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Asian Voices Radio is a new entertaining and educational podcast series covering topics that impact and shape our Asian Americans and Pacific Islander communities in the US.

Asian Voices Radio is a new entertaining and educational podcast series covering topics that impact and shape our Asian Americans and Pacific Islander communities in the US.


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Asian Voices Radio is a new entertaining and educational podcast series covering topics that impact and shape our Asian Americans and Pacific Islander communities in the US.




Episode 17—Chef Lan Thai: Farm to Table Dreams

On this episode, Sasha Foo interviews Chef Lan Thai—aka Chef Lando—the culinary creator of Enclave Cafe. Chef Lando breaks down the FAM (Food as Medicine) philosophy and delves into her the nutritional value of a diverse diet. She also discusses her unique upbringing and cultural roots, growing up in a refugee camp in Thailand following her family's fleeing of Vietnam. Chef Lando's Enclave Cafe has 3 locations across San Diego as well as a 90-acre regenerative farm. She also has a chow on...


Episode 16: Emanuel Hahn — The Storytelling Power of Photography

Emanuel Hahn (he/him) is a Los Angeles-based commercial and documentary photographer/director. As a Korean Third Culture Kid growing up in Singapore and Cambodia, he developed an interest in storytelling, especially on topics of identity, culture, diasporic experiences and the question of what it means "to belong". His deep observational and listening abilities have led him to tell the stories of the coffee farmers in Colombia, Chinese grocery store owners in the Mississippi Delta, the...


Episode 15: FBI Special Agent Stacey Moy —Being Asian in Law Enforcement

This episode of Asian Voices Radio features FBI Special Agent Stacey Moy. A graduate of Torrey Pines High School and a Navy veteran, Moy was recently named the special agent in charge of the San Diego Field Office. Moy most recently served in the same role, overseeing the Intelligence and Incident Response Division in the Washington Field Office. First joining the FBI in 2004 working counterintelligence and espionage, he has climbed the ladder and his work has brought him across Washington,...


Episode 14: Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja — Creating your Own Representation

In today's episode of Asian Voices Radio, we have Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, an Indonesian American actress whose began her career at age 4. Growing up and seeing a lack of people that look like her on TV shows and movies, she took charge and became her own representation. Malea speaks English, Mandarin, Indonesian and Spanish. She plays piano, violin, guitar and ukulele. Malea also loves contortion, gymnastics, dancing and soccer. Malea is also a singer, going viral with her National...


Episode 13: Sera Koulabdara — The American Secret War in Laos

Sera Koulabdara (Sa-rah Goo-lap-dah lah) serves as Executive Director of Legacies of War, the only international U.S.-based advocacy and educational organization working to address the impacts of the American Secret War in Laos and conflict in its neighboring countries of Cambodia and Vietnam during the Vietnam War-era. This includes the removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and victims/survivor assistance. In this episode, Sera discusses this part of our joint history as Americans that isn't...


Episode 12: Dr. Emily Letran — Cultivating Personal Growth and Legacy

Dr. Emily Letran is a dentist, author, speaker, and life coach. Informed by her experiences fleeing Vietnam, Dr. Letran has optimized her opportunities for herself and for others, always striving for improvement. As a mother of three, she has learned to creatively balance work, family life, after-school life and her personal life as a growing entrepreneur. Dr. Letran is actively involved in community services, sponsoring multiple local school and charity events. She created the Emily Letran...


Episode 11: Rich Tu — Immigrant Excellence in the Design Industry

Rich Tu, a first-generation Filipino-American designer and artist. A decorated figure in media, he is also works to uplift BIPOC creatives. He co-founded the COLORFUL grant with the One Club, and he hosts the podcast "First Generation Burden," which focuses on intersectionality and diversity within the creative industry. He has won various awards and has worked with a number of big name clients and collaborators, and actively supports other emerging AAPI creatives. In today's episode, he...


Episode 10: Matthew Ozawa — Curating an Experience: Expanding Representation & Engagement in Opera

On today's episode of Asian Voices, Sasha Foo sits down with Matthew Ozawa, a renowned stage director, artistic director, and educator dedicated to the world of opera and theatre. They discuss the classical arts as a realm traditionally reserved for the white elite, his experiences navigating it as a Japanese-American, and the importance of expanding opera for POC performers and audience members. Ozawa has firmly cemented himself as one of the preeminent creative forces in the opera world...


Episode 9: Kristina Wong – Being Asian American & Having Agency in the Arts

Kristina Wong is a third-generation Chinese-American known primarily for her work as a solo theater performer, performance artist, and actor. As a feminist, her work often tackles themes regarding race, sex, and privilege, often in conjunction with the Asian-American experience, through a satirical lens. In this episode, Wong also discusses her work and its overlap with social activism. She is an elected representative of Koreatown, Los Angeles and an avid activist. At the beginning of the...


Episode 8: Bringing Together the Mission of Representation and the Business Side of The Film Industry with Alexa Khan

On this episode of Asian Voices Radio, Alexa Khan tells us about her Mongolian background along with her experiences of how she became a film producer from being an actress and a financial advisor. A Mongolian-born American actress and producer, Khan grew up on stage in Mongolia and has loved the performing arts since she was a child. When Alexa moved to Los Angeles, she immersed herself in the acting methods of Sanford Meisner and Stella Addler at the Ruskin School of Acting. She has...


Episode 7: Exploring Identity, Community, and Refugitude through Theatre with Ova Saopeng

On today's episode of Asian Voices, artistic director of TeAda Productions Ova Saopeng delves into his origins in theatre and the significance of representation for South and South East Asian faces, histories, and stories. Ova Saopeng is associate artistic director and producer with Los Angeles based TeAda Productions. A refugee from Savannakhet, Laos, he was raised in Hawaii and received a B.A. in Theater from the University of Southern California. Now an accomplished actor, teaching...


Episode 6: Sowing Compassion, Community, and Education from Tragedy

Giving back to the community that lent support in a time of tragedy, the Lingzi Foundation works to help others pursue their own dreams through Lu Lingi's spirit. An inspiration sprouted in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing attack, the Lingzi Foundation is a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was formed by the family of Lu Lingzi, who perished during the Boston Marathon bombing attack, to preserve and perpetuate Lingzi’s life example....


Episode 5: Creating Diversity from Behind the Scenes with Miranda Kwok

In this episode, writer and executive producer Miranda Kwok dives into her latest project The Cleaning Lady, the U.S. television series adaptation based on the original Argentine series La Chica Que Limpia and the endeavors of creating representation and diversity in her characters and narratives. Her position as an Asian American woman informs her work and integrates an understanding of immigrant perspectives, marginalization, and how that influences their experiences. Kwok is a decorated...


Episode 4: Cultivating Sense of Self through Science & Art with Krysada Phounsiri

Krysada Phounsiri is a Lao American professional dancer, award winning poet, engineer, and photographer from San Diego, CA. He is a Physics & Astrophysics double major, with a minor in Creative Writing from UC Berkeley. He published his debut poetry book, "Dance Among Elephants", and 2nd poetry book, "Every Passing Minute", under Sahtu Press. Krysada is currently a Senior Optical Engineer working in the BioTech industry. His dance resume includes various competition wins around the globe,...


Episode 3: Covid-19 –Vaccines and Variants Part III with Dr. Paul Song

Dr. Paul Song, board certified radiation oncologist and co-founder and CEO of Fuse Biotherapeutics, returns to discuss where we are and where we may go as we enter the third year of this COVID-19 pandemic. With so much misinformation and hesitation towards vaccines and boosters, Dr. Song shares his insights as a father of young children and as a doctor who has witnessed first-hand the structural issues at the core of the healthcare system. Dr. Song graduated with honors from the University...


Episode 2: Advocating for Individual Health and Growth, and Asian American Communities through Poetry with Howard Xiao

Howard Xiao, also known by his artist name hxthepoet, is an award winning speaker, writer, poet, and spoken word artist. He was the 2010 California State Champion in Speech (Oratorical Interpretation), a finalist in numerous national speech tournaments between 2010 and 2012 - including the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC), Catholic Nationals, the MLK Tournament (Top 5), and the Glenbooks Tournament (top 5). From 2015 onward, Howard performed at slam poetry venues...


Episode 1: Fostering a Movement of Cultural Appreciation through Musical Theater with Julia Riew

Julia Riew is a Korean-American musical theater composer-lyricist, librettist, and songwriter. A senior at Harvard University, she has composed over 15 original songs for her Korean Disney musical, which she campaigns for through the popular platform, Tiktok, which has garnered much attention in the short span of one month. In this episode, Riew discusses the making of musicals and the significance of adaptation of old stories that allows her to bring her own personal experience to it. She...


Episode 42: Laur Allen, Advocating Positive Social Justice & Humanitarian Impact through Law & Media

In this episode, actress Laur Allen shares her personal story of her family culture growing up, and what inspired her to integrate law and media in creating a positive impact in the AAPI community. Laur is an LA native of Chinese, British, and Hungarian-Jewish heritage. As an actress, Laur made her network TV debut as the recurring character "Juliet Helton" on CBS's "The Young and the Restless." You can find her starring most recently in the LGBTQ+ holiday romcom "Christmas at the Ranch,"...


Archie Kao - A Chinese American Actor‘s Journey Along the Pacific Rim

Born in Washington D.C. to Chinese immigrant parents, Archie Kao is a Chinese-American actor/director/producer, perhaps best known to American audiences for television series regular roles on Chicago P.D., Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. From his start in starring in the world’s #1 kids show as the Lost Galaxy’s Blue Power Ranger to later spending 10 seasons with the world’s #1 drama franchise CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Kao has had a colorful and storied...


Quyền Nguyen Le - - Queer Filmmaker and Writer Creating Pathways to Understanding through Film

In this episode, filmmaker and writer Quyen Nguyen-Le talk about their films, generational divides, queer stories, and struggles with self-identity. Quyên Nguyen-Le (they/them) is a queer vietnamese american filmmaker and writer. Born to refugee parents in the place where Chumash and Tongva lands meet (San Fernando Valley, Los Ángeles), Quyên's work focuses on the ways histories emerge in the quotidian everyday. Their short films Nước (Water/Homeland) (2016) and Hoài (Ongoing, Memory)...