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Asian Pacific Voices Radio is a cultural, entertaining and educational podcast series featuring stimulating conversations that explore diverse topics & stories impacting the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US.


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Asian Pacific Voices Radio is a cultural, entertaining and educational podcast series featuring stimulating conversations that explore diverse topics & stories impacting the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US.



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Elevating Beauty, Illuminating Lives: Founder of House of M - 4 X 19

Anne Nguyen Oliver is the Founder/CEO of House of M Beauty. House of M Beauty is a skincare brand that offers a curated range of luxurious saffron skincare products. Their formulas are centered around premium and potent medicinal saffron, which is known for its brightening, calming, and protective properties. In this episode, Anne shares her journey of creating House of M. After battling post-traumatic stress disorder following childbirth, her doctor recommended medicinal saffron as a safer alternative to medications while breastfeeding. This improved her sleep, reduced anxiety, and brightened her skin. Anne then developed a saffron-infused miracle serum and other skincare products, initially selling them on Facebook to her local Vietnamese community. Today, her line is sold at Nordstrom, with sales expected to reach $8 million in 2023. As an AAPI businesswoman in the U.S., Anne's story is a powerful motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs.


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Empowering Women's Financial Journey - Where Diversity Meets Financial Empowerment - 4 X 18

Co-author of "How money works for women", Kim Scouller is recognized as a leading advocate for women and their finances. She has been an attorney for more than 30 years and served as in-house counsel for one of the largest financial services companies in the world. During her tenure at Transamerica, she served in several executive roles for the company’s insurance affiliates, broker-dealers, mutual funds, and investment advisors. In her last four years there, she served as the president of the Transamerica broker-dealer with the largest number of registered representatives. In this episode of Asian Pacific Voices Radio, Kim Scouller discusses teaching people how to manage money wisely. She shares her knowledge with women, underserved communities, and communities that haven't really been focused on the financial services industry. As one of the few women broker-dealer presidents in the U.S., she traveled around the country talking with people, especially women, about the steps to identify and achieve their financial goals. Wanting more control over her time, Kim left her corporate career to start her own financial business and law firm based in the Atlanta area. A Certified Financial Educator, Kim continues to speak with women about the importance and impact of financial education that leads to literacy.


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Harmonizing Minds, Transforming Hearts: Bernard Ellorin, Educator & Music Maestro - 4 X 17

Dr. Ellorin is the leading expert on maritime Southeast Asian gong-chime music in Southern California. He is also a master of the Filipino banduria (a version of the Spanish bandurria, a plucked string instrument similar to the mandolin) and the associated rondalla music. He is versed in the percussion music of the Cordillera Mountains of Northern Luzon, as well as being one of the few Philippine kulintang instructors in the United States. Kulintang is an ancient instrumental form of music played on a row of small, horizontally laid gongs that function melodically, accompanied by larger, suspended gongs and drums. Dr. Ellorin has served the San Diego and Los Angeles communities as a performing artist and educator since 1992, and is the musical director of the Samahan Filipino-American Performing Arts and Education Center. In this episode of Asian Pacific Voices Radio, Bernard Ellorin highlights the significance of Filipino diasporic performing arts and shares his journey as the Music Director at Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts & Education Center. As the music director for the Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts & Education Center, Ellorin performs traditional Philippine rondalla (stringed ensemble) and kulintang (gong chime percussion) ensemble music throughout southern California. Ellorin received the Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) apprenticeship as a Master Artist in 2019 and 2021. Under both grant periods his apprentices mastered the art of indigenous gong music from the southern Philippines. Ellorin recently published chapters for the manuscript “Our Culture Resounds; Our Future Reveals: A Legacy of Filipino American Performing Arts in California” –a free resource available through the UCLA ethnomusicology archive. Ellorin also serves as a board member with the Center World Music helping curate both virtual and in-person concerts contributing to


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Empowering Diversity, Embracing Inclusion: Transforming Lives with Heart and Purpose - 4 X 16

Holly Choon Hyang Bachman graduated with a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Social Psychology from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. She served as the Co-Chair for the newly launched Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN) at the University of Minnesota Alumni Association and Founded and Co-Chaired the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Council that will celebrated 8 years this June. Bachman also serves in a variety of volunteer capacities including Founder and President of Mixed Roots Foundation that she founded after starting a high school student cultural diversity group called Mixed Roots in Owatonna, MN in 1997 and visiting her birth country South Korea in 1995 and 2010. Mixed Roots Foundation raises awareness and funds for the adoption and foster care community and will celebrate its 13 year anniversary this coming May 2024. In this episode of Asian Pacific Voices Radio, Holly Choon Hyang Bachman discusses founding the Mixed Roots Foundation, inspired by her experiences as an adoptees to support the adoption and foster care community while raising awareness and funds for adoption-related causes. Bachman has over 25 years of expertise in marketing, PR, events and business development and has been living in California for the past 18 years (San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles Area). She enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching movies, attending sporting events, and most importantly giving back to the community through mentoring and organizing various local and national events that promote identity, diversity, and most importantly unity. Holly currently resides in Santa Monica, CA.


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Shattering Stereotypes, Advocating Diversity: Rizwan Manji Unleashed on Asian Pacific Voices - 4 X 14

Rizwan Manji is an actor known for his captivating performances on hit TV shows like 'Schitt's Creek' and 'The Magicians,' and his appearances in acclaimed films and commercials. He is a distinguished actor celebrated for his versatile portrayals across television and film. In this episode, Manji shares insights into his upbringing as a Canadian actor of Indian descent and his journey to success in Hollywood. He also discusses his advocacy work for South Asian and Muslim actors, providing valuable perspectives on diversity and inclusion in media. Raised in Calgary, Alberta, by Indian parents who immigrated from Tanzania, Manji's Ismaili-Muslim heritage deeply influences his life and career. Despite his parents' wishes for him to pursue a traditional education, Manji's passion for acting led him to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, following a brief stint at the University of Alberta. Launching his career with minor roles in various productions, Manji's talent and dedication soon earned him recurring roles in acclaimed series such as "Privileged," "Better Off Ted," and "24." Manji's captivating presence extended to the fantasy realm with his role as Tick Pickwick in seasons 2-5 of the SyFy series "The Magicians." Beyond his screen appearances, Manji advocates for South Asian and Muslim actors in Hollywood and co-hosts the enlightening podcast "The Brighter Side of News." Residing in Studio City, California, with his wife and three children, Manji continues to captivate audiences with his talent and commitment to authentic representation in the entertainment industry.


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Fiona Ma: Shaping California's Financial Landscape with Integrity and Inclusion - 4 X 15

Fiona Ma, serving as California's 34th State Treasurer, has carved an illustrious path as a trailblazer and dedicated public servant. Breaking barriers as the first woman of color and the first woman Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to hold this esteemed position, Fiona brings a unique blend of expertise and commitment to managing the state's finances and investments. With a distinguished background in finance, she has championed fiscal responsibility and transparency, advocating for innovative solutions to address California's complex economic challenges. Her leadership is characterized by a tireless dedication to serving the people of California, ensuring equitable access to resources and opportunities for all residents. In this episode, California's 34th State Treasurer, Fiona Ma, illuminates her journey as the first woman of color and the first woman Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in this position. With a wealth of experience and unwavering dedication, she leads in managing the state's finances and investments. Prior to her role as State Treasurer, Fiona Ma served as a member of the California State Assembly, representing the 12th District, where she earned a reputation as a pragmatic and effective legislator. Throughout her career, she has been a steadfast advocate for small businesses, economic development, and environmental sustainability. Fiona's passion for public service is evident in her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of Californians, and her visionary leadership continues to make a profound impact on the state's economic future.


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Shaping Dreams, Inspiring Change - A Journey from South Korea to California's Thriving Tapestry- 4 X 13

Born in South Korea, raised in Michigan, and currently living in California, Kam Redlawsk is a multi-award-winning disabled Industrial Designer, artist, (rare disease and disability) advocate, traveler, writer, consultant, and speaker. In this episode, Kam shares the challenges associated with a rare degenerative muscle-wasting disorder (GNE Myopathy) and how she has fearlessly navigated her path through art and writing, using creativity as a vehicle for empowerment and expression. As a Korean American adoptee, Kam's designs, including the world's most affordable prosthetic knee joint, embody her unwavering commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. With over 15 years of advocacy under her belt, Kam is a powerful force in amplifying the voices of the disabled community globally. To further advocacy and awareness, Kam uses her design skills and life experiences on creative projects that elevate and celebrate disability and inclusion in order to educate a society that has very little disability representation. Alongside her advocacy work, Kam is a daydreamer and seeker of inspiration, co-founding Chair Devils with her husband to further her mission of promoting accessibility and representation. She’s currently working on a children’s book inspired by her rare disease


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Unleashing Southeast Asia's Rich Heritage through Tuk Tuk Box - 4 X 12

Christy Innouvong Thornton is a dynamic force at the intersection of culture, entrepreneurship, and community advocacy. A proud Lao Isan American, Christy's journey is deeply rooted in her unwavering connection to her Southeast Asian heritage. Driven by a profound passion for sharing the rich tapestry of traditions, flavors, and stories from Laos and beyond, she has emerged as a trailblazing cultural entrepreneur. As the visionary founder of Tuk Tuk Box, Christy is on a mission to curate and deliver unique experiences that unravel the essence of Southeast Asian culture. Through Tuk Tuk Box, she invites individuals on an immersive journey of discovery, where they can explore the intricacies of Southeast Asian heritage and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for its diverse cultures. In this episode, Christy delves into her journey, exploring the inspirations behind her cultural entrepreneurship that comes with challenges and sacrifices, as well as the impact of her work on both a local and global scale. Christy's entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by her commitment to bridging cultural gaps and fostering meaningful connections. With a keen eye for authenticity and a heart full of passion, she strives to create spaces where individuals from all walks of life can come together to celebrate and honor the beauty of diversity. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Christy is a dedicated advocate for community empowerment and cultural preservation. Her work transcends borders, leaving an indelible impact on both local communities and global audiences alike. Through her tireless dedication and unwavering vision, Christy Innouvong Thornton continues to inspire and uplift, leaving a lasting legacy of cultural enrichment and celebration.


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Fawn Veerasunthorn, Film Director and Animator - 4 X 11

Prasansook "Fawn" Veerasunthorn is a Thai film director and animator. She worked as a storyboard artist on the Disney Animation films Frozen, Moana, and Zootopia and as head of story on Raya and the Last Dragon. Her first feature film was Disney's Wish, in collaboration with Chris Buck. This episode delves into Fawn's transformative journey upon relocating to the US, navigating the hurdles of language barriers and cultural disparities. Despite these challenges, she found solace and purpose in her passion for art, propelling her forward on the path to becoming an animator and director for Disney projects. Fawn Veerasunthorn, born in Chonburi Province, Thailand, found her calling in art from a young age, inspired by the magic of Disney's "Dumbo," particularly the work of Mary Blair. After attending Triam Udom Suksa School in Bangkok, Fawn pursued medicine at Mahidol University but soon realized her true passion lay in fine arts. Encouraged by animator Paitoon Ratanasiritrawoot, she made the bold decision to move to the United States and study at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Upon graduating in 2004, Fawn embarked on a remarkable journey in the animation industry, working at esteemed studios such as 6 Point Harness, Warner Bros. Animation, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and Illumination. Her talent as a story artist shone through in projects like "The Lorax" and "Despicable Me 2." In 2011, Fawn joined Walt Disney Animation Studios, contributing her skills to blockbuster hits like "Frozen," "Moana," and "Zootopia." Her exceptional work led to her promotion as head of Disney's animation department and her pivotal role as head of story on "Raya and the Last Dragon." Fawn's achievements reached new heights when she was appointed as co-director of Disney's upcoming film "Wish," making history as the first Thai artist to helm a Disney animated feature. Her contributions to the industry have been recognized by both Disney and the Government of Thailand, solidifying her legacy as a trailblazer in animation.


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A Voice in Action - Elevating Narratives with Powerful Presence and Versatility - 4 X 10

Stephen Oyoung stands as an accomplished actor, motion capture stunt performer, and voiceover artist, whose versatile skills have left an indelible mark across various entertainment mediums. With a career spanning both the silver screen and the dynamic world of gaming, Stephen has continually captivated audiences with his remarkable performances and dedication to his craft. Best known for his compelling portrayal of Martin Li/Mister Negative in the critically acclaimed Spider-Man video game series, Stephen's ability to breathe life into complex characters has garnered widespread acclaim. His performances resonate deeply, thanks to his nuanced understanding of character dynamics and his adept fusion of acting prowess with his background in martial arts. This episode delves into Stephen's journey into acting, highlighting the pivotal role his father played in providing him with invaluable support along the way. Beyond his iconic role in the gaming sphere, Stephen's talent transcends boundaries, as evidenced by his diverse body of work in film and television. From gripping dramas to adrenaline-fueled action films, Stephen consistently delivers performances that are as compelling as they are authentic, earning him a reputation as one of the industry's most sought-after talents. With each new project, Stephen Oyoung continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, captivating audiences with his unparalleled charisma and unwavering commitment to excellence. As he navigates the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, one thing remains abundantly clear: Stephen's talent knows no bounds, and his contributions to the industry are sure to leave a lasting legacy for years to come.


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Bridging Cultures through Murals with Brushstrokes of Brilliance - 4 X 9

Gajin Fujita is a graffiti artist whose work transcends boundaries and seamlessly blends the rich tapestry of Japanese tradition with the vibrant energy of Western urban culture. In this episode, Fujita talks about his early days as a graffiti artist in tagging crews like KGB and KIIS and his current status as a major star in LA's downtown art scene. He also shares how he blends Japanese techniques and symbols with Western urban pop culture to create visually contrasting masterpieces that transcend space and time. Born in 1972, Gajin Fujita is the son of Japanese parents – a fine art painter father and art conservator mother – who raised him and his brothers in Boyle Heights, a historic immigrant neighborhood just east of Downtown Los Angeles and the L.A. River. As a teenager, Fujita became fascinated with graffiti, joining the tagging crews KGB (Kidz Gone Bad) and KIIS (Kill to Succeed). Through graffiti, Fujita followed his own path towards fine art and received his BA from Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, and his MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he found mentorship under art critic Dave Hickey. Reverence for Japanese art history and pride for his identity as an L.A. native assert equal importance in Fujita’s work. Lauded by Christopher Knight of the Los Angeles Times as “the most important 21st-century iteration of graffiti’s influence on art,” Fujita’s paintings incorporate graffiti language, traditional iconography drawn from Edo-period woodblock prints, and symbols of West Coast culture.


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Diving into Tales and Capturing Dreams through Film and Underwater Photography - 4X8

Pier Nirandara is an award-winning author, travel writer, film producer, and underwater photographer. She began her career as Thailand’s youngest English-writing author of three #1 national bestselling novels, multiple graphic novels, and short stories with over 200,000 copies sold in multiple languages published by Nanmee Books. In this episode, Nirandara talks about her travel experiences growing up in a multicultural environment and traveling to over 70 countries, her inspiration behind writing a children’s fantasy series that tackles themes of identity, prejudice, morality, and social responsibility. Since then, she has represented literary clients at ICM Partners, served as Director of Development for International Content at Sony Columbia Pictures, and VP of Film & TV at A-Major Media, Hollywood’s first Asian-American-driven production company. A TEDx speaker and literary ambassador for the Bangkok Metropolitan/UNESCO, Nirandara has won four Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing of the Year, two Lowell Thomas Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers, and Gold at the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference 2023. She was named the inaugural Storyteller in Residence at Hidden Compass. Nirandara is also a PADI AmbassaDiver™ and the founder of Immersiv Expeditions, leading trips to swim with marine wildlife. Her photography has been recognized by competitions including Ocean Photographer of the Year, and she was awarded the 2023 Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant by the Save Our Seas Foundation. An advocate for solo female travel, she has visited over 100 countries across 7 continents. She is currently working on a new novel and can be found in Los Angeles, Cape Town and @piersgreatperhaps. Nirandara is represented by Mina Hamedi at Janklow & Nesbit.


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Healing Hearts, Serving Communities, Inspiring Hope - 4 x 7

Born in 1973 in Vinh Long, Vietnam, Dr. Le and his family embarked on a harrowing journey, escaping the country by boat to Indonesia in 1982. After spending a year in various refugee camps, they resettled in the United States in 1983. In this episode, Dr. Le reflects on his family's initial struggles with financial hardship upon arriving in the US, a challenge that fueled his determination to pursue a career in medicine. He attributes his optimism as his driving force and gratitude as his superpower, propelling him to make positive contributions to his community. Beyond his medical practice, Dr. Le has been actively involved in community service. Since 2013, he and his wife have volunteered with Honor Flight San Diego, accompanying veterans on tours to Washington, DC. Additionally, he has organized pop-up medical clinics for the homeless in Father Joe's Villages and Santa Ana, demonstrating his commitment to providing healthcare to underserved populations. In 2019, Dr. Le joined the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of the USS Midway Museum, where he now serves as Chair and a member of the Museum's Board of Directors, advocating for community outreach and inclusivity.


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Dive into the Melodic World of Maki Mae - Where Virtuosity Meets Diversity in Every Note | 4x6

Maki Mae is a multi-talented, 13-language vocalist, concert pianist, and classically-trained violinist who has captivated audiences globally. Her illustrious career has seen her headlining crossover performances in major televised events, sports arenas, and festivals, including America's Got Talent, Special Olympics World Games, and Burning Man. In this episode, Maki shares the incredible story about how she was born as a blue baby not breathing and months later was rescued from crib death, resulting in 70% of her hearing loss, which ironically led to her discovering her love and passion for music. Known for her virtuoso coloratura and dynamic performances, her diverse talent spans classical arias, crossover pieces in jazz, pop, and alternative rock, and even a groundbreaking remix of Skrillex's "Kyoto." Hailing from Tokyo and Taipei, her journey from performing in the Taiwan National Recital Hall at 15 to becoming President & CEO of Asian Hall of Fame and CEO of the Robert Chinn Foundation showcases her global cultural perspective.


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Unleash the Action - From Script to Scene, Crafting Impactful Stories | 4x5

Born in Hong Kong, Andy Cheng began his martial arts journey early, mastering Taekwondo and earning numerous championships, including five consecutive gold medals. His prowess led him to represent Hong Kong internationally, clinching victories across various competitions. After retiring from competitive sports, Cheng ventured into the entertainment industry, showcasing his talents as an Action Artist for Hong Kong’s TVB. His career blossomed further when he joined Jackie Chan's esteemed stunt team, contributing to blockbuster films like "Rush Hour" and "Shanghai Noon." Transitioning seamlessly into directing and choreography, Cheng left an indelible mark on Hollywood, working on projects such as "The Scorpion King" and "6 Underground." In this episode, Andy shares his experiences on what inspired him to get into acting, and why he transitioned from being in front of the screen to becoming a screenwriter and director. Notably, his work on Marvel's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" received widespread acclaim. Cheng's dedication to martial arts in film was honored with the inaugural Bruce Lee Award in 2021. With a diverse portfolio spanning Hong Kong, China, and Hollywood, Cheng continues to captivate audiences with his universal appeal and breathtaking action sequences, exemplifying his mastery in the craft learned from industry luminaries.


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Mastering Flavors, Defying Limits – A Culinary Journey Beyond Sight | 4x4

A renowned chef, writer, and TV host, Christine Ha made history as the first blind contestant to win MasterChef's third season in 2012. Despite her visual impairment, she has triumphed as a talented Vietnamese American chef, becoming an inspiration for many due to her culinary achievements, and her impactful work in the world of cooking and television. In this Episode, Christine shares her inspirational journey in the culinary world, from her early experiences of moving from Saigon to Texas, following the Vietnam War, to hosting Four Senses, a cooking show for the visually impaired. We also get fun insights about her experience as a contestant on MasterChef, her collaborations with Chef Gordon Ramsay as well as Chef Tony Nguyen, and what lasting impacts those moments had on her. In 2014, Christine made history as the first chef and author to receive the prestigious Helen Keller Personal Achievement Award, with us she shares how this triumph influenced her efforts in advocating for people with vision loss and her work in the culinary world. As author of the highly acclaimed book: Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food , she shares the inspiration behind this project and also highlights her favorite recipes!


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Illuminating Histories, Fostering Connections – One Mural at a Time | 4x3

Eliseo Art Silva is a contemporary multimedia artist whose vibrant creations breathe life into historical narratives and foster compassionate connections within communities. Born in Manila in 1972, he migrated to the United States at 17, bringing a rich tapestry of Filipino heritage that now intricately weaves through his remarkable body of work. Renowned for designing iconic landmarks like the Eastern Gateway to Historic Filipinotown and the Gintong Kasaysayan mural, Eliseo is not only a muralist, but also a visionary who amplifies historically marginalized voices. In this Episode, joined by host Joanne Whitlock, Eliseo shares his experiences of growing up in Manila before immigrating to the US, and what early influences sparked his interest in art. As a Mural Artist, Eliseo takes us through his processes when it comes to the conception of his designs, and how he exquisitely captures historical narratives, in which inspires community solidarity through philosophy and urban design. As Founding President of FANHS-PA and Events Coordinator of Gawad Kalinga Pennsylvania, Eliseo explains how the world of art further cultivates and highlights Filipino American history/culture, promoting the importance of heritage. Find Eliseo at to view more of his work and testimonials.


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Weaving Stories, Shaping Culture, Inspiring Change | 4x2

A multifaceted creative force, Nic Cha Kim is an award-winning television reporter, documentary filmmaker, playwright, and cultural activist. With a remarkable career spanning across various artistic disciplines, Nic has made significant contributions to the world of arts and culture in downtown Los Angeles. In this episode with host, Rasha Goel, Nic Cha Kim shares his experiences in the '92 LA Uprising, how he views the intersection of technology and art that shape the future of creative expression, and what trends he is currently excited about in the world of digital art. We also get insight on his views in regards to the ever evolving relationship between media, storytelling, and social change, especially in the context of today's fast-paced digital world. He has won 4 LA Emmys for his work on SoCal Connected (KCET) and Artbound (KCET), as well as, the LA Press Club's 'Television Journalist of the Year Award'. Executive Director of Niche.LA Video Art, Nic directs and produces documentaries for public television and curates digital and video art shows. (Editor of Niche.LA Video Art featured in the Tumblr Art Spotlight). His plays Trapezoid, RE:verse, Rise Up!, and Like Yesterday have been produced for the stage by Lodestone Theatre Ensemble and Company of Angels.


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Rediscover, Reflect, and Reconnect: Season Premiere with Hosts Rasha, Sasha and Joanne 4x01

In the highly anticipated premiere of Asian Pacific Voices Season 4, our dynamic hosts Rasha Goel, Sasha Foo, and Joanne Whitlock delve into a diverse array of thought-provoking subjects, offering viewers an engaging and insightful kick-off to the new season. From exploring cultural intersections to addressing pressing issues, the hosts bring their unique perspectives to ensure a captivating and enriching viewing experience. Rasha Goel, an experienced TV host and producer, brings her dynamic storytelling skills to the forefront. With a keen eye for impactful narratives, she has a proven track record of delivering engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences. Sasha Foo is a multifaceted talent, who seamlessly transitions from her roles as an accomplished actress and playwright to her previous position as a distinguished news anchor. Her unique blend of creativity and journalistic insight promises to infuse the show with depth and authenticity. Introduced as a new host to Season 4, Major Joanne Whitlock is an Airforce officer who adds a distinctive perspective to the program. With a background rooted in service and leadership, she brings a wealth of experience that enriches the discussions, offering a unique lens on people and topics of interest.


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Amit and Vineesha Arora-Sarin: Dreamweavers: Crafting On & Off Screen Magic | 3x36

For this Season 3 finale episode, we are joined by a remarkable power couple who have left a significant mark in the entertainment industry. Joining us is a versatile actor, Amit Sarin, whose inspiring journey from Indian television to global recognition has captivated millions, and his incredibly talented wife, Vineesha Arora-Sarin, who is a producer and creative powerhouse behind the scenes. Together, they create magic both on and off the screen, weaving captivating narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. Vineesha Arora-Sarin is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles, with her film journey beginning in Mumbai in 2000. She started in the Indian entertainment industry with her acting debut in the film Supari (2003), distributed by Yashraj Films. She is a Filmmaker and Founder of Lady With A Hat Productions and CEO/Executive Director of Woman In Showbiz Everywhere (WISE). Vineesha is the Executive Producer of the indie horror film Natty Knocks (2023), directed by Dwight Little. Vineesha's storytelling reflects her humanistic and spiritual perspectives, aiming to open doors for the underserved. Amit Sarin's long and respected association with the Indian television industry, combined with a business background in real estate has given him a dynamic experience to spearhead the business affairs at RRF, where he also oversees the company’s day-to-day operations. Alongside his successful acting career, Amit had ventured into his family’s real estate business in Varanasi, India, where he owns and runs a chain of heritage hotels. Amit’s strong business acumen and intuition helped guide him into expanding the entertainment fund across the media spectrum. Some of Amit’s most noteworthy performances are from the series Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kkusum, Doli Saja Ke, and Pavitra Rishta, among many others produced by Balaji Telefilms. Blessed Films is an independent film studio founded and managed by Amit Sarin and Vineesha Arora-Sarin, based in Los Angeles that develops and produces film, television and digital content for a global audience. They specialize in bringing together two of the biggest and most influential entertainment industries in the world - Hollywood and the Indian film industry. Watch Natty Knocks (2023) by renting or buying on Apple TV, VUDU, and Amazon Prime.