helping other AAPI small businesses and for Ashlyn’s cause, which includes furthering education in different cultures and including AAPI history in the school system.


Pushing Away from the Periphery in Film with Dan Chen │ 2x39

Film is a scary venture, but Dan Chen embraces the challenge of centering AAPI stories rather than keeping them in the periphery. Filmmakers like him and companies like Jubilee Media are changing the direction of film as AAPI representation has increased on screen and behind the scenes. Dan Chen developed his love of film as a Chinese American teenager growing up in small town Kansas. He picked up the camera to connect with others, partnering with friends to make elaborate coming of age movies, and documenting the moments they'd later be nostalgic for. He studied fine art film photography in college, and graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts focusing on cinematography and directing. His work at Jubilee Media has garnered over 100+ million views, and his films have been featured on Vimeo Staff Picks, Short of the Week, Slamdance Film Festival and most recently the 2021 Tribeca Festival, where he premiered his documentary feature debut Accepted to critical acclaim. Accepted follows four high school seniors at the controversial TM Landry school as they grapple with college admissions, national scandal, and the pains of growing up. Dan has decades of directing experience in narrative and documentary, and he trained his eye as a cinematographer and analog film photographer. He sees filmmaking as a way to create life-changing memories for audiences and collaborators alike, and he tells character-driven stories about outsiders, human flaws, and coming of age.